Sam's Sister

Chapter 18


The next few weeks were filled with work and living with the Cullen clan, for Sara. She was happy with the extra time she spent awake but she slept more in her apartment because of it. There seemed to be slightly less deaths by car-accidents since Carlisle started working in the hospital in Denver. Which gave Sara more time to spent on bigger cases, like murder and suicide. Besides working on such a case she loved to hunt with Carlisle. Their bond had gotten a bit stronger since the thing with Jason happened.


I was laying in bed, thinking of the happiest moment in my life. Carlisle asked me out on a date!


I was typing a report on a suicide with poison when my phone rang "Sara someone is here to see you. He says his name is Carlisle Cullen. Should I let him in?" James, our receptionist, asked me.

"I'm coming. Tell him to wait a moment." I said after saving the report on where I was and putting my highly secured laptop on standby. I grabbed my trench-coat since I was planning to eat out, and left. I had to return though because I forgot my purse. When I finally arrived in the entrance hall, I sensed my favourite vampire before I saw him. He was pacing in the waiting room for our clients, health inspectors, family of the victims, you get the idea. It was a white room with black and white plastic chairs. there were several magazines about many things to do with health and psychology and fashion. "Carlisle, how are you?" I greeted him with a hug noting in my mind that he looked nervous.

"I'm fine, Sara. Are you going somewhere?" He asked.

"Yes I was planning to eat outside the lab. Maybe get some fresh air, would you like to come with me?" I asked him hopeful.

"Um.. Sure why not. I needed to talk to you anyway." he said

"Is everything all right?" I asked feeling a bit worried. I hope he isn't leaving, or deciding that he doesn't want me.

"Y-yeah everything is just fine. I'm just a bit nervous that's all." he answered quietly.

"Well then let's take a walk. The lunch-room I was planning to go to isn't too busy, and not too far away from here." We ran vamp speed since it was over cast and it was a calm moment of the day. We arrived at Uncle Tom's, and Carlisle opened the door for me. I thanked him after walking inside and was greeted by Tom.

"Hey Sara, I was wondering when you would come by again. Your table is free." He told me. Tom Jensen was a fifty-year-old red head and the owner of the lunchroom which had a homely atmosphere to me. There were round tables with in a few corners half-round couches around them. Tom was very nice and a really good person.

If I could I would add him in my family. "Not today, Tom. Do you have a secluded table for two left?" I asked him.

"Yes, your in luck. Same order as always?" I nodded while taking Carlisle's hand without thinking and leading him to the table. When we reached the table, I sat down pulling him unknowingly with me, because I hadn't let go of his hand. When I sat, I looked up expecting Carlisle to sit opposite me. He cleared his throat and I found him next to me. He looked down with a bit of something I didn't recognize. I looked down immediately blushing as I saw our hands still linked. I let go and Carlisle moved a bit away but not much.

"Now, Carlisle why don't you tell what's wrong? I can see that you aren't your usual calm self." I told him, because I really wanted to know if something was really wrong.

"well, I was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me this Friday?" he asked quietly. I could barely hear him.

"I beg your pardon? I can't hear you even with my hearing." I said

Carlisle sighed and repeated the words a bit louder. This time he spoke too fast. I guessed what he was saying but I wanted to tease him a little.

"I still can't hear you. Calm down, take a breath and say what you just said slow enough after I returned from the bathroom."

I walked away feeling a bit dirty because of the case I was working on. It was a messy one because the victim turned out to be just a bit alive and he was full of alcohol. When I made a cut to check his insides, a fountain of blood and alcohol splattered on me.

I washed my hands and looked in the mirror. I looked tired and I felt tired too because the bigger cases were taking more time. I had to overwork two weeks straight because some dumbass thought it funny to rob a bank, kill ten people with a bomb and then kill himself too. When I was done refreshing myself, I walked out of the bathroom seeing Carlisle surrounded by slutty looking woman. Two were at least twice his human age. others were barely adults. They were trying to be seductive but Carlisle declined each and every invitation though he was too polite because they didn't leave.

"Excuse me, you sluts are in my seat." I growled. they turned to me and one blonde took the lead.

