Sam's Sister

Chapter 13


"Heidi what is the meaning of this!" Aro asked.

"Demetri was supposed to be mine and not that weird freaky thing's." Marcus did a mate-reading on Heidi. He saw that she was bonded in the ways of a mate with Alec. Alec looked sad because of what Heidi said and she rejected him whenever he asked her to go out with him.

"Heidi, Your mate isn't Demetri and you know that. You should open your eyes." Marcus said.

"Miss Heidi I don't like to be here anymore than you do. I wish I could be back with my imprint and his family for they might need me in this sad and dark time."

"What are you talking about, miss Sahira?"

"Carlisle's mate, Esme, died trying to protect Isabella Swan, who will be changed during her honeymoon with Edward Cullen. The Volturi vamps gasped. Then Heidi took the chance to attack Sahira. She leaped with a growl. Sahira changed into her wolf form and grabbed Heidi at her throat, with her jaws. She threw Heidi down on the floor leaving a Heidi-shaped crater on the floor. Heidi threw Sahira off of her. Demetri caught Sahira, who got up, changed a throne into the same wolf and they circled Heidi. She could only follow one with her eyes and she followed the fake one, thinking that that one was the real one.

The real Sahira was behind the offending vampire and she jumped on her back. Then she bit Heidi in her shoulder breaking her arm off of her body. Heidi cried in pain and Alec ran to them, threw Sahira off of his mate and he crouched over her protectively. Demetri ran to Sahira who changed back to her human-form as soon as she hit the wall. A few bones cracked and because of the pain she turned back. Demetri checked her for wounds, picked her up and took her to his room.

Since Sara still has some wolf blood flowing in her body she was healing too fast making the bones in her back heal in a wrong way. Sara sobbed in pain while Demetri tried to comfort her purring softly. He trailed lightly his fingers over her back and felt that Sara's back was healing wrong. Sadly Demetri didn't know how to help her. He roared in frustration. Sara cried out in fear and Demetri went back to purring.

After Sara fell in an uneasy but deep sleep, Demetri went to his masters. "Masters, Sara's back is healing wrong after Heidi threw her against the wall. She is in a lot of pain and I don't know how to help her."

Aro replied "We will have to call Carlisle for he is the only doctor I know of that can help her." Demetri sighed deeply.

"Fine. I'll tell Gianna." Their human secretary started to call right away. Demetri flitted back to Sara. She was asleep but she sobbed quietly still in pain. Demetri felt sad that he couldn't help her so he decided to hunt. Sahira had permission to keep her own diet, so he hunted a deer or two.

From Gianna, Demetri got the news that Carlisle wasn't able to come but Edward and Rosalie would come they had the needed medical knowledge too. He sighed, a bit relieved that Carlisle wasn't coming. The two Cullens would arrive as soon as possible meaning the next morning. Demetri went to hold Sara to comfort her and hoping to cool her back, which should lessen the pain even if only a little.

The next morning, the Cullens arrived as promised.

EdPoV (From the moment Sara was leaving.)

When the four Volturi left Sara sent me one thought Take care of him, Edward. I nodded and she left with them. Jasper and Emmett were restraining Sam to keep him from going after her. When they were out of my 'hearing' range I nodded and Jasper and Emmett let him go.

He looked down in sadness and threw his head in his neck and howled. Sara why? I don't want to lose her again. Not after I just got her back. we were supposed to mock-fight to get her back in the pack. I could almost feel the sadness in his thoughts.

"Sam, would you like to tell us Sara's story?

Fine I will. It's time that you hear it anyway if she hasn't told you yet.

Within the hour Jared and Paul sat with Sam in our living room.

"I don't really know where to begin." Sam said. He looked uncertain and for the first time since we've met.

"Why don't you start with how Sara became deaf?"

"Well to get there I have to tell you about the time that Sara left." He said putting his head in his hands. Jared rubbed his back. I had never seen Sam so emotional.

"Ten years ago Sara had done some research on her family. She kind of knew she was adopted already. She found out because my 'father', Joshua Uley, had been yelling at her when she didn't do what he wanted. He yelled that he shouldn't have adopted her because she was such a useless bitch. forgive me my language."

"It's okay Sam. Go on." Rosalie said. Sam took a deep breath.

"When Sara had done some research, she found out that she had some family living in Egypt. An aunt or something. They had talked over the phone and Sara would go there during Summerbreak. My mother and I took her to the airfield and my 'father' was kicked out because he threatened that if Sara left for Egypt she would be kicked out of our house. the next part isn't easy to tell you but I'll try."

Jared patted his back and Paul rubbed his shoulder. "Apparently Sara's Egyptian family was quite wealthy and famous in Africa. They were some kind of police force and a good one at that. They were so good in their job because they are like us shape-shifters. Of course they had enemies. Somehow their biggest enemy, The Jade Jaguars or something, knew that Sara was coming. They were waiting halfway down the road to the family's house.
They had laid a bomb in the path of the cars and when the car with Sara in it drove closer, Boom! Their car flew far away. After the car landed Sara had gotten glass in her ears from a broken window. She had been in surgery but even though the doctors did their best, Sara lost her hearing. She had a broken arm, a few bruised ribs and sprained her ankle. And she had several small wounds from glass and bruises. Her family took her to their home.

Of course Sara had shape-shifting in her blood. So she healed quickly. During the rest of her stay, there were three more attacks. the last one happened on her way home. I don't know if you heard about that plane accident ten years ago?"

