Sam's Sister

Chapter 11


When Seth and Sara hunted the leech towards Jacob, they didn't notice that two others were coming too. Suddenly those two tackled both of the wolves.They tried to get their arms around the wolves but Seth jumped away and Sara rolled over.

A female with black curls attacked Sara. The female growled, and attacked Sara's side with her hands.

Seth was handling his newborn well. He fought a male with spiky blond hair. The male was already missing an arm.

Suddenly two more wolves came to help and soon the fight was over. The wolves had won. Sara lied down and licked her wounds where she could reach them.

Seth did the same. Jared checked them over. Jacob took care of the one they were hunting down. One of the wolves that came in later was growling at Sara.

It's Leah. Sara growled at her in warning because a wounded wolf is often enough dangerous even against it's own kind.

Leah went through her legs in preparation for a jump-attack. Sara stood up and avoided Leah's attack by jumping aside.

Then she went to bite Leah in the shoulder. Leah cried out in pain. Then the two wolves fought a heavy fight. They didn't notice they fought their way across the treaty line, over the clearing they used for training, to the house of the Cullen's.

Sara took Leah's left front paw and swayed her away in the air. A large crash was heard. Then Sara felt a bit pain in her chest. She ran to the crash. There she saw Leah lying unconscious on top of Carlisle. She ran towards him and pushed Leah off of him. She sniffed him over for injuries. "Sahira I am fine. Just shocked and surprised." She looked at him as if to say 'you sure?' "Yes I am sure. What happened?"


Sara whined and looked at Leah. *She thought I was an enemy and she approached me while I was vulnerable, because I was taking care of my wounds from the fight with a newborn.* Edward translated for Sara. Then Sara sniffed the air. She tilted her head in a cute way, while looking at Bella. Sara got up and walked slowly towards Bella. As if she didn't want to scare her off. She sniffed Bella's hair and hands. Then she sneezed and held her paw on her nose. *I... remember you... I think.* Bella told her how they met and they talked with Edward translating. It was nice to see that Sahira was regaining her memory. Jasper asked her if she could turn back. *I don't know how.*

"Well maybe Sam can help."

*Okay. I DO remember him telling me that I had to think of turning back and calm down.*

"Do you need help calming down?" Jasper asked.


"Sara wait you have to walk a little into the woods behind a bush I put there some clothes." Alice said. Sara looked confused so I whispered in her ear what usually happens when a wolf changes back. Her eyes widened in embarrassment and she walked a bit into the woods. We turned around towards the house to give her some more privacy.

We felt something in the air changing and soon Sara was back in a dark red summer dress. When we turned around, I couldn't help but stare at her. I know that I shouldn't but hey, I AM a man. as long as I don't touch and keep my thoughts in check I can watch. I saw my sons watching her too. Her hair was a bit darker and reached now her mid-waist. Her curves were more pronounced and, well, she just looked even more beautiful. Her eyes were what I liked the most. It was like they mirrored the moon even though it was daylight.

Edward looked at me warningly. I nodded and stopped thinking about Sara's beauty. I felt a small wave of lust , then embarrassment and calm wash over me. I looked at Jasper. He looked a bit embarrassed. Peter just fully checked her out. Edward looked disgusted at him. "Peter, please keep your thoughts in check? I don't think she will agree to your suggestions."

Sara looked curiously at Edward. "What's wrong Sara?" I asked her in sign language.

"I don't know how but I can actually hear your voices in this form. I know I couldn't before." She looked around in wonder as if she heard things for the first time in her life. Then she sniffed the air.

"Carlisle she smells humans. I can feel her bloodlust now. It is like when we just have been hunting. Does she need blood too?" We got the answer as Sahira changed into a cheetah and ran towards the humans. It was a pair of hikers. We ran after Sara and we saw her circling them.

Just before she jumped I grabbed her tail and pulled her away. She struggled so I grabbed her around her waist to prevent her from escaping. She growled at me. She clawed at me trying to break free. It hurt a lot. Suddenly she stopped. As if she felt my pain she stopped struggling and changed back. Then she turned to look at me. She looked me up and down and she hid her face by looking down. Her eyes widened a bit a lovely blush rose on her cheeks.

I looked down and my eyes widened in embarrassment. My button up shirt was shredded in so many pieces, that you could barely see it was a shirt. Sara stuttered "S-s-sorry" I chuckled and I ripped off the rest of the ruined shirt.

"It's okay. It's not like it was my only shirt. Let's go find something to eat first. And no, you can't have a human." Sara actually groaned.

We left the humans and Sara changed into a tigress. I think her gift is shape shifting. We ran and found a mountain lion. Sara jumped at it and they fought. I had to turn away because Sara looked sexy fighting the lion. Bad Carlisle... Stop thinking like this. You will hurt Esme this way. Suddenly the sounds of fighting stopped. I turned around. Sara was offering the lion to me. "What about you?" I asked. She shrugged. "You should have this one. I will take something else." I tried to push the lion back.

