Sam's Sister

Chapter 16

Six years later...


It has been six years since I've last seen or heard from the Cullens or the pack. I've finished my studies in four years and had a job as a pathologist. I worked in Denver, Colorado. It was a good job. Nice payment, great colleagues who stayed oblivious to how I do things. My boss was a woman called Sandy Starman. She didn't mind that I kept my ways secret as long as I did what I needed to do. I buried myself in work to forget the still burning pain in my heart.

"Tara, I'm going home now. I've finished that last report and put it on Nicole's desk. I'll see you tomorrow again!" I half yelled to one of my friends. She's named Tamara, but I always called her Tara. Tara is from the Netherlands, she came here because of her husband Paul. She kinda looked after me since I was the youngest colleague of the team.

A dirty blond head with green eyes popped out of the door-opening. "Alright Sara, good luck with Jason tonight and I want to hear details when you get home!" was the accented reply of the dutch woman. I dated a few guys but they always wanted one thing or the other, meaning sex or money. Apparently it's hard to stay off radar when you're rich. Except for one guy. I had met a guy named Jason who I had a date with this evening, He has brown hair in soft curls reaching below his ears and stormy blue eyes., He was the first guy I dated since Riley, who was kind and didn't care for money and sex.

I live in a two story spacy house with three double bedrooms, each had their own bathroom, a study and an art room, on the second floor. The first floor had a living room and an open kitchen, a small bathroom and a music room, and the basement was made for working out. My house had red stones and a dark roof. It was a little away from Denver not too easy to find but still easy enough. I also owned a small apartment with one bedroom a small bathroom, a small kitchen and a small living room. It was there where Jason would pick me up from.

I went to my apartment in my new car, a BMW 635d sports-car from 2007 in black. On the road to my house I was thinking about the Cullens. Bella must have become a vampire by now, married to Edward. I wonder if Sam is still the Alpha. I wish to go back to La push. I wonder how many of them have imprinted and that thought makes me think of Carlisle, my own imprintee. He and the others must live somewhere else now because of the never-changing of their appearance. It hurt to think about them though. Finally I arrived at my house.

I showered to get all the scents of death off of me. After the thorough shower I blow-dried my hair. Then I put it in a messy bun with one short lock loose at my temple. Then I dressed in a midnight blue strapless knee length dress with a wavy skirt. I hid my tribal tattoo with some make up. Then I used some mascara and a light touch of eyeshadow. Some strawberry lip gloss, my necklace and some flat ballet shoes and I was ready. It was just in time because someone knocked on the door.

I opened the door and there he stood. "Hello Sara, you look wonderful." Jason said. He gave me a small bouquet of flowers.

I smelled them "Thank you, Jason you don't look bad yourself. and thanks for the flowers. They smell nice want to come in? I have to put these in a vase." I let him in and walked to the kitchen to find a vase. He closed the door behind him and sat down on the lounging chair. After I took care of the flowers we left to go to dinner and the movies. At the Italian restaurant, we were greeted by a female hostess. She saw Jason, and flirted with him but Jason made clear that he was with me. the girl looked at me annoyed and jealous, and led us to our seats. a waiter came and took our orders. I chose some lasagna and Jason chose ravioli.

We made some small talk getting to know each other better, because this was our second date. I found out he had a job in security in the Denver Art Museum. He promised to take me there sometime. He wasn't horrified at finding out my job. I did tell him I lived in La Push and he got excited about that. Apparently there was some art from our tribe in the museum. After dinner I freshened up after shortly arguing about who would pay for dinner. Jason won that one. Then we walked to the movies. We decided to watch Titanic. I cried thinking of Carlisle, and how our relationship was somewhat the same. Jason, the gentleman he was, offered me a hand kerchief. Finally the movie was done. We walked out hand in hand and walked back to the car.

"Would you like to drink something?" he asked when we passed a bar. "Yes please." I answered and we walked in. The bar was called 'Friendly Drink' There was some nice music playing in the background. It wasn't busy yet because it was only ten PM. Jason ordered a beer and I ordered a cognac. I was happy that I needed human food more then blood because that also meant that I could enjoy a good drink though it took a lot of alcohol to make me even tipsy, because my wolf gen burnt the alcohol ten times faster than humans.

The evening was fine, we enjoyed our drinks and danced a little. then the annoying trouble started. Someone recognized me from television. Apparently I had become famous for solving a few difficult cases just by doing my job. I had to give interviews sometimes and I already had been offered jobs in the FBI and CIA which I declined, and jobs in bigger city's. I did fly in sometimes when they needed me. "Hey aren't you Sara Uley that new pathologist?" a man came.

