Sam's Sister

Chapter 17


Sam walked in after me and said "I never meant for that Jason to do that. I only talked to him about the reason you came to live here. It was completely his decision to do it that way. I swear Sara I never meant to hurt you." he seemed upset that I blamed him for this. "It wasn't really your place to do that either you know." I told him. He nodded looking guilty.

I sighed "Sam, I understand why you did it, but I was supposed to tell him things. I'm not angry with you anymore but please stop thinking that I can't handle things myself. I'm old enough to handle those kind of things for myself." I explained gently.

Sam hugged me tightly. "I'm sorry Sara I'm so used to helping you, I seem to have forgotten that you can do everything yourself now. I'm so proud of you building a complete life on your own. Can we become like before again, Angel?" I stiffened at my nickname for when the pack was just me, Sam, and later Jared. Jared had joked that Sam looked like a demon and I like an angel. Those names stuck until we had Leah and Seth with us.

I decided to forgive Sam for what he did but I still had a bone to pick with Jason for breaking up over the phone. "Demon, I've decided to forgive you and I would love to have you back, my brother." I answered quietly hugging him tighter. Then our stomachs grumbled. "Want to hunt like old times?" I asked him. He nodded and we ran outside phasing at the same time as the other and we ran. During the hunt we played like a pair of pups. It felt so good to do that again.

I have missed this. I never knew how much.-Sa

I know I feel the same, I think we needed this to reconnect our bond.I feel so much better now.-S

I know right? I'm glad we could do this again. I haven't had this much fun since Bella came to Forks.-Sa

It may sound harsh but it was true. Since Bella came to Forks the pack grew and the fun was lessened until it was gone. Sam and I raced to the top of a hill but when I arrived I sensed someone coming. Two someone's actually. I tested the air and was relieved to smell Jasper and Alice.

Sam howl with me? I asked him. He answered by beginning I howled along and sensed the two vamps coming our way. From the other side Carlisle and the others came. They probably thought something was wrong. I faced Carlisle's side and Sam faced Jasper's side. We kept on howling until the song of wolves was over. It's a tribal song Sam and I made up, which we would play in our heads when we howled. It was a happy song. After we were done the vampires clapped. I laid down on the ground feeling a bit strange. Everything went dark before my eyes but I never went unconscious. Sam nudged me with his nose but I couldn't react. I rolled down the hill because of the nudge. I was stopped by cool hands, they tried to wake me up.

"Sara wake up!" I tried to tell them I was fine, but no sound came from my throat. Then excruciating pain flowed into my heart. the darkness from before my eyes was gone but now all I saw were blurs. "Carlisle, she is burning up even more than werewolves do and she is becoming much paler than you guys are." Sam said. I heard a voice in my head. "I'm warning you that this is just the start of my revenge little wolf. I will take revenge for my mate. Remember." The voice left my head and so did the pain in my heart I was laid on something soft and It smelled like my bed.

My muscles ached and I felt like crying because I was left alone in my room. The others were downstairs and I knew I could call if I needed anything, but still I felt like crying because they left my line of vision. I don't know what the hell is going on with me. I just felt like shit. The bed dipped next to me. the back of a hand was put on my cheek and on my forehead. "Sara can you move?" I tried to nod but I couldn't

"Carlisle, try talking to her. She is calming down by hearing your voice. She feels upset and sad for some reason." Jasper.

"Sara, Jasper and Alice returned early to surprise us and Alice had seen you being here. Are you okay with them staying here?" I tried to nod but it hurt. Then he told me stories of things that happened the past six years. I fell in a restless sleep, twisting and turning my blankets off of me. Someone was calling for things. A nice voice. Then someone touched my face. A cool hand it, made the burning go away a little and the aching too. The hand made my head move. then it opened an eye flashing a light in it. My heart was racing.

"Carlisle, I think I know what is going on. She has been under stress for six years because of the separation between her and you and the fight between her and Sam. Now suddenly the stress is gone, the fight is over and the big and sudden change of her emotional health might have caused her the fever." Jasper explained.

