Sam's Sister

Chapter 19


"You are wrong, Carlisle sees you as his mate. Why do you think he almost attacked Edward?" Jasper said to me from behind the door. Carlisle growled at him and Jasper left after sending a wave of calm over us. Carlisle calmed down slightly but he was still tense when I tried to move. He pushed me down in my bed looking worried. Probably thinking that I would hurt myself if I stood.

"Carlisle, calm down. I am fine. Look, I can move without pain. I need you to calm down." I spoke softly showing truth in my eyes. He watched me and listened to what I said. When I had shown him that I could move properly, he relaxed visibly. I went to take a shower washing all the blood off of me. Before I could step into the shower, I had company. Carlisle had broken the lock on my door at the moment I thought again of his protective mode. He walked in from behind me just as I was taking my clothes off.

I heard an audible gulp and turned around covering myself with a towel. "Carlisle could you leave please? I will be fine on my own. I promise to call you if I need help." I told him before either of us would start something we couldn't finish yet. Carlisle looked reluctant but complied and left me to my own. I took a quick shower and got dressed as best as I could. Carlisle was back to his normal self again and changing shirts. It seemed he had been hunting.

I watched him in complete silence seeing his muscles ripple with every movement he made. He was in between Edward and Jasper with being lean and muscled. "Do you like what you see?" he asked me without turning around.

"I have seen better." I teased. He was in front of me in a flash. His eyes were filled with a bit jealousy and wonder. "What time is it?" I asked.

It's ten past five on Wednesday. Your blood-loss caused you to sleep for two days. I was really worried about you when you wouldn't wake up." Carlisle told me while closing his shirt.

"What about my job? Sandy would kill me if I don't finish that report." I said.

"I have called your boss and told her you had fallen ill due to food poisoning. She has given you the week off to get better and she said that someone named Tamara wanted to visit. This Tamara will come tomorrow." he told me. I nodded and left to get something to eat. All that sleeping and being ill had made me hungry. I could eat an elephant and still be hungry. I smelled some soup cooking.

It was Bella. "Sara, I apologize. I should've realized that you were still hurting too because you were so far away. Edward had told me what Sam told them about the deal you made and I'm actually surprised that you would willingly take that pain to protect your imprint/mate. Not many people would do that for someone they love." I was happy that she finally understood my reasons. My stomach roared. I blushed a little feeling embarrassed that she could hear that now too. "Your right in time, I have made dinner. Our kitchen was kind of destroyed by Edward and me." She looked embarrassed at that.

"I thought I heard things breaking. I just hope you won't do the same to my kitchen." I teased. Nessie and I ate all of the soup, and I ate four burgers and some salad.

Nessie showed me an image of Jacob and the pack all eating as much as I did. the images changed to words. "I'm sorry." her hand left my arm and I returned to reality.

"Sara, what happened? why are you crying?" Bella asked. I hadn't noticed I was crying until she mentioned it. I felt tears running down my cheeks.

"I-it's nothing. I j-just miss the pack that's all." I said looking down. The girls hugged me.

"Why don't you go visit them his weekend? I'm sure they want to see you too." Bella said while letting me go.

"I don't know some were pretty angry with me for choosing Carlisle over them." I said remembering that they had called me traitor.

"Then call them first. I think you may be surprised with their reactions." She said.

"Bella is right. The pack understood why you left, after Jacob imprinted on Renesmee." Carlisle said from behind us. He hugged me from behind. I turned around in his arms.

"Are you sure?" I asked feeling uncertain.

"I am. Why don't you believe me?" He asked me. I shrugged and yawned. I left Carlisle's arms and went to the living room. there I pushed a DVD in the player and grabbed a blanket. Then I relaxed and watched 'The Three Musketeers'. The one with Charlie Sheen. Alice and Rose joined me and Bella, after she took Nessie home, did too. The men wanted to join us too but they were kicked out. This was a girls only moment. We all swooned when Aramis taught D'artagnan how to flirt.

"I wouldn't mind if a guy like him flirted with me." Alice.

