This Cant Be Happening!

The toucher continues


"Oh god." I cried when he chucked her in the room. She was getting worse every time he beat her and not one of us could do a god damn thing because he locked us in here.

"We can't let him take her, what if next time she doesn't get through this. We have to do everything we can to stop him. Please I can't lose my best friend, my sister." I said sobbing.

"Alice is right." Edward said. "I can't let him hurt her anymore I'm supposed to be her soon – to – be – husband and I won't let him hurt her, I can't stand seeing her like this I hate that I have to sit by and let him do what he is doing. He will have to kill me before he gets his hand on my Bella ever again." Edward said with anger.

Just then the door flew open and all the guys stood in front of Bella and me and Rose.

"Awee don't be like that pretty boy." Jacob said.

"Fuck you." Edward spat.

He grabbed Edward by the hair and went to punch him when we heard him.

"Let him go Jake." He said walking into view.

"Charlie?" I asked shocked that he was behind all this and when Bella was his own daughter.


"Shut it now." He said with warning.


"You're fucking sick in the fucking head." Emmett said.

"How can you be fine with what he has done to your daughter? “Your own flesh and blood Charlie." Jasper said.


"Jake, out now." Charlie shouted.

"No way am I leaving you in here with them. Fuck no." He said.

"I said leave. NOW." He shouted.

"NO. How can I trust you Charlie, you haven't done a thing I have asked of you? Explain why the fuck I would leave you alone with them huh, still waiting." He said.

"Fuck you, if you lay another finger on her I swear.." he began and at that moment we knew he wasn't helping by choice.

"You swear what? Huh? Remember what I said Charlie I don't think you would want that to happen? Would you?" he said.

"No. please just leave her alone please." Charlie begged.

"Who are you protecting over you own daughter Charlie, who?" Edward said.

"Yes Charlie enlighten them." Jacob said smiling.

"Shut up Jake." he said looking down sadly.


Charlie turned and walked out leaving a laughing Jacob behind.

"Well I guess that answered it then." Jacob said still laughing as he left locking us up again.

"What the hell?" I said confused. "Who the hell is more important than Bella." I said.

"Renee." A little voice said.

We all turned to Bella confused.

"My Mom." She said. "She was always more important to him then I was." She whispered as tears fell down.

"Love, she is not more important and I promise you we are getting out of this and I will not let that bastard hurt you again, he will have to kill me first." Edward said as jasper and Emmett agree.

"Yeah sis, he will never lay another finger on you." Emmett said.

"Yeah." Jasper added.

"Thanks. I don't blame any of you. You know that right? It's not your fault he takes me. I mean were all tied up there's not much we can do." Bella said with tears in her eyes.

"Bella, baby look at me, please." Edward said and she finally met his gaze. "We are all getting out of this ALIVE I promise, I won't let him get away with it if anything happened to you I mean it I will kill the bastard myself." He said.

"Bella none of this is your fault you know that right sweetie?" I asked her.

"It is my fault though isn't it." She said angrily. "If none of that happened we wouldn't even be here." She said sadly.

"Never say that Bella none of this is your fault and none of us blame you." I said ending it.

I just hope Charlie realizes that Bella is more important and helps us out of here.


"You awake Rose." Alice said.


"I'm scared for Bella." She said.

"I am to Ali, I'm scared for her safety, what if we don't get here out of here in time? What if something really bad happens to her? I would never forgive that so called fucking father of hers if he just sat by and watched his own daughter die, Arr such a sick fucking bastard." I said nearly hysterical.

"I know how could he do this to her, look at her she so weak and vulnerable, I'm scared she won't make it she needs a doctor Rose and I'm scared if it's not soon she will die on us." She said with tears falling.

"I guess we just need to hope and believe we will get out of here and soon. We just need to believe and everything will be okay Ali, I hope, you need to rest sweetie." I said looking at how tired she looked.

"Yeah and so do you. Night Rose."

"Night Ali."

As soon as my eyes closed I fell to sleep. I woke up when I heard a scream.

"BELLA." I Shouted.

"Fucking leave her alone." Edward spat.

"Or what lover boy, there's not much you can do being all tide up and all." He laughed bitterly.

"BASTARD." Edward shouted while trying to get untied.

More days passed and we were all getting weaker and all was fearing more for Bella.


Bella was just getting weaker and weaker by the day, we all knew deep down she may not make it by the end of the week and that scared us all.

Why could Charlie come to his fucking senses and realize what a bastard Jacob is and that none of this is right, watching his own daughter dying slowing and painfully, how can he live with himself knowing he did this to here. If only he hurry up and realize how special Bella truly is.

"Stay with me Baby." Edward said as her eyes started to close.

