Sam's Sister

Chapter 15


Once we were at the airport back in Seattle, we were being picked up by Alice and Emmett. Apparently Peter and Charlotte had gone home. Emmett's reunion with Rosalie was lovely. I felt sad just a little watching them. A small wave of calm washed over me. I sent gratitude back. "You're welcome." Jasper said. I still felt jealous of Jared. Why can't all of the wolves have imprints like his and Quil only has to wait until Claire grows up. We split up into two groups to fit in the car. I rode with Jasper, Alice and Carlisle. Edward, Rosalie and some of my things would go in Emmett's car. Jane and Heidi had spoiled me with clothes and stuff. Caius gave me drawing supplies and Marcus had given me books about old experiments and about forensic research. There was too much stuff for Alice's car.

During the ride I kept looking outside suppressing the urge to stare at Carlisle. I felt a bit sick in my stomach as we got closer as if something would happen. When Alice stopped the car, Carlisle opened the door for me but as soon as he did I flew out of the car, phased, and stalked to the house growling.


Emmett and the others arrived right after them. "Sam was inside." Carlisle went after Sara the others followed him but before any of them could enter the house they were stopped by Sara. "Let me handle this one. She smells familiar." Edward told the rest what Sara was thinking. She stalked carefully and silently to the kitchen where the stranger was. It turned out to be Bella. "What the hell? Bella what are you doing here?" Emmett asked.

"Well, Alice had made me come over again for her kind of a sleepover, and I just woke up and was hungry so I decided to make some breakfast." She lied.

"No I didn't. I asked you about a sleepover for next weekend." Alice replied. Sara growled. The vamps turned to her. Her eyes had darkened considerably.

"Carlisle her thirst rose up from the strain she put on herself to keep from killing anyone on the plane. She wishes to taste Bella." Edward picked up from her thoughts. Jasper confirmed checking her feelings. Bella being the stupid girl she is walked to Sara.

"Bella, stop! Have you gone mad?" Jasper warned the foolish human

"She won't hurt me. I know she won't." Bella answered Jasper stubbornly, walking closer. When she tried to stroke Sara's fur, Sara snapped. She bit Bella in her hand. Bella tried to pull her hand away, but Sara kept her jaws tightly clamped and growled at the human.

"Bella don't pull your hand away that will only rip it off." Carlisle instructed. Bella cried out in pain and Edward got angry, he wrenched Sara's jaws open and pulled Bella's hand away. It was a deep wound, That bled quite a bit. All the vamps left the house except for Carlisle. Sara had left too. "That will be a scar. Bella why couldn't you listen to Jasper? and why did you lie to us?" He asked a bit disappointed in her behaviour.

"I don't know, I wasn't thinking."She pleaded with the coven leader.

"Indeed you weren't."he said stitching up the wound after cleaning it.

"I'm sorry Carlisle. I really had no idea what I was doing. I had heard that you guys would come home today and I thought that I would make Sara some lunch. Sam was here. He said that I should just do what I came for. He asked when Sara would come home. I told him and he left saying that the pack might get a new leader. He wants Sara to take his place as Alpha as long as Jacob doesn't take it."

"That means that Sara will have to fight him. Bella I hope that you learned to listen when we say that it's too dangerous? You know what the consequences might be."Carlisle warned.

"I have learned my lesson, Carlisle. I really do." Loud growling was heard from two Wolves outside.

Edward called from outside. "Carlisle, Sam is using you as a subject to make Sara angry enough that she will fight him. The whole pack is watching them keeping us out of it. Sara is in no condition to fight yet." then the growling turned into fighting.

"Bella you stay here and if you have to watch then go upstairs." Carlisle ran outside wanting to stop the fight. The doctor inside him said it was because of Sara's back not being ready yet. The imprintee inside him said it was because he didn't want Sara to get hurt at all.


When I was outside to hunt I was greeted by Sam and the pack.

Sara, I want you back in the pack.-S

Sam I can't I don't have enough control yet I thought showing him what happened a few times in Volterra and what I did to Bella.

