Sam's Sister

Chapter 20


I woke up the next morning using Carlisle as a pillow. I blushed when I felt that he was still naked and hard. I didn't want to get up yet. I felt happy just laying in bed with him. "I have taken the day off today. I want to meet this Tamara person too." He said I almost forgot that Tara was coming. I jumped up wanting to clean the house before she came. However a certain blond vampire was pulling me back into bed. "Stay." He whispered in my ear.

I couldn't resist him so I stayed for another three hours. we kissed and cuddled. Suddenly I heard a car approaching one I didn't recognize. Now I got up and dressed after a super short shower. It was Tara. I opened the door for her. "Hello Tara, kind of you to come by." I kissed her cheeks and let her come inside.

"Hey Sara how are you? Did you just wake up?" She asked after I closed the door.

"I'm much better now. I was awake three hours ago but a certain someone didn't let me get out of bed." I mock-glared at Carlisle who had just come downstairs, his hair still a little damp from taking a shower .

"Not my fault for being so beautiful. I know you can't resist me." He answered with a smirk.

"Tara, this arrogant smug man is Carlisle Cullen. He thinks he's mister wonderful but trust me I have seen better." I introduced him to her.

"You mean that guy that you were hurting over when you came here?" She asked. Carlisle looked guilty when he heard that.

"Yes, but I'm fine now that he is here too. You don't have to beat him up for it." I said.

"Good." She said sitting down on the couch. Carlisle asked if I wanted to eat something.

"Surprise me. I can probably eat a whole bear. figuratively then." I answered with a smile.

"Yes you always eat so much at lunch break too. I'm jealous of you that you can keep you body so slim while eating so much, you should be as round as possible." Tara said.

"Thanks I just move a lot." I replied. We talked about the things at work and all that stuff.

Carlisle had made waffles with syrup, three pieces of toast and fresh orange juice. He had made coffee for Tara and himself. The others weren't home.

When he gave me my plate of food, Tara's eyes widened. "It's so much!"

"That's what she said." Carlisle answered. I could see that Emmett had his influence. I ate while we talked. Carlisle asked her a lot about how I was before he came, still looking guilty. Tara answered every question with honesty. Then Emmett and Rosalie came home. Rose yelled at Emmett and he tried to calm her down. "Babe, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to ruin the car like that. You know that. I just don't like to lose a bet from Jasper."

"You made a stupid bet on how fast you could break the car down after I just repaired it? God you are such an idiot." She yelled after running to their room and slamming the door closed. Emmett hunched his shoulders and came to the living room.

"Emmett, give it some time and stop betting on things that Rosalie likes so much." I said hugging him.

"We'll see. Who is our lovely guest?" He asked after spotting Tara.

"This is Tamara she is my colleague. Tamara, this is Emmett. The loud-mouth was Rosalie. Emmett's girl." I introduced them. Rosalie gasped and came back downstairs.

"I'm sorry you had to see that. I forgot that we were having a guest. Nice to meet you Tamara." She shook Tara's hand too. Tara seemed to ignore the coldness of their skins.

"I didn't mind. you were right to yell at him. I get like that when Paul does something foolish too though when he tries to make up he is always so sweet. He would prepare dinner or lunch, we would watch a romantic movie and then well you can fill it in yourself I think." Tara answered. Emmett's shoulders rose a little again.

"I know about that, Emmett is always sweet when he tries to make up too." Rosalie answered happily. This cheered the big oaf up a bit more.

"I don't know that much yet, with Riley I never really got into a fight, I think the guys from the rez made sure of that. With Sam it's a bit different of course since he is my brother." I told them. Carlisle and Emmett left us alone. We talked about our guys, I had to give some details about last night and soon it was lunch time.

Soon Alice came home too. without Jasper. She whispered at vampire-speed that he was hunting to be certain of his control though it had gotten better since I left.

"Oh, Sara before I forget. We are having a health and safety inspection next Monday. It will be hard since one of the interns is screwing up here and there. Sandy said that if you were feeling well enough to get back to work then you will be in charge since she needs to attend some family thing." I groaned at the thought of those annoying inspectors. They wore white silky gloves and touched every small thing in the lab the office and the hall. We would have to clean everything before we could get to work again.

"Seriously? Damn, I hate those guys. they always watch you as if you are a disgusting pig. I always get a little nervous when they are around." I replied

"Don't worry me and Nicole will help you as much as possible. Everything will be just fine. All we have to do is make sure that the building is clean and that we know the rules."

"I know but didn't you ever notice that Sandy is always somewhere else when those people come?" I asked her. It was true Sandy was always gone when they came and the person that was in charge was either fired or left themselves.