I looked at Jason. "I'm sorry, Jason." I mouthed. Then I turned to the man.

I gave him a fake smile and said "Yes, I am, but I'm not interested in anything to do with fans or job offers at the moment. If you don't mind I would like to spend some time with my boyfriend." The man nodded in understanding, obviously hearing the annoyance in my voice, and left us alone.

"Since when did I become your boyfriend?" Jason asked.

I blushed and answered. "I'm sorry, I just had to think of something really quick, and if I said that you were just a date, than he probably would try to keep interrupting."

"It's fine. I just hope that we will get to that step some day." He replied with a shy smile. I had told him that I had trouble with trusting someone enough to be in a relationship with them.

"I hope the same." I said. He paid for our drinks and we left to go back to my apartment. In the car we joked a bit about somethings people did to get attention from celebrity's. Jason walked me to my apartment, when I opened the door I asked "Would you like to come in for a drink?"

"Sara, is that you?" a voice came from my kitchen. I froze.

"Sam?" my brother came out of my kitchen. I ran and hugged him tightly. He was hesitant but hugged me back.

"Sara, sister I missed you." I cried releasing all the pain.

"I-I missed y-you too."

"Sara, maybe I should go. You should talk with your brother. I'll call you tomorrow all right?" I nodded letting Sam go and hugging Jason.

"Bye Jason, I had a great time. I'll talk to you later." He let go and kissed my cheek. Then it was just Sam and me.

Sam sat down on the couch, when I said my goodbyes to Jason. "Who was that?" he asked going into brother mode.

"That's Jason. A guy I met a few weeks ago. We just had our second date." I said not wanting to tell too much.

"Did you really have fun?" Sam asked

"Yes I did but let's not talk about him. What are you doing here? Are you here alone? what happened with Bella? How is he?" I changed the subject because I was really getting curious. Sam told me that Bella was married and had gotten a half-vampire as a child called Renesmee who Jacob imprinted with. "Do you remember the deal we made six years ago?" he asked. I did remember.


I had run from the Cullens taking only some cash and two outfits with me in a backpack. I ran to Sam waking him up with a bark. He jogged outside and I changed back to human form.

"Sam I have come to stop the fight. I hate all this fighting between us. Isn't there some kind of deal we can make?" I asked feeling very tired of all the fighting we did.

"Sara You know the deal I have in mind. Stop seeing him until I step down from the Alpha position." He answered sternly.

"I know and I want that deal but with a slight change. I want to stop seeing him until you step down as Alpha but I will not join the pack. I will leave you guys to go studying in Florida to fulfill my dream of becoming a pathologist." I spoke calmly explaining what I wanted. Sam looked me straight in my eyes.

"Is that truly what you want?" he asked quietly. He looked sad thinking of me leaving.

"You know what I truly want, but this is the only way to stop our constant fighting." I answered sadly not really wanting to do this but still going through with it.

"Then I agree with your deal and when I step down as an Alpha I will personally come and get you home. I wish you good luck with your studies, Sara." he promised. I kissed his cheek, asked to keep Carlisle safe for me, said goodbye and left as a wolf.

~End Flashback~

"You mean-?" I asked surprised and hopeful. He nodded with a small smile. I tackled him with a hug. "What happened? who's pack leader now?" I asked with a big grin.

"Emily is expecting our second child now. It was finally time. Jared is pack leader now of our half of the pack." he explained.

"Wait, you never told me how Carlisle was doing." I said really wanting to know.

"I'm doing fine now that we found you." a voice said from behind me. I froze again. I asked Sam quietly if it was truly him and his eyes told me the truth. I think my face lit up a lot because Sam chuckled.

I spun around and tackled my favorite vampire. He kept standing holding me close. I looked up at his face. "Carlisle..." I whispered quietly still not really believing that he was here.

"Sara..." he whispered back pushing a few strands behind my ear with a small smile on his face.

I buried my face in his chest smelling all the scents I missed so much."I missed you, Carlisle. I missed you so terribly much." I spoke wanting to cry to let all the pain go. Carlisle rubbed soothing circles on my back.

"It's okay Sara. You can let it go." He said. Sam patted my shoulder and went to the kitchen. I finally let go of six long years of pain, sadness and loneliness. Carlisle patted my back and led us to the couch. There he sat us down with me in his lap rubbing my sides. He hummed a song I didn't know soothingly. It calmed me down just slightly. When I was out of tears I dry sobbed a little before falling asleep. Crying is very exhausting.

