Sam's Sister

Chapter 26


He slapped me after ripping the papers in a million pieces. "How could you think of such a prank." He said with anger, hurt and hatred in his eyes and voice. I looked down the slap didn't hurt too much but the one who slapped me hurt my feelings. He doesn't believe me. I didn't answer him. Eleazar interrupted our fight before it got worse.

"Carlisle what is going on? Why are you so angry?" He asked. Carlisle glared at me first and then at Eleazar for being stopped.

"Sahira thought it funny to give me fake papers stating that she is pregnant." I felt tears come to my eyes. The vamps gasped.

"Sahira is this true? Did you do that?" Carmen asked. I nodded my head mumbling incoherently. Once again many gasps and even a few growls.

"Speak up, dear. We can't hear you." She said.

"I said, that I did get papers on me being pregnant but they aren't fake." I repeated. A second slap. He had slapped the same cheek, it stung.

"You're lying." he growled. I shook my head no but ran upstairs after changing the small pieces back in a whole.. I wasn't going to run away, I just needed to be alone for a bit. I didn't want the chance to get hurt again. I ripped the blankets off and sat in a corner wrapped in the blankets.

"Sara, are you okay?" Alice. "Carlisle is out hunting with Eleazar and the boys." I felt relieved at that. Which was strange. I never felt like that before.

"Sara, we're coming in." Rosalie. They walked in looking around. once they saw me, Rosalie lifted me up and put me on the bed. They sat on the bed too. "Sara, please tell us everything. Are you really pregnant?" She asked.

"Yes, I am. I found out when I was visiting Sam and the packs. I had to throw up usually in the morning or whenever I woke up after falling asleep, I also feel a certain need to protect my stomach and lower regions. and when I hunt I always go for mountain lions and bears but I felt like taking easy and safer and more disgusting prey like deer. Emily said I had the pregnancy glow and I wanted to be sure before telling anyone. I had gone to Sue with Leah to make sure Alice couldn't see anything. Once she had the results she explained that the wolf gen and vampire venom are cancelling each other out so we have the suspicions that it will be a human maybe with a little heightened senses but that's all. I shouldn't have told him."

"How far along are you?" Tanya asked.

"Ten weeks. What I don't get is why he think I would lie about this. This is something important to me too and I can not lie to him." was my answer.

"We'll help you to let him see the truth. Though I get why he reacted like this. Edward said once that Carlisle's only wish now was a child of his own, but that he crushed his wish knowing it could never happen and if it did happen that he would lose you because of possible dangers. He is scared and he just doesn't believe it yet. I mean, he has believed that he could never have a family of his own flesh and blood for more than three hundred years, and then suddenly he finds he is mated to his natural enemy, who claims she can give him something he believed wasn't possible for his entire existence." Rosalie said. We all looked sad that he thought like this. Now I felt guilty for making his fears stronger. the men came back after another half an hour.

The girls and Carmen went back to their respective partners. I followed them downstairs looking for Carlisle because I wanted to talk things out, but he hadn't come back with the others. My heart ached, knowing it was because of me he hadn't come back. "Sara, Carlisle is coming soon he had to hunt a while later than us because he took his anger out on his first few prey, once he realised he hurt you. Carlisle never meant to hit you, he truly thought it was a joke and he just didn't like the idea of that." Eleazar explained what they talked about. I looked down, nodded and went back to my room.

Lying down in my bed I tried to get some sleep but I couldn't for my heart was hurting too much. I am so sorry, Carlisle. I had no idea you would react like this. I thought the news would make you happy, I guess that only happens in movies and fairy tales. Please don't leave me because of this.

I didn't know how long I lied like that but soon I felt the bed dip a little. Someone sat down next to me. It was Carlisle. He put his hand on my shoulder but I shook it off and stiffened being on guard. He sighed. "Sara, I apologize. I shouldn't have hit you. I know it will not make it okay but when you gave me those papers, I was so confused on how to react that my first reaction was 'it's a joke.' I couldn't take a joke like that for I had known for all my existence that vampires can't have children of their own, not like humans do that is."
"I always wanted a child or two of my own but when I was Changed that one day, I had to give up that dream. Still it was wrong to hit you and I understand if you are upset with me." He was right I still was upset about him slapping me and that he thought I would lie to him about this. I was able to stop myself from turning around and answer him. He didn't say anything else and left me alone.

The following morning, I had to rush to the bathroom, again, to spill all my insides into the toilet. again.