"Now I think about it yes she is. but don't worry everything will be fine. You'll see." Tara assured me. I finally accepted my doomed fate and we had lunch together. Carlisle had to leave to take the afternoon and early evening shift in the hospital.


After lunch Tara had to leave again. She reassured me once again that everything would turn out just fine and we would better our score from last time.

Sara was glad she was gone because now she could take care of the problems between Rose and Emmett. Ah No need anymore. Sara could hear them going at it again so everything must be just fine now. She sighed with relief because she didn't want to deal with that. Then the thoughts of Monday came back and Sara started to worry. "What's wrong?" A smooth southern voice asked her.

"Next Monday. A few health and safety inspectors are coming to the lab to check if everything is done following the rules. Sandy always leaves someone else in charge and that one either gets fired or quits themselves. At Monday it's my turn." She told him.

"Why so worried? I'm sure you will do fine. Alice might know if something will happen. Why don't you ask her?" He suggested.

"Everything will be fine Sara, I have seen it." Alice said walking into the room.

"Are you sure? You know things you see can change." Sara asked her.

"I am two hundred percent sure about it." She assured her. Sara nodded still not believing her. She shuffled to the art room and locked herself up in there.

"You didn't see anything did you?" Jasper asked his wife. She shook her head. "There are many possibilities where the outcome is either Sara fired, or still working there."

"We will see what happens, I haven't felt her worry this much since Victoria." Jasper told her.

"We should help her relax. She has done a lot for us. it's time we did something for her." Alice answered.

"Your right. She deserves that. We should talk to the others." Jasper replied

"Who deserves what?" Emmett asked when he and Rosalie came downstairs.

"Sara deserves a little help this weekend with relaxing. You heard about the health inspectors right? Sara is really nervous about that. We thought that we could help her relax this weekend." Alice explained.

"Of course we can. To take her mind off of it. We could go shopping, hold our monthly games, things like that." Rose said.

Alice got excited with the idea of shopping. She started to jump up and down and clapped her hands. "Yes I can see it now, It's a wonderful idea Rose. First a full day of shopping and makeovers, Then Sunday the guys can try to cheer her up with the games." Alice said starting to plan the whole thing.

"We should plan it in secrecy to surprise her." Jasper suggested. Emmett called Edward to tell him the plans.

Edward arrived with Bella and Renesmee and the Cullen 'kids' started to make plans quietly.

Carlisle approved of the plans and decided to help them. Sara came out of the room still looking worried and tense. She went upstairs to take a shower because she was covered with paint. Rosalie and Alice went to look what she made and they saw that Sara had repainted the wall. She had made a detailed landscape of the La Push beach on the wall right opposite of the door. The guys went to Edward's place and the girls prepared to take Sara out shopping the next day. In the mean time they tried to get some emotion out of Sara because Jasper said he couldn't feel anything from her.

that afternoon...

Sara came downstairs dressed in a white summer dress. "Sara, we are taking you out to take your mind off of things." Alice said.

Sara sighed and smiled though anyone could see it was forced. "Okay Alice, give it your best." She said.

"Great let's go then the guys will not bother us for the rest of the day. We should probably take Bella's truck and my car though." She said. Sara nodded with a sigh and left to get her coat. not that she needed it but still. The girls drove Sara went with Alice and Rosalie and she just sat watching through the window and she sighed again. Rosalie watched her and then she and Alice shared a look of 'I hope it works.' The music on the radio wasn't helping either because it seemed to be international sad songs day. Then Rose turned the radio off, before they could try something else they had arrived. Sara got out and closed the door. They met with Bella and Nessie. Nessie put a hand on Alice's hand and asked what was wrong. "Sara is worried because some inspectors might say that she isn't allowed to do her job anymore." Alice explained. Nessie thought that she wanted to help cheer Sara up. And so the girls went on with their plans.

Alice dragged everyone to every single shop in the shopping district. First they went to a shoe shop. Everyone tried on a few pairs and Sara just sat there and sighed. She did find some black sandals. Next on the list was the dress shop. Alice said she had seen that Sara was going to need a casual dress and a formal one. Sara just let the girls be while they got her to try on a few for each category.

In the end Sara got an ankle length off-shoulder dress with a tiger on it. The skirt was slightly flowing when she moved in it. She didn't find a formal dress yet but she found a sexy dress for going out. Then finally the Rosalie and Alice went to Victoria's Secret with Sara while Bella and Renesmee went to a bookshop. What Sara didn't know was that Rosalie and Alice had planned to get Carlisle and Sara into action, because they didn't know what happened last night. They thought it was time that Carlisle did something more than a kiss on the cheek or a peck on the lips.