Sahira shook her head furiously. "You first. Always." She said quietly. I understood now a little more of the imprinting of the wolves. After I drank from the lion I felt full. But the lion wasn't empty. I gave the lion to Sara. She looked curious at it. "It isn't empty, but I am full. You can take the rest." She took the rest of the blood out of the lion. When she was done, we hid the body in the bushes for other carnivores. Sara turned back in human form and asked: "would you like to race?"

"To our home?" I asked her. She nodded and we got ready. 'Last one home, has to eat rabbits for a month." She said quietly. I grimaced and I hoped I would win. Rabbit was one of the most disgusting animals for a vampire.

"Ready, Set, GO!" we took off at the same time. Sara was almost as fast as Edward maybe even faster. I ran at my full speed and I jumped over her. well I tried to but she just ran faster and then I saw a leopard print on her legs. She can combine the most common traits of an animal with her own. I pushed myself to go faster, and in the end I tackled her before she could reach the house. We ended up with her on top of me. She touched the house and said "I won" then jumped off of me.

Emmett and Rose saw the whole tackle and rolling to the house thing and Emmett laughed." We should hold our monthly games sometime with Sara. I think she will enjoy them a lot." Suddenly a roar was heard and a scream. Esme.

I ran towards Sara's room where the sounds came from. There I saw the definition of chaos. Sara's room was messed up and Esme who sat in a corner trembling with fear. Sara stood in front of her in wolf form growling at a newborn, who held some kind of locket. Sara attacked the newborn when it moved towards Esme. They fell through the wall and I ran to Esme. "Darling Esme, what happened? Are you okay?" She held her arm where I saw a crescent moon shape. She was bitten. I sealed the wound so it could heal. Then I took her in my arms. She sobbed in my chest. I pulled her closer so she sat in my lap.

I rubbed her back in soothing circles and I purred to comfort her. When she calmed down enough she looked at me. "I was in the garden when the newborn turned up. She did something to me and made me look for Sahira's locket. I tried to refuse but then she bit me. After that she tried again. I found the locket and she took it from me. Then she bit me again and Sara came in, in wolf form." Outside I heard sounds of a fight then, something being ripped apart. A cry of pain was heard and it was a familiar one.

I was torn between going to check on Sara, and staying here with Esme where I should be. "Sara is all right. The newborn, her mother, escaped with Sara's locket." Edward. Esme was watching me. "You start to fall for her don't you, Carlisle?"

"I don't know. I love her as a friend right now, nothing more. I'm very confused about all this. All I know is that I love you as my mate, and Sara as one of my best friends" Esme snuggled in my chest. We watched the familiar smoke of a burning vampire rise up somewhere in the forest.

"Her mother was the newborn? what did she want?" Esme asked.

"Sara's mother wanted that locket Sara always wears. With that locket she can get to the inheritance of Sara's father. Her mother was the one who started the forest fire Sara's father died in. Sara just remembered that her mother told her this." Edward explained.

Jasper, Peter and Emmett walked out of the forest. Sara sat with the girls softly crying in Rosalie's arms while the other girls were comforting her. Emmett walked over to Sara and he put her locket around her neck. She changed into a husky and tackled him while licking his face wagging her tail in great happiness. He hugged her. Then she went to Jasper who tried to stop her but was unable to do so.

Peter ran away. Sara chased him. After a while Sara jumped and tackled Peter. this caused him to dive straight in Esme's favorite roses. Esme gasped and ran downstairs. I followed at a calmer pace. Sara barked and she jumped around. Peter got up and he apologized for ruining Esme's roses. Sara sat down in front of her looking guilty with a little mischief and she used puppy eyes on Esme. Esme melted and forgave them both but they had to help her get new roses. they both agreed and Sara looked at Peter meaningful. He gulped and ran again. This time Emmett, Jasper and Charlotte joined them in a game of tag. Edward and the other girls just laughed at Sara's antics. We forgot about our worries for the afternoon. Alice went into a vision. Edward looked confused than relieved. What is it, son? He shook his head "we should wait until the rest is here." I nodded in agreement but I was curious about what Alice's vision could be.

Once everyone was back Alice explained her vision. "I saw Maria going back to Texas. Apparently the Volturi found them in Seattle and Maria didn't want to be caught. She took half of Victoria's army with her. Riley is still with Victoria and half of the army was killed by the Volturi. We have more time to get to her. maybe we can seek her out now." She checked the future of that plan. "We don't have to. Victoria is coming here in the weekend. I'm not sure when. it's like she is trying to avoid making decisions. Like she knows how to avoid my visions."

"Laurent must have told her this. he could easily get the information from Irina." Edward said.

"So, No more unexplainable disappearances and deaths?"

