Sam's Sister

Chapter 30


"When I was visiting my brother, a week before Christmas, I wasn't feeling well, my brother's wife said that I was glowing in a certain way. I didn't believe her but I went to our tribal physician. She had the news that I am pregnant."

"WHAT?!" Caius shouted with a growl. Aro's eyes widened and Marcus' eyes did too. Caius attacked me but Carlisle pinned him down with a growl. Aro stopped the guard from charging in.

"Let me finish please." I said. Aro nodded to let me continue. "The physician also found that since my pregnancy isn't going as fast as Bella's was, that the wolf gen and the vampire venom are probably cancelling each other out making the child human. Perhaps with sharper senses but nothing more. I was so happy with the news but Carlisle didn't believe me. He thought it was a joke when I gave him the papers stating with the test results, but he believed me after a while. I am willing to do anything to proof to you all that my child isn't a danger to our world's secrecy."

"Can I read both your thoughts on this?" Aro asked. Carlisle and I nodded. I gave him my bare hand and he read all my memories including when I read the papers, Carlisle's reaction and everything else, including my dreams. Then it was Carlisle's turn. I felt terrible for bringing him into this. Once they were done, Aro decided to talk with his brothers. Carlisle walked over to me and held me to soothe my worries.

"Calm down, love. Everything will be all right. I am sure of it." He whispered in my ear. his voice had a slightly calming effect on me. Jane led us to a room to stay in, without a word. It was my old room. "Sahira, we need to talk. Why did you apologize to me like you did when you woke up?" My mate asked.

"I've had dreams of our child and a possible future. You were going to kill me for all the trouble I caused you and the others. you literally ripped my heart out." I stopped there not able to continue.

"Oh darling, I would never do such a thing. I wouldn't be able to survive it if you left, no matter how or why." He said and he kissed me to make me feel how deep he loves me. I kissed back and after a while he pulled back. "When we get out of here, will you marry me?" He asked emphasizing when to make clear that we would survive.

"When we get out of here, ask me again." I answered before the door opened. Jane returned saying the brothers had decided. We followed her and met the brothers once again in the throne room.

"Carlisle, Sahira, we have decided that we will not execute you for this but we want to sent Chelsea and Afton with you to witness the progress of the pregnancy. Of course when the child is born we wish to see it ourselves too."

"Thank you Aro, you are too kind." Carlisle answered. I went up to Aro and gave him my hand. When he read what we talked about, he laughed.

"Well, Carlisle, I hope you prepare a more romantic way to ask her. I assume you will invite us? I haven't been to a wedding in a long time." Aro clapped in his hands.

Carlisle agreed and we were led out of Volterra by Demetri there we met with the guard members who were to come with us, they promised to follow the vegetarian diet, as long as they were with us. They weren't bad, but Afton was more fun than Chelsea. She was stiff and too serious for my taste.

"Oh Carlisle, when we get home, I have to visit Sam for he knows of the pregnancy as well. I need to get it over with right away or else he might think that I could die because of this."

"I'll come with you and you can't protest." He thought he knew what I wanted to say

"I wasn't going to. He will ask you about it anyway since you are a doctor, and he probably won't believe me." I said. His mouth fell open and I was tempted to put some food in it but instead I kissed him after gently pushing his mouth closed. He kissed me back until we had to break up to get out of the car. We checked in and got on the plane.

The flight was boring until Carlisle started to whisper seductively in my ear about all the things he wanted to do to me since he saw how I handled the brothers. It turned me on and then he told me to ask for a blanket and a pillow, I did as told a little confused on why he wanted me to sleep. When I got the things I asked for, he started to rub my thighs while kissing me. I was so glad it was a plane with not many people on it. In all the seats around us was no one. and we sat far in the back. He rubbed my stomach and went lower and lower opening my pants and going inside my panties.

His nostrils flared smelling my arousal and his eyes darkened more a low rumble in his chest. He slipped a finger inside me while pulling me in his lap. He started pumping his finger inside me while groping my breast with the other. I writhed with pleasure which made him twitch inside his pants. He pushed his hips against mine making me feel how hard he was. I moaned which was soft because he was still kissing me. He slipped another finger and a third inside my pussy pumping harder and faster creating the friction I was starting to crave. I moaned trying to keep it down.

I wanted him inside me so I suggested to join the mile high club squirming with the building tension in my lower stomach. Carlisle didn't want to move since his arousal would be so obvious that we would get caught, so he slipped his pants somehow lower and he ripped my panties. He had gone commando! Feeling his hard shaft rubbing my pussy almost sent me over the edge. I still found it strange that the flight attendants weren't stopping us. Guiding his tip inside me, I lowered myself bringing him deeper inside me until he filled me completely. Rolling my hips I bounced a little up and down. "Faster!" I moaned as he pushed himself up. Meeting his movements the friction I craved got heavier and heavier causing my moans to get louder. "Mmhm... Carlisle... Harder!" I moaned. Carlisle growled and slammed his hips into mine for as far as that was possible in the tiny space we had. Going harder and faster Carlisle gripped my hips to avoid breaking something from the plane. "MHMM! so...close...I'm... cumming." When I came a growl vibrated through my entire body and Carlisle came with me. His cum filled me and he bit me at the same time. The feelings of pleasure and the pain of the bite caused me to cum again. Calming down we used the blanket to clean up a little.