I woke up to the scent of coffee and breakfast. I found that I was in my bedroom. I remembered what happened last night and got dressed quickly. When I entered the living room I saw Carlisle's back turned to me. He was cooking breakfast for me. Sam was gone. "Sam went back to the hotel." He said while turning a pancake. I sat down at the dinner-table and started to eat. Carlisle had made a pile of pancakes, scrambled eggs and some fresh orange juice. I wolfed it down and thanked him after I finished eating. Then I brushed my teeth and saw that it was only eight o'clock. I didn't have to leave until nine. I sat down with a cup of coffee while Carlisle took care of the dishes. After he put them into the dishwasher, he sat down next to me. "Carlisle why are you here? not that I'm not happy with you here but still..."

"I'm here because I missed you, Sara, and because I became lonely. Sam missed you too and we decided to try to find you." he said.

"I understand, but where are the others?"

"We found a house close to Denver. A two story house. I live there with Rosalie and Emmett. though it seemed that someone lived there already." he said

"Is it a house with red stone and a dark roof?" I asked through gritted teeth.

"Yes why?" he asked curiously not knowing that he was talking about my house.

"That. is. my. house!" I said/yelled.

Carlisle's eyes widened in surprise at my outburst. "Is that true? We smelled a scent in it but I didn't recognize it. Your scent was hidden by the scent of death."

I sighed to calm down. "It's okay but who has been staying in which room?" there was a red room, a blue room and a green and yellow room. the blue one was mine.

"Rose and Emmett have been staying in the red room, and I have been staying in the blue room. Edward, Bella and Renesmee have their own small house, and Alice and Jasper decided to visit with Carlotte and Peter for a few weeks." I blushed with that answer. He saw it and realized why I reacted that way. He looked embarrassed. "I see. I could move out of it if you want."

"Maybe I should ask you that question, because I think we both know what I want." I replied quietly. They looked embarrassed at the image.

When I looked at the clock I realized that I have been talking with Carlisle too long. It was ten past nine! "SHIT! Shit,shit,shit,shit,shit!" I ran to put my mug in the sink and grabbed my coat. Carlisle followed me out understanding I had to go somewhere. "Sara where are you going?" "I have to go to work, I have to work until two in the afternoon. After my shift I'll come by my house because I have the rest of the weekend off. It's what I always do. We can talk more then, but I really have to go now." I kissed his cheek and ran to my car. I drove past him as fast as I was allowed to because Sandy would have my head if I was late.

I had managed to get to the lab just in time. with only ten seconds to spare. Ian opened the door for me, and I walked in greeting Lance at the frontdesk. When I walked to the office I shared with Tara. There I was greeted with a fake-angry woman. "Sara you never called!"

"I'm sorry but I forgot. My brother had come unexpectedly." I said not telling her about Carlisle. I had said that I had a fight with my brother about someone I fell in love with, which wasn't the entire truth but not a lie either.

Tara gasped "Tell me everything, what were you wearing? what was Jason wearing? Where did he take you? What happened? did you k-. I stopped her by putting a hand on her mouth.

"I was wearing my hair in a messy bun with one short lock loose at my temple. I was dressed in a midnight blue strapless knee length dress with a wavy skirt. Then I used some mascara and a light touch of eyeshadow. Some strawberry lip gloss, my necklace and some flat ballet shoes. Jason was wearing a plain shirt with a vest and black jeans with his dating shoes. We went to a nice Italian restaurant which I can't pronounce the name of and after we went to the movies. He took me to see Titanic and was a real gentleman the whole time. When we got home I asked him if he wanted something to drink, before he could answer Sam talked, Jason left after promising to call me today and I talked with Sam." I told her

"Did Jason know that this Sam is your brother?" She asked

"Yes because Sam said when I hugged him 'Sara, I missed you my sister.' and Jason knew about Sam too." I told her.

"Ah I see so everything went well?" Tara asked me letting me know that we should stop talking. "Yes It was a great time but I have to tell you more later." I told her wanting to tell her about Carlisle. We agreed to talk more during lunch and went to do what we were supposed to. After I had identified three causes of death and made the reports on what I found it was lunch time. Time flies by when doing something I'm good in. At lunch I met with Tara in the cafetaria.

"Ah, Sara there you are. Come tell me everything." She said I sat down with my lunch and started talking.