"You're right some guys just think that their looks are enough, they don't bother trying to be romantic." Rosalie said about Emmett.

"At least guys like Aramis or D'artagnan don't want you just because you're rich or have a body to kill for. I talk out of experience." I added.

"Why can't all guys be like that." Bella finished. We laughed at that and we shared memories of guys we met. They talked mostly about their mates.

We watched some more movies and then it was time for truth or dare, vampire style.

"The rules are just the same but there aren't any limitations with how far you can if you refuse to do a dare or tell a truth then you have to take one piece of clothing off. Bella would you mind making a mind shield around this house? We don't want a repeat of the last time we played this game." Alice explained. We nodded understanding this and Alice began. "Rosalie truth or dare?" She asked. Before Rose could answer someone knocked. We sensed it was a vampire. I opened the door and it was a mail man. He looked like Jasper so I didn't trust it completely. I formed a plan to get them back and saw that Alice saw my plan she nodded as a sign that it would work.

"Good evening ma'am, I have a package here for you. If you could sign this please." he said using his southern accent fully. I played him a little and sent lust his way while I thought of Carlisle.

"Girls, did someone order a package? They all came to look and Jasper's eyes widened as he gulped seeing us all in our somewhat revealing clothing.

"No we didn't. though if they send such cute mailman then I wouldn't mind ordering a lot of useless things." Alice said playing along. I fed him some more lust which had the desired effect.

"Why don't you come in. It looks like you could use a drink." I said leaving the door open. He walked in happy to fulfill his part of the plan so far. When he was inside Rosalie closed the door behind him.


Jasper felt mischief coming from his wife and his sisters. He suddenly had a bad feeling about the plan Emmett came up with.

Dude, we are just kicked out, what do you think we should do about this?" Emmett asked after the men gathered. Edward was keeping an eye on the girls through their minds.

"Bella has cut us off. I can't read their minds any more." Edward said. Emmett planned to spy on the girls. Carlisle was watching in amusement.

"Jasper you have to put a camera inside. then we can see all the naughty things our mates do." Emmett said. Jasper agreed because he felt like pranking them. And so it was agreed that Jasper would play the part of mailman to put a camera they had hidden in a vase, inside the living room. Emmett had programmed the TV in Edward's house to see what the girls were doing.

Jasper knocked and after he talked with Sara and the girls he was let in for a drink.

Sara gave him a drink as he sat down on the couch. "Would you like to play a game with us?" Alice asked innocently. Jasper nodded after gulping down the drink. He didn't dare to speak too much.

"We play Truth or dare if you refuse then you have to undress yourself." Rosalie explained. She began. "Mailboy, truth or dare."

"Truth." Jasper answered feeling competitive which came from Bella and Sara.

"Is it true that you are here to put a camera inside this room so you and the others can spy on us?" She asked.

"I'm afraid I can't answer." He undressed himself until his underwear was left.

Sara picked him up fireman style and threw him out.

"Goodnight Jasper. Tell Emmett thanks for the vase he owed me." she called after him and he ran away to Edward's house. The girls high-fived. I let the camera be. "Girls let's play our mates a little okay? Just to get them back." Rose suggested. Alice had thought of a plan.


We just began to play. "Rosalie truth or dare?" Alice asked after she had explained that we would tease the guys until they couldn't take it any more and came here.

"Dare." Rose answered wearing a big smile on her face and mischief in her eyes. I felt the same way.

"I dare you to kiss Sara on the lips for a full minute." Alice said. Rose agreed and she came over to me. We kissed first softly and then she asked for entrance pecking my lips with her tongue. I let her in being used to that kind of thing from college. We moaned a little for the desired effect and when the minute was over we let go reluctantly. Bella was watching us with wide eyes.

"Bella truth or dare." Rose asked. Bella snapped out of her trance and said truth.

"Who would you prefer to sleep with me, Alice or Sara?" She asked. Bella looked thoughtful and..

"I think I would prefer to have a foursome with all three of you at the same time." She answered finally understanding our plan.