"I-i-i-i-m-m-m t-t-tired-dd." She said as her eyes shut.

"Bella, baby please wake up." He said shaking her lightly.

"N-n-n-n-o-o i-i-i-m-m t-t-too t-tire-d-d p-p-plea-se-e l-l-let m-m-me s-s-sl-ee-p." She whispered.

"No, sweetie you need to stay awake for us please." I said fearing the worse when she didn't answer.

"Is she still breathing, Edward." Alice asked panicking.

"Yes." He said.

The room fell back into silence and Edward kept an eye on her to make sure she was still breathing. We all knew this was supposed to be a happy time in their lives they just got engaged, they didn't need all this.


God no, she has to be okay. When Edward told us all she was still breathing we all let out a breath none of us knew we were holding. God I can't believe Charlie is doing this to his own baby girl, how the fuck does that sick fuck sleep of a night. I can't believe he would give two shits about Renee seeming as she already has a new husband but no still he care more about that bitch then he does for his own daughters safety.

Bella is the most caring person I know she wouldn't hurt a fly but people like Charlie and Jacob still think it is right to fuck her about first when Charlie pushed Bella which made her miscarriage and now this just sitting by and watching his daughter die slowing and painfully.

"Hey Ed you still awake." I said when everyone was asleep.


"We are going to get out of here and you and Bella are going to get married and have a family one day. Don't give up hope bro. She will make it I know she will she is a tough cookie." I said.

"You really think so." He asked.

"Yeah you're going to have a big house with loads of mini Bella's and Edwards running around the place." I said which earned a laugh from Edward.

"Thanks man."

"You two are amazing together you know that. You have help her so much if it wasn't for you she wouldn't be here right now with everything that has happened you have been her rock. Just have hope and believe that we will get out of here, because we will." I said.

"Yeah but what if it is too late." He said sadly.

"No it won't be don't think like that man, she is tough and she will make it okay? So get some sleep okay." I said ending the convocation.

"Okay. Night man."

"Night bro." I said before sleep took over.

You're a strong cookie Bellie, please be okay.


God I can't take it being tied up and not being able to do a thing to help my beautiful Bella and it was killing me slowly. What is that sick fuck getting out of beating her up and what the fuck is Charlie getting out of it, the safety of fucking Renee, well fuck Bella is way more important than her?

"Edward." I heard my angel whisper in her sleep.

She started to thrush about and small screams escaped.

"Love. Baby, wake up please." I begged hoping she could hear me.

"Edward." I heard her say.

"I'm right here love." I said as she looked at me with tearful eyes.

"I'm scared." She whispered.

"I know baby but I promise we will get out of here." I said.

"I don't doubt you, I'm just scared I'm not going to make it. Everything hurts Edward I can barely talk because it hurts, I don't think I can take another beating." She said with tears falling down. "I just want to say if I don't Edward I love you more than anything in the world. You are my world and I want you to move on and be happy if I do die. Promise me that if I do you will. Please." She begged.

"Baby not goodbyes, you're going to make it I promise." I said as my own tears started to fall.

Just then the door open and in came Jacob fucking Black the bastard if I ever get a hold on him he will fucking die.

"Don't fucking touch her you prick." I shouted at him.

"Fuck you lover boy I do what I want when I want so shut the fuck up." He said punching me in the face.

"Bastard." I said as some blood fell from my nose.

He just pulled Bella out of the room and slammed the door shut on us.

"Please be strong baby please." I said sobbing.


"w-w-what a-are you g-g-oing to do to m-me." I stumbled out.

"Shut the fuck up." He said slapping me so hard I fell of the chair and banged my head on the wall and everything went Black.


I was doing all I could to find my son and his friends, it had been three weeks since they were all kidnapped and I have searched everywhere, there was only one more place left to go to. It was an old abandon building in forks. I was on my way with Alice, Rose, Emmett and Jasper dad. We already phoned the police and they were on their way.

Finally we got there and there was two men out front so we came at them from behind and knocked them out and tied them up so the police could deal with them, there was three outside a room which I assumed held our children.

We managed to knock them out without making too much noise.

"Dad." Edward said with hope in his eyes.

"Where is Bella?" I asked.

"Jacob took her to another room. Dad Charlie is in with it." He said.

"Charlie as in Bella's dad?" I asked confused.

"Yes." He said.

I finished untying him and helped the others get untied.

"Right we need to get Bella out." Edward said as he started to walk out.

"Wait. Take the rest out to the car and wait for the police and me, Edward, Nick, Chris and Emmett will go and get Bella." I said and everyone did what I asked.

We made our way to the room which they had Bella in and as we got closer we heard her scream loudly and then followed by silence.

I opened the door and what I saw made me what to throw up.

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