Damn it, that leech of an imprintee of yours certainly doesn't keep his word of keeping you safe.-S

Why do you always blame everything on them and I thought I told to stop insulting him.-Sa

Because everything is that bloodsucker's fault. I want to kill him so badly.-S

You know it is forbidden to go after an imprintee.-Sa

I don't care. I will kill him for getting you hurt.-S

You won't if you don't kill me first. I growled loudly and then I attacked. Sam encountered and we fought. It was a heavy fight, I noticed Carlisle coming outside. Sam saw it in my thoughts and went after him. Before he could hurt Carlisle, I tried to push him away but Sam bit in my front-leg. I cried out in pain, and fell down. I tried to get up but my leg was useless because every time I stood on it, a crippling pain shot through it. I cried out in pain each time.

Sam huffed and he turned his focus back to Carlisle. He stalked to Carlisle showing his teeth growling. Edward and the others were stopped from interfering by the rest of the pack. I tried to get up desperately. I stood up slowly. Wait! I tried to change back but the pain of Sam's bite was too much.

Sam wait, please don't kill him. I'll do anything but please don't kill him. I beg you.-Sa I felt tears running down my cheek knowing that this would be my last chance to protect my imprintee.

Sam stopped and he turned his head to me. You will do anything? to protect a bloodsucker?-S

Not any vampire, only him.-Sa

Fine I won't kill him but I forbid you from seeing him as long as I am the Alpha.-S

Sam aren't you taking things a bit too far now? It's like you forbid me from seeing Kim or yourself from seeing Emily.-Ja

No, I'm not! If Sara wants to protect her imprintee from getting killed by one of us she is forbidden from now on to see him.-S

All the wolves looked at me on what my decision would be. Edward had been translating the conversation and now the vamps were looking at me too. I could disagree but then would Sam kill Carlisle which will cause the rest of the Cullens to fight which causes us to fight, I could agree and wait until Jacob took his rightful place but he wasn't ready yet, keeping the Cullens safe. I know what I will do...

Fine I will stop seeing him until you step down as Alpha. That is why I want to challenge you for the Alpha job. It's time I took that place anyway.-Sa I thought while slowly getting up on three legs.

I accept your challenge. The day after tomorrow at the beach at sunrise. You and me wolf vs. wolf. if you win, you become Alpha. If I win, you'll stop seeing him and you will return to the pack.-S

I nodded looking down. The pack ran away with Seth and Jared looking back. When they were sure that the pack was gone the vamps helped me to calm down. Jasper took part of my pain away replacing it with calmness and Emmett carried me inside. I changed back without losing my clothes. Which I got to thank the training in Italy for. Emmett laid me down on the couch. "Sara how are you feeling? how is your arm?" Carlisle asked.

"My arm is is fine, I need to train, if I plan on winning." I sighed thinking of various ways to beat Sam to a bloody pulp. I was tired like hell though and still hungry. I smelled the food Bella was cooking. My stomach roared which hurt me. Alice gave me a plate full of sandwiches. I wolfed it down leaving only one for Bella.

Then I slept for a bit shaking sometimes as I dreamed about Sam killing Carlisle with me watching helplessly. I felt cold seeing everyone I cared about either dead or against me. Something cool touched my forehead before something warm was put around me. I opened my eyes and saw some blonde walk out of the room I slept in. It was a male and he smelled like a hospital, sunflowers and something I can only describe as old. I curled up deeper into the blankets and slept peacefully.

After an hour or two, I woke up again feeling completely relaxed. I didn't want to move a finger, I felt that lazy. I yawned and stretched wanting to go back to sleep, knowing that I actually wanted to train for the fight tomorrow. When I was starting to fall back into sleep, Emmett thought it funny to blow a horn in my ear. I jumped and fell out of bed. "Sara wakey, wakey!" He shouted. I groaned and threw a pillow at his head. Then I took another pillow and slept on the floor.

Emmett decided that I really needed to get up, so he picked me up and carried me downstairs where he sat me down on a chair and someone threw some water in my face. It woke me up. Alice put some food in front of me, I ate while they explained what they were planning. "Sara, Jasper and Emmett will help you to train. You will stay in wolf form all day and let us help you out. At the end of the day Carlisle and Rosalie will check your health, I will make sure you're well fed together with Bella, Edward keeps Bella away from you and he will keep an eye on your mind." I nodded with a full mouth.

