Sam's Sister

Chapter 27


Carmen and I sat down for a bit as she wanted to talk. "Sara, how are you doing? I heard Carlisle tried to apologize but at the meeting you ignored him?" she asked.

"He did. I just can't forgive him yet because the slapping was completely unnecessary and uncalled for. saying sorry just seems to be a little too easy to make things up. He knows I can't lie to him. That he forgets this so easily makes me think he never listened to me when I explained him everything about imprinting I was taught." I explained.

"He knew that? how long will you keep this act up? When you ignored him at the meeting, he seemed a little hurt but he also seemed to understand why you acted like that." She asked.

"I don't know. He needs to realize that I wouldn't do anything to hurt him and that I love him very much, but if he keeps doing things like this, I might feel the need to leave him again. For good this time." I said telling her the plan I came up with while making my lunch. She looked at me with wide eyes though when I looked closer she didn't look at me but at something or someone behind me. I turned my head so I could see out of the corner of my eye. It was Carlisle. He had heard what I said. He ran and I shrugged and finished my food. Carmen shook her head looking at me and then in the direction Carlisle went. I raised an eyebrow.

"Nothing. I just think that Carlisle will do anything now. He looked very sad and upset with your plan." She said leaving me to my food. The rest of the day was uneventful but the next day something interesting began.

I woke up from Kate giving me a slight shock in my arm. She was angry at first with me attacking Garrett, but when we explained everything that happened, and I apologized again, she forgave me. "Sara, wake up. We are having a day of bonding." I got up groaning after I had another puking episode. Alice dressed me up into a dark red long-sleeved dress, reaching my knees with a v-cut neckline. I wore dark high heels. I put my hair in a braid. I didn't wear make up because I didn't feel like I needed that now. I wore my locket and we went out piling in Alice's and Tanya's cars, the guys promised they would join us later on. They all kissed their mates goodbye while I once again ignored mine. I was surprised when we arrived in Whitehorse, Canada. As a Christmas gift, Jacob's pack had come over. They were also spending the week in Denali and we were picking them up today for a bonding day, in the spa. Leah was coming with us. She was even nicer now than the last time I saw her. She asked me how things were and I filled her in.

I was glad to not be the only wolf now. She growled when I told her about Carlisle's reaction of the news. "Do you want me to kill him for you?" she asked with a small shake in her body.

"No. that won't be necessary. I have decided to ignore him for a while and let him find a way to apologize properly. Maybe I'll let him beg for forgiveness. The slapping was uncalled for and unnecessary. He could've just talked to me but he also seems to forget that I can't lie to him." I said.

"So, best case scenario he goes on his knees? You are evil." She said with a grin.

"I'm not. I just want to make clear that I don't accept that kind of reactions from anyone. He also knows that if he doesn't apologize properly, I might leave him for good this time." I explained. Suddenly the other women were quiet except Carmen. Their eyes turned on me. "What?"

"You don't mean that do you Sara? about leaving Carlisle again?" Bella asked.

"I do. However much I love him, I can't be with someone who treats me like that, for no good reason." I answered

"Does Carlisle know this?" Rosalie asked. I nodded.

"He heard me and Carmen talking about it yesterday." I explained.

"So that is why you are ignoring him now." Tanya said. I nodded again. I expected Alice to say something too but she was having a vision. It didn't seem like it was a happy one. After a minute she came back to reality.

"What did you see Alice?" We all turned to her.

"I saw Carlisle, he was in a large clearing standing in front of the Volturi. We were there too but I didn't see Sara. Carlisle was talking with the brothers. The scene changed and Carlisle was forced on his knees, by Demetri and Felix. Aro gestures for someone to come probably to kill Carlisle or to witness his death. The person is someone that looks like Sara but it's a boy and he has dark blue eyes." She said sadly.

"Carlisle had blue eyes when he was human." Carmen told us. Unconsciously I laid my hand on my stomach. I wouldn't let that happen. I didn't want anyone to die because of a fight between me and Carlisle. That would have been taking things too far.

"How did it come to that?" Rosalie asked. Alice searched for the answers.

"It's because Sara left Carlisle moving back to La Push, because of another fight. Sam doesn't let him see her or contact her, telling him he literally killed her by breaking her heart again. The boy is smaller and at a funeral. The Volturi came to visit a few years later." Alice said after a while.

