Sam's Sister

Chapter 14

AroPoV a week later.

I was glad I could keep my thoughts in check when the Cullens came. No one except for my brothers could know that I lied to the girl. Her father was truly dead. I just wanted to keep her with me in the guard. The bond of mates was real though. and the bond of imprints seem to be as strong as the one of soul-mates. That could proof to be difficult. maybe if I used Chelsea to make Sahira loyal to the Volturi. Yes that might actually work.

I called Chelsea and gave her the orders.

"I won't disappoint you master." Was her reply. Good girl. Then someone knocked. It was Edward. He looked worried. "Ah, young Edward. How is miss Sahira?"

"Sara's back was partially broken. We had to break it again to set it properly. She needs to rest for a few weeks. Let's say until the end of the month. I have a question though."

"Ask me."

"Can Sara come home when she is fully healed? Carlisle is nearly suicidal now that Esme and Sara are gone. He barely comes out of his room. We have to practically kidnap him out of the house to hunt. It's like he is trying to starve himself to death. He even tried to provoke Jasper and Emmett to kill him." he explained sadly. Oh, I didn't know it was that bad. I don't want my old friend to die. Then I should let Sara go when she is fully healed but I wish to see if she is a danger to our world first. She is the only one of her kind, so I want to make sure it is safe to keep her alive.

"When Sara is fully healed she may leave one week after. This way we will be able to help her train her gift. and to make sure she isn't a danger to our world."

Edward nodded and left probably to tell Rosalie and Sahira the news. I asked for Demetri and told him to check up with Carlisle. It was just to see if Edward's story was true. Edward came back and gave me without a word his hand. The thoughts I saw was horrible. I felt so sad to see my friend in pain. He even tried to pull an 'Edward' as we call it now. He tried to expose himself by running through town vamp speed while the sun was shining. Luckily before any human could see him the big one, Emmett I believe, took him deep into the woods. I called Demetri back.

What could I do for him to help... WAIT I know! "Edward tell Jane and Alec to take Carlisle here. He is to come here right away. Your father-figure needs a punishment. Maybe I'll make him take care of a certain guest of ours." I said with a knowing smile. Edward nodded with enthusiasm in his eyes and left to do as I asked.

that evening...

Jane and Alec had taken our personal plane to get Carlisle here as fast as possible. I wonder how it went. After dinner they were expected to be back. As always the two of my favorite guard-members, worked right on schedule. They arrived just as I sat down in my throne. "Come in." Let the games begin. Alec walked in with Carlisle behind him and behind Carlisle was Jane. My friend really looked worn out. his head was down, he acted like his real age "Ah Jane, Alec. Good you retrieved him quickly. Everything went well I assume?" Alec offered me his hand. I took it. I saw:

Thoughts are Alec PoV

When we arrived Jasper and Alice approached us. The seer spoke first from behind Jasper who was standing protectively in front of her. "I saw you coming Carlisle is upstairs the second floor third door left." We walked as Alice said and indeed we found Carlisle where she said we would. We never saw the big one, he was probably hunting. Carlisle looked at us and he hung his head.

"I knew you would be fast. Not this fast but still. Let's go shall we?" Jane and I shared a look of surprise. We never expected him to come with us willingly. That was just so unlike him. We thought he would have talked his way out of this or something. We went back to the car we hired and Carlisle truly walked like a tired old man. The whole journey to Volterra he looked full of pain, sadness and anticipation. He really wanted to die was what I thought of his behavior.

Back to Aro

I let Alec's hand go. "Carlisle Cullen, you have almost committed a crime against our most important law." My brothers came in and sat down. "Do you have anything to say for yourself?"

He replied with "I just hope you'll make it a quick death." My brothers gasped at that answer. They knew it was bad but not this bad. It shocked even me.

"I will discuss what to do with my brothers. One moment." I held my brothers hands one at a time and they both had thought the same We have to help him somehow.

After a minute I took my hand back."We have decided that Carlisle Cullen will be punished as followed. You will not be put to death but you will have to take medical care of our special guest, a miss Sahira Uley." Carlisle was first surprised and upset that we wouldn't kill him.

Then when he realized what I said his face lit up quite a lot. Even Marcus couldn't hold a small smile back. "Yes! I...I mean I will not disappoint you."

"Felix please take Carlisle to our guest." They both bowed and left. Carlisle's course was much better now that he no longer walked as an old man.


I spoke with Rosalie about everything that happened since I left and I felt my heart grow heavier with everything Carlisle did to get himself killed. Suddenly my heartache was much less as if... Carlisle is here! I remember Sam explaining to me what imprinting was and about the bond between wolf and imprintee


Sam was sitting next to me we were both in wolf form, on the cliffs watching sunset, and he was explaining about imprinting since my family in Egypt didn't have such a thing.

