Sam's Sister

Chapter 29


Carlisle's expression turned into understanding and also into something I couldn't describe. "I would fight if I had to protect you. You are after all my true mate. When one's mate is in danger even the most calm and peaceful vampires would fight with all they had to protect their mates. Much like when you fought those three vampires a few weeks ago." He said. I knew this much but I still didn't want him to come with me when I go to Volterra. Demetri decided that I had two days to get there without Carlisle so I made up a plan. Alec and Jane were staying to escort me.

"Carlisle, wasn't there a coven somewhere here that are friends of yours? Shouldn't we say hi? for they might think we're intruders." I asked innocently.

"You are right, I can't believe I forgot." He answered kissing my temple. I was glad he was not watching me otherwise he would have seen that I was planning something.

"We will come with you for we have to ask the Irish coven a favor." Jane said.

"well then. Let's go shall we?" Carlisle said and we all ran to the Irish coven's house Carlisle told me about them on the way. We were greeted by Liam and Maggie.

"Carlisle, Who is the lovely lady?" Liam asked.

"Liam, Maggie, this is my mate Sahira Uley. Sara, these are Liam and Maggie from the Irish coven." He introduced us while Liam kissed my hand after Maggie shook it.

"And you have brought some more guests. Hello Jane, Alec." He greeted the Volturi guards politely. Maggie nodded at them.

"Hello Liam, we were wondering if we could ask you a favor." Alec greeted.

"Of course. Please come inside so we can talk comfortably." Maggie spoke. They led us to their house which had a much different look than the house of the Cullens. There we met Siobhan, she seemed a strong woman. They walked inside the house leading the way to the dining room. Once there we sat down, and Siobhan began the meeting. "I welcome you all as my coven's guests though I am surprised to see the four of you so soon after the last time. Before I'll let you explain, I must say Carlisle I am happy that you seem to be doing much better now. May I ask what brings each of you here?" She said turning to Carlisle first.

"My mate Sahira and I just wanted to stop by for a short visit. We are in Ireland for a vacation with just the two of us when we ran into Alec, Jane, Demetri and Felix. Sahira suggested a visit to let you know we weren't intruders and Alec and Jane wished to accompany us for their own reasons." He explained. Maggie was nodding along as if confirming Carlisle's story, then I remembered that Carlisle told me she was something like a living lie detector. It would make my plans slightly more difficult but not if I could talk to them privately.

"I see, well I am glad that your mate has made a wise suggestion. We had sensed your presence and were planning to check it out this afternoon." She answered. We talked a bit more to get to know each-other, and I found that I liked this coven. When I told them my story, They were wary at first for what the Volturi might think of it, but when we told them that the Volturi already knew and accepted it, they were relieved and just happy that we were together. Siobhan and Maggie left us with Liam, to speak with Alec and Jane. After I had gotten something to drink, I walked outside to enjoy the view. Carlisle was reading a magazine on medical care and Liam joined me as if he knew that I wanted to speak with him.

"Tell me, why did you really suggest this visit?" He asked

"I came to ask your coven a favour. I have some very important business to attend to that isn't exactly safe, and I wish to protect Carlisle by not taking him with me. I can't tell you what this business is for then you might be in danger too. However my favour would be that you take care of Carlisle while I am gone, meaning making sure that he stays here. Alec will knock him out with his gift and by the time he is released from it, we are gone."

"why won't you take Carlisle with you? Wouldn't it hurt you to be away from him?"

"Yes, but I have been away from Carlisle for more than six years before he found me again. I am doing this because I will never take my imprint to the danger. His safety is very important. This will probably be only for a few days. I'll leave a message for him when I leave." I answered.

"I will talk with Siobhan and Maggie about this. So please stay for just a few hours." He said. I nodded in agreement and he put a hand on my shoulder for assurance that things would turn out all right. Then he left me on my own. I walked back inside and watched Carlisle with sadness that I would have to hurt him again. Suddenly he was in front of me I hadn't noticed him coming. Quickly hiding my sad feelings, he put a hand on my cheek.

"Sahra, is something wrong?" He asked. I smiled though it didn't reach my eyes.

"I am fine, Carlisle. Just worried of what the Volturi will think." That wasn't completely true but it was something I did worry about. He embraced me with his hands on my lower-back. His touch did little to calm me down.

"I am sure everything will end up all right, Sahra. They like you a lot. I just know that they will allow our child to live. If they want to supervise the pregnancy then so be it." He said. I returned the hug putting my forehead on his chest. He forced me to look at him and then he kissed me. He put so much love in it. Then my plans came to mind. I couldn't do this. I couldn't hurt him again.

"Sara what's wrong? why are you crying?" he asked me worried. It was now that I felt my tears run down from my eyes.

"I'm so s-sorry, Carlisle." I sobbed.

"What are you sorry for, my love? You have done nothing wrong." He said confusion clear in the question.

"I-I had made p-plans to k-keep you here, so I c-could go to V-Volterra alone." I cried out.