I didn't want that to happen. That really wasn't what I wanted. On the road I could keep my tears at bay. However, once we were in a hotel, I broke down. Leah held me while I cried. The vamps left us alone for a while to hunt and Leah soothed me trying to get me to talk about why I broke down.

"I-I don't... I don't w-want Alice's v-vision to come... t-true." I sobbed. I couldn't live with myself knowing that if I left him that that might happen.

"You know how Alice's gift works right? It might not come true. Maybe it will never happen." She soothed. I sobbed for a while until I had no tears left.

"I-I know but s-still. it is a p-possibility." I dry sobbed.

"I wasn't supposed to tell you this but today was a distraction. Carlisle was preparing something special to apologize. He has thought very hard on how to show you he was truly sorry for what he did." she told me. He must have thought up something very special if it would take this long to prepare. Though I would forgive him if he did something simple for me too. like that time when I was so nervous for my job. It was so simple planned but oh so sweet.

We talked for a bit and watched a movie after having dinner. The others returned with the boys. We would go home tomorrow and Leah and the other's from the pack would stay with us for a week. The plan was that Carlisle and I would have the house to ourselves tomorrow. Jasper seemed relieved that I was okay now. The wolves went to get some sleep, while Alice asked me if I could tell them what made me cry. I didn't want to and we were watching another movie while I fell asleep sitting next to Emmett and Carmen.

The next morning I woke up in a bed laying in between Seth and Leah. The girls dragged me out of bed and did a full makeover after I was pushed into the bathroom and told to go shower. after the shower Rose blow-dried my hair, and I was pulled into a chair. Tanya did the make up while Kate did my hair. I couldn't see what happened but when they were done, I was amazed. Kate had made my hair more wavy and then she pulled it up in a high ponytail. a strand on the left side of my face was left out. Tanya had used a light hint of eye-shadow and some mascara for my eyes. Then as a finishing touch she put a little lip-gloss on. After I was done, they pushed me to Alice and Jasper's room while hiding me from the boys. They weren't supposed to see me before I was fully dressed up either.

The dress was a dark green chiffon halter neck dress just reaching under my knees. I was given a pair of dark sandal like heels to put on. The girls had done a beautiful job. We went out where I was picked up by a black limousine. I couldn't look outside to see where we were going. Once we arrived we were at an airport. There Carlisle was. When he saw me looking he seemed uncertain of how I would act, and he seemed sad and in pain. much like I did when I miss him. Could it be that he missed me? I couldn't go on with my plan with him looking like this. I walked over to him and he just stood there until I reached him.

"Sara, I am so sorry I didn't believe you when you gave me those papers, and that I hit you. I never should have done that. I deserved to feel the pain of you ignoring me. I know that words aren't enough so I want to take you with me on a long vacation. Just you and me nothing and no one else. It will be three weeks long and I will show my regrets of hurting you so much each time in a different way. Please, will you give me this chance to apologize properly?" he explained. So that is what he had to prepare today. That's so sweet of him to give us time for just each other with no worry of other things.

I hugged him wanting to cry. "Carlisle, I would love to go on this trip with you. I can see that you felt the pain, I felt when you hit me, when I ignored you. I hope you know that you should've just talked to me. About the lying thing, you know I can't lie to you. If you didn't know this you never listened to me when I explained about the bond between wolf and imprint. It is very important to me that you can listen to me when I tell you such things because otherwise I feel like you are just with me because I imprinted on you and just because of that. Not because you love me."He didn't say anything but I could see that he got what I meant and the love he feels for me.

He took my hand and we walked through the airport. He said that he had decided to take no luggage with us. We could always get what we need during our trip. It was a flight taking two hours and we arrived with me asleep resting my head on Carlisle's shoulder. When we landed, I woke up without a nauseous feeling in my stomach for once.

When we drove to the hotel, Carlisle checked in and the manager glanced at me while I was reading a flyer about things to do. I looked up feeling eyes on me and saw them quickly looking away. The manager said something, Carlisle answered and he walked over after he had gotten the key.

"What did you talk about?" I asked curiously.

"He congratulated me with finding such a beautiful wife." He said after a while.

"and you corrected him?" I asked. He didn't answer me which was a clear answer. "Why not?" He looked at me with hope and longing. "Carlisle.."

He opened the door and led me inside. The room was beautiful with soft red pink and lavender colours. It had a king size bed and a chest for blankets at the end of it. Right on the opposite of the bed was a TV and a large stereo installation. In the corner was a love seat with a salon table. On the table was a bowl filled with fruit. I opened a door and that led to the bathroom. It had a large bathtub and a shower in the corner. It also had a dresser with candles on it and a sink with a mirror above it. Another door was opened and that was the closet. Carlisle wrapped his arms around me.