"A wolf like you and me meets his soul-mate through imprinting. When someone imprints it's as if a blind man sees the sun for the first time. The wolf connects immediately an unbreakable bond with that person and he wants to know everything and do everything about and for that person to keep the imprintee happy.

The bond between wolf and imprintee is also a gps-system of some sort. Wolves can always find their imprintee because their hearts will be in great pain the further the distance is between wolf and imprintee. Once wolves get closer to the place where their imprintee is their hearts will feel much lighter because they would be able to see their imprintees any time they want. however there is always a possibility that the imprintee isn't choosing for the wolf. The chance that that happens is almost nihil, though."

~Back to reality~

I phased though I was still in some pain and went bursting through the door, looking for Carlisle. I ran and ran and ran..I caught a scent. his scent. I felt like a wolf finding it's mate again. that happy. I followed the scent faster and faster. There he was with Felix. I barked softly. They turned around. I waited for something, I don't know what, maybe to see if he really wasn't mad at me for my mistakes which got Esme killed. There it was. He smiled a small smile. "Sahira.." He almost whispered as if not believing that it was me. I took off in a sprint and I tackled him. Felix left us alone.

I licked his face all over not missing a spot and his hands too. each little spot of his skin got a thorough cleaning job. Carlisle pushed me lightly off of him and stood up. "Sahira how are you feeling? I heard that your back was hurt in a fight?"

"I fought with Heidi. Somewhere in the fight she threw me against a wall twice and I couldn't get up the second time. Apparently my back was broken."

"Why did you fight her?" He asked curiously

"Because she attacked me." I didn't want to tell him why she did though. I didn't want to hurt him again. Not after I just got him back. Then he asked the dreaded question.

"Why did she attack you?" I bit my lip trying to keep the answer in. "Tell me Sara." I dreaded this because I had to tell him if he demanded it. "Sara I demand an explanation." Damn it!

"Apparently I'm Demetri's mate and Heidi wanted to be that but she is Alec's." I blurted out rushing to get it over with.

"His true mate?"

"No, yes, I don't know. You should ask Marcus."

"Were they kind to you?"

"Yes they let me stay on my diet, and said that if I was fully healed I had to stay one week longer to train my gift."

"That's kind of them."

I changed back "Carlisle..."

"Yes, Sahira?" I slapped him.

He held his cheek looking surprised. "That's for trying to get yourself killed."

He hung his head. "I'm sorry." he whispered sadly.

I cupped his cheek, and kissed the one I slapped. "That was for staying alive."

He hugged me. "I missed you."

I hugged back. "I missed you too."

His hands on my back felt great! I groaned at the feeling. He pulled back. "What's wrong?"

"Your hands on my back... feel so good. It's making the pain go away a little." I blushed.

Carlisle chuckled and put his hands back where they were. Though this time so we both could still walk. We walked to my room. "You know the fun part of being Demetri's mate is that I can make him do really silly things. Like dancing in a tutu with Felix recording, or acting like an angry pregnant woman demanding the strangest things. like scrambled eggs made by him or fresh milk or something like that."

We entered my room and saw Demetri demanding from Rosalie to know where I was. "I'm here Demetri." He zipped over to me, picked me up and put me back into bed. I sat up pouting with my arms crossed. He gave me some oranges and a milkshake. I forgot I asked for them.

I ate one but Carlisle said I couldn't. "Why not?"

"I smell something strange in the oranges. Would you change a pillow in yourself and feed it the oranges, please?" I did as he asked, giving a part of my oranges to my other self. Nothing happened but then my other self fell down throwing up something dark.

Carlisle went to it and put a finger in the dark stuff and sniffed it. "Just as I thought. Poison." I laid my oranges back on the plate. and drank my milkshake. That had a rather strange taste to it too. Suddenly everything went crazy. all the colors were swirling and moving. I felt drunk. everything went black.


When Sara fell unconscious she dropped her milkshake. It was poisoned too. I went busy right away. Luckily we had some kind of hospital/lab thing. I picked Sara up and took her there. Edward came with me to help. Rosalie would keep Sara on the right temperature. It was hard to make the right antidote, because we didn't know what kind of poison it was. After a few tests we were closer but not enough. Sara had started screaming in pain as if she was being tortured. She was delirious with the fever. Rosalie said she kept going back to the forest fire we saved her from but then different things happened. Like her father died right in front of her, or her mother threw her back into the fire, Jasper attacking her things like that.

Edward had found who poisoned Sara's food. It was another girl she said that she had been told that Sara was a danger to our world. Edward and Rose made her give us the antidote and I gave it to Sara. She had fainted, bathed in sweat by the fever. I offered to stay with her so Edward and Rosalie could go hunting. They left without a word and I sat next to Sara's bed. I was worried that she wouldn't make it. Demetri came to visit. "How is she?"

