Sam's Sister

Chapter 24

When I was sure it was safe, I stood straight, took my mate's hand and walked inside with him. He sat down on the love seat and pulled me down with him. "Sahra, you can calm down now. I am safe, we are both safe." He said while pulling me down on the love-seat with him. I snuggled in his arms and checked his wounds if they healed properly. I kissed each scar and purred when I came to the one I made claiming him. It hadn't closed completely yet so I took care of it, licking it, which caused it to close further. Once I deemed him healthy again I allowed the rest to come inside again, though they had to stay ten feet away, otherwise I growled at them. When I found they were no threat I calmed down more.

"I am sorry that I acted the way I did. I don't know why I threatened you." I said feeling guilty that I threatened them even though they only wanted to see if he was all right.

"You don't have to apologize. It was completely normal. You were thinking like a vampire who wanted to protect her injured mate." Jasper said.

"Really?" I asked not believing it.

"Yes, don't imprinted wolves do that?" Alice asked.

" I think so but, I can't really remember. I don't have regained that many memories. I wish I did though because I miss having my childhood memories or the bonding times between Sam and I. I am even losing more human memories as we speak. The worst thing is I have lost every single memory of my father but the one about his death." I told them honestly.
I felt a wave of calm wash over me as I started to feel sad about not remembering my father. Carlisle wrapped an arm around me and pulled me closer, rubbing circles on my hip. I hid my face in the nook of his arm and sobbed a little. I wrapped my arms around him and took his scent in. He smelled like hospitals lavender and old paper. I took in as much as I could because I was losing my memories of him from before the change too and his scent calmed me down.


Sara and Carlisle had finally fully mated and that had brought some changes in the Cullen-household, like it took a week for Carlisle to allow Sara to be alone with the other boys. He would act very protective whenever he saw Sara talking to either Emmett, Edward or Jasper. It was worse with Jasper because of his scars. Carlisle would pull her away with a growl and and when they were alone he would make sure everyone knew who Sara belonged to. Sara had found it even more difficult to leave Carlisle's side, like when she had the appointment with Nicole and Sandy, than usual. She told Carlisle about it and he explained that it was because they were a newly mated couple. Their bond had gotten much stronger. It would get slightly easier in a few years. Since he had the day off, Carlisle would be going with Sara but he would wait in the waiting room. She agreed with that. After she had breakfast, they went on their way.


"I do hope I get to keep my job, but with all that happened the past few months, I don't really think they want to keep me any longer." I said while driving my car out of the garage.

Carlisle took my hand comfortingly "I'm sure that they want to keep you. You do your job very well and you love it." He assured. I smiled.

"Thank you." I replied. We drove while talking about things we didn't know about each other yet. Soon we arrived and Carlisle got out of the car first opening my door for me. I stepped out taking the hand he offered me. I locked my car and we walked hand-in-hand inside the building. Nicole was waiting for me and greeted us politely. That was the first hint. I kissed Carlisle on the cheek and left. Nicole never asked me about how things ended after I left and that was the second hint. I knew there was something going on. Suddenly I was pushed in the bathroom. "Nicole, what the hell are you doing!" She seemed troubled.

"Sara, it isn't just Sandy who wants to talk to you. The inspection wasn't about the whole lab, it was about you." She said after hesitating. That was the final hint. I was screwed. I took a deep breath and walked out.

"I will be fine." I said over my shoulder. Once we got to the meeting room, I was greeted by a few balding men and a blond and brunette bimbo who are probably their assistants talking and Sandy looking angry. "Miss Uley I presume?" One said. I nodded. He walked over and held out a hand. I ignored him and took on a defensive stance. I crossed my arms in front of my chest and frowned a little.

"I don't like touching strangers." I said coldly. He dropped his hand and still introduced himself.

"My name is Aaron Harrison. I will do most of the talking. Take a seat." He said. I kept standing.

"Sara, please take a seat." Sandy said. I did as she asked me to.

"Nobody orders me to do what they want. I am not some puppet." I explained my behaviour.

"Well then let's begin shall we?" another elderly man said.

"Sure. Whatever."

"Miss Uley, we had an appointment to inspect you last Monday. However you never came and that is something we don't like. We want our employees to be trustworthy and punctual and that means also being there on meetings. Do you have a very good reason why you couldn't be here?" Aaron asked me.

"I had some private problems that couldn't have waited until I was done here. I don't want to go into further details." I said.

"Then let us take a look at your cases. Miss Starman How many cases has Miss Uley been working on during her short employment?"

"two-hundred something a year. She has been working here for three years so that would make a rough six-hundred cases." Sandy said proudly.

"That's quite a lot. How many of these cases have been successfully solved?" another man asked.

"All of them excluding her last case since her private problems started a week ago." Sandy answered.

"All right. Miss Uley, please leave us for a bit so we can discuss what to do. We will send Miss Tanner when we are done." He said. I walked away without a word but my heart felt heavy. I was so screwed. I am sure I'm getting fired. I jogged to the waiting room, Carlisle stood up and I flew in his arms.

