Sam's Sister

Chapter 10

Sam PoV

After the fight I had with Sara. Again. She ran away. Again. Why does she keep fighting with me and running away from me? It did happen more often when she imprinted on the leech doctor. Sadly I can't kill him, because it's forbidden. I did try to find a way to undo the imprinting. There isn't any except for death. but then I would lose Sara too. I wonder where she is. I hope she is alright maybe she is in wolf form. Embry howled. He found Sara. I ordered the pack to howl when they found her. Then he howled again but now in need of help. I phased and 'saw' Sara and him fighting 4 newborn.

The whole pack phased and ran to them to help. Jacob was there first. Sara wasn't moving I'm not sure why. When three of the newborn were destroyed the fourth one ran away. I ran after him with Leah and Quil. We couldn't get him he was too fast. We decided to go back to Sara. She still hadn't moved, and she was still in wolf form. The Pack stood in a protective circle around her and Jacob was nudging her head but there was no response.

Jared, go with Seth and get the doctor he might get a response from her.- S

Sure Sam we will, everything will be fine.-Ja and Se

The rest needs to keep an eye out, Jacob help me and try to get her to human form.-S

Okay, Sam. She will be fine just have faith in her.-L, J

I just hoped they were right. I phased back and put on some shorts. then I knelt down next to Sara trying to find a pulse. Jacob looked at me waiting for me to tell him what to do. "Can you push her a bit to roll her over on her back?" He nodded and did as I asked. I checked her heart beat and found it was pretty weak to hear even with my senses. "Can you hear her heart?" He stepped next to her head and listened on her chest to her heart. He looked at me very worried and shook his head a bit yes and a bit no. "You hear it but it's weak isn't it?"

Then Leah whined. I looked at her and saw she was seeing something terrible. She saw Sara was having some kind of fever and she was bleeding. I ran a bit and phased again.

Embry what happened?-Sam

When I found her the newborn attacked right away and Sara saved me a few times. We were stalling them long enough 'til you guys got here. I tried to get to her but they separated us. One of them bit her in her right leg.-Em

He showed me how it went. I was so angry I needed to kill something. Soon the doctor arrived and he saw the bleeding part. Then he noticed she had leech venom in her blood. "We are too late the venom is inside her for too long to safely remove it. It's killing her slowly. Unless you let me Change her you'll lose her forever. I'm really sorry." He explained. I asked the pack what they thought about it...

After a brief discussion I nodded to the doctor with a pained look. He seemed to understand what I meant and he knelt closer. Then he bit her in her neck. The pain she should be feeling made her phase back. I was relieved for that. Then he bit her in her wrists and ankles. I ran a bit away and phased back, put clothes on then returned. "I will talk to the elders about this. It might mean I have to step down as an Alpha, but I would do it gladly if it meant keeping Sara somewhat alive. Luckily we have the pack behind us with this so that might lessen the problem a bit."

"What do you want to do about Sara where is she going to live?" Doc asked.

"Would you be able to take her in for her newborn year?" I asked them.

"I think I can. I'll take her to my place now." I hated owing their kind something but I really don't want to lose Sahra.


I called home. Jasper answered "Carlisle, how is she?"

"I had to change her Jasper or else she would die. Will you prepare a room for her?"

"Esme is already busy. Are you sure she will survive the change?"

"I don't know but at least we tried. Will we be able to handle her next to the training?"

"If she keeps the character she had as a werewolf then it will be easy but if she is like the newborn I'm used to then we're lucky to have Peter and Charlotte here. You should come here. Take Sam with you. I need the report about what happened." He said the Major coming out.

"All right tell the others what happened, we'll see you soon." I hung up. Sahira was writhing in pain and struggling to get out of my hold. I held her tighter to keep her from falling. "Sahira everything will be fine I promise." When I reached home she struggled even more. I couldn't hold her so I laid her down gently. Then something strange happened. Sara woke up! and she was still at least part werewolf. I couldn't even smell the venom in her body. Her werewolf side must have weakened the venom in her blood. Her wounds are healed too. She really is a special case. Jasper, Peter and Charlotte came outside cautiously. Sara looked around wearily when she saw Jasper's scars. She phased and stood protectively in front of me growling softly. I laid a hand in her neck. She calmed down visibly.

She sat down her tail swaying around and her tongue out of her mouth. "Sara how do you feel?" Jasper asked. She closed her eyes and concentrated on something. probably her feelings because Jasper nodded. "She is feeling hungry and a bit strange like she is something else then what she is used to."