"She has to rest. the fever will make sure that the poison will get out of her body by sweating." I explained. Demetri kept watching as I pushed some hair out of Sara's face. I think Edward was right when he said I started to feel the bond between wolf and imprintee. Demetri spoke up in a sad tone.

"Do you love her?" he asked me

"I don't know. Right now I think of her as a best friend. I did just lose my mate, you know."

"Yeah, sorry."

"Do you know if you are Sara's true mate?" I was curious about that.

"The pull doesn't feel that strong. Though it feels stronger than I felt before." Strangely enough I felt relieved when he told me that.

"Could it be that you are her soul-brother of sorts?"

"Maybe, we should see Marcus about that." He was right. Sara woke up. I couldn't help but feel relieved that everything would be fine

Demetri brushed her cheek. "Hey Sara, how are you feeling?"

"Much better." She whispered.

I decided to check her vitals and after that I went to ask Marcus to ask if would come to see about the bonds. Sara's fever was cooling down properly. Her back was healed completely and the poison was gone. I told her the good news and went to see Marcus.

I could find him in his room. I knocked and heard a quiet and bored "Come in."

I walked in and saw him looking like always though there was some curiosity in his eyes. "Carlisle, to what do I owe this pleasure?"

"Marcus, old friend. I was wondering if you would do me a favour."

"What kind of favour are you speaking of?"

"Would you see deeper into the bonds Demetri and I have with Sahira? We aren't sure how deep they run."

"I will see to it, though it might be just what I saw before." He replied

"I'm happy with anything because we would have some clearance." I said

"Well, all right. I will do as you just requested." He agreed

We walked back to the hospital wing where we found Demetri fighting two newborn. Marcus and I rushed to help and with the three of us, we managed to shred them into pieces fairly quickly. "Demetri tell me what happened?" I asked him.

"When Carlisle left, I was talking to Sahira when three newborn came. One seemed close to the end of the newborn part and he did the talking. he said I had to give Sahira to them if I wanted to stay alive. I said no and they started to fight me until you both came. One managed to get past me to bite Sahira though I had quickly killed him and sucked the venom out not knowing what it would do to her. The other two fought me until you came here." He explained.

Marcus did his bond thing and saw what we thought would be Demetri's bond with Sahira."Demetri I have made a mistake, your bond with Sahira is that of a soul-brother, not a soulmate. Carlisle's bond is that of a soulmate though it even runs deeper than that and the bond is a mixed colour of best friends and soulmate." He said when he was done.

Sahira smiled softly. "I...had known... that all...along." She said still a bit weak from being ill.

I chuckled at her words. "Sara you will have to keep a night's rest. Tomorrow you'll be all better again."

She nodded and went back to sleep with a yawn. Demetri tucked her in and left. Marcus clapped me on my back "You're lucky. but if you ever hurt her..." He never finished the sentence and left me alone with Sara.

after half an hour Sara woke up again. I was still in thought about what to do.


"Carlisle what are you thinking about?"

"I'm thinking of what to do about 'us'." he said. I felt a bit anxious about what he might have come up with.

"I want to take things really, really slow. After all I've only just lost Esme." He said. Mentioning Esme's death made me feel guilty again and really determined to make sure I trained my gift to it's fullest capacity.

"That's just fine. I never expected anything else." I started to tell him everything I knew about imprints and imprintees.

Then my week of training and observing had begun. It was heavy but fun. I got to kick ass quite a lot, I learned how to hold my strength at human level, together with Jane and surprisingly Heidi, who, after she finally mated with Alec, was a lot nicer.
We got along well and they learned me how to do finer things like buttoning up my shirts and writing and stuff. Caius was a stern teacher of art. We both liked to draw and paint, so we would have several discussions about things to do with art I had made and he would give me an assignment to draw a certain thing in their city, testing my self-control at the same time.

Marcus was someone I couldn't really figure out. He always looked old and boring, but as soon as I asked what his favourite hobby was he launched into a story about experiments and chemicals. Between Carlisle and him, I had some great teachers. Aro was a fun guy though also a bit creepy.
I pranked him with Felix and Demetri, he never really minded. Whenever it was feeding time though, He always invited me to join them. The Cullens usually made sure I was well fed during that time reminding me I had to hunt. I had the tendency to forget seeing I could also eat human food.

After the week was over Carlisle and I had to go back to Forks. Edward and Rosalie had gone home on Saturday. Aro had already assured me that I could stay alive and go home. He wished me luck with Carlisle and we left. I already said my goodbyes to the guard and to the brothers, so we were ready to leave.

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