This Cant Be Happening!

Tonight will change everything

"Hey sweetie, how are you?" Rose asked

Walking in my room breaking me from my thought.

Rose has been my friend since I first moved to Forks and ever since we have been best friends. When we started high school together. Rose and Alice would always stand up for me. I remember two girls Lauren and Jessica they always hated me because me and Jacob where together and when they started Rose would scare them away saying If they ever bothered me again she will kick their arses but everyone at school knew not to piss Rose off and when people did it wasn't a nice time for them, me and Alice would always end up nearly peeing ourselves with laughter.

She is one of the most loving and caring people I know. She is 6ft1 with beautiful long blond hair and beautiful sparking blue eyes she has a body of a model that has come from the front page of the swimsuit magazine.

She is also studying at University of Washington but she is doing a fashion course.

"Uh huh." I said.

"God Bells I can't believe your six months already but no a fence your huge. Are you sure it's not twins in there?" she joked.

"Yeah there is definitely one in there." I said.

"Come on Bella, where going to be late for the scan if you don't move your arse." Rose shouted.

"I'm coming hold on." I shouted back.

Five minutes later and we were on our way to the hospital for my first scan, I was so nervous and scared.

"Bells stop fidgeting, it's going to be fine." Alice reassured me.

"But what if it's not." I asked.

"Bella what do you mean." Rose asked.

"What if something wrong with the baby." I asked worriedly.

"Bells the baby will be fine and health okay." Alice said.

"Okay." I wasn't convinced. I wouldn't believe it until I saw proof with my own eyes.

The rest of the way I just kept thinking what if, what if something was wrong with the baby.

Finally we arrive after what felt like hours we were finally here and I would finally get to know and put my mind at ease.

"Bella Swan." The nurse called. Looking around the room.

"Here." I said standing up with Rose and Alice.

"Come through." She said. The nurse seemed nice she was a middle-aged, about thirty or forty, with brown hair in a ponytail and bright blue eyes.

She showed me into an examination room where I waited for the doctor to arrive.

When the doctor walked through the door I instantly knew I was going to like her. She had very dark hair that was placed in a low bun at the back of her neck. She looked very professional in her uniform and glasses she wore. The warm smile on her face made me feel welcome and safe.

Once all the equipment was ready and I was on the couch my nerves started again.

"Right this might be cold dear." She said.

"Okay." I said.

She put the gooey gel onto my stomach and switched the machine on. She moved it around for a few minutes until we heard a 'thump, thump.'

"Here you go dear. This is your baby." She said smiling softly at me.

I just looked at the screen with awe. Tears started to fall down but they weren't sad tears they were happy.

Once she wipe all the gel off I had to ask her because if I didn't it would always be on my mind. I needed to ease my worry.

"Is the baby okay, I mean is it healthy. There isn't anything wrong is there." I asked panicking.

"No sweetie. From what I can tell you have a healthy baby." she said.

After she spoke those words my mind went at ease.

From that moment on I have loved my little nugger.

"We are going out tonight girls." Alice sang walking into my room.

Alice and I have been friends since I first moved here to. Her and Rose have always been friend since they were babies. Alice is amazing she is loving, caring, carefree and a really happy person, she sometimes reminded me of Jacob and all the things I had loved about him. She is 4ft5 with short black hair that is spike in every direction; she completes her look with her beautiful hazel eyes. She is also at University of Washington studying Fashion because Alice has always loved Fashion and all the designer stuff. Alice has always reminded me of a pixie short and cheerful, there is never a day when she isn't happy and being around her crazy self rub’s of on you eventually. Her and Rose are both helping me out through this pregnancy and have both been amazing and so supportive. I can say one thing and that is that this baby is going to be spoilt with its two amazing aunties both doing Fashion they will never let the poor kid wear the same thing twice.

"Where." I asked a bit nervous going out.

"Well Jasper has invited us all out with him and his two friends and we are going out for dinner then to the pub." she said excitedly.

Jasper was Rose twin brother and also Alice's boyfriend. We have all been friends since I've moved to Forks. Jasper is a sweet caring guy. He is absolutely amazing he is clever, smart, Funny and he is absolutely and irrelevantly in love with Alice they have been together since I moved here and are still going strong and it amazes me the way he looks at her just by that look you can tell he is in love with her. Jasper is 6ft5 and has the same colour blond as his twin Rose does but he has short curly hair with beautiful sparkly blue eyes. Jasper is like a brother to me and he also has stuck by me and he even told Jacob he wants nothing more to do with him after he just left me.

"Okay. Cool. Guys?" I said still hiding my fears.

"Yes." they both said.

"What do I wear?" I said panicking even more because hardly anything fits me.

"I got it covered, go shower up and we will do your hair and make-up." Alice said.

"Okay." I stood up and waddled my way to the bathroom.

Ten minutes later I was out of the shower and dried up, I put on the underwear Alice had laid out for me and a robe over the top.

"Alice. Rose." I shouted once I was ready for then.

While Rose and Alice were doing my hair and make-up we started to talk.

"Bella? What's on your mind?" Rose asked. She always knew when something was wrong, she can read me like a book.

"I'm scared. I mean I'm six months pregnant and I've never been in a relationship or even gone out with guys since Jacob, I'm scared I don't know what to do or to say." I said panicking.

"Bella. Honey calm down. You will always and I mean always have us. We will be here every step of the way, so please don't panic." Rose said.

"Yeah Bella, and if you need time or whatever just say and we will come home if you’re not ready okay." Alice added.

"But honey if you have any problems you got to talk to us and let us know how you're feeling. It's not good to keep it all lock up." Rose finished off.

"Yeah I no. Thank you. I promise I'll talk to you next time." I said.

"Good." Alice said.

"Anything else?" Rose pushed.

"No." I said.

"Besides, if he doesn't see what a great catch you are then he is not worth it." Rose said with a nod of her head. We all got some giggles out of that. They always knew how to make me better.

"There you go all finished." Alice said.

Alice did my hair and she left it down and had put curls in to it and Rose did my make-up natural with a pinkie lip-gloss on.

"Wow. Thank you guys so much." I said looking in the mirror.

"No probs." Rose said.

"Right you get changed into the clothes laid out on your bed while we go get ready." Alice ordered

An hour later we was all ready and sitting in the front room chatting.

Alice had a short purple dress that came above the knee with purple high heels to match. Her hair was straightened and she had the Smokey affect make-up.

Rose had a beautiful blood red dress that came above the knee and blood red high heels to match. Her long blond hair was straightened with a few curls here and there, she had natural make-up with red lipstick on.

I was wearing a baby blue metallic colour dress on that was supposed to come above the knee but with my big baby bump it came shorter and I matched it with a pair of blue flats.

"Bella you look amazing." They both said.

"So do you guys." I said back.

They both thanked me as a knock came at the door.

"That will be them." Alice said getting up and going to the door.

Jasper came in first with Alice.

"Hey Beautiful." Jasper said to Alice.

"Hey." She said smiling.

"Hey Rose. Hey Bella." Jasper said as the other two guys came in.

He then pointed behind him this really huge muscular guy and straight away made me even more nervous.

"This is Emmett." he said.

If I didn't know him I would be scared like I was right now but Alice had said he was just like a big teddy bear at heart.

He was 6ft8 and had massive muscles he had dark curly short hair, he had grey eyes and childish grin playing on his lips, which instantly made me think he was a troublemaker.

"Hey." He said his eyes lingering on Rose longer than necessary.

"And this is Edward." Jasper said. I tore my eyes away from Emmett and looked in the direction Jasper was indicating to.

The sight before me left me breathless.

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