Sam's Sister

Chapter 31


I was running in my wolf form watching Carlisle run in front of me. We had entered Washington a few hours ago, and well, I was glad that he was too fast for human eyes, since he wasn't exactly wearing much clothing to cover his sparkly skin. Which was kind of my fault since I keep tackling him and having my way with him, but it's also vice versa, so my clothes were non existent as well. Sadly Chelsea and Santiago were coming with us so we had to keep it down.

We did hunt together all the time and after two days of running and hunting, we arrived at the old Cullen house. I howled to tell my brothers that I was back and I felt a mind link being made with the pack leader. Jared

Welcome back Sara, Sam is waiting for you.- Jared.

Thank you Jared. we have some others with us though they will stay at the old house the entire time. They won't hunt near the rez or Forks.- Sara.

Good you are responsible for them. When are you coming to Sam's place?-Jared

As soon as possible though I need to ask you guys to cover your eyes until I am dressed. I have clothes with me but my other set of clothing is in millions of pieces spread around in Canada so have a bit more patience please.-Sara

I understand.-Jared answered he shuddered when he realized what happened to get my clothes like that. They turned around and I quickly got dressed in a simple dress. Then Carlisle and I were allowed to go to La Push. We all ran to Sam's house where Sam was waiting for us. When he saw us coming he approached us and I embraced him.

"I missed you, Sam." I said.

"I missed you too, Sahra, the whole town misses you." He answered while holding me close. I took in his scent smelling the woods after a rainstorm, musk and wolf. He pulled back and looked me up and down lingering on my stomach. "Let's go inside so we can talk." He said and turned to walk inside. I followed him while holding Carlisle's hand.

Once inside I saw that Emily was gone with her kids. "She is staying with Sue and Charlie, just to be safe." He said. I understood that it wasn't as much just for me as for himself. "Now, tell me everything I need to know."

"Carlisle and I are expecting a baby. For as far as we know, it will be a human with maybe heightened senses but nothing more."

"how would that be possible?" He asked.

"Because the vampire venom and the wolf gen are cancelling each other out. My pregnancy isn't going anything like Bella's either and more like a normal one." I explained.

"I understand, so how far along are you?"

"I am about three months along, it isn't really showing yet." I said while putting a hand on my belly.

"Will she be safe?" Sam asked Carlisle.

"We will do anything to keep Sara safe, even if it's from the baby." Carlisle assured my brother. He wrapped me in his arms from behind. "The wolf inside Sara has been protecting her and the baby as well. Sara was having a mock-fight with the boys, and when one came close to the child, she attacked to kill." He added.

"I do want weekly updates on this. I don't take no for an answer." Sam said after a short silence. I looked at Carlisle to ask him if he was okay with this. He nodded so I agreed. "Oh and Sara, could you visit the others for a while? I want a private talk with doc fang over there." Sam added. I nodded and after kissing Carlisle goodbye, he told me to be safe, I left.

First I went to see Jacob's pack. I found them on the cliffs. Seth and Leah came to me wolf-style since they saw me coming and Leah smelled something because she sniffed me all over. When she reached my belly and further, I snapped at her. I growled showing my teeth. Jacob calmed us down after Seth came in to defend his sister. "HEY! Stop it! Leah! Sara!" We both turned back and I looked down in shame.

"What the hell Sara? I just tried to find out what's wrong with you and you snap at me like a bitch!" Leah said.

"I'm sorry, my wolf wants to protect my baby from any possible danger. Now that I've seen what she does to friends, I wonder what she'll do at the check ups when Carlisle touches me."

"I understand, it's much like protecting your imprintee from danger, only a tad bit worse, isn't it?" Jacob asked.

"Yes I guess." I told them what I told Sam and they started to understand as well.

"Be careful, if you need anything just ask." they said.

"I will, thank you for being understanding." I said and we talked some more about what happened the past few weeks. After, I wanted to dive from the cliff at least once. So I went. At the last moment I changed into a giant eagle and flew over the sea. Then I did a few tricks before landing on the beach.

I shook myself like a dog and when I got back to the others, my phone rang. recognizing the tune as the one I had chosen for Carlisle, I picked up.

"Sara, we have to go now. If we go home now, we will arrive in two days and then you are due for a check-up." Carlisle said.

"Okay." I said and hung up. I said goodbye to the pack and left in wolf form. I picked Carlisle up and a new bag of clothes and we picked the two Volturi guards up so we could go home. Like Carlisle said, we arrived two days later. I took a nap as I had been running for twelve hours straight. I woke up smelling Lasagna. It disgusted me so I raced to the bathroom. When I finished and had taken a shower, I was called to Carlisle's office. Chelsea was in there with Carlisle and he had all kinds of equipment.

