Sam's Sister

Chapter 12

Still SaPoV

I left to do patrol. I explained Sam why I was late. He laughed at Jasper not being able to talk his way out of trouble and left to see Emily.My Patrol was easy the whole time so I had time to get some sleep in before going to Sam's place and apologize about my behavior. I dreamed about what would have happened if my imprint was human and single. Then my dream turned to my real imprint. I tried to block my mind.

We were sitting on a cliff watching sunset and we talked. Carlisle didn't sparkle. At one point we accidentally touched hands. I looked away. He said something and cupped my chin with his left hand. I looked at him in anticipation. He leaned in and...

I woke up to someone shaking me. It was Edward with *gulp* Carlisle. I saw that it was dark. I'm lucky to be in wolf form or else a blind person could have seen my blush. "Sara where were you? you were gone so long when usually you make your patrol as short as possible and come home." I fell asleep. "Yeah I know." Sorry, but a girl can fantasize right? "Yes but I would rather not see that kind of thing." And you interrupted at the best part. Edward grimaced. Carlisle asked what we were talking about.
My blush got darker and I looked away. Please don't tell him. "Sara told me she fell asleep after she did patrol. She also showed me her dream." I froze when he started to explain what my dream was about.
"She dreamed about the two of you watching sunset I think she dreamed about you being human. you touched hands, Sara looked away with a blush on her face. You took her chin in your hand and leaned in. Then I woke her up." Carlisle looked as embarrassed as possible.

I growled loudly at Edward. How could he do that to me. I barked and wanted to hunt him down for a while. his eyes widened and he ran. I ran after him and soon had caught up. I tackled him and rolled down a hill. We rolled and rolled, we kept rolling until I jumped off of him. He rolled further and rammed into the glass part of the house.

I huffed and walked proudly away from him then I ran to Sam's house. There I apologized and asked if I could come back. Sam looked around the room and said "You can if you defeat me in a mock-fight. wolf vs wolf. That is what the rules say." I agreed and we agreed to fight after the thing with Victoria was over.

Alice had seen that Victoria and Riley had made three newborn and would come here this weekend. we trained hard and this time I was allowed to fight too. At the end we played a game of baseball. the teams were a mix of vamps and wolves to make it a fair game. Sam and Carlisle were team captains and Esme and Leah would make sure everyone played fair.
The teams were like this. Team C: Carlisle, Alice, Emmett, Embry, Paul, Quil, and Seth.
Team S: Sam, Edward, Rosalie, Jasper, Me, Jacob, Jared. It was my turn to swing. I had to hit home-run because it was 12-8 for team C. all bases were taken.

Alice pitched and I swung. I hit the ball and ran. First base stood Paul. He tried to buy sometime for Quil to get the ball, by tackling me. I made a salto over him and hit first base with my toes. As soon as I hit it I ran to second base. There was Emmett.

He tried to grab me in a bear-hug. I dug straight under his arms and did a somersault landing on second base with my knees. I jumped up and ran to third base. That one was a bit hard for me. Carlisle was there. He smirked so I knew he was planning something. Fuck he's going to use being my imprint against me. Edward help! he'll use the bond of imprints against me.

Edward widened his eyes and told Jasper to help me out. When I reached Carlisle he sent me a flirtatious look. I stopped right in front of him.

Secretly keeping an ear out on Quil. He cupped my cheek and leaned in acting as if he was going to kiss me. I felt suddenly a wave of disgust and I patted his cheek before I ran hitting third base on the way home. When I was almost there I had to slide for the ball was coming the same way as I was. I slid as best as I could. I closed my eyes to avoid dirt getting in them. My slide stopped when I hit home. "IN! Team Sam wins!" Esme and Leah called. My team and the rest of the pack cheered. Someone clapped.

Flaming red haired leech entered the field. "Oh what a lovely game." The pack phased except for Sam and me. Bella was at home with Brady and Colin. "What a lovely game. I almost wanted to join. Now what to do." Before Carlisle could answer, she said "Oh I know. I'll go to Bella to celebrate the good game." I growled and turned into my wolf form. I started to attack. She ducked and I fell into the bushes. I immediately used a chameleon's talent I changed my fur into the colors of the background. She stopped looking for me. Then "I brought some new friends. Would you like to meet them?" No answer. I decided to get away and call Brady.

When I had called they promised to keep one of them outside. I returned and something horrible was going on. The fight was short and Carlisle and Esme were held in a way that it took one move for the one holding them to rip their heads off. Victoria held Carlisle and Riley held Esme. They kept the others in front of them. I was the only one who could do anything.


