Sam's Sister

Chapter 25

SaPoV a few months later

Today I was visiting with Sam and the packs. Carlisle, Edward Bella and Renesmee would be joining me. The others would be wrapping things up in Denver so we could move. It was almost christmas though and we would be celebrating it with the Denali clan. I never met them but they sounded okay. I had gotten chirstmas presents for everyone but Carlisle and I couldn't decide on what I could give him.

We arrived at the treaty line and Jared's pack was waiting for me and Carlisle and Jake's pack for Edward and his family. I phased in my wolf form and I greeted both packs friendly and submissive for I was outnumbered Jared and Jake greeted me the same way but still showing they were the boss.

Welcome back Sara. we missed you.-Ja

I am happy to be back for a bit too.-Sa

I can see you are happy. You are glowing with the love for your imprint.-J

Thank you. and congratulations with the alpha positions and your imprint.-Sa.

Where will you be staying?-Ja

I'll be staying at their house we will leave again in a week.-Sa

We conversed like this for a while when a newer wolf decided that it wasn't safe to have four vampires on their land and he attacked Carlisle. So I had to defend him and tackled the new wolf. I landed on top of him and he had the guts to fight back. Jared growled once loud and clear and the new wolf stopped. I snorted and got off of him. I shook my fur and stretched my legs yawning.

How boring.-Sa

the older wolves who knew my fighting skills bark-laughed. Carlisle and I went with Jared's pack, I carried him on my back. We would meet Edward and Bella back at the old house. I raced Paul to Sam's place. We howled announcing we were coming. Sam walked outside and Emily followed. Carlisle got off of my back and I tackled Sam making sure to avoid Emily. During my tackle I phased back and held Sam tightly. We rolled over the ground though this time he ended up on top. I sat up and we held each other.

"I missed you, Sam." I sobbed in his chest. He made us switch places so I sat in his lap and he just held me letting me cry it out. I felt like his little sister again, and I didn't mind for once.

"I missed you too Sara, Everything is okay now." He said. We sat like that for a while. After I stopped crying I took notice of Emily and Carlisle talking friendly. I was happy they got along. I let go of Sam and walked to Carlisle who scrunched his nose just a little. I nudged him lightly in his stomach.
Emily and I greeted each other as long lost sisters would do. She invied us inside to meet their first child.

"Emily, you are simply glowing with pregnancy." I complimented her. It was true she looked marvelous. "How long along are you?"

"It can happen any time now. Sara I want you to meet someone. This is Yanara." A beautiful small girl came from behind Emily's legs. She had Sam's features but Emily's eyes. I sank through my knees.

"Hello Yanara, my name is Sahira. Nice to meet you." I smiled at her. She seemed shy. She looked at Emily who nodded and smiled. Yanara walked over and smiled shyly at me. She gave me a hand. I shook it gently. A shock went through it but she didn't seem to feel it. I wonder that was.

"Nice to meet you too." She spoke softly. Then she ran back to her mother.

"I am not the only one glowing. You do too and it's not just happiness." Emily said. I was shocked that she would say something like that. It couldn't be true though it would explain why I felt so strange sometimes. I told her this. "You should talk to Sue." Emily said. I nodded.

"Please don't tell anyone yet. If it's nothing, then I don't want to give them false hope. especially not Carlisle." I asked her.

"I understand. I won't tell anyone." She answered. I hope she is right. Then this would be a lovely gift for Carlisle and I have always wanted a child of my own too. I needed to go with a wolf if Sue wanted to help me otherwise Alice would see it. She might ruin the surprise.

My phone rang. It was a song about pixies. Alice.

Sara I won't ruin any surprise, you know that.-A

I know Alice, I just don't know for sure if it is true. but if you see anything about it call me first don't tell anyone before you do, not even Jasper.-Sa

All right I won't tell anyone. I did see something though. I see you holding a baby in the near future. He doesn't look like you.-Al

I thought you couldn't see when wolves were involved. That is Emily's second child.-Sa

Okay I don't see further though. I have to go now Emmett is going to do something stupid in a few minutes.-AL

Okay, punish him if he does it. You know how. Bye Alice and thank you.-Sa

I called Sue next we made the appointment for tomorrow to meet at her old house which she still used as a clinic for the tribe. She would ask Seth or Leah to come with me. Carlisle and I went back to the old Cullen home where Edward had made the house usable for a week. He left for his own cottage and Carlisle and I made sure we got to know each corner and each piece of furniture. Afterwards it had become dark. We ended up at Carlisle's old bedroom. I fell asleep before we could clean up. Though when I woke up, I had to run to the bathroom. Carlisle held my hair back while I threw up. As I finished he helped me clean up while asking "Are you all right?" I nodded.

"Probably something I ate." He still looked worried picking me up and laying me in bed. It was still dark outside. He got me some water and told me to sleep some more. I did as he said and I woke up a few hours later feeling refreshed. It was time to see Sue. I got up, "Carlisle, I need to go out for a bit. Some last Christmas shopping. I'll be back before noon." I called.

"Okay, be careful." He said kissing me goodbye. I phased as a wolf and ran to Sue's clinic not thinking about my plans. When I reached the treaty Leah was waiting for me. She greeted me and we ran to the clinic. Once we arrived, we phased back.

"Thank you for helping me." I said.

"You're welcome. I will be helping mom with the tests too to make it impossible for Alice to see the outcome." She answered. Leah was much kinder now. She imprinted on a tribe member.

"Hello, girls. Quickly come in." Sue ushered us inside. I sat on the bed and Sue asked me to lie down.

"Sara, tell me why do you think you might be pregnant?" She asked me.

"Well, the past two weeks I had to throw up usually in the morning or whenever I woke up after falling asleep, I also start to feel a certain need to protect my stomach and lower regions. and when I hunt I always go for mountain lions and bears but since last week I felt like taking easy and safer and more disgusting prey like deer." I explained.

"Well then let's see if we can find anything." She started her tests and Leah helped her with every step. When we had to wait for a while, I slept for a bit. After a good three hour wait, Leah woke me up with a smile on her face.

"Sara, we have good news and some special news." She said. Sue handed me the papers.

"You are two months pregnant, and it looks like it will grow like a human." Sue explained.

"Can you put this in an envelope please? just a blank envelope." I asked with tears in my eyes.

"Of course, dear." She said and did as I asked afterwards I wrote Carlisle's name on it, hugged Sue and Leah and left with Leah to the treaty. There was Carlisle waiting for me. I forgot the time.

"Sara, where were you? You are two hours late and after what happened this morning I got worried." He asked.

"I forgot the time. I ran into Leah on the way and we got to talking. I'm sorry I didn't call." I replied looking down.

"It's okay. just don't forget to call again." He sighed. Leah left and I walked with Carlisle to our house.

"Can I know what you got?" He asked curiously.

I shook my head. "It's a surprise. Not even Alice knows." I told him. He pouted and the rest of the week was filled with visits and Carlisle trying to get me to tell him what I got him for Christmas. It was fun though it was hard to hide when he made the sweetest kind of love to me. Soon it was Christmas and we were in Denali. Tanya, Kate, Eleazar, Carmen and Garrett were very kind to me. It was time for presents and I was allowed to begin.

I began with Carlisle as I wanted his reaction so bad. He ripped the envelope open and read the result papers. He looked at me and...

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