Sara woke up with a gasp. "Sara how are you feeling? You got worried there." Carlisle looked as if he could blush from embarrassment when he almost slipped and said me instead of us.

"I feel fine, much more relaxed actually. though I feel like I need a shower as well." I replied. A warm one and some time for my own. those fingers touching my head sent some feelings down to my core. I knew a cold shower wouldn't help now. In the past six years they did but now...

In the shower I touched myself imagining that it were Carlisle's fingers. When I came close to my climax I started to make a strange sound one I never made before. I... I think I... purred... I came with Carlisle's name as a whisper on my lips.

I finished my shower and went downstairs after putting my clothes on again. The vamps were laughing about something. When I entered the room I saw Carlisle looking very embarrassed. I keep embarrassing him. Sam had left again. I glared at Emmett and Jasper who were making the jokes the most and they shut up because I sent Jasper anger and annoyance I felt when I heard what they did, and he shut Emmett up pointing at me. When Emmett saw my face, he shut up too and actually shrunk. That made me happy. "Thought so." I wanted to hug Carlisle but I knew that the jokes would start again. Alice got a vision. She smiled and nodded at me. Then she took the men and Rosalie to go shopping so Carlisle and I could have time alone because I wanted to talk to him privately. I wanted to know where he stood now.

Alice hugged Carlisle telling him why he had to stay and maybe it was just an illusion but I thought I saw him smiling. When they were gone he took me to sit on the couch and looked at me. I had no idea where to begin. "Sara? Alice said you had something to ask me without everyone hearing. Is everything all right?"

"Yes, I'm just fine but..." I started getting nervous what if he still wanted to just be friends or what if he wanted nothing to do with me now.

"But what? Sara you can talk to me. You know that don't you? he asked looking worried.

"!" I spoke quickly wanting to be done with it. Carlisle laughed

"I couldn't hear a thing you said you spoke to fast even for me to hear. Now tell me again but then slower." he said still chuckling.

"I said... I want to know where we are in our relationship and I think I'm in heat because I want to jump your bones and" I trailed off in the end blushing like hell and looking at my hands on my lap hiding behind my hair. I peeked through my hair watching Carlisle while he figured out what I said. He looked thoughtful and his eyes held surprise. He looked really cute like that.

"When you left us to talk to Sam that fateful night, I saw you leaving and I felt as much pain in my chest as when I lost Esme. Alice told me about your intentions and hearing that made my heart fill with pride. Then you were gone for six years which hurt me quite a lot. It was as bad as Emmett and Rosalie said in the end. I would become drunk, ask Siobhan, a vampire that helped us, for illusions of you, I would try to sleep again to dream about you, Sara. Sometimes I would drink from ill animals to have illusions of you. and well.. I did try to talk to a white wolf once. I missed you so much Sara. I felt like I missed my mate. That's why when we found you I decided I wanted to court you. I want you by my side for the rest of my existence. That is if you want the same with me." he told me with eyes filled with hope.

"I think we both know the answer to that question. I would love to become yours, Carlisle. I want to be at your side for as long as I live." I answered. I hugged him tightly. he hugged me back. Before he released me, he kissed my cheek. I blushed and my wolf-tail appeared wagging.

"I want to do this properly, so I want to court you. I know a bit about it but I'm not very modern so..." he said telling how he wanted to do things.

"I'll be glad to help you out on that part." my phone rang. Jason. "Hello?"

"H-help me."

"Jason? What's wrong? Where are you?" I asked in slight panic jumping off the couch.

"I-I'm at the m-museum. H-hurry!" and the line went dead. I ran outside and phased into a McLaren F1 with blinded windows. Carlisle got in and I drove to the museum as fast as I could.

"Carlisle do you have your bag with you?"

"I do, I had the feeling that he was hurt." We arrived, Carlisle got out and I changed back. We entered the museum and I had the feeling we weren't alone. The door closed automatically.