"How does your throat feel?" Peter asked. she growled just at him. Edward came outside

"Red eyes is bad but he looks familiar from somewhere. That is what she is thinking." Edward was translating Sara's thoughts.

"What do you remember Sara?" I asked.

"I know my first name, and what I am. Or what I am for a half for the rest not so much just pain and a face. A lovely face." Edward translated for Sara.

"How do you feel Sara?" I asked deciding to ask the questions since she apparently doesn't respond well to Peter and Charlotte.

"My throat hurts a little but nothing I can't handle. for the rest I am fine." Emmett walked outside and Sara decided to tackle him and licked his face while barking. Then she jumped off of him. She went through her front legs in a playful manner shaking her behind. She wanted to play He jumped in a tree and ripped a branch of it. Then he jumped down and threw the branch far away.

Sara went after it. At vampire speed. "Well at least we know she has traits of both kinds. this might be useful." Peter said.

"Peter is right we should test her to find out what kind of traits she has of which kind." Suddenly Sara appeared again and she walked straight through a tree.

" Vampire speed, check. Strength, check." Charlotte said. Jasper approached her in an offensive crouch. Sara didn't hear him right away but her ears moved all around to pick up everything she can. Suddenly Jasper jumped. Before he landed on Sara she did a few steps aside, and Jasper landed on Emmett.

"She knew Jasper was approaching her but she acted as if she didn't know it." Sara yawned and fell asleep where she stood.

"Senses check, need for sleep check." Peter added as if we were going through a list. Sara woke up after a minute or 20 and was all freshened up.

"I think her need for sleep is shortened." I said. Edward grimaced. what was she thinking son?" I asked in wonder.

"She was dreaming about you. in a certain way. Sara put her front paws on her nose as if hiding her face in her hands and her ears went flat and she whined softly. I felt the need to blush in embarrassment when I caught on what he was talking about.

Jasper laughed. "Why are you feeling so embarrassed Carlisle?" I ignored him. Esme came outside with a plate of food. Sara stood up and Esme had barely time to put the plate down. Sara attacked the plate with food. After a few bites she jumped on Esme and licked her face in gratitude. Then she finished her food.

"Hunger for human food, check." Alice had a real list made for this and she was checking off what we have seen or tested with Sara.

When Sara was done Jasper told her what he wanted to see from her. "Sara I want to see how well your fighting skills are. Peter will be your opponent." Peter stood opposite Sara. She stalked towards him while slowly circling him. Then she jumped on his legs. Peter avoided her and tried to throw a few hits in which she avoided with her new found speed.

From behind she attacked his back and ripped off a large bite of his shirt. He ripped the rest of his shirt off himself and charged again. "Woman, that was my favorite shirt. Stop trying to 'take' me." Sara rolled her eyes and attacked him again. This time she went for his legs. She got one between her teeth and ran in small circles in top speed making Peter fly. At one point Sahira let peter fly away. She ran after him and caught him by the throat. She threw him down and pinned him on the ground making him unable to move. She licked his throat, the wolf sign for 'kill' during practice, and walked proudly away.

Peter surprise attacked her, she jumped aside which made him land on me. Well, almost. Sara had him by his right foot and threw him away before he could touch me. Then she sat down right in front of Jasper with her head tilted a little to the left. "You did well, you will be fine." Sam howled and Sara howled back then she ran to where Sam was.

"Carlisle follow her you have to explain what happened to Sara!" The Major. I nodded and ran after Sara with Edward.

At the treaty line four Wolves were waiting for us. Sara and Sam and I think Jacob and Seth. Sam was phased back and explaining to Sara, she was his sister." Sara shook her head in a disbelieving way. "Sam, Sara doesn't remember much except for her first name and what she is and she remembers a face."I tol him.
"What kind of creature is she?" Sam asked.

"We think she is half vampire and half werewolf."

"She has our strength, speed and senses. She has your need for food and sleep although her sleeping time is shorter." Edward answered for a wolf. "Yeah that is what she thought too." He smiled. I think that was Seth he is always one of the most accepting wolves. "You're right." he told me. Suddenly Sara, Jacob and Seth growled. Edward crouched down too.


We heard a leech coming our way. Stupid fucking leech he has no chance against us let's go-J We attacked the leech.

Sara, Seth, run around this leech then run back to keep it from escaping we will get him.-J

All right Jake -Se We did as told and ran around the newborn to hunt it down straight to Jacob. This plan worked perfectly until...

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