This Cant Be Happening!

The sun after the storm


I woke up to people shouting and arguing and begrudgingly opened my eyes to see what was going on and when I did I wished I never.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I said in shock.

"Don't be like that Bella, I'm your Mom and I've been worried sick." She said sweetly.

"No because if you really was worried you would have been here throughout my pregnancy and when Charlie kicked me out, or how about when I lost my baby because of Charlie, or maybe you would have help when Charlie and Jacob Kidnapped me and my friends? Huh, where the hell was you then, when Charlie sat by and let Jacob do this to me. So save the bullshit and leave, walk out that door and never and I mean NEVER come back." I shouted.

"Just go Renee." Edward said opening the door for her.

After she left I let all my tears fall for everything I have lost.

"Love, everything is going to be okay." He said kissing my forehead.

"Bellie, how are yo…" Emmett stopped talking when he saw her crying.

"What's happened? Are you okay?" He asked panicking.

"Renee was here." I said.

"That bitch what right does she think she has after everything she has done." Rose said annoyed.

"I know." I said. "You know what, I don't need her or Charlie after what both of them have done. I want nothing to do with them and the only way to be completely free from them is by divorcing them both." I said.

Everyone just stood in shock.

"As soon as I'm out of here I'm going to sort it all out, I want nothing more to do with them. They are both dead to me." I said barely a whisper.

Two weeks have passed and I was finally allowed out and go home.

The pass two weeks have been hectic. I had to do my statement for the police and I had to attend court in a month which I was nervous about and I have been sorting out the divorce papers for my so called parents. To tell you the truth I am tired but I wasn't stopping until it was all final and I could move on with my life.

"Home sweet home." I said as we left the hospital.

The drive home was quite only chatting now and then. Edward knew I was deep in thought so he left me to it which I was grateful for.

With everything that has been going on I feel like I haven't been with Edward alone much and I missed him like crazy. I mean we got kidnapped the morning after we got engaged.

We finally got home and he carried me in and straight upstairs.

I couldn't stop giggling, he made me feel so carefree and happy.

"I love you, soon to be Mrs. Cullen." He said.

"I love you to, Mr. Cullen." I said back kissing him passionately.



"I don't want to wait, I want to marry you now." He said all excited.

"We don't have anything ready." I said and he looked guilty. "Edward?"

"I got Alice to plan everything I just need you in your dress at the alter at two." He said.

"Are you serious?" I asked.

"Yes. Oh god I've messed up haven't I?" he said looking sad.

"No Edward you haven't. Now get out." As I said that a hurt look came on his face. "It's unluckily to see the bride before the wedding." I said as he beamed with happiness.

"Okay, I'm going." He said kissing me one last time.

Just then Alice came in.

"You out." She said and Edward was out in a flash.

"Thank you Ali." I said.

"For what?" she asked confused.

"Arranging everything for today. You and Rose know me the best and I'm glad it was you two planning it, I wouldn't have it any other way." I said.

"Awe thanks Bella." Rose said walking in.

"Right, start her hair, while I'll do her make-up." Alice said.

"What about my leg." I asked looking at the cast.

"You're dress will cover it and you can wear a flat shoe." Alice said.


After a while of silence Rose spoke.

"How are you really feeling Bella?" she asked with concern.

"Erm well I don't really know. It like when I'm around Edward I forget everything and I'm happy, the same as when I'm with you guys but when I'm left on my own, I can't cope. I feel like I'm going insane." I said sadly.

"Bella we all will always be here for you and whenever you need to talk or anything we will always be here." Rose said.

"Thank you."

"So are you excited to become Mrs. Cullen in a couple of hours." Alice said cheering me up.

"Yes. I just want to look forward now, once the court case is over and the divorcing, we can really start to get on with our life and maybe have a family of our own." I said smiling at the thought.

"Yay yay." Alice and Rose screamed which caused me to burst out laughing.

Once we all calmed down they finished my hair and make-up, then they helped me into my wedding dress, then they finally let me look in the mirror, I was shocked at what I saw this girl was beautiful.

My hair was half pinned back and the rest curly down my back. My make-up was natural with a bit of foundation, mascara and black eye liner.

My dress was absolutely gorgeous, it was White and Ivory one-piece and strapless sweetheart neckline and pleated skirt and chapel train in corset back with elegant beaded appliques decoration.

"Alice, Rose. Wow." Was all I could say.

"You look beautiful." Rose said as Alice agreed.

"Come on the car is waiting outside for you." Alice said looking at her watch.

We made it down stairs and outside was a beautiful horse and cart.

"Beautiful." I said.

"I knew you would like it." Alice said happily.

Once we were all on it we made our way to where the wedding was being held.

"Where is it being held?" I asked.

"That my sweetie is a surprise but one you will love it." Alice said.

"Right we are nearly there, so Bella can you put the blindfold on." Rose said holding it up.

"Okay?" I said but sounded more as a question.

"Right we both have you we won't let you fall promise." Alice said.

"I trust you two." I said.

After what felt like hours walking we finally stopped and Rose took the Blind fold off.

Oh my god. It was beautiful.

"Our special place." I whispered.

We were in our meadow, Alice had put all fairy lights up all around and there was a few chairs for Edwards and my soon – to – be – in – laws.

At the end was Edward in his suit with the priest waiting for me.

Alice and Rose went to take their spots while Carlise came to take my hand and walk me down the aisle. Just then the wedding song played and it was time to walk and to be honest it was too slow I just wanted to run to him. Alice and rose were my maid of honours and Emmett and Jasper where both Edwards Best men.

Finally I reached Edward and Carlise put my hand in his and went to sit back down with Esme.

Nothing else mattered in that moment apart from me and Edward as we both said I do.

After we put the rings on each other he said we could kiss.

The kiss was filled with passion and I don't think I could ever get bored with kissing Edward.

We all went back to Carlise and Esme house were the party was being held.

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