This Cant Be Happening!

Good new turns to tragic events


What an amazing night. I can't believe she said YES. I'm one hell of a lucky guy to have her. This amazing beautiful women and she is all mine. I have never loved someone as much as her, she means the world to me, and she is my life now.

Today we were going to tell everyone and Bella was so excited.

Finally we made it home.

"Come on Love." I said opening her door for her and taking her hand.

As we neared the flat we could hear shouting and I looked at Bella who looked totally scared.

"What the…" she started as we heard something smash.

"Wait here, please." I begged her.

"No. They are my friends to I am not letting you go in there alone." She said.

"Okay, come on." I said taking her hand.

As soon as I opened the door I wish I had pushed her to stay where she was. All our friends were being held back by tall strong men. But the one that scared me the most was Jacob.

"RUN NOW." Alice shouted, which made Jacob look behind.

"Ahhh finally Bella." Was all he said.

There was another two men who held me and Bella back like our friends were being held.

Bella went into shock she wouldn't move or talk.

"Will you talk if I hurt Edward?" He said as he started hitting me.

"NO, NO, NO. STOP, JUST STOP." Bella said in tears and she tried to get free.

"Ahhh she speaks." He said walking over to her. "Let go of her." He said to the man. "I've missed you so much Bella." He said stroking her face.

"Fuck you." She spat at him.

"You little bitch." He said smacking her round the face with so much force she fell back and hit her head on the wall.

"BELLA." Alice and Rose shouted.

"Shut those two bitches up will you." Jacob said walking over to where Bella was.

"LEAVE HER THE FUCK ALONE, YOU SICK BASTARD." I shouted trying to break free and finally I did. I knocked the man out the one who was holding me back and ran for Bella.

Before I got there I felt someone hit me so hard and the last thing I saw was Bella and then everything went black.


"EDWARD." I shouted as his limp body hit the floor.


"I want you." Was all he said.

"FUCK YOU." I spat.


He started walking towards me and I cowered back into the corner.

He came close and whispered into my ear. "You're going to regret being rude." As he raised his hand and started to hit me over and over.

"STOP IT." I heard a new voice say voice say.

I was slowly loosing conscious but I held with all my might to stay for everyone's sake.

"Let's move them." He order.

We all got lumbered into the back of a van.

Everyone came rushing to mine and Edward's side.

"Oh god Bella." Jasper said.

"Help Edward." I managed to whisper out.

Emmett and Jasper went to his side while Alice and Rose stayed at mine.

"Bella." I heard Edwards voice. "Oh God baby." He said looking at me.

"I'…..m s…s…oo..r..yy." I managed to get out.

"No baby it's not your fault. Stay with us Bella Please." He begged before my eyes started too slipped close.

I fought with all my might to keep them open.

"That it baby." He said talking my hand and holding me close to him. At this moment in time I didn't care it that I was in pain I welcomed his touch.

After what felt like hours we finally stopped and was all pulled out.

They put everyone in a room and locked the door but he took me to another room.

"Wait please don't, don't do this please." I cried.

He brought me to the room next door and laid me on the bed.

"Shut up." He said hitting me again.

"STOP, PLEASE STOP, NO, NO, NO." I shouted as the pain became unbearable.

Finally he had enough with hitting me and chucked me into the room with my friends.

I heard Alice and Rose cry at the sight of me. I was bloody broken and bruised and I was slowly losing it.

"Edward." I whispered before everything went black.


"BELLA." We all shouted as they shut the door on us and took my Bella away from me.

"STOP, PLEASE STOP, NO, NO, NO." We heard Bella shouting.

Alice and Rose where sobbing in to their boyfriends shirts.

"She said yes." I said remembering our good news.

"Yes to what Ed." Alice said coming to sit next to me.

"To becoming my wife." I said as a few tears fell.

"We are all getting out of this Edward don't give up." Alice said.

"Yeah Edward, Alice is right before you came home and set the alarm off and your dad will find us." Rose said.

"Hopefully." I said.

Just then the door opened and the chucked Bella in she was broken and bruised and blood was everywhere.

"YOU BASTARD." I shouted in Jacobs face.

He just laughed and shut the door in my face.

"Edward." I heard Bella say.

"I'm here love." I said sitting next to her.

Alice found a cloth and poured some water on it and tried cleaning up Bella but it must have hurt because Bella started screaming which caused Alice to stop and start crying.

I took the cloth off of her.

"Baby this is going to hurt, so put this in your mouth and bite on it I said putting another cloth in her mouth.

We could still hear muffled screams which brought tears to my eyes, finally I had clean her up.

"It's all over now baby." I said taking the cloth out of her mouth.

"Thank you." She whispered out.

"I Love you so much, I'm sorry." I said.

"I love you to, why are you sorry, none of this is your fault babe." She whispered.

"Because I couldn't help you." I said as my tears fell.

"Don't, I don't blame you Edward so don't think that okay..y" she managed to get out.

"Okay. Sleep my love." I said.

The next few day went the same he would take Bella and beat her and chuck her back into this room and everyday was getting worse my Bella was getting worse and I was scared that maybe she wouldn’t wake up this time and that scared me more than anything.

"Please wake up baby, I need you, I love you. You are my life Bella. Wake up please." I said to her lifeless body and my tears fell down harder. Alice, Jasper, Rose and Emmett were all fearing the same that they would lose their friend.

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