"Well excuuuse me but I don't see your name on it. so why don't you leave us alone with this gorgeous piece of man and go buy yourself some new clothes? I'm sure Wall-Mart has some sale going on." She said not knowing that my clothes were newer than hers. The other girls laughed at that.

"I don't want to be rude or anything but even Wall-Mart sells better clothes than the garbage you wear. Prove that, that 'gorgeous piece of man' is interested in any of you and I'll leave you alone." I said watching Carlisle who still looked uncomfortable.

She looked confident and turned back to Carlisle. "Hey darling, would you rather go out with someone hot like me or some piece of trash like that slut over there?" Carlisle stood up and walked to me kissing me just lightly.

"Forgive me, my love. I tried to make them leave before you would return, saying that you wouldn't be happy if they took your seat. I failed though." He said to me loud enough for them to hear. The women huffed and left. Carlisle laughed but I was too busy thinking of the kiss.

"Sara can I ask you what I tried to ask you again?" he asked me.

"Sure go ahead." I answered getting out of my train of thoughts.

"Sara, would you like to go out with me this Friday?" he asked I was pleasantly surprised that he asked me out. My heart was pounding with excitement. Carlisle took my silence wrong and turned to walk away dropping his head. I hugged him from behind.

"I would love to go on a date with you." I replied in a whisper. He turned around, his face carrying a big smile, in my arms and hugged me back. He kissed my cheek. We were interrupted by a crash. It was Dan, Tom's twenty-six year old son. He had dropped the plate's with food when he must have seen us.

"Hands off my Sara!" He yelled picking up a knife from the floor. Then he charged. Tom was running and yelling to stop him but he was too late because he was somewhere near the entrance of the Lunch-room. Dan tried to stab Carlisle but I punched him. I resisted the urge to phase to protect my imprint. Then I saw blood running down my arm. The asshole had managed to stab my arm when I punched him. I grabbed him by his throat and lifted him up.

"Never even think that I am yours. Never threaten those I care about again, and never EVER call someone yours when she isn't." I punched him with every sentence in his face not using my full strength. Then I dropped him. Carlisle was next to me picking my arm up to inspect it. The wound was gone, but I felt ill. When Carlisle took the knife out of my arm we saw it was dirty. there was the scent and stains of grilled beef on it. I swayed on my legs. Carlisle picked me up, called Sandy using my phone and took me home.

~End dream~

I was better now but apparently Carlisle said I had to stay in bed because when I tried to leave my room I was picked up and lain down in bed again by Emmett.
"Doctor's orders. You aren't allowed to lift a finger." He said with a laugh. I slept for a few hours and when I woke up again I got what Emmett laughed about. When I opened my eyes I wished I was a sleep because I saw Jasper in a maid costume along with the girls.

"I get why you are wearing those outfits but why is Jasper wearing an outfit that makes him actually look cute?" I asked while trying to stifle my laughter while Jasper looked between embarrassed and annoyed.

"He lost a bet with Emmett on when Carlisle would ask you on a date. If he had won it would be Emmett wearing this costume. We had already planned to treat you like a queen for one day this Saturday because it's your birthday and you deserve it, but since Carlisle brought you home sick. We decided to do it today." Alice explained.

"That's kind of you but not necessary. I feel just fine." I wanted to proof it by getting up but when I got up I fell on the floor. I tried to stop myself but I fell through my arm. The arm that Dan stabbed.. I couldn't feel it anymore.. I can't use it anymore. When I tried to use it to lift myself up a bit, I fell down again. I started to panic because if I couldn't use it then I couldn't work for a while., Sandy would kill me!

"Sara calm down, let us help you. We tried to warn you about your arm. Dan had stabbed really deep because the knife even went through the bone."
Rosalie said. She and Alice helped me sit on my bed while Jasper went and got bandages. Rose bandaged my arm and made a sling so I wouldn't be able to use that arm for a while. "Now it is necessary." She said smugly.

I stood up without using my arms and saw I wasn't wearing my lab clothes but pyjama's "These are relax clothes, since we will have a girls night Bella and Nessie are coming too." Alice squealed.

"Alice, those aren't my relax clothes. Those are my winter pj's." I told her imagining my favourite pair of black shorts and my dark red shirt with spaghetti straps It shone through a little on the stomach area.