"No. well, not as many. We just have to kill Victoria and Riley." Sara sat as a wolf to let the pack know about this. Several howls of joy were heard from La Push. We chuckled at that. Sara looked sad, she walked away to her room. Bella wanted to follow her but Edward stopped her. "Don't, Love. She wants to be alone for a while." After a few minutes we heard someone singing. It turned out to be Sara. She sang Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy.

She sang it with some heartbreak in her voice. Now Bella went to Sara to comfort her. "Riley was Sara's first love. It hurts her that she has to kill him in order to protect you. She wants to kill Victoria for changing him." Edward translated Sara's thoughts.

"Then we have to make sure that she won't be the one to kill him." A loud growl was heard from Sara's room. Bella came back annoyed.

"She doesn't want me to help her. I knocked on her door and she just growled at me."

"You can't just assume that someone needs help Bella. Sara wants to face this pain on her own." Jasper said.

Sounds of breaking glass filled our ears. "Be careful." Edward said. then to us he said. "Sara is going to take a run. She will be back when she is ready."

"The girl is strong. She will be fine." Peter said. Sara didn't come back that night or the next one. at Monday we were worried about her. Alice and Edward picked Bella up for school. Rosalie took a day off of school because Rosalie and Charlotte were too worried to do anything. It was amazing how quick Sara was accepted and loved like one of us. Rosalie loved her like a sister by blood. I had a feeling that Charlotte felt a bit motherly towards her. At least she felt as protective of Sara as a mother would. Esme took care of the chaos in Sara's room.


At Monday Sara still didn't come back. And she hadn't made any decisions either. That or I just can't see her anymore. When we picked Bella up, she was worried too. She asked if Sara had come back already. One look at our faces let her know the answer. We were happily surprised when we saw Sara back at school. The other wolves were there too. "Hey Sara! how are you?" I asked her. Sara ignored us and walked straight past us. Jared looked at her retreating form sadly.

"We aren't sure what happened but she has been like this to most of the pack too. Seth found her on the cliffs on Saturday. She only talked to Sam and Emily. not the rest of the pack and she has broken out of the pack so only Sam can hear her in wolf-form."

"I think I know what is going on. Do you remember a Riley Biers?" Edward asked them.

"Yes, that was Sara's first real boyfriend. He was the only one accepted by us too. Why?"

"He is a vampire now. He is the one Victoria used to create her army so I couldn't see that happening. Sara thinks she has to kill Riley to protect Carlisle. Oh the army is disposed of by the rulers of our kind." I told them.

"We know about that already. We just hope that Sara will return to how she was before she was changed. Sam is worried she will cut any ties she has except for the one with her imprint and only because she can't break that one." Paul told us. That's not good. I fell into a vision. It was a horrible one. Sara decided to go find Victoria on her own. It ended in darkness after Riley broke her neck. At least I could still see her.

"Sara wants to fight the two remaining vampires on her own." Edward told the rest.

"Right, that's it. I'll go talk to her. I'll see you guys later." Jasper said. and he walked away. He and Sara were close as best friends. She helped him feeling better about the birthday incident, and he helped her with feeling confident about what she does.


I saw Sara walking into class. Luckily it was English a class I had too along with Alice, Rosalie and Emmett.

I sat down next to Sara. She just ignored me where she would have greeted me politely.

She was feeling determined and cautious and she was isolating herself. Sara why do you feel like this? You know you can trust us.

Before she could answer, the teacher walked in. She wrote a note:

If I detach myself from you guys I can focus better on my task. Without too much disturbing feelings, like worry of someone else getting hurt.

You don't have to worry if you let us help you. what if you get killed? how do you think Sam would feel? or Carlisle and the rest of us?

I don't know Jasper, You know I would do anything to protect him or at least die while trying. Of course I would protect Esme and the rest of you as well but he always comes first.

I understood her but still.. It's not like you can protect him if you die and you will if you don't let us help you with this one.

...fine. I was glad she finally agreed, though a little reluctant, to let us help her.

After we did our assignments, I showed Alice the note. She grinned and nodded relief washing over her face. Then I saw Sara drawing something. She was drawing a stick figure with black hair and one with blond hair and cowboy boots on that was supposed to be me. the black haired one was hanging the cowboy and the cowboy was shooting down the black haired one. She wrote above the black haired one, 'my fun' and above the blond one. your persuasion skills. I laughed at that. The teacher caught us and took Sara's doodling. Luckily he didn't see the note.


"Miss Uley what is this?" He signed. obviously the school couldn't know I could speak. I signed that he had to ask Jasper because he started it. Jasper was surprised at that and he tried to talk his way out of trouble, but in the end we both got detention.

I signed to Jasper and Emmett that I couldn't because I had patrol right after school. "Not my problem." Jasper said. I thought of a plan...

After school we had to clean the canteen. Jasper was wiping the floor while I cleaned the tables. I changed the crumbs into little flies and made them fly outside. Jasper didn't notice. I was much faster done then he was since he couldn't do it vamp speed.

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