Rosalie had used a camera to film what they tried on. Emmett had programmed an Ipad so he could see it too. Carlisle didn't approve of this and he tried to resist looking, because he wanted to be a gentleman, but he couldn't when the guys hooted and wolf-whistled at the things they saw. Carlisle stole the Ipad with a growl and a smack up their heads. Then he turned his attention to the video when he heard the girls gasp. Sara had just come out trying on a white lacy bra that was slightly see through. It had an intricate pattern and thin straps. She had a pair of matching panties too. "Guys look Carlisle is drooling. I think he likes what he sees." Emmett laughed. They joked some more but Carlisle didn't focus on what they said. His eyes had darkened with desire. He had to resist the urge to run to the girls and fulfill his desire.

Then Alice asked about a tattoo Sara had. All the guys wondered for they had never seen another tattoo than the tribal one on Sara's shoulder. They watched as the camera did a close up on Sara's hip. It was a roaring tiger. Sara explained that she got that one when she was with Riley. He had a howling wolf since he had said that Sara reminded him of a wolf. They got the tattoo's at their one year anniversary. The tattoo's weren't large, just about the seize of a pink

"Carlisle could you please tone it down a bit? I almost want to take Edward." Jasper said. That got Carlisle back. He felt embarrassed when he realized what he did.

Back with the girls Alice had just seen Carlisle's reaction. She smirked when she saw what he would do if Sara wore it in front of him and decided to get the underwear Sara just showed and get a few more of these since one pair wouldn't survive very long. Then it was time for lunch. The girls went to a restaurant where they all ordered a sandwich which Sara ate all except Nessie's. After Sara finished a few men tried to flirt with Sara but she just ignored them, the girls went to a spa. Sara got a massage and a manicure and pedicure. Alice and the others of course only got their nails and hair done.

Alice had said that Sara needed to cheer up and the man that would give her the massage promised to try. Ten minutes later he got kicked out of the room. "Don't you ever have the guts to make jokes about my family again. Or about my ex. If you do I'll kill you." Sara shouted while trembling slightly. Henry nodded slightly scared of the girl that threw him out in one punch. When Sara saw that she calmed down visibly. "I am sorry, sir. It's just that I lost my family when I was a small child. My ex died eight years ago. It's just a sensitive subject." Henry forgave Sara understanding her reasons and they went on with the massage.

"I apologize for making jokes about that miss. I should know better then to do that but I tried to make you laugh. May I ask why miss Alice said you needed cheering up?"

"I don't know why she thought that I needed this. All I actually need is time with my man and a visit with my family. She just sees shopping and make-over's as a way of cheering up. I wonder what the guys have planned."

"Then you should talk to your friends and tell them what you just told me. It will do no good if you keep being sad while they try all what they can." Henry advised.

"Are you sure, you are not a counsellor?" Sara asked. After the massage Alice came and seemed guilty. She had heard what Sara had told Henry.

"Sara I am sorry. I thought you would like a day out to get your mind off of things but it seems that that only works for me. I should've asked you what you needed instead thinking that we were the same." She apologized.

"That's okay Alice I could've told you what I wanted and I didn't so we forgive each-other and go home okay?" Sara said. Alice nodded and the girls went home. Rosalie had texted Edward what Sara told Henry and he texted back that the guys prepared dinner for her and set up the house for a night for two. They would see the other girls at Edward's house. Carlisle would be at Sara's on his own.

When the girls arrived they put their things in their rooms while Sara just threw the bags in her closet and went back downstairs. They were left alone and Carlisle hugged Sara. "Sara are you really so worried that you might lose your job?" Sara nodded returning the hug. "Like I have said before, I have faith in you. I know that you can do this." That was exactly what Sara needed to hear, because she cried of happiness that the one she cared about deeply, thought like that about her.

"T-thank you Carlisle." She sobbed. Carlisle dried her tears and Sara got to eating. Carlisle served her acting as if he was a waiter and Sara laughed because he acted a little as if he was clumsy. She knew it was fake but it looked so silly that she couldn't help but laugh. Sara ate spaghetti with meatballs and tomato-sauce. Then it was time to watch a movie. Sara ran upstairs to change in more comfortable clothes. She decided to wear her relax clothes and got a blanket and a pillow. Carlisle had prepared some drinks and had done the dishes. Sara chose to watch 'Hachiko'. She cried at the parts where Hachi was waiting but his owner didn't return for the first time and when the owner's wife asked if she could wait with Hachi. She snuggled with Carlisle wrapped in the blanket. "if you want you can choose a movie now I don't know what we can do now." She said looking up at him.

"You could always give me a fashion show? I am curious about what you got." He answered. His eyes darkened slightly.

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