Sam's Sister

Chapter 21


"Really?" I asked. I don't know why I felt excited at the idea of showing him what I bought. Carlisle's eyes darkened slightly more. I wonder why...

"Really. I wonder if you bought something that will pronounce your beauty even more. Though that might be impossible for I think you are beautiful in anything." I got up and went to put my newest dress on. I decided to put everything I got on. Once I was done I let my hair down. It just reached my waist. As I walked downstairs I had put a trench-coat on over the dress to make sure Carlisle couldn't see it. Carlisle had put some music on. I walked as if I was a model after I had put my trench-coat off.

I think Carlisle liked my dress because he took my hand, kissed it like they used to do in movies like pride and prejudice and more of those kind. "My fair lady, may I have the honour to share this dance with an angel like yourself?"

I blushed of those words. "Of course kind sir. It would be my pleasure." Then Carlisle twirled me around and we danced. It was fun. I hadn't done that in a while. We danced three songs when a slow song came on. Carlisle seemed a bit unsure of what to do though he tried. I helped him by pulling his arms gently around my waist while I put mine around his neck.

"You look beautiful. just as I said you would. Is there more to show me?" Carlisle asked.

"Why don't you try to find out yourself." I said

"Hmm. Is it something you are wearing now?" He asked. I couldn't lie so I nodded. "I have seen your dress and your shoes so maybe it's..." His hands wandered lower. I slapped them away lightly.

"No touching. There IS another dress I want to show you. I think you might like it." I said kissing his cheek and running back upstairs. My other dress was the one for going out. It was a two piece blue dress with a slightest darker skirt. the top was strapless and showed a bit of my stomach. The tight fabric showed off my curves just right. The skirt reached mid thigh and was a bit loose. I went back downstairs. This time Carlisle's eyes went black. I saw him gulping to keep from drooling. He walked over and I did a pirouette in front of him. I spun a bit too fast because the skirt flew up a bit flashing him. "Do you like what you see?"

"I do but I think you haven't shown me everything." He said his tone a little husky.

"Oh, really? Then what did I forget to show you?" I asked playing along. I think he knew somehow where we went.

"Let's see. I think it was something like...this." His hand crept up my leg, hooked a finger around my panties and pulled. Then he let it shoot against my skin. I closed my eyes savouring his touch.

"And something like this." He moved very fast. I tried to follow his movements but he spun me around and around and when I stopped spinning he had my bra in his hands. "I haven't seen this one before either." He smirked in victory. Probably because he managed to catch me off guard like that. He was so different. I think the boys had tried giving him some tips. I didn't like it. I didn't want to hurt him but I pushed him out of my way, took my bra back and ran to my room where I locked the door and closed the window. Then I dropped myself onto my bed and cried feeling humiliated and embarrassed. He acted just like the men I had met before he came. Why would he do that? He was so sweet earlier.

Someone knocked. I didn't answer. They knocked again, louder this time. I still didn't answer. I heard shouting. Sam. A crash. Pain shot through my heart. I got up and phased into a normal sized wolf. Sam was fighting Carlisle. after I opened the door. Rosalie and the rest were outside trying to get in the middle of the circle of wolves?" half of the pack was there. I turned la push wolf size and howled running to jump inside the circle. Carlisle was there fighting Sam, and he was winning too. He managed to break two of Sam's legs. I pushed Carlisle away and stood protectively over Sam's human body growling. Daring anyone to come closer. At this moment Carlisle wasn't my imprint but a potential threat to my only family. Once Carlisle was out of the circle, I phased back and tried to calm Sam down. both his legs were broken. I could see the bone of one of his legs sticking through the skin.

"Please help my brother someone. I can't help him. his legs are too broken someone has to help me get him inside to my study. Edward can you help him?" I asked. Edward nodded A few of the pack had phased back and they carried Sam as careful as possible. Edward got the room ready. I followed them. Carlisle followed behind me. "You shouldn't see what I am going to do to him. Rosalie can you help me?" Edward asked turning to her. They went inside and closed the door. Sam's painful screams got to me and I cried in pain. Carlisle tried to hug me in comfort but I pushed him away from me turning my pain in anger.

"How dare you to comfort me for things that you are the cause of. Why did you fight anyway?"

"Sam somehow knew you were really upset with something and when he came here with the pack, He saw me alone. He fought me without warning and I just defended myself for I knew I had done nothing horrible." That was the final snap. I phased into my wolf form and fought my imprint. The past hour he humiliated, embarrassed, hurt and lied to me and he still thought he was innocent. Sadly because he is my imprint I can't really hurt him so I decided to stay at my apartment not telling him this. That way he would be hurting too. I could handle the pain from my side since I had gotten used to it for six years. payback is a bitch. I left.

I managed to reach my apartment without too much pain. As I expected because I had been used to the pain for six years so now it was just a dull stab in my heart. I called Nicole and told her I am able to take a shift tomorrow. She told me that I could take the whole day. I agreed and she said she would put my name on the schedule. I slept after setting my clock. I was glad I hadn't given Carlisle or any of the vamps my spare key to my apartment yet. This would be my home for a few weeks. At least until he made it up with me. I wonder how he will try to do that. If he does.

My alarm-clock went off. I slammed on the off button and got up slowly. my head ached as I got up and I sat down. I shook my head to shake the dizziness away. I got up again feeling a bit better and got dressed. I ate some toast drank some coffee and I left for work. I didn't have my car at the moment.

"Hey Sara are you feeling better now?" James asked as he opened the door for me. I nodded looking at the floor hiding my face with my hair. I checked in with Alan and walked to the office. There I was greeted by Sandy, Nicole, Tara and Rob.

