Sam's Sister

Chapter 3

Esme PoV when Sara ran away.

Jasper said the white wolf who ran away was feeling sad and jealous. It was the wolf who imprinted on Carlisle. After a few minutes of no response from the wolves, Carlisle went after her. I'm grateful she doesn't want to get between us she's a good and kind girl. "Yes she is. She even helped Jasper feel better about the birthday accident." Edward replied to my thoughts. Soon enough Carlisle came back.

"Where is Sara?" Sam asked.

"We smelled a 'bad' vampire and she send me back to warn you. She went after the vampire alone." Carlisle replied. Suddenly we heard a wolf cry of pain. Jasper calmed Sam down but it didn't work. Soon Sara was back with us. She was limping.

"Sara what happened?" Sam asked while running over to the wolf. Sara whined softly and gave a piece of cloth to Sam.

"She feels ashamed and determined of something." Jasper said.

Edward growled loudly. "It's her, it's Victoria." Suddenly Sara growled. to warn us someone is coming. It was Alice with Bella.

She hugged Jasper and asked "I saw Victoria but she disappeared. What happened?" Sam explained it and he seemed a bit angry at Sara for going alone, because he was trembling. The wolves went home and we went too. Edward told Sara what Sam was thinking and she went home too. Sara wasn't limping anymore. Wolves really do heal fast. We went home too.

Sara PoV

When I arrived at home, Sam was waiting for me. I phased back in human form. "Sara why did you go alone? You know it's a rule to never go alone after a bloodsucker. Do you have any idea how worried I was when leech doc came back alone?" Sam almost 'yelled'. I cringed at the names he used for my imprint and his kind.

"Sam, what would you do if you were in my situation? I didn't know how many there were so I sent my imprint away to protect him. If I warned the pack she would be gone before we had a chance and then we wouldn't have a scent sample. I've discovered several scents on that piece I know she is staying in Seattle. and I've discovered an other scent I recognize but I'm not sure yet from where. I can find out exactly where she is staying." By the time I was done 'speaking' a few pack members had come outside and were watching us.

Before Sam could get angry, Jacob stepped in. "Sam, Sara is right there isn't a better way she could have handled this, and you know it." some pack members agreed.

Sam sighed " Fine but you have Brady duty and you have to promise you won't do these things alone anymore." I hugged him happy with this.

"I promise." The pack was happy we didn't fight anymore and we went inside to lunch. After I helped with the dishes I went to research the blood and stuff on Victoria's pants. You see after all of this I wanted to be a forensic scientist and to start I had bought some bloodtesting materials years ago. When I was tracing a certain trail and found out who it was I almost cried from surprise and I started to tremble from anger. One of the blood stains on the pants was from Riley, a boy I dated last year. When he disappeared I was sad because I really liked him. It took a lot from the pack to cheer me up. I don't care if you don't know me Vicky but it's personal now.

Suddenly Emily came in, she jumped from surprise and said "Sara, out. Now." I noticed now I was trembling heavily. I jumped outside and phased before I hit the ground.

I howled loudly.

Sara what's wrong? - E

Where's the leech? -P

I replayed my discoveries for them. I ran without knowing where I was going. When I finally stopped I was at the Cullen's house. why did I go here? oh I need to talk to Alice. The pixie like vamp was standing in front of me. "You wanted to talk to me?" She asked after I had phased back.

I nodded. " You are the seer right?"

"Yes why?" She was a bit cautious, as she should be.

"I'll explain later. Do you see the one behind the disappearances in Seattle?"

She looked uneasy. "No."

"I think I know why. Victoria is using someone else to make some 'friends'. and since you don't know who you can't see it happening. I discovered some bloodsamples on the piece I ripped from her pants. I wanted to know what you and your family think of it."

"Well, some of us are hunting since school starts tomorrow and Carlisle is at the hospital so how about I'll call you to plan a meeting?"

"Okay" I gave her my number.

"You know, for a mutt your not that bad."

"Same goes for you as a vamp." I told her.
"Why aren't you calling us leech and all those things, like your pack does?"

"Because I think only bad people like Victoria deserve to be called names. Since your family tries to be as human as possible, I think you're not bad." was my answer
"Well that's nice of you."

"Well, I have to go now and explain my brother my idea. Then I have Brady duty." I said rolling my eyes. "Bye Alice and thank you."

"Bye Sahira." I ran home. Brady was phasing soon maybe tomorrow or the day after.

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