"Welcome little wolf, to the game of a lifetime." an evil voice said through the speakers that hung all through the whole museum.
I knew he wouldn't tell me who he was, or where Jason was, so I had to play the game he was talking about.

"I see you brought a friend. You will need all the help you can get. The rules are that you will need to find the human by going through the whole museum I have questions that will lead you to the place where I hide him. You may ask your friend three times. One wrong answer is one step closer to death. Start by going to the office of the guard."

Carlisle and I ran to the office. I was in the lead because I knew the museum like my pocket. The small tv screens to see camera images were on. It showed the entire museum. though they weren't put in a logical order.

"Put the screens in a chronological order. starting from most ancient expositions to the modern." I did. Carlisle helped me by saying which ones I did wrong. Once I had them put in the right order the voice said "Well done, now the first question is I swim in the sea as the oldest living creature of the ocean what am I?"

"That has to be either a shark or a crocodile. Hmm I say shark but I have to check it out first in the exposition of that time." I phased into my wolf form and walked to the right rooms. I had taken Carlisle on my back. My ears went all around listening for a heartbeat.

"I can't hear one either." Carlisle said knowing what I was doing. We walked into the room. Carlisle got off of my back. I changed my eyes to make my sight clearer. I found sharks and they were there supposedly more than 400 million years old. "My answer is shark"

"Well done. Now the next question is..." the voice said. This went on for hours I would run to a room, find the answer call it and get the next question I had answered one question wrong and used Carlisle's help twice. Then I ended up in the Egyptian torture room. There Jason was on a table tied with chains and almost stabbed in his stomach and legs. A dark figure stood hovering over him. I tackled that figure, killed it and went to make Jason think it was all a nightmare. Then we brought him home and went back to my home.

I went to the kitchen starting dinner. I made some pancakes, soup and for dessert a fruit salad. I ate and Carlisle got some blood in a glass warmed up. "How did you come up with this?" He asked eyeing and sniffing the blood.

"When I began college, I found I had a hard time to hunt during the week and I came up with keeping some blood frozen in my fridge. I guess I kept it that way for emergencies or guests. I even have some blood packages from a blood bank for when I would have Peter and Charlotte over. I literally bumped into them when I had my graduation party."

"I see, it smells fresh and not bad." I ate and he drank the blood while reading the paper. Then the bell rang. "I get it. You should finish dinner." He said. I shrugged and ate my salad. I did keep an ear open to eavesdrop.

"Eavesdropping is rude you know." a familiar voice said. I tackled him wolf form. Glad to see you again eddie-kins. Did you bring Bella?

"Look behind you at the angry girl" I tackled Bella too. Yaay I can tackle you as much as I want now. Tell me where is that lovely girl of yours? A girl giggled at my actions. I looked up at her. Eww more bronze hair. As if bronze boy wasn't enough. I love the eyes though.

I walked slowly to her testing the air. She didn't smell all bad. When I was right across of her, she put her hand on my cheek. showing me the pictures of my tackles. The vamps gasped. I burst out laughing. It looks so funny from that point of view. I like her eddie-kins. Edward sighed in relief.

When we were inside I asked Renesmee if she wanted to have something. She thought for a bit and reached her hand out. I avoided her touch. "Speak, I know you can."

"I want some mac and cheese please." She said softly pouting that she had to use her voice.

"Would you like something to drink with it?" She nodded.

"Okay, one moment." I sped to the kitchen. I warmed up some blood again and took some leftover mac and cheese from the fridge warming it up too.

"Here you go. I hope you'll like it."

"What is in the cup?" Bella, the ever worrying woman.

"I believe it's blood." I said stating the obvious. She looked horrified. Edward chuckled knowing what I meant.

"Don't worry it's just animal blood. I know how to take care of my guests." She relaxed.

"What do you mean your guests. This isn't your home right?" Bella asked.

"Why do you think so?" I wondered.

"Because Emmett told us they found this place empty and reeking of death." She said as if it was the smartest thing she could come up with.

