This Cant Be Happening!

The beginning of our new lives

Edward's Pov

I can't believe I didn't figure it out soon of course she would be scared coming back to the place where Jacob, Charlie and Renee knew she would be.

I'm so glad the others where all okay and supportive about all this.

After six hours of driving Rose pulled up on the hard shoulder.

"Right I think we should just have a break there is a service station up there a bit further." Rose said.

"Okay. How long left until we get there?" I asked.

"I'd say about ten hours." Rose said.

"Okay." I said getting back into the car where Bella was still asleep.

Half an hour later we pulled into the service station, we all locked our cars and went inside.

"What do you fancy Love." I asked her.

"A Huge burger." She said and I couldn't help but laugh a little.

"We should also do a bit of shop because we won't be stopping now until we get there." Rose said.

"Okay how about we girls go do the shop and you guys go get something to eat." Alice said.

"Okay." Bella said.

"But I don't want to leave you Baby." I whispered in her ear.

"Well that is just tough isn't it Edward." Alice said dragging her away from me.

Bella gave me an apologetic look.

"Come on man, let eat." Emmett said.

We found a burger king and we all ordered.

We sat in silence until we finished eating them we chatted about everything.

Bella's Pov

"Ohhhh this looks yummy." I said picking up the BLT sandwich.

"Yes Bella you said that about everything you have picked up." Alice said annoyed.

"Alice she is pregnant remember." Esme said.

"I thought everything looked yummy when I was pregnant with Edward." She said lost in thought.

"Right come on lets finish this so we can go eat." Rose said.

After finishing up and paying we made our way over to the guys.

"Bella, let me take all that." Edward said fussing.

"Edward I'm more then capable to carry the shopping I'm pregnant not ill." I said annoyed.

He notice and he looked sad.

"I'll just Erm go put these in the car." He said as he walked off.

"Shit." I whispered.

"Come on sweetie he will be okay, let go get you some food." Esme said.

After ordering my food I went to sit back down with the others.

I looked around and I notice Edward still wasn't back.

"Where's Edward." I asked.

No one answered as none of them knew.

"Just give him some time, sweetie." Esme whispered in my ear.

Once the girls all finished their food we decided we should get back on the road. I was starting to get worried as Edward never came back in.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw him by the car.

"I'll see you all soon." I said giving them all hugs.

I walked slowly over to where Edward was and I saw the same sad look on his face which made me feel twice as guilty.

"I'm sorry." I said as a few tears escaped.

"It's fine love." He said coming to hug me.

"No it's not you were only trying to help and I was just being a selfish bitch, I didn't think, I'm sorry." I whispered as more tears fell.

"It's okay. Don't worry about it love." He said holding me close and kissing me.

"I love you." I said.

"I love you too baby." He said kissing me again.

"Come on, we better get going the others are waiting for us." I said giving him one more kiss before getting into the car.

We spent the next few hours chatting but after a while I began to feel so tired and fell to sleep.

Edward's Pov

I loved how we could just talk about everything and nothing, she is so amazing and she is handling all this way better than I thought she would be, I'm so proud of her.

Soon enough she fell to sleep again.

Three long hours passed and Bella began to wake up.

"Hey sleepy head." I said.

"Hey." She whispered back sexily.

"How long left now?" Bella asked.

"Seven hours." I said.

She put the music on and began singing. God she had a wonderful voice.

"I love this one." She said as she began to sign the song.

"Wow, that was amazing Bella." I said taking her hand into mine.

More hours passed and we should be there in an hour.

"Oh." Bella said putting both hands on her swollen stomach.

"Bella. What's wrong?" I said worried.

"Stop the car." She said.


"I said stop the car." She shouted.

I slammed my foot on the brakes and she was out the car.

"Baby, What's wrong." I asked.

"The pain." She said panting.

Just then Carlise came up to us.

"Why is she in so much pain Carlise."

Just then she started to throw up.

"How you feeling now." Carlise asked.

"Better the pains not so bad either." She said.

"Maybe it's from sitting so long, just walk around for a bit and the pain should die down." Carlise said in his doctors voice.

"Thank you Dad." I said as I held Bella close.

"How you feeling now love." I said kissing her forehead.

"Much better, thanks." She said moving closer to me.

"Good, you scared the hell out of me baby."

"I know I'm sorry. Let get going we are nearly there now." She said

Getting back into the car.

We all drove of and half hour later we were finally here.

"Wow." Bella said getting out of the car.

"Wow that's just wow." Alice said.

The house was huge and one side was just all glass.

We spent the rest of the day laughing while we unpacking.

Bella's Pov

We had been living in this amazing house for six months now and it has been great. I'm now six months and two week along in my pregnancy, I was huge.

"Hey baby. Hey sexy Momma." Edward said as he put his hand on my huge stomach.

"Hey." I said kissing.

"What would you like to do today love." He asked me.

"Mmmm I just want to stay here in bed all day with yo…." I was saying Until Alice barged in.

"NO No and no, we are going out." She said.

"Alice. Bella can hardly walk, she is over six months pregnant. Are you Crazy?" He shouted.

"No." she said sadly.

"It won't hurt for a couple of hours." I said and Alice piped up.

"Thank you. Thank you. We leave in an hour." She shouted back as she disappeared.

"I'm pretty damn scared now." I said as Edward laughed.

"So not funny." I said lightly slapping his arm.

"So was." He said and we both carried on laughing.

"Shower time." I said and he beamed.

"Oh how I love shower time." He said.

The shower took longer than I wanted it to but Edward just couldn't keep his hands off of me.

Finally we finished getting ready and Alice didn't look to happy.

"What's up Ali." I asked her when the others went out to the cars.

"Nothing. I'm fine really." She said walking away.

"Mmm." I said after she left.

What was wrong with her? Has something bad happened? Has Charlie, Jacob or Reene found us where they coming for us, was that what she was hiding.

I started to panic.

"Bella, are you okay. You don't look to good." Edward said.

"Huh? Erm no I'm Erm I'm ok." I said walking out to the cars.

In truth I wasn't okay I was far from it, I'm so scared that my hand were starting to shake. I needed to keep myself together for Edward and the others, I couldn't let them know I knew. I just need a bit of time to figure what to do.

What was coming for us?

Why can't we ever just be left alone?

Why does everything bad happen to us?

Why us?

All these question and NO answers.

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