After I was done eating I was called outside. I phased and followed the voice, it ended in the clearing. There stood Jasper with Emmett slightly behind him. Jasper stood with a lot of authority making me want to salute. "Sara, I will train you, but only if you do exactly as I say, understood?" I nodded. "I said Understood!" I barked Sir, yes sir. and I stood straight as possible. "Good. Now first as a warming up, Ten times around the clearing. Emmett will run with you. Then return here and stretch your body. Begin." I barked and began my circles around the clearing. what I didn't know was that Jasper would be throwing several rocks, branches my way which I had to dodge without stopping. I could only dodge half of the things he threw at other half I used Emmett as a living shield.

When I had run my rounds, Jasper wasn't too happy with how I did. "start sparring." We did as ordered. My opponent was Emmett, but sometimes Jasper would throw in a punch too. In the end we had fought many hours. I won barely, and it was only lunchtime! Alice called me saying it was lunchtime. I had to race Jasper back to the house while he threw a lot different emotions. When he threw pain at me I lost the race. the emotional pain made me remember all the fights I had with Sam and I noticed they really had increased since I imprinted. I stood still completely. Sam... I don't want to fight you but if you threaten him I have no choice but to defend. Why did it come to this? Why? What happened that we were once as close as possible and now were practically enemies.

Edward joined me where I was. "Is there no other solution? You should have seen Carlisle this morning. He went to the hospital but asked me to update him on everything every hour. He's nervous about possible outcome. We're lucky that it's weekend." Well the only other solution is to tell the council about Sam's crime. but that will probably have the same outcome as our fight. The final solution is wait until Jacob takes his rightful place as Alpha, before I see him again but that is too painful for me.

"I understand but why did you say that it was time that you took the Alpha place anyway?"he asked

When I phased I was in egypt. Sam phased a few months later. The council was discussing who should take the place of Alpha. Some said that I should because it was tradition and Sam agreed but Billy said it should be Sam. So it became Sam. Only because the head of the tribe said so and the eldest of the tribe agreed with him. stupid sexist men.

Edward laughed at that. "I do suggest that you try talking to the tribe council. Just to ease Carlisle's heart." he said walking back to the house with me.

I'll try. Sam probably told them everything though. I might not even have a chance. but I'll try. can you ask Bella to call Jacob for me? I want to meet with him so he can escort me to the council. Eward nodded and left to do as I asked. Jacob agreed to help me, just wanting peace to return in the pack. The talk didn't go as well. The council stood on Sam's side except for the killing part. I talked with some pack members and found out that they were ordered by Sam to avoid me until after the fight. Jared understood my reasoning but told us not to tell anyone. Sam threatened with using them as a crash-dummy for his attacks if he found out.

Once back at the treaty-line I thanked Jacob and left to go on with training. I kept fighting until Every muscle in my body was sore and I was as tired as possible, but I kept going on wanting to defeat Jasper knowing that if I could, I could defeat Sam. "Sara, enough." he said after I tried to attack again but I swayed on my paws. I shook my head stubbornly and took a sprint but before I could reach him I fell through my legs.

"Sara, enough is enough. you need rest." Emmett spoke but I never heard him because I had fallen asleep.

I woke up when I fell on something soft. It was the bed. I watched groggily while Rosalie checked me for wounds that didn't heal yet. When she noticed me watching, she smiled softly. "You're a strong girl, Sara. I admire that in you. Jasper told us that he had a hard time to keep standing. You almost had defeated him quite a few times. Well you should just rest, good night." She left.

When I fell asleep I noticed my favorite blonde of the family walking in. I woke up instantly. "Sara, how did the talk go?" he asked. I explained what happened. When I was done, he felt anger at the council. I tried to hide a yawn but he noticed it anyway. "You should sleep. Sara I have faith in you. I know that you will win." he tucked me in, kissed my forehead and left chuckling when he noticed my heart rate speeding up. I dived deep under the blankets and slept. Then the nightmares came.


I was fighting Sam and after a long fight during the whole night, he won. Then he made me watch him while he killed Carlisle. I felt like dying. Right before Carlisle died he said it was all my fault. The scene changed and I was surrounded by Edward and the others. They attacked me saying everything was my fault, blaming me for everything that went wrong. I kept saying I was sorry but no one listened. I finally started to believe their words. Then I woke up with a jolt.

~End dream~

I left quietly not knowing that two vampires knew what I was doing...

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