I took a fallen branch and concentrated really deep. The branch changed slowly. After a few minutes I had a look-a-like next to me. I checked if it could move. It could. we went back and we attacked from behind. What I didn't know, was that the look a like still had the fighting skills of a branch. None whatsoever.
So when I killed Victoria, Riley screamed for her, and killed Esme. I am so sorry. Carlisle roared at the sight of his mate being killed. he ripped Riley apart and burned him. I went to see if I could safe something from Esme. Then I remembered. Edward, Esme isn't burning yet. help me find her pieces.
Edward did as I asked telling the others to help as well. We found everything and started to fuse her back together with Jasper's help. At least we thought we had all the pieces, but we were missing an important piece. A big chunk out of her stomach, right in the middle. We couldn't fuse her together without that piece, because her body wouldn't be strong enough to hold everything together.

All of us looked around and saw Riley's left hand holding it while it was burning. Damn it. we were so close. I am so sorry Edward, everyone. It's all my fault. Carlisle built a special fire for Esme after the other fires were out. He wouldn't let us help. I went to look for her ring and her Cullen-crest. they were in the ashes of a fire. I took them out with a paw and carefully picked them up with my teeth. Then I brought them to Carlisle. He growled at me to stop coming closer but it didn't faze me. I just sat down and showed him what I found. Laying them carefully on the ground in front of him. He looked at them then at me and back at the items in front of him. His eyes were filling with tears that would never shed.

It finally was clear that Esme was gone. Carlisle broke down. It started to rain, when he hugged me looking for comfort. I just kept sitting down and I cried too. Somewhere away from us I heard the pack howl for a fallen comrade. We all had started to love Esme for who she was. A kind being wanting to care for everyone who didn't threaten her family. Edward would it be a good idea to keep some of her ashes? especially to keep the humans out of suspicions? and maybe he wants to spread them somewhere special. Edward nodded but waited with telling this to the others. You should get Bella. She deserves to know this too. Emmett wanted to pry Carlisle off of me but Carlisle growled at him. Wait a little longer he needs to get this out. Edward translated and Emmett nodded in understanding and backed away.

After a few hours Carlisle had it all let out. for now. and he pulled away. I didn't feel any better. I still felt guilty that I didn't know about my ability's limit. Jasper must have felt my guilt because he patted my back. "It's not your fault. you were alone and had to choose for your imprint or his mate." but if I had practiced more with my gift I could have known I was able to change others into different things too. My guilt spiked.

Edward translated and Peter and Charlotte came over to pat my back. "You did all you could, Sara." but what if I... I cut myself off because Carlisle was trying to throw himself in the fire he built. I tackled him away from it. Please don't, the family will need you.

"Stop thinking that, Carlisle. You know that's not true." Edward replied to his thoughts.

"It is, Edward. I AM a poor excuse for a vampire and mate." I wanted to slap him for thinking that. So I did with my left paw without using my claws.

Stop that right there. If you were all these things, you wouldn't have had such a great family like you have right now. Edward wouldn't have found love, Jasper and Alice a new way to survive, Rosalie wouldn't know what true love was, Esme would never have felt the pride of being a mother, Emmett wouldn't have helped Rosalie cope with her past and been able to make fun of the thing that killed him, and Bella wouldn't have known what it was to be a child for once. And you wouldn't be able to help all these humans in the hospital. I growled at him in annoyance. Edward translated and he agreed with my words. I left myself out of it because I wasn't family.

Well that is what I thought at least. Peter and Charlotte added that it made them happy with how Jasper changed from a warlord into a according to Peter's words veggie pussy. Charlotte smacked him for that and said that Peter meant that Jasper was much more happier how he was now then when he was with Maria.

Brady and Colin came with Bella riding on Brady. Bella hugged Edward in comfort for both of them. Carlisle went and knelt down in front of the fire. The others left. "Sara, you coming?" Suddenly I got a flash of Sam's thoughts in my mind. Edward there are four more leeches coming they wear black cloaks with a golden V on it. "Volturi."

Sam, Brady and Colin must leave now. They don't need to know about the pack.-Sa

What about you Sara?-S

I will be fine. I will keep an eye out here, Sam- Sa

Be careful-S

I will. Stay wolf I will try to send you information.-Sa

I hid in the bushes with the chameleon's talent hoping that my scent would be hidden by the smoke of the fire's. Four leeches entered the field. "How sad, we missed all the fun, sister." One of them spoke.

"I know, Alec. Now who was behind this?" The only female looked very young maybe fourteen years old, yet she seemed quite scary.