"What happened?"

"They are discussing if I can keep my job. I don't think I'll be working here for much longer."

"I am sure Sandy won't let it get that far. Tell me exactly what happened." He said calmly. Just his voice and scent calmed me down enough, but I was still worried. I told him everything and he just listened. After I was done, Nicole came she didn't look happy. My worries came back. Carlisle squeezed my hand in comfort and I smiled at him feeling grateful that he was here for me. I left with Nicole after he let go. We walked back to the office.

"Miss Uley, we have been talking and fighting with tooth and nail on Miss Starman's part but we have decided that you'll be fired. Your behaviour today hasn't helped your case and we can't use somebody who is rude to her superiors, forgets appointments, and who keeps her methods a secret. It was an honour to have you working for us but it is time to stop." I was speechless. I couldn't believe it.

Sandy seemed very angry now, but she didn't say anything. the old men and the slutty looking assistants left us, as soon as the door closed, the women were around me apologizing that they hadn't done more to keep me here. I am fired? I can't believe this. I will probably have to move now for my next job, at least I can sell my apartment now. I got up without a word and left.

Tara opened the door and called Alan to tell Carlisle what to expect. I went to my office clearing it of all my things though there wasn't much, just some pictures of Carlisle and me, me with the pack and me and Sam cliff diving, and my laptop. I put them in a bag and I left. When I got to the waiting room, I was wrapped in a pair of strong arms after they had taken my bag off my shoulder. I melted into the arms of my mate, forgetting for a moment why I was upset. "Everything will be all right, Sara. I'm here for you." He spoke softly. He led me to my car and he put me in the passenger seat. We drove in silence while I watched out the window.

"Sara, please talk. I can't help you if you won't talk to me. Please darling, talk to me." I sighed and faked a smile

"I am fine." I said. I could see he didn't believe me. The worry in his eyes didn't lessen. if anything, it doubled. I'm sorry for lying, my love. I just don't want you to worry anymore. I will be fine but I am just tired. All the hard work these past six years. All the things that happened in my life are finally catching up to me. I wish for sleep for a long time. Maybe even for forever. I have no idea what to do now. I wish I still had my father in my life. All I can think of now is taking a long vacation and visiting La Push. Yeah, that's what I need. Maybe Sam can help me. I hadn't been aware that we arrived back home. Carlisle stopped the car and he helped me out of it. He led me into house while I was still thinking of what to do. I still hadn't spoken another word.

Carlisle sat me down on the couch and went to get my things. Emmett gave me a cup of coffee and I pulled my legs up on the couch. "What happened, Sara? how did things go?" He asked me. I looked up and saw that they were waiting for my reply.

"They fired me." I answered.

"What are you going to do now?" Rosalie asked me.

"I don't know maybe take a vacation to visit the packs, spend time with my brother and I might go visit Volterra. Just relax for a while. It would be my first vacation in six years." I told them yawning.

"What do you want to do with your apartment?" Alice asked.

"If any of you want it you can have it. I don't need it for at least the next few years." I said. Rosalie's eyes lit up. I threw her the keys. At least there would be less people in the house, for I wanted a little sexy time with my mate, right now. "Alice, would you mind picking a few things up for me?" I asked her not deciding on what to do with the things in my head. She nodded. When everyone left, Carlisle wrapped his arms around me and I lost myself completely in our love-making. When we finished, even Carlisle was tired. Which was four days later. One must love a vampire's stamina. I wrapped my arms around him and sighed feeling content with just the two of us, not a single duty to do. I watched Carlisle close his eyes and calm his breathing. He was asleep. He looked so peaceful. I hadn't seen him like this for a while. I didn't want to wake him up, but...

"We're back!" Alice called. She came looking for us and when she opened the door, seeing Carlisle with his eyes closed, She thought something happened. "what happened? Did someone attack?" She panicked. Carlisle opened his eyes, stretching like a cat.

"Nothing happened Alice. Carlisle was just sleeping." I explained.

"I was?" he asked looking surprised. I nodded. "How? All I did was close my eyes and even my breathing like humans do, after our love-making." He asked.

"That is all that sleeping is. How did you feel when you fell asleep?" I asked trying to figure out what happened.

"I felt very relaxed, content and peaceful." he told us. I still didn't get how he could fall asleep. I think it would be possible that he had felt my emotions too which would have put a human in a coma since it was twice as much as a normal human would feel. Anyway, my throat was burning and so I needed to hunt, but I didn't want to leave the comfort of my bed and my mate's arms.

"I need to hunt too. let's go." He said. Alice left us as we got dressed and we went out to hunt. It wasn't a hunt that took long for once, because I got a huge bear and a mountain lion pretty soon. We shared my catches which I found very intimate. After that we walked back together talking about my plans. Carlisle told me that he had decided to quit being the father figure of the family. He was tired of acting as someone much older than he was. He hadn't told the others that, but if they could do this, it would be possible to stay longer in one place. We would finish the year here then we would be taking a break from the human world for a while. From there, we would figure out how to go on.

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