"I'll get them, Jasper you should leave. Take Carlisle and the others out on a men night." Alice said with a big grin of mischief. Jasper nodded happy to get out of his outfit. She got the clothes I had thought about and they helped me dress up. Then I went to get things ready for the night. like popcorn, drinks, everything. I had done it without help.

"You better wear those outfits for your mates. I think they will be very happy with it." I told them. They looked happy with hearing that.

Soon enough someone knocked. It were Bella, bronze boy and Nessie. "Why do you keep calling me bronze boy?"

Because you are third on the list of favorite vamps. Duh. and because of your hair. I thought to him.

"Who are first and second?" he asked

Carlisle and Demetri of course.

"I see but please keep it with Edward." He said. I pushed him out after Bella had said goodbye and slammed the door closed in his face.

"Goodbye bronze boy." I called and we cheered for no guys in this house. "Now what do we do?" I asked. Nessie raised her hand as if she was in school.

"Nessie just say it in your not in school. How old are you anyway?" I asked not really knowing how old she is.

"Renesmee is five but she looks twelve." Bella answered for her daughter emphasizing her name. I don't know what I did but she didn't seem to like me very much.

"Bella did I do something wrong? You seem so hostile to me." I wanted to know now because maybe I could fix it.

"I do not dislike you, I hate you. Your leaving had hurt so many people, The whole pack, even the Volturi were sad that you were gone. and Carlisle was the worst of all. but noooo miss I-don't-want-to-hurt-anyone just had to leave and hurt a lot of people instead of staying and hurting only one."

"Bella if you know our traditions then you would have known that the fight between Sam and I was until either ones' death. Then Emily would be hurting, I would be hurting and the whole pack too." I told her.

"I don't believe you. Jake never told me that. He said the loser would be lowest ranking in the pack." She said smugly as if she knew my own tribe's rules better than I did.

"That would be true if there wasn't an imprintee involved. If Sam had won he would have killed Carlisle, which would probably cause you guys to fight back for revenge on the death of your coven leader, and I would have to kill Sam because one of our most important rules are that we don't hurt/kill a pack member's imprintee with death as punishment."

"I still don't like you. I needed you when we had to stand against the Volturi." She almost raised her voice

"Then you could've let Sam find me, though I probably would have come had I sensed any danher. Oh, and Bella, I don't like it if people think or talk for others. EVER." I stated getting enough of her bitchiness

"Ugh! I hate this. Renesmee we're not staying here with this mutt any longer. Come." She said picking up their bags.

"No, I want to stay." Renesmee said.

"Look what you did. You set my own daughter up against me." Bella yelled.

"No mom, she didn't. I chose for myself what I wanted." Renesmee stood up for me. I wanted to give her an applause but Bella attacked me seeing my smile.

I phased and fought back as good as I could without killing her too much. We kind of made a huge mess of my house so I led the fight outside through my garden. She attacked me with tooth and nail and getting quite a few scratches herself from my teeth and claw. Soon enough we were pulled away from each-other by Edward and Carlisle. I phased back behind Carlisle who was growling against Edward who was growling back. Both were crouching defensively in front of Bella and me. I had never seen them like this. Seeing Carlisle so protective was filling my heart with love for him. Once Carlisle saw that Edward didn't come closer, he came closer to me reaching for my hand to make sure I was still behind him. I gave him my hand and put the other on his back between his shoulder-blades. Edward you have to leave and take care of Bella. Alice will take Renesmee home. He growled louder at the invasion of his mind but nodded when my thoughts were finished. He picked up Bella and left cautiously.

Carlisle turned to me checking my body for wounds with his hands and purring to sooth me. The arm I couldn't use hurt like hell. When he lifted it to check it for wounds, I cried out in pain. He dropped it immediately and tried to sooth me again. Then he picked me up and took me to our room. There he laid me down on bed carefully. Then he took my hand slowly and moved it. When he moved it, my wrist hurt me. We both looked at it and saw a bite-wound. Carlisle growled and bit exactly in the wound after that he licked it to close it. I could see that Carlisle was in his protective mode but why? It's not like we were mates or anything. We are just friends. right?

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