Carlisle apologized that they had to witness such bad behaviour He also said that he didn't want to do a father figure-act to the human world anymore. He explained that he wanted a year off of acting human. Just being a vampire and then figure out how to go on from there. Then he left with Eleazar to hunt. When he looked at me I turned away ignoring him. I had to lay down some rules for the upcoming months. Emmett and Jasper were disappointed we couldn't spar from when I passed my first trimester. As soon as the meeting was over, I was dragged to the clearing for some sparring. It seemed planned like this but that didn't matter. I loved a good brawl from time to time. It was first rock paper scissors to find out who would start against who. we usually made it a small tournament. eddie wanna join us? I asked. "Of course. why not. someone has to defend the ego of these two." Ask Garrett too. "He wants to join us too." I was the tomboy of the Cullen clan. but that was because I was used to all guys.

We started with the winner of last time, me, against whoever won rock paper scissors. This time it was Emmett. "There are three rules. No killing anyone, teeth to the neck is the end. If it is two gifted ones against each other, you are allowed to use your gifts. Everyone is allowed to use the gifts of their opponent against the user of the gift. Begin." I phased in my wolf form as always but now in the form they had seen me in before I was changed.

Standing on two legs and having two hands. with the snow land scape I blended in perfectly. "Emma, come and get it." He growled at the nickname and he charged it was too easy to make him lose focus. We did some hand to hand moves I tried to go for his chest but he blocked it with his arm. I grabbed his arm and swung him over my back on his stomach on the ground. I bound his arms on his back and sat on him. He rolled around and I held my breath until he had rolled around completely. I shook my head to get the dizzyness off but it was enough for Emmett break free. I noticed Garrett and Jasper had begun a spar too. "Hey, is that Rosalie in a skimpy Santa outfit?" I whispered in his ear. He looked around and I knocked him down. This time I did get my teeth to his neck. "I win." I said. "The winner is Sara Uley." Now it was Garrett and Edward's turn. Garrett used the third rule to his advantage. Edward growled.

"Jasper I thought you taught them not to lose focus so easily. They have learned nothing." I said as Edward was 'killed' by Garrett.

"Yeah I know, our match will be more interesting." He answered. I nodded. Now it was our turn. This fight took a while longer. I played with Jasper's gift, making him an emotional wreck, and he did the same thing. I tried to change him in a clown but when I did, Emmett screamed as a small child. We had a few bruises and scrapes but that was fine. In the end I won by sending all the lust I could to him, thinking of Carlisle of course, so he would be in pain which distracts every single man. Then I knocked him down and set again my teeth on his neck.

During our spar, Emmett and Garrett sparred too and Garrett won once again. Jasper would now spar with Emmett while I sparred with eddiekins. That was the easiest one. just think of Bella in an either sexy way or how to prank her, and you got either an upset eddie-kins, or a turned on one. Then it was easy to knock him down. Jasper and Emmett tied. they had knocked each other down with Jasper's gift.

Now it was time for the final rounds. We had determined that Emmett ended fifth place, so Edward and Jasper had to fight for third and fourth place, and Garrett and I for first and second place. I was getting tired though. I rolled through the snow and shook the cold snow through my fur to keep awake.

"well then Edward and Jasper begin your spar please.." I yawned. Emmett and Garrett stood next to me while I had a power nap.

"Sara, wake up it's your turn." Someone shook me awake. It was Edward. He came close to my stomach and I jumped up, tackled him and growled threateningly. He seemed scared by my sudden actions. I got off of him, phased back and apologized.

"I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me." I said. "can we please start our match now?" Garrett nodded. Jasper gave the signal to begin. I phased in my wolf form and we circled each other. Soon I'd had enough and charged in. when he was within hitting distance, I hit him as hard as possible. He dodged and hit me in my stomach. they try to kill our cub. Protect, fight. I fought to kill now. No one touches our cub. Soon I ripped Garrett's arm off and bit him in his stomach.

"Sara, stop. You don't want to kill him. He's a friend, he didn't mean to put your cub in danger." Edward said. That made me take a look at my enemy. He seemed a little scared and submissive. He seemed familiar. Garrett... That was his name. He's friend. I was trying to kill a friend, I jumped back after letting him go. sitting down, I put my hands on my face. what is happening to me. I think it's better if we stop from now on. I ran back to the house. I was upset that I tried to kill a new friend because I thought he was an enemy. "Sara, Edward called. How are you feeling?" Carmen asked as she caught me before I could storm through the house. I was still in my sparring form.

"I feel horrible. I tried to kill Garrett, because I thought he tried to kill my cub." I wrapped my arms around her careful not to scratch his back with my nails.

"Your cub? You mean the baby?" she asked probably thinking why I called a human baby a baby-wolf.

"I think it was the wolf inside you talking. She wants to protect your child too. Luckily Kate is out shopping with the girls otherwise you would be in trouble. Jasper is putting him back together. Everything will work out, Sara. I promise." she tried to comfort me. I found that she is a great friend a bit motherly but that was okay. I needed that at the moment. When I was calm enough I walked inside and took a shower, deciding on ignoring Carlisle for a while. He would have to do better then just apologize. It seemed to me that saying sorry would be a little too easy.

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