"It's time for a check-up. Please lay down." He said.

"Okay." I lied down on the bed. He lifted my shirt and squirted some kind of gel on my stomach, it melted quickly due to my body-heat so he spread it fast.

"Ah, there we are. Would you like to see?" He asked. I raised an eyebrow 'really?' He chuckled.

"Of course how dumb to ask. Here, you can see its head, and its limbs, two arms and hands, two legs and feet. Everything is growing just fine, normal. Its heartbeat is normal as well." He pointed each limb out. I stared at the screen in awe. "Do you want to find out its gender?" Carlisle asked me.

"Can we?" I asked excited.

"We can." He said with an amused look on his face.

"Please try?" I asked him acting innocent.

"All right, let's take a look. Here we have its feet, knees, thighs and then there are its hips, See? now moving a little to the right, we can see that it is... a healthy baby boy." Watching Carlisle finding this out was fun to watch, his face lit up, his golden eyes smouldered with pride and love, and a smile grew on his face. Chelsea wrote everything down Carlisle said about the baby and she left us alone for a moment.

"Carlisle?" I asked as he had stood so still, I almost thought he had become a statue. I sat up after wiping off the gel, and took his hand. He looked down at our joined hands and then he looked at me. "Are you okay?"

"Yes, Sahra. You have no idea how happy I am. I used to think I would never have a child of my own, but before I was turned, I had always wanted to get married to a woman I loved and have a son. When I was human, I sometimes dreamed of teaching my son everything about being a gentleman and go hunting with him. Now I can, I have never been happier in my life!" He said and then he kissed me with love, pride and happiness. I kissed back and pulled him closer deepening the kiss. We didn't stop until I had to breath.

"We should go tell the others." He said.

"Do we have to? Alice and Edward probably already know meaning Jasper and Bella do as well and Rosalie will get it out of the girls fast enough and she will tell Emmett so I was hoping to just spend some time with you."

"We don't know, Bella shielded you and Chelsea didn't say anything. We had gone hunting." Alice said from downstairs. I sighed in annoyance, got up and walked downstairs with Carlisle.

"So?" Rosalie asked.

"It's a boy." We announced in sync. Carlisle's voice was filled with pride when he said it. I felt pride as well but not as much. I didn't care much for genders, I was just glad that he was healthy. Emmett whooped saying that it would even out the masculinity in this household a little what with Edward being a pussy which earned him a smack from Rosalie who congratulated us. Alice started thinking of nursing room designs, while Jasper just listened and let the emotions flow though he looked a little confused when he picked up my indifference. Edward frowned and looked at me so I knew he had picked up my thoughts as well. Bella talked to Renesmee.

Suddenly I was pulled outside by Edward and Jasper probably to talk about what they found."You're right." they said. "Sahra is something wrong? You seemed so enthusiastic and now you feel indifferent." Jasper said.

"I am happy to not have to refer to my baby as an 'it' anymore, but for the rest I don't really care for genders. I am just glad that he is healthy and growing well. Perhaps I am just a little scared that something will happen if I get attached to him. For the past ten years, whenever I found peace, something would ruin it." I explained.

"So you are worried that when we finally have some rest right now, something or someone will destroy the peace and happiness and it might have to do with your baby?" Edward asked.

"Yes. What I fear most is that there might be choice to be made between Carlisle and the baby, and I don't know who I would choose. As harsh as it may sound, when I had to choose between Esme and Carlisle, the choice was made slightly easier since it was between my imprint and someone else, if it were for example either of you instead of Esme, I would have chosen Carlisle without any doubt. The imprint comes always first in such cases but I do not know when it involves my own child." I answered. I had heard of Chelsea's gift and I think I know why she was chosen to come.

"Do you really think it will be them who will give us trouble?" Edward asked.

"Who?" Jasper asked getting a little serious.

"Our Italian guests. Sahra thinks that, that might be the reason that Chelsea was sent here." Edward filled him in.

"I see. We'll have to keep an eye out, but I'm sure everything will turn out all right." Jasper said.

"I can assure you that our orders are merely observation and not the use of my gift." A voice said from the woods. She heard us. Crap.

"I apologize, it's just something I worry about due to some other events in the past. I did not mean to offend you." I replied.

"Apology accepted, make sure it doesn't happen again." Chelsea answered going to the guest house. I walked inside the house looking for Carlisle. He was reading a book on the love-seat. I snuck up on him and blew cold air on his ear. He jumped three feet high and I laughed because the look on his face was so hilarious.

"I n-never thought t-that would actually w-work." I said between laughs.