"That is Jane, her gift is mental pain. Alec cuts of all your senses." Peter suddenly stood next to me, hiding too. I changed his skin into a chameleon's skin and Charlotte's skin too. Edward answered.

"Victoria was the one behind all this. I'm sorry that we don't seem that polite but we just lost someone precious to us."

"Wasn't Victoria the one from Seattle?" A big one asked.

"Felix is right. Victoria's gift made her able to escape everything that was a threat to her. Luckily they didn't count on a friend of ours." Edward answered.

"What friend, Edward." the last vampire spoke, he was pretty handsome for a red eyed vampire. "Is it the one hiding behind us?"

I changed back and walked out with Peter and Charlotte. I stood next to Edward and Bella.

"Hello, My name is Sahira. and you are?" The last vampire spoke

"My name is Demetri, and god, you smell so good." The other three looked at him.

I grimaced lightly and said, "Nice to meet you Demetri, I'm sorry I've never heard of you before. I am fairly new to this world." lie I knew a little of who he was.


Oh mio Dio. The girl that stood next to Edward. She.. is so beautiful. and she smells so good. I told her this too when I introduced myself. There was something more about her. I can't put my finger on it. Jane introduced the rest of us and I noticed Carlisle sitting near a fire looking heartbroken. Then I knew who was lost. "I am sorry for your loss. I wish you luck with getting through this dark time, in name of our coven." I spoke. Jane decided that we had to take the girl with us so she can meet our kings. A black wolf appeared wanting to attack us protecting the Cullens and their friends. Jane used her gift and the girl started to yell for Jane to stop. In the end she agreed to come with us. I was happy. She looked and talked like an Angelo.

I just couldn't get enough of her. I took her hand. It was a little warmer then I'm used to. Ah well. Sahira pulled away and stopped right where she was. she had a silent conversation with Edward. He nodded and she ran with a sad look on her face. A lot of pain was on her face. She put her hand on her chest and panted a little. When we were on our private plane I just had to ask. "Miss Sahira are you alright?"

She forced a smile on her face and nodded weakly. "I am fine. It's just that I've never been so far away without my family before. I miss him."

"Which one is your family?" Jane asked.

"Carlisle." Sahira spoke softly.

"Well we will make sure you can return to him as soon as possible." Jane said. Which shocked even Alec. Jane was never nice.

The arrival at Volterra went smoothly. Miss Sahira went to hunt together with Jane. When they returned Jane was laughing, like, an actual laugh. Alec and I looked at each other surprised. I wonder what happened. When the girls reached us Jane was serious again and we went home to Volterra. Due to the sun we had to use the manhole-entrance. I went first and caught Sahira when she landed. She looked at me shyly and I put her down. I led her by the hand to the elevator. She didn't pull back this time. When we entered the castle, Gianna greeted us politely.

Sahira looked at her in wonder. "She knows, but she hopes to become one of us. and she will, or become food." Sahira shuddered a little. Felix knocked on the door and the rest of us put our hands on our ears.

"COME I-IN!" A far too cheerful voice said. We all cringed but walked into the throne room. Us, the guards, bowed, and Alec showed our leader his thoughts. "Aahh, Miss Sahira, welcome to our world and to Volterra. Now if I may?" He offered her his hand and she looked confused.

"Master Aro reads every thought you ever had, by touch." Jane explained.

Sahira looked tense. "I want to show you, but you have to promise that you will not harm those I closed in my heart. No matter what, or who they are." She spoke quietly. Aro thought for a bit on that.

Then Master Marcus put a hand on Aro's arm. "Oh, Oh. My. God! are you serious, brother?" Marcus nodded slightly and went back to his throne. "I promise, we won't do that. I would have been in trouble if I didn't. My brother Marcus saw a bond with you and a friend of ours. His name is John Torak."

"My father was named like that." Sahira looked surprised and happy.

She gave Aro her hand and he looked in her mind. "Fascinating. It seems miss Sahira is the same species as John. and she lied about her relation with the Cullen clan. Jane tell Gianna to call John and make him come here. Miss Sahira are you able to stay one week? we aren't sure when your father will come. and we would like to help you control your gift."

"Master Aro, what is her relation with the Cullen clan?" Alec asked.
"Miss Sahira is a shape-shifter like John and she imprinted on Carlisle Cullen. She was Jasper Whitlock's singer as a child and now she seems to be Demetri's true mate." A snarl was heard. Everyone turned to Heidi. She had dark eyes full of anger and jealousy.

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