Sam's Sister

Chapter 2

Sara's PoV

When we were done laughing Sam and Doc. C. explained what happened. "So we have our own guarding dog now? Awesome." the big vamp boomed. I jumped at the sudden outburst and growled at what he called me.

I am NOT a guarding dog you leech. I'm sure I can beat you in a 'friendly' fight on my own. Edward told the vamp called Emmett what I thought.

"You're on." He seemed happy with the challenge.
Fine if I win you have to eat human food for a week. Bella can pick it out.

"And if I win you have to act as our pet for two weeks." He said after hearing from Eddie what I thought.

The other blond male bet with Emmett for money. Bella told me about him what was his name again? Jasper I believe. He was the empath who tried to kill Bella on her birthday because of not only his blood lust but also the blood lust of the six other vamps. Poor kid. ah well, things happen. I hope they weren't too harsh on him.

Jasper looked at me. "Why do you feel pity?" I looked at Edward who explained what I was thinking. "Oh I never saw it that way. Thank you. It makes me feel a bit better about it." I grinned my wolfish grin.

I like this family. at least so far. Who are the female's, Edward?

"The blond one is Rosalie, Emmett's mate and the other one is Esme, Carlisle's mate." I stiffened a bit at his last words feeling a bit sad and a tiny bit jealous at Jared who had it easy with their imprint. I stood up and ran, ignoring all the calls for me.

I sat down on the cliffs after phasing back. Someone followed me. It was a vamp. It was my vamp. Woah! no! bad Sara! not your vamp. Her vamp not yours. But he could be yours. My selfish and evil side thought. No it would hurt him and that would hurt me and it will start a war. but in the end he would be yours. No he would hate me for it. he would never like me more then this. I felt a cool hand on my head.

"Why did you run away?" I looked at him
"What were you thinking about?" he asked.

"I would rather not say and I hope you do not abuse you being my imprintee and insist on knowing it." Suddenly I smelled a disturbing scent. I stood up, phased and growled softly.

"You smell it too don't you?" he asked.

I nodded. "You go back to the others." I motioned.
I ran away after the scent. At a certain moment I saw her, the female with fiery red hair. Don't distract me now please don't distract me now. I thought. The female jumped at my sudden presence and she ran. I ran after her. At one moment I could almost bite her. Almost. All I got was a piece of cloth from her pants.

After that she kicked me in a tree and said "It's not playtime yet." leaving me alone.

I got up and limped on three legs to the piece I could grab from her. She kicked at my right front leg. I limped back to the pack. Sam noticed me first. "Sara!" He ran over to me. "What happened?"

I gave him the piece of cloth and whined in shame. I almost had her. I was so close. It was humiliating. I replayed my hunt.

Edward started to growl. "It's her. it's Victoria."

The red headed bitch who was with the guy you killed last year and the dark man we killed last winter?

"yes" I growled.

She's planning something big. I thought remembering her words. Don't keep Bella away from here. She is safe here most of us are through the new part of the phasing. Then a pixie like female came with Bella. My limping leg was almost healed, Jake nudged it and I whined because it hurt.

The female hugged Jasper and asked "Did something happen? I saw Victoria but she disappeared." Sam explained what happened and he was annoyed that I went alone. I disobeyed one of the rules of the Alpha.

I would repeat if it was the same situation.

"you did it to protect him." Edward said. All vamp eyes were on me.

Yes. I limped to Bella to greet her.

"Hey Sara you okay?" I barked and rolled my eyes at Sam. "I see what happened?" I looked at Carlisle then at her and whined softly. "You imprinted on Carlisle but you don't want to be with him because he has Esme and it would hurt all of you in the end if you did?" I nodded. "Wow that sucks."

They do I don't I chuckled. The other wolves left and a few of the Cullens did too. Edward came to the two of us. Sam waited for me. Well time to face the music I thought looking at Sam. Edward is he angry with me?

"does it matter if I tell you?"

No not really but then I know which route to take home.

"He is more angry in the worried kind of thing but that is what I get from his thoughts." He told me.
Okay the usual route it is then. Bye Edward, Bye Bella. And I ran hearing their goodbye's from behind me.

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