"Sara, glad you could come. We have three big cases and two smaller ones. Which one do you want?" Nicole asked.

"All of them." I said as I put my lab coat on and I grabbed the files. The three women looked at me with concern.

"What?" I asked

"Did something happen?" Nicole asked.

"Nothing that requires your concern. Rob are you coming? I'll teach you a few things if you want." The intern came as a dog called by its owner.


When Sara left the office to go to the lab, the three of us looked at each other. "You know what it means when Sara takes so many cases at once. Something did happen and it has to do with Carlisle Cullen. She acted like this too when she first came working here remember?" Tamara said.

"You're right and this time we will help her. I will not lose one of our best because of some guy. Nicole you go look after Sara and Tamara can you make sure that Cullen isn't allowed here anymore?" I said wanting to take care of Sara. She was so young and yet she had still seen so much.

"We will do as you said. We want to help her too." We agreed on making this a safe place of sorts and we went to work.

"Sandy, there is a guy here saying his name is Hale. He wants to talk to Sara. Should I tell him to wait?" Alan said he had probably seen Sara's pain.

"I'm coming to talk to him. Tell him to go sit in the waiting room." I came wanting to see for myself what kind of guy left Sara hurting so much. When I arrived at the entrance hall, Alan pointed the man out he meant. It was a boy with honey blond hair that reached below his ears.

"Good morning. I heard you wished to see Sara?" I asked him. He stood up and I saw he was a handsome young boy but nothing for me. He smiled.

"Yes, ma'am. My name is Jasper Hale. Can I see her?" some sort of accent came out a little.

"Are you in any way related to Carlisle Cullen?" I asked first. I was confused since I hadn't heard Tamara's details of the visit yet.

"Yes he is my adoptive father but I don't agree with what he did to Sara. She has been hurting enough before this happened." He said.

"Well you can go and tell him that he is not allowed any contact with Sara as long as she is hurting over this. I don't care if he wants to talk to her to make up he will have to find some other way. I will not lose one of our best pathologists because some guy was stupid to hurt her. Good day." I turned on my heel.

"Can I talk to her if I promise not to talk about him?" He asked me preventing me from leaving already.

"Depends on how she is doing this morning. Come back around lunch time and we will talk again." I left him hearing a thank you. I went to see how Sara was doing. I heard shouting coming from the lab. As I got closer I heard someone telling Sara to put something down. When I entered the lab, I was met with a horrible sight. Sara was holding a scalpel really close to her wrist. She was crying "Make it go away! It hurts so much!" She shouted. Rob and Nicole were trying to calm Sara down and convincing her to put the scalpel down.

That's it. I will not allow that boy to speak with Sara. I don't think she could handle it. I really want to know what happened. Maybe she should stay with one of us for a while. I was pulled out of my thoughts by a clatter. Sara had dropped the scalpel and she was embraced by Rob and Nicole. I joined them and Tamara who had entered the room did too. Sara cried burying her face in Nicole's shoulder.

"Sara, why don't you go home for a bit, pack a bag of clothes and stay with me and Paul for a few days?" Tamara suggested. Sara nodded after she calmed down a bit.

"Sandy who was it that wanted to talk with me?" Sara asked me drying her tears.

"How do you know someone wanted to talk?"

"I heard Alan telling you that someone wanted to speak with me. I wasn't that far from the office yet." She answered.

"It was Jasper Hale. He said he was sorry for what Carlisle did to you. He wants to talk to you I don't know what about. I told him to come back during lunch. Sara, is it a good idea that you see him now? I don't want you to hurt more than you already are." I told her the truth.

"I will be fine. I assume he promised not to talk about him?" She asked, I nodded.

"Then I will see him. I promise I will be fine." She said.

"All right but if something happens please promise that you will tell us." I told her sternly. She nodded and shuffled away to get her things.

We went to work to finish the case Sara started on. It was an easy one since the woman had hung herself. Soon it was lunch time. I went to see if the boy had returned. He had and he was waiting with another boy, who had dark hair. "Hello again, mr. Hale." I greeted

"Hello ma'am. This is my brother Emmett." We shook hands. "How is Sara doing?" He asked.

"I hate to tell you but she tried to cut herself with a scalpel. She wanted to make the pain go away. With a little trouble we could prevent her from getting hurt." I told them honestly. "She is now getting a few things and she will be staying with one of her colleagues." Both boys shared a look of worry.

"Carlisle tried to harm himself too. He knows that he was wrong with what he did and he feels horrible about it, Now that Sara has left him in a way, he feels as if his heart is ripped out of his body. It hurts him that he could treat someone like that. He wasn't exactly himself either. We think that he has had something wrong to eat or something." Jasper told me. I was surprised about the bond between the two.

Tamara came running over. "Sandy, Sara is gone!" She stopped running close to us and tried to catch her breath. "Listen to this voice-mail."

Tara, I am not staying with you and Paul. I am taking a holiday maybe do some sight-seeing, visiting some friends. I feel like I need this because I haven't slept well in a while and I had almost a black out when I got up this morning. I'm sorry but I won't be able to answer my phone for a while. I don't know when I will come back either. Recent events make that I don't feel like staying in Colorado anymore. Goodbye and thank you for everything, Sara Uley

What do we do?"

"We will let her be. Sara has a level head and she is smart enough. She will be fine."

"We think so too. Sara might go to visit her brother because she was missing him a lot. This job and being with Carlisle was pretty hard for her to do since she loved both so much." Emmett said. Jasper was checking his phone. They said goodbye and left. Thank god they were gone. I just hope Sara will realise Carlisle was probably just teasing her and that she will tell him what happened during their separation. Only then things might get better between the two.

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