"You mean the one about a man taking over the plane and shooting a girl of fourteen years old? She was shot in her chest close to her heart..." Jasper trailed off because Sam started to cry. We had never seen him cry.

"Sara was that girl. She was shot in her head too. Luckily a good surgeon was on board. It was thanks to her wolf-blood that she could survive otherwise we would've lost her." Jared explained for Sam. We all gasped and the girls started to sob. "Sara's head-wound caused her to lose almost all her memories from, her life before she was shot. It took five years to regain them partly. Now she only forgot about her stay in Egypt.

The phone rang. Rosalie picked it up. "Cullen residence."

"Good afternoon miss Cullen. This is Gianna speaking. Master Aro Volturi requests the presence of Carlisle Cullen. It is about a miss Sahira Uley." "Carlisle isn't here at the moment. Tell me what he needs to do."

"What I understood is that Miss Uley has been in a fight with one of the Guard. It was something with her back."

"All right tell Aro that Edward and Rosalie will come. Carlisle isn't available right now. We will arrive tomorrow morning at dawn. Goodbye."

Rose hung the phone up. Alice had packed for us and had some flight tickets ready. "You will have to leave now. We will take care of Carlisle." I nodded and said goodbye to Bella.

"Goodbye Love. I will be back before you can miss me. Be safe." I kissed her and we left. We took my car. I drove as fast as I could.

Edward we have to find out when Sara will be able to return. Carlisle is worse now Sara is gone too. When Esme and her were around you always saw so much more happiness in his eyes. now only depression. If he wasn't a vampire he would have been cutting himself I think. Rosalie thought to me.

"I know. In his thoughts he was trying to find the vampire equivalent of an emo. I hope we can take Sara home when she is healthy again. It's not only Carlisle that feels bad. Sara has become to us what Jacob is to Bella. Whenever she came at our house you would feel as if the sun started shining after some rain."

"Jasper amplified that feeling too. What do you think happened to her?"

"I guess that she hit something like a wall during the fight. maybe broken a few vertebrae. I wonder who she fought. and I am surprised that the Volturi didn't kill her for fighting one of them." We arrived at the airport just in time to board the plane in human pace. Luckily the plane wasn't full so we didn't have that much trouble with our thirst. Soon we were in Rome where we rented a Aston Martin V8 Vantage. Rosalie drove while I was thinking about my Bella. I was so happy that she wanted to marry me. Of course I would try what she asked of me. I'm glad that Bella is safe at home I wouldn't be able to bear it if it was her they took with them. Due to the sun we had to take the same entrance when we had arrived, as last time I was here.

We were greeted by Alec and Jane. "Hello Cullens, Master Aro is expecting you." They led us to the throne room.

"AH, Edward glad you could come so soon. Then this must be Rosalie. Nice to meet you." I gave Aro my hand when he offered his. "I see you wish to marry her. I approve. My condolences to the loss of Esme. I see that Sara has had the same effect on your family as she had on Demetri."

I wonder how this will work out. Marcus thought.

"Can we go see her now?"

"Of course. Jane be a dear and show them to our patient."

"Yes master." Jane led us to a room. "They are in here, good luck." She left again. When I knocked a growl was heard before the door opened. Demetri looked in every way the vampire he was. Black eyes, dark circles under them, teeth bared and a soft growl erupting from his chest. "What?"

"You asked for us to help Sara. I promise we won't hurt her."

"D-Demetri, who i-is it?"

"The Cullens, darling." then he turned to us "Come in." Rose and I kept our eyes on the floor and moved human pace.

Edward? Rosalie?

"Hello Sahira. How are you feeling?" I decided to get to business right away. My back hurts a lot. I can barely move. Edward how is everyone?

"Everyone is fine. Can Rosalie come closer and check your back?" I answered not wanting her to worry about us when she is in such pain.

Y-yes. I nodded to Rosalie. and she moved closer carefully. Demetri kept an eye on her. Once on the bed she moved her fingers skilfully over Sahira's back. on her mid-back and lower-back. Sara screamed in pain which caused Demetri to growl louder. Rose lied her hands on these spots to cool them, and she felt what the problem was.

"Edward a few of her vertebrae are indeed broken and they've healed too fast to heal properly. We will have to break it again to set it right. Demetri call Alec, his gift should make it painless. For her and for you."

Edward You will have to set it right. You were more advanced in this part. Alec knocked both Demetri and Sara out. Rosalie broke Sara's back and I set it right quickly. Then I used some tape and bandage to make sure that Sara's back would stay that way as long as she needed it to heal. "Alec you can pull your gift back slowly now. Sara first." The fog of Alec's gift disappeared and Sara woke up.

She sat up slowly and moved her body in a stretch. "How do you feel Sara?" Much better now, thank you. but I can't return with you yet. They said that my father is like me and still alive. And they would help me with my gift.

"Sara your father is dead. Emmett found his body after the fire. There was a whole funeral and his grave is in La Push." Edward said.

Then why did they say that he's alive. Gianna called him to come here.

"I don't know but I'll find out for you."

Thank you. How is he?

"He is not so good. He fills his time with work only. We barely see him anymore. It's not just him that's feeling bad. We all feel a little bad now that you and Esme aren't with us anymore. Sam misses you a lot as well. He told us your story."

He did? but.. Ugh I don't know what to do anymore.

"You should just take a rest, until your back is healed. I'll talk to the brothers."

Okay be careful though. That Aro guy gives me the creeps.

"I will. Sleep well." Then I went to Aro. Before I entered the room. I 'heard' something interesting...

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