"Why would you do such things? It would only hurt you and me too. When are you going to get through your thick skull, that we are at our best when we are together? I don't want you to go alone. Especially now that you care for two people. If you excuse me I have to take a walk." He said his worry and confusion turning into upset and disappointment. He released me from his arms taking a few steps back. I tried reaching for him but he avoided my hands shaking his head and left. I sank down on my knees, crying, knowing I had hurt the man I love with all my heart, again. cool arms wrapped around me.

"You told him, didn't you?" Jane asked. I nodded.

"I just w-wanted to keep h-him safe. I didn't m-mean to hurt him." I sobbed.

"Maybe you should go now. Who knows what will happen when you see him again." Alec said. I nodded sadly. I said goodbye to the Irish coven and we left quickly. I avoided Carlisle's trail, the urge to follow it very strong, and soon we were on the plane to Volterra.

When the plane rose into the sky, I thought I saw a flash of blond hair but when I looked back it was gone. It must be my imagination. I hope he will be all right. without thinking I put my hand on my stomach. I had a slight baby bump now. it wasn't very noticeable but if you looked closely, a human could see it.

Suddenly my phone rang. I answered it.

Hello, this is Sahira speaking-S

Hello Sahira, got anything to tell me?-Sa

Ehh, no not really why?-S

Then please tell me that the thought of you being pregnant with that leech's child, in Jacob's head was just a prank.-Sa

Sam, look I was planning on telling you but there are some complications I need to take care of before I had the chance to visit. I wanted to tell you but not in a phone call or a text message but in person.-S

I will talk to you later and I hope for you that leech of yours is keeping you safe.-Sa

He hung up after that. I winced a little realizing I had forgotten to tell my own brother about the news. The flight was boring and I fell in a restless sleep. I dreamed about what Alice had seen in her vision, but then a little different.


I was the one to be executed and Carlisle was the one going to kill me. Our child was standing next to Sam and the packs who were in wolf form. I silently pleaded with everyone to not kill me and at the last moment Our child ran forward wanting to stop Carlisle. he transformed into a white lion and he attacked him but Sam held him back because Volterra arrived and some other covens. They were all shocked to see that Carlisle was readying himself to kill me and then he shoved his hand in my chest and ripped my heart out. Once he pulled his arm back, I fell down. The last thing I saw was the packs and my son, at a ceremony. I saw the Cullens and the Denali clan there too. So were the three brothers and the main four guard members and Heidi. I saw all my loved ones except Carlisle. Why do they all seem so sad? is someone dead? Could this be... my funeral? but why would so many people be sad if I died? it's not like I am an important person.

-You are.-

Who are you? I asked since I didn't see anyone. I was in an empty room. Then the voice's owner appeared. It was my own child.

-You know me. It's me, your son.- He answered. He was as I had seen him in my dream. I wanted to embrace him but I had so many questions first.

What do you mean with I am important?

-All these people at the funeral, they care about you. Would you like to see how they will do after the ceremony?- He asked.

If you can do that then please. I answered.

-all right, first we will see what happened that dad couldn't be here.- he said. The scene in front of us changed. We were in Volterra. The whole guard was here and the three brothers too. Even the wives were here and the covens who were on the field including the rest of the Cullens."Bring in the suspect." Caius demanded.

Felix and Demetri dragged a handcuffed Carlisle inside. They threw him in front of the thrones. "Get up!" Aro ordered him. Marcus rushed down the few steps and pushed Carlisle so he sat on his knees. Grabbing him by his hair, he forced Carlisle to look up. I gasped at this harsh treatment.

"Carlisle Cullen, is being on trial for killing his soulmate, named Sahira Cullen Uley, and for doing so in public. My brothers and myself have witnessed this along with several covens and a few of our most trusted guard members. Carlisle what do you have to say for yourself?"

"She deserved what she got for all the problems my coven had since she came into our lives." He growled. I wanted to go there but I was held back by a stab of pain.

"Then let us decide what to do." Aro took both brother's hands after Marcus had switched places with Felix. After a while of their silent conversation Aro looked at Carlisle. Caius grinned evilly.

"You shall be punished but not with death, yet. First you shall be imprisoned and tortured for a year for each person you hurt by murdering Sahira."

"That can't be long." He scoffed.

"You think so?" Aro asked. "Will those that are here and care for Sahira raise their hand? Be honest with your answer." He asked while doing so himself. The brothers were first to follow his lead. then the wives and the main guard. A few other members as well and then most of the covens raised their hand.

"I believe you will be here for quite a while. Felix, Jane take the suspect to the cell where he will stay for a total of 90 years." He had included the packs.

-let's continue another time.- My son suggested. I nodded since I felt I was waking up.

~end dream~

I woke to Carlisle shaking me. "Sara, you were having a nightmare." I didn't question how he caught up but I shot up embracing him.

"Carlisle, I-I am so very sorry for all the trouble I cause you. I really don't mean to." I said.

"What are you talking about?" He said looking confused at the guard and the three brothers. So we arrived before I was awake.

"Nothing, just forget it." I said faking a cheery smile.

"Well then now that Sahira is finally awake, let us begin with the meeting. Sahira please tell us why you wished to speak with us." Aro said.

"Please hear me out before you say anything." Once they nodded Carlisle squeezed my hand for encouragement. Taking a deep breath I began...

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