"You know why I had a fight with my brother right?" She nodded. "Well it turns out that my brother needed six year to change his mind and not only did he come here to apologize but the one I fell in love with came with him. I don't know why yet but I have the feeling that it's something important."

"Well what do you think it is about?" she asked. I blushed only lightly "Well I don't know but I kind of hope that-."

"That he feels the same? I hope so too. I know that you weren't completely happy here, as if you were missing something. and the sadness in your eyes never faded, not even when you spoke about Jason." She interrupted. talk about the devil and the boyfriend shall appear. My phone rang, it was Jason. I put up a finger to silence Tara and I answered.

"Hey Jason, did you come home safely last night?"-Sa

"Yes I did but listen Sara maybe we should stop seeing each other."-J

"Why? Did I do something wrong?"-Sa

"No but your brother came and told me everything. It's better if we stop it now before we finally become a couple and you end up loving Carlisle instead of me."

"Oh, I see... well tell SAM that I will be home in a few hours and that I hope he has found a hospital because he will need one when I'm done with him. BYE Jason."-Sa

I hung up and shredded my food not eating anything. "What did Sam do?" Tara asked. I forgot she was sitting across the table.

"He went to find Jason, and he told him that Carlisle had come for me. Sam told him that he should break up." I told her. She frowned. "If you need some help to beat him up I'll be glad to lend you a hand and Paul too." I could see it happen a small human trying to beat up Sam. It was a funny sight.


After three more hours of working Sara raced to her house parked the car, phased and ran into the woods close by. She howled throwing all of her anger out of her body. She hunted and calmed down after a cool swim in the river. Then Sara finally went home again where she was tackled by Emmett and Rosalie who thought she was an enemy. Carlisle came outside too. "Emmett, Rosalie don't attack it's Sara." He said.

They stopped attacking me and were surprised. "Carlisle are you sure? We haven't seen Sara for six years remember?" Rosalie asked keeping an eye on Sara.

"I saw her last night. I know it's her." Carlisle said. Rose and Emmett shared a look of 'not again' Emmett sighed and walked up to Carlisle. He lifted Carlisle fireman style and went back to the house. Carlisle struggled though. Sara growled. Rosalie stood in her way and Sara tackled her first. When Rosalie was lying on the floor Sara raced after Emmett.


When I entered my house, I saw Emmett talking to Carlisle "Carlisle have you been drinking again? Did you ask Siobhan for illusions of Sara again? or did you try to sleep again? Did you drink some drugged blood which caused you having illusions of Sara or did you try to talk with a white wolf during your hunt?" It hurt me to imagine Carlisle doing all those things because of me, and that Rosalie and Emmett treated him like a crazy person.

I walked as a normal wolf towards them and growled at Emmett to get out of my way. I jumped on the couch and put my head in Carlisle's lap. He stroked my fur and answered "would a normal wolf do this Emmett?"

Emmett shook his head wide-eyed. A phone rang. It was Emmett's the ringtone was about a pixie so it had to be Alice. I couldn't hear the conversation because he answered the phone outside.

I felt completely relaxed being stroked by my imprintee. Somewhere I fell asleep which causes me to change back. I woke up to a gasp and apologies being made. I cracked an eye open and saw Rosalie and Emmett both looking sorry and apologizing for not believing Carlisle. He forgave them and then they started asking me questions. Questions like what happened six years ago which caused me to leave them, why was there a faint smell of death hanging around the house, and more.

I answered that I had a certain nightmare which caused me to leave and make peace with Sam. I told them about the deal we had made and everything that happened after. How I finished my studies in four years and how I was working now as a pathologist and apparently that was how they found me. Rosalie explained that they had seen an interview from me and that the newsreader said that I was working in Denver, Colorado. Then I told them about everything I had done, like getting a driver's license and my car which Rosalie wanted to check out later.

I told them I worked very hard and had managed to buy this house and an apartment. We heard a very short howl. It was Sam announcing that he was at the front door. That was always the way we would let Emily and later Sue know. I started to shake again remembering the things he had done. Carlisle had opened the door and I raced to tackle Sam but Carlisle caught me around my waist.

I growled. "Sam how could you do that? Why did you have to go and make Jason break up on the phone with me?"

He had the guts to look innocent. "What are you talking about Sara?" I calmed down enough to make Carlisle let me go, then I walked up to Sam and smacked him over his head. "Maybe that will freshen up your memories." I walked back inside and went to sit on the couch.

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