"Hmmm, sounds like a deal to me." Alice replied. We all laughed at Bella's face.

"Okay, let's continue. Sara, truth or dare?" Bella asked me

"I say dare." I answered.

"I dare you to give us a strip tease." She said. I got up to put on some good music and danced on it. The music I danced on was 'you can leave your hat on' from Joe Cocker. It was fun to do that I made sure to dance right in front of the camera. Rosalie started to dance with me. I wonder what the guys think of this. After we had stripped down to our panties, the song was over and we could stop.

"Alice, truth or dare." I said while putting on my top but leaving my bra off. Rose did the same.

"Truth." she answered

"What is your biggest fantasy you want to play out?" Alice whispered us that the guys were coming here and we dressed up and started to do each other's nails. The men burst in breaking my door down. They saw us not doing what we did in front of the camera and were completely confused.

"Is something wrong?" Rose asked innocently.

"Yeah why are you girls dressed like that? We saw that you were dancing naked." Emmett asked.

"I don't know what you are talking about Emmett we were just watching movies and talking about how hot some actors were." Alice answered. The others and I agreed.

"Alice I know you are lying. I can feel it." Jasper stated.

"So what if we were. How would you know that?" I asked him

"I can't tell you." Jasper answered quickly. too quickly.

Carlisle and Edward were watching looking busted. I walked over to them swaying my hips, hugging Carlisle. He hugged me back with a smile probably thinking he would get out of it. My nipples became hard feeling his cool body against my warmer body. He felt that happening too and his eyes darkened with desire.

"Carlisle, you wouldn't lie to me would you?" He shook his head looking down his attention on my chest rubbing against him.

"Was it, Emmett's plan to spy on us using a camera hidden in the vase that Jasper delivered disguised as a mailman? I asked him. He nodded still with his attention on my chest. Edward slapped his face and Emmett looked like a deer caught in headlights.

"Did you all see me and Rose almost completely naked?" I asked. He nodded again while Edward looked disgusted for some reason.

"Can I punish Emmett for planning that?" He nodded once again his eyes black with desire. I jumped up and down and kissed his lips.

"Thank you." I said and dragged Emmett with me to the closet in the basement. There I threw him in even though he tried to get out of it. "One hour should be enough. If you behave I might let you out earlier."

I skipped back upstairs to the living room. There I was met with all the couples making out except for Rosalie. I walked over to her and kissed her. She kissed back with passion and lust. We made out for a bit while Carlisle watched us. He broke us up and took me to the bedroom. Since I hadn't heard Emmett's whining, I told Rose that she could let him out.

In our bedroom Carlisle sat me down on my love seat I used for reading and started kissing me. I kissed him back and was feeling hot right now. his hands started to roam over my body. One ended up on my left breast. He kneaded it making my nipple painfully hard. He noticed it happening and switched to my right breast after taking my shirt off. He made a trail of kissed down my neck while I ripped his shirt off. I let my nails trail over his back. He groaned whenever I scratched him. He sucked on my pulse point which turned me on but I was trying to keep up with my plan to punish him too. He could have stopped the guys from doing this. Since he didn't I decided to punish him.

Carlisle sucked my breasts and one of his hands roamed slowly lower and lower. Before he could reach my shorts I flipped us over straddling him. I kissed his chest making a wet trail to his nipples which I sucked hard. Then I kissed lower and lower to his abdomen. When I sat up I made sure to rub his hard erection a little. It twitched! I kissed Carlisle one more time then got off of him. I went to my side of the bed and laid down to get some sleep. Carlisle actually whimpered when I climbed off of him. I think I frustrate him. I yawned once and fell asleep.

The same night I woke up to moaning. I turned around and laughed at what I saw. Carlisle was taking care of himself with his eyes closed. He heard my laugh and opened his eyes. they were still dark of desire. I got up slightly but I forgot I didn't wear a shirt so I flashed him.

I covered myself and laughed when he became hard again. Carlisle slipped under the covers with me and I cuddled with him falling asleep again.

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