"Guess what my job is. oh and I have money remember? This is my weekend/holiday home. During the week I live in my apartment closer to the lab." I explained them.

"What kind of job do you have then?" Edward asked.

"I am working as a pathologist. I even helped the FBI though I can't say much about it." I said full of pride.

"Really? did you use your real name?" Edward asked

"No, I used a nickname. I can't tell anymore. It's top-secret." I said.

"You know we are practically neighbours. We have the house one mile further down the road." Edward said.

"I never knew. ah well, I'm just happy as I am now. You know, a good job, my own house and ca-." That don't impress me much sounded from my phone. It was Sandy. "One moment." I said walking away.

Sara, could you fill in for Brian? He has the flu.-S

Do I have to? I worked over the whole week already because of that robbery.-Sa

Oh, yeah I almost forgot. I just got the report on that one. All right you can stay home and take some rest. You deserved it. Good report by the way. I'll see you on Monday.-S

And she hung up. I was used to that. I yawned, walking back to the living room and dropped myself on the couch next to Carlisle. I fell asleep immediately. A power nap of ten minutes, when I remembered I should give my guests a tour of the house. So I woke up again, stretched my limbs, kicking against someone who flew away. Then I heard a crash to which I sat up right. I had kicked Carlisle through the wall. He stepped through the hole dusting himself off smiling. "You sure got some strength in your legs, Sara. I think you might need a new couch though." I looked at the couch and saw that the right arm of the couch was ripped off.

"Whoops. I will get another one later. Bella, Renesmee how would you like a tour through my house? At least that is what one should do with new guests right?"

Bella nodded. So I led them, Edward followed. I had seen that Alice and the others had returned. "We will have to start upstairs. then go all the way to the basement." I called over my shoulder climbing the stairs. First I showed them my bedroom. "Sara, why do we smell Carlisle's scent in here?" Edward asked. "Well, you should ask him why they didn't make sure that this house really was abandoned. Then you can probably guess why."

Next were Rosalie and Emmet's room, and Alice's and Jasper's. Each rooms were just good. Then my study. "If you see any books of any interest you can borrow them. if you still like to read so much that is."

I then went downstairs and showed them my art room which was a big mess. I smelled two scents in it. I sighed and went to catch the culprits. I grabbed Jasper and Emmett in their necks and dragged them along. They couldn't escape whatever they tried. I threw them in my art room. "You guys did this, you guys repair it and clean it up." Emmett tried to talk his way out of it but I gave him my death-glare and he swallowed his words.

Jasper nudged him "Let me handle this." He said and I braced myself for what ever he would do. He threw obedience and willlingness my way. "Sara, you will let us out of this room and clean this up yourself." He said. I arched an eyebrow.

"Of course, one moment." I said and went to get cleaning supplies. Once I had them I threw them in their faces and said "You aren't getting out of there until everything is done."

I led Bella and her family to the basement. "Here we have the workout room and I tried everything vamp style and they survived it so if you want to try then be my guest."

"What kind of closet is that one?" Bella asked about the small closet in the corner.

"Something I came up with when I just bought the house. It seemed that there were a few leeches and real werewolves living in this area that didn't really like me. They attacked several times interrupting my moving in this house. That closet is made from vampire skin and werewolf teeth making it impossible to break. I put one in there and went on with the move. After I was finally done I let him go. I never had an attack after that one again. So if Emmett is smart and doesn't make Jasper do all the cleaning up, he won't get punished by being put in that closet without anything to do." I called a little louder We could hear the very feminine shriek coming from the art room, which caused us to laugh.

In the end I showed them my garden. I was proud of that one. I grow my own vegetables, had a koi pond and I own a large part of the woods so I could hunt too.

"My lands reach three and a half mile all around this house. there is enough game to hunt. and I have sun all day to enjoy without any intruders."

Alice came walking outside. "Sara, the boys are done with your art room. Nice house by the way."

"Thanks, I suppose I should let them out." I answered and went back inside to do as I said.

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