"Do you like it?" He asked nuzzling my neck and shoulder. It send shivers down my spine and I melted at his touch.

"Hmmm, I do." I moaned. He pushed my hair out of the way and kissed and licked my ear. Then he nibbled at my earlobe which made my knees go weak. I turned away. "What are we going to do tomorrow?" I barely managed to ask without a stutter. He chuckled and tried to continue seducing me.

"That's a surprise. I won't tell you." He said. I avoided his hands and he pouted.

"Oh really?" I asked planning ways to get him to tell me. He nodded. I walked over swaying my hips a little starting to unzip my dress. He gulped and stared at my movements. Once I was right in front of him again, I kissed him once while dropping my dress. He tried to capture me in his arms again but I pulled away before he could touch me. "Nah ah ah. No telling, no touching." I said waggling my finger.

I went to the bathroom to try out the bathtub. I let it fill with water while I undressed myself completely. Once it was full I tested the temperature with my hand when a certain blond vampire took hold of my hips. I slapped his hands away with a mischievous smile. He whimpered a little while I stepped into the tub. the warm water felt so good. I closed my eyes relaxing some more and soon I heard a little splashing from someone joining me in the tub. I opened my eyes and saw Carlisle in his full naked glory. His eyes were a little dark with desire. "Can I help you?" I asked.

"I really don't want to ruin my surprise, but I want you so bad that I am willing to tell you what I planned." He said a little sad that his surprise would be ruined. I took a little pity on him and kissed him before he could start talking.

"I changed my mind, I don't want to know anymore. I'll let you surprise me." I whispered. He seemed happier that I said this. He kissed me pushing his feelings in the kiss. He felt love, desire, lust and happiness.

We made sweet love christening the hotel room and the bathroom. Before I fell asleep, Carlisle whispered "I love you." and he kissed my lips one more time.

The next morning I woke up alone. Next to me was a note and a daffodil.

Dearest Sahira,

I apologize for not being there. I had to hunt after last night and our flight.

This week I will begin showing my regrets and ask for your forgiveness by the meanings of flowers.

I have ordered some room-service for you and when you are done I would like you to meet me in the lobby.

yours forever,


I smiled. So flowers would be the start of his apology. interesting. Then I will answer the same way. I ate quickly and got dressed hoping we could get some fresh clothes too. I slipped down stairs and met Carlisle as promised. He was dressed casual which I didn't really notice last night. He kissed my cheek in greeting "How are you feeling?" He asked.

"I feel fine. We are both fine." I said. His eyes lit up. Has he accepted the baby already?

" That's good to hear, I feared I was a little too harsh with you last night. I have been shopping for myself already but I thought you would want to pick out some clothes for yourself." He asked.

"You were right. Let's go." I said taking his hand and dragging him outside. He pulled me back and we walked hand-in-hand. Soon we got to the mall where he had been shopping. First I needed some underwear since He had ripped mine apart on the plane. So we went to Victoria's Secret first.
Which was the shop that took the longest because each time I tried something on, Carlisle was trying to get inside the dressing room and rip it off of me. I kicked him out and he finally sat down in a chair. I finally found a few lacy panties with a matching bra that I liked and decided to get more of those in different colours. I didn't show the pair I tried on because I knew what his reaction would be.

Next we got to a store for the other clothes. Carlisle told me I needed some warm clothes, casual clothes, a formal dress and a warm coat. He wouldn't tell me why but I think it had to do with his plans. I was looking through some sweaters when "Hello Sara." a familiar voice said. I turned around and saw Demetri along with Felix.

"Demetri? What are you doing here?" I asked hugging him. while I hugged Felix too, they started explaining.

"We have been on a mission which got a little messy. How are you doing?" He asked

"I am doing great, the whole family is doing great. I have something to tell you though." I said. I really wanted to tell them of my pregnancy but I wasn't sure if they would get that it wasn't a threat.

"What is it?" Felix asked.

"Sara, what do you think of-. Hello Demetri, Felix." Carlisle said after he noticed the two Volturi guards.

"Hello Carlisle." Demetri asked. Carlisle nodded. "Sara, we'll have to talk later. We have to go now. It was nice seeing you again." Then they were gone.

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