"Sahra." He growled. I looked up and saw a dangerous glint in his eyes, he started to stalk me like a predator stalking its prey. I gulped and walked backwards until I found something to use.

It was a vase and deciding on a plan, I threw it at him. "Think fast." and I fled the room straight into our bathroom. There I calmed down and started to undress my self for a bath. Then I saw myself in a floor-length mirror I had a small baby bump, and I might be wrong but I think my breasts have grown a little as well. I had forgotten to lock the door. I remembered now, because Carlisle was standing behind me with his arms around me. He laid his hand gently over my belly and the other was fondling my breasts.

NoPoV (!Warning! Lemon starts here.)

"You're beautiful." He whispered in Sahra's ear before kissing her just below her earlobe. She turned around and Carlisle looked at her with love, a bit of worry and lust. "Sahra, I heard you talking to Edward and Jasper. Is that truly what you worry about?" Sahra nodded. He sighed while embracing her. "Oh darling, I promise I will do anything I can to keep you and everyone safe, so please don't worry about it. Just think of a happy future." Carlisle comforted her. Sahra returned the hug and let go to prevent the bathtub from being filled completely. She stepped into the tub while Carlisle watched her every single movement.

Feeling a little playful Sahra splashed some water on her mate which got him out of his trance-like state and she asked. "Would you like to join me?" Within a blink Carlisle stepped into the bathtub naked. Sahra giggled a little at this. She relaxed letting the hot water burn her muscles releasing all the stress. Sahra let out a contented sigh. "Oh god this was exactly what I needed." She said with a small moan. Carlisle wanted to help her relax some more so he offered her a massage. Delighted with the sweet offer, Sahra agreed and she turned around. He started with her shoulders and felt immediately the tension in Sahra's body.

"hmm. You are so good at this, not fair." Sahra moaned. Carlisle just smiled and worked his magic on the knots in her neck and back. Sahra continued to make little sounds that had a certain effect on Carlisle. She even started to purr a little. The sounds of his mate stirred certain feelings in Carlisle's body. When Carlisle finished the massage, Sahra turned around. "My turn to make you feel good." She said with a little mischief. Pushing him down, Carlisle took Sahra's place. Sahra kissed him while her hands stroked his body until they reached his legs. making a trail down his jaw and throat, Sahra sucked and pinched Carlisle's nipples while watching him. He moaned at the touch, and Sahra went lower and lower until she reached the water level. Looking up she smiled, "I hope you'll enjoy this." Then she dipped underwater making gills appear on her throat and she touched, kissed and licked Carlisle's body.

Before Carlisle finally understood what was going on, he gasped at the sudden contact. Sahra was licking and nipping at his cock. Then she took it in her hand and licked and sucked down the shaft ending up sucking his balls. Not expecting this, Carlisle groaned while his cock twitched. Sahra smirked happy to get such a reaction out of him. Then she kissed her way up again and finally took it in between her breasts. she sucked on the head while rubbing the rest up with her breasts. after a few minutes Sahra went down, deep-throating Carlisle until he came. Carlisle lifted her and she removed her gills. "I want to watch you come." He spoke softly. Sahra straddled him making him enter her completely. Kissing her Carlisle could taste himself on her tongue.

Sahra started to ride him while he played with her breasts and kissing her deeply. "Oh god!... Sahra... so tight." He groaned. Carlisle rubbed Sahra's clit which caused her to moan very loudly. He covered it up by kissing her again. Then he got up and turned around laying Sahra down thrusting in her.

"Oh...Carlisle, right...there. Harder!" She moaned. Doing as she demanded Carlisle thrust harder and deeper into her. Continuing like this, a large pressure started to grow in Sahra's lower regions and Carlisle was close as well. He growled and started to thrust at vampire speed. Sahra squealed in delight and then she went over the edge. Clenching her inner walls, she cried out his name. "CARLISLE!" She yelled.

Carlisle climaxed after he watched his love come. He thrust one more time and then came with Sahra's name on his lips.

Calming down from their high, they kissed each other, cleaned up and got in bed. "I love you Carlisle. I think I am just worried what my wolf might do to you at a check up since she made me attack anyone who came close to the baby."

"I love you too Sahra, I understand your worry, but it's unnecessary. You didn't attack me at the check up nor during our love-making. I think that your wolf does recognize who is touching you. I think that she knows that I, as your mate, will help you take care of our child." Carlisle explained. Sahra remembered that that did happen. She was relieved that her wolf did recognize at least her mate.

"I'm glad she does. I just hope she won't make me actually kill someone I care about." Sahra said cuddling closer to her loving man. She fell asleep with a soft smile on her face. Carlisle watched her sleep while making plans.

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