After we had cleaned up a bit, the pilot announced that we seemed to get out of the turbulence we seemed to be in. Carlisle and I couldn't stop laughing knowing that we were the cause of the trouble the pilots had, which caused me to wince because of the bite. Carlisle had bitten me in my shoulder. I could almost reach it with my tongue to close the wound. The rest of the flight I slept after my lovely mate had tended to the bite.

When we landed at the airport, I got why we weren't disturbed during our escapades during the flight. It was Felix who had flown the plane. He asked that we would never do that again or at least do it like the humans do in the bathroom. We laughed and said goodbye. Carlisle had gotten a message that Alice and Jasper were waiting for us at the entrance with Emmett's Land Rover. We walked there after we had gotten our luggage and they greeted us with Alice being as hyper as ever and Jasper trying to calm her a little. Once they saw us they walked over and the guys took the luggage over to put it in the car, while Alice pulled me with her.

"How was Ireland?" She asked me excited.

"It was great though I didn't get to see that much of the country yet, but when all of the drama is over I would love to go again and then fully enjoy it.

"That's a good idea we could spend a few weeks there, I bet you would like the celebrations. What did you think of Carlisle's apology?"

"Haven't you seen my reaction?"

"No I tried to give you both privacy and I only looked when you decided to go alone to the Volturi." She said.

"I thought that it was the sweetest thing a man has ever done for me. He shoved his male pride aside and just got on his knees begging for forgiveness in front of many witnesses. I was so proud that he dared to do such a thing, and I forgave him." I said a bit dreamy.

"So everything is over and forgiven?" Jasper asked me as we got in the car.

"Yes and Alice I am glad that you didn't see after we went to see the brothers. I think we caused enough people to have a traumatic experience." I said with a knowing smile.

"How is everyone doing?" Carlisle asked.

"Well when we heard from Alice that the two of you were going to the Volturi we kind of panicked at first ans Emmett wanted to go to Italy immediately but I had a vision of you two hunting with us so we knew that you would come home. Rosalie was especially worried about you Sara. She agreed for once to do something stupid and go to Italy with Emmett." Jasper answered. I understood why Rosalie would be so worried. She had been also worried about Bella when she was pregnant.

"I see." Speak of the devil, Alice's phone rang She looked at who it was and gave the phone to me. It was Rosalie. I answered the call.

"Alice have they arrived yet? How are they? Can you see them? How is Sara doing?" She asked quickly.

"Hello Rosalie, Yes we have arrived, we are doing just fine Alice can see us as we are sitting in the same car and I am as healthy as before we left." I answered her questions in the same order. IT got quiet for a few seconds.

"Sara? I am so glad to hear from you! How was it? What happened? How is the baby? Have you been careful? Have you properly eaten?" my god, she didn't stop.

"Rosalie calm down. We will talk when we get home. Goodbye Rosalie." I said getting a little annoyed at her worries. I get that because she can't have any children of her own, but that doesn't mean that she has to be a nagging woman to other people that are pregnant. I was still damn tired as well. It would take an hour or two to get home and I slept the rest of the two hours on Carlisle's shoulder. After my nap, I found myself on my bed at home alone. Sitting up quickly, I sniffed the air for other present people. I could smell the others were at home as well in the living room and Carlisle was in the office/study.

I got up and changed in some casual comfy clothes meaning sweats and a tank-top with a dog on it and the words who let the dogs out. I got it from Embry. I went downstairs wanting to eat something. When I got downstairs, I ignored the others for a bit until I had eaten though I could feel eyes in my back as I walked to the kitchen. I made some jam and peanut-butter sandwiches and some fresh orange juice. I sat down in the kitchen and wolfed down my food making sure to eat each crumb leaving the plate clean.

"Sara, how are you doing?" Rosalie asked.

"I am doing just fine, Rosalie. The baby is healthy for as far as I know and we just have to deal with Chelsea or Afton being at the check-ups." I told her.

"Okay, if you need anything just ask okay?" She asked. I nodded to get it over with. Then I called Sam to tell him Carlisle and I would visit the next few days since Carlisle would still be at home for the rest of the week. He agreed because he wanted to know the full story. I walked upstairs to the study.

"Carlisle? We need to leave now. Sam expects us in the next few days. If we run we can arrive, get the whole thing over with and get home in five days." I said.

"All right just let me finish this paperwork and we can go. Do you need something that we have to take with us?" He asked me.

"Perhaps a change of clothes, but that would be all. I'll put it in a backpack." I turned around and Rosalie had already a filled bag in her hand. I took it from her and checked what was in it. She had packed some food too. I put the food in the fridge and the clothes were okay but too much I just need two sets instead of four.

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