This Cant Be Happening!

Tonight will change everything


Wow this place is the most beautiful place I have ever seen or been too.

"I love it here with you, we can just have our time without being interrupted, I like that." I said.

"That's what I like about it too but before when I used to come here on my own it always felt like something or someone was missing and now you're here it's complete and I'm just glad it's you I get to share this place with." He said.

I smiled at him and held him closer to me and kissed him.

The rest of the day passed like it did last time and before we knew it we were home and went straight to bed.

Three months have passed an me and Edward were still stronger than ever. Once a week we all still went out as a group to the pictures and for a meal, which was nice because even though we all live together, we all had our own things we wanted to do, so we made sure we did find time for each other.

We were all off from college for summer and we all had a year left before we had to think about moving. I still work in the bookstore after college on week days but I always made sure I could find time for just me and Edward.

I didn't know how you could love someone even more with each passing second, minute, hours, days, weeks, months. I never thought I could feel like this, I didn't even feel this way for Jacob, so I know I have the ONE the one I want to spend the rest of my life with and maybe hopefully have a family with.

"Bella." Edward said waving his hand in front of my face.

"I'm sorry I zoomed out." I said.

"What was you thinking about, Love." He asked.

"About us and how much I love you." I said telling him half the truth.

"Bella I love you so much." He said.

"I love you too baby." I said.


I've been thinking for a while about proposing but I just haven't found the right time or place to do it. I love her so much and I want to finally make her mine Bella Cullen. Mm I love the way that sounds.

I think I will do it this Saturday which is two day away. I will take her to our meadow, do a candle lit dinner. I think I'm going to need Alice's help.

"Hey Alice." I said.

"Hey Edward." She said.

"I need your help with something."

"What's that?" she asked.

"Not here."

"Okay, let’s walk and talk." She laughed.

Once we were outside and away from our place.

"I'm going to ask her to marry me." I said. Alice just screamed. "Omg, that's so good, it's about time." She laughed.

"I'm going to do it Saturday at our Meadow, over a candle lit dinner." I said.

"Awe, do you need any help." She asked.

"Yes, I need you to keep Bella busy for a couple of hours and help her get ready." I asked.

"Sure." She said.

"Thank you Alice, it will give me time to set up and get it all ready." I said.

"Have you got her a ring?" she asked.

"Yeah, you want to see." I said.

I got out a blue little box out and inside was my mother's wedding ring.

"Oh My God. She will love it Edward." She said happily. "Come on let's get back before they send a search party out for us." She laughed.

Those two day flew by and before I knew it I was out setting everything up.

After a couple of hours everything was set up and ready all I had to do now was go home and change.


These last few days Edward has been acting a bit strange and it scared me why he was being secretive and always sneaking around and today was no difference because he told me to go out with Alice and to buy something nice for later because he was taking me somewhere.

"Come on let's go Bells." Alice said moaned.

"I'm coming Ali." I said as I was coming down stairs.

The drive to the mall was quiet and I was glad Alice was giving me time to think and get my head clear.

Finally after the longest hour of my life we were finally at the mall.

As soon as we got out the car Alice dragged me to every shop possible.

"This is the one." Alice said holding up a metallic blue strapless dress which came mid-thigh and was a bit frilly at the bottom. I loved it straight away.

"I love it Ali." I said hugging her.

"Let's get some matching flats and jewellery." She said.

"Wait. Did I hear you right? Flats?" I asked shocked.

"Yes you did and if I had it my way you would be in heels, but this is the only request Edward gave me." She said sadly.

"Oh?" Was all I could say.

After we found matching shoes and bag, we got some blue bangles, a blue beaded necklace and blue earrings.

Finally we were on our way home, I was completely excused. When we got in she pushed me straight to my room to get ready. A little while after Rose came in to do my hair while Alice worked her magic on my face.

"So where am I going tonight?" I asked.

"We have no idea." Rose said.

That was the only thing that was said. Two hours later and I was finally ready.

"You can look in the mirror now Bells." Rose said.

"Wow." Was all I could get out.

My hair was down and curly with the two side bit clipped up at the back. My make-up wasn't anything to heavy, just some foundation, blue eyeliner, mascara and a pinkie glittery lip gloss.

The dress looked amazing on with the shoes and jewellery.

"You look amazing Bells." Alice said.

"Yes thanks to you two. Thank you so much, I really do love it. Thank you." I said.

"It's no problem Bells you know we love playing Bella Barbie." Rose laughed as me and Alice joined in with her.

"Come on Bella, Edwards waiting for you." Alice said.

"Okay, thanks again see you later love you guys so much." I said hugging them both.

As soon as I walked out of my room I heard gasps come from Jasper and Emmett.

"Wow. Bells you look amazing." Jasper said as Emmett agreed.

As soon as they went out the room to find Rose and Alice, it was just me and Edward.

"Hey." I said as he didn't say anything.

"Wow. Love you look beautiful." He said kissing me.

"Thank you." I said kissing him back.

"Come on Love let's get going." He said taking my hand leading us to his car.

After ten minutes in the car I broke the silence.

"So where are we going." I asked.

"It's a surprise." He said smiling his heart throbbing smile.

"You know I hate surprises." I laughed.

"Yeah I know but you will love this one." He said.

"Love we will be there shortly." He said. "Do you trust me?" He asked.

"Of course I do babe." I said.

"Good, put that blind fold on." He said passing me the blindfold.

"Erm… okay." I said taking it and putting it on.

Once I got it on the car finally stopped and he got out of the car and to my side.

"Don't worry I won't let anything hurt you or you hurt yourself if you trip." He laughed.

"Okay." I said.

It felt like hours had passed as he was guiding me to where ever we were going.

Finally he stopped and held me close in front of him.

"Ready?" He asked.

I nodded my head and he pulled the blind fold off.

"Wow, this….. This is amazing." I stumbled out.

We were in our meadow, he had set up a beautiful lit dinner for us on the picnic blanket.

"Do you like it?" He asked.

"No. I love it." I said hugging him and kissing him.

After we broke away we both sat down. The night was spent laughing and talking the meal was amazing.

He did prawn cocktails for starters, Mushroom Ravioli for mains and for desert he did strawberries dunked in chocolate sauce which we both fed each other with.

"Dance with me." He said as he put some soft classic music on.

I held on to his hand that he held out for me and we were dancing under the moonlight and stars it was so romantic.

"Bella." He said looking nerves as he stepped away from me.

He pulled a little box out and knelt down in front of me with the ring box in his hand.

"Bella. I love you so much I have never felt like this before, you make me so happy and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Bella, you are my life and maybe I am moving this a bit too fast but I don't want to wait I want to make you mine. I want us to spent the rest of lives together and even maybe have a family one day but I know I want all of that with you and I hope you will want all that with me. So Bella will you do me the honour of being my wife and become Mrs. Cullen." He said.

Somewhere through that I had started to cry I wanted nothing more than to be his wife.

I nodded my head. "Yes. Edward I will." I said as he got up and kissed me.

Once he broke away he put the ring on the right finger.

"I Love you Mrs. Cullen." He said kissing her.

"I love you to Mr. Cullen." I said kissing him back.

I wanted him and I didn't want to wait until we got home, we made love in our Meadow and it was amazing.

The morning came all too soon and it was time to go back home.

"Morning Mrs. Cullen." He said.

Ahhh I loved the way that sounded.

"Morning." I said smiling.

After a while of just laying in each other's arms, we decided to get dress and make our way home.

Now for the best part, telling our friends.

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