Sam's Sister

Chapter 32


The next few days Carlisle was busy dividing his time between work, Sahira, hunts and the rest of the family, and the preparations for his proposal to Sara. He had to take Alice outside so she could squeal and scream in excitement until she calmed down, when she had the vision of Carlisle's decision to ask Sara to marry him. Then came the hard part. Denying Alice to prepare the whole thing.

"Alice, I am glad that you are willing to do this for me, but I want to work it out myself otherwise I don't feel like I put my heart into this. If you want to help me at the day itself I would be grateful." He finally said.

"Oh all right, but only if I can be the wedding planner." She compromised after a lot of fussing.

"That's something you have to ask Sahra if she says yes." He said. Then they ran back and Edward and the others congratulated him and he started explaining what he would need help with until Sahra came downstairs. Suddenly they all went off doing something while Carlisle started breakfast. Sahra had started craving certain foods though surprisingly it isn't all unhealthy like junk-food. In the mornings she seemed to like eating fruit-salads the most. While finishing the food-preparations, Sahra sneaked up on Carlisle though he turned around before she could 'scare' him. He wrapped an arm around Sahra's waist and kissed her forehead while continuing making breakfast. "Good morning Sahra." He spoke softly.

"Good morning." She said kissing his cheek. Letting him go Sahra sat down after grabbing a glass of orange juice. Carlisle put the salad on the table and he kissed Sahra goodbye as he had to leave for work. "I'll see you this afternoon, be careful, my love." He said before kissing Sahra and leaving. She ate her breakfast when she was alone while making plans for the day. She had decided that she wanted to do something with her artistic skills and she was looking around on the internet for a job. There was one as a substitute teacher at the high school. She send her resume and then went to read a book.

After she finished the book, Sahira checked the mail, then went for a run. Nothing really happened though Sahira hunted on her way back. When she got back she found Alice and Rosalie pouring over some magazines or something. "Hey, what are you girls looking at?" Sahira asked curiously. The girls jumped and they turned to Sahra.

"Oh just some fashion-magazines. Nothing special. I had a vision of you working at a school. Did you apply for that substitute teacher's job?" Alice asked changing the subject while Rosalie took the magazines away.

"Yes, I don't like sitting around doing nothing so I decided to apply for that. I never taught others something not wolf-related stuff before so I am curious how that works out for me." Sahra answered.

"I'm sure you will do fine. You are a good teacher from what I heard from the packs and you taught us sign-language." Alice said. Sahra nodded and left to make some lunch.


Phew, that was close. I didn't see her coming back while Rose and I were planning and working on our part of Carlisle's proposal. I feel so happy that Carlisle has found happiness after Esme was killed. At first I blamed Sahira for not saving them both, but Jasper helped me realize that Sahira did try, but that she just didn't have her gift enough in control to succeed. He also explained to me that if he had been made to choose between me and Rose that he would go for me because I am his mate, and apparently it works the same for wolves and their imprint. I was able to slowly forgive Sara for her mistake with that information and with time. We all first thought that she just ran from the fight with Sam because she was a coward, but when Sam came with us he had explained to us about the deal they had made and this time I felt bad.

When all that happened between her and Carlisle, I felt sad as I knew that they both wanted to be together but that Sahra was just too scared to really open her heart up after what happened with Riley and with the men she dated. Though the attack on Carlisle made her realise that the one she loved had always been taking care of her, and that he was almost gone. They finally mated and all was good. They were happy. Then it turns out that Sahra is pregnant. I worry for her as I can't see anything regarding her and the baby. I just hope it won't go as it did with Bella.

When Sahira told us about what she dreamed of, I saw that the child would be the key to come out alive if the Volturi decide to come. Though I had seen Carlisle and Sahira comforting each other for some reason. I had not even told Jasper about it. He was worried about me hiding something but I just didn't know enough details yet, and I don't know if I want to know them. "What's wrong?" Rose asked me.

"Nothing, I just worry for Sarah's health." I said.

"Yes I know what you mean, but she doesn't accept our help when we do things for her." She sighed.

I nodded. "Sahra is very stubborn in that way. She likes to think that she knows what's best for herself and the baby and she doesn't want to be dependent again after she has been for a large part of her childhood." I agreed. "Maybe if we talk to her about it she will be a bit more lenient to our ideas." I suggested.

"Maybe she will. I'm curious what the baby will be like." Rose said. I nodded in agreement while we continued making sure our parts of the proposal were ready.

After four hours Sahra was getting restless as she started missing Carlisle. She was moving around cleaning, drawing, painting, anything to keep busy. "Sahra can we talk to you?"

"Sure, is something wrong?" She answered checking us out. No not checking out, Sahra was checking us for any wounds. She is as protective of us as Carlisle is. That's nice to know. She would make a good mother and she is good for Carlisle.

"No nothing is wrong but we would like to talk to you about the fact that we want to help you take care of yourself and the baby. Why do you reject our help?"

"it's nothing really, I just feel like wanting to take care of my own, because I never had to and my wolf agrees that I should learn to. I do appreciate that you are willing to help me, but just talk to me instead of just doing it behind my back. The pack did that when I returned from the disaster in Egypt and I've come to resent that." She told us.

"We promise." Rose and I said in sync. I was even more excited now. I'm curious what she will think of Carlisle's way of proposing. I had seen the perfect day to do it and it was tomorrow! I'm curious about how she will react. I can't see her reaction as she doesn't know about the proposal.


I wish I knew what Carlisle was doing these past few days, he was spending a lot of time on something and he seemed nervous about it. I knew that it wasn't something bad or I would've felt it through our bond but I am curious about what it could be. I think Alice and Rosalie have something to do with it, when I asked them what they were doing, they acted a bit strange.

After a few hours of studying about art, I felt restless missing Carlisle, I had cleaned the house, practised drawing and painting, and other things to keep busy but it was getting bad. I longed to see my mate, to feel his arms around me. That longing intensified suddenly and I knew that Carlisle was feeling the same way. I had to see him but couldn't just walk into the hospital for no reason.

"You can Sahra, other doctors get visits from their loved ones as well, just call Carlisle first." Alice said. I nodded and left the room to call in privacy. Carlisle picked up after the second ring.

"Sweetheart, is something wrong?" He asked.

"No, I just miss you and I was wondering when you are on your lunch break."

"My break starts in half an hour, would you like to come over and eat with me?" He asked.

"If it's no trouble then sure, I'll be there in twenty-nine minutes." I told him

I'll see you then. Goodbye Sahra, I love you." I sighed happily as I did every time he told me he loves me.

"I love you too, Carlisle." I said and I hung up.

I picked up my coat and purse and I told the girls that I would be going. Then I got to my car and I drove to the hospital. I made sure to keep to the right speed so there wouldn't be any interruptions, and as I had promised I arrived at the hospital in twenty-nine minutes. I walked through the hall to the ER where Carlisle was working, he was just writing something down when I sneaked behind him and blew in his ear. He jumped again! I wondered why he didn't sense me coming.

"Sahra..." he said with a low growl, too low for humans to hear.

"Y-Yes, love?" I asked while laughing.

"Why did you do that?" He asked.

"Just for fun. Didn't you sense me sneaking up behind you?" I asked him. Then I think of ways to explore the sensitivity of his ears.

"I did sense you getting closer, I just didn't sense how close you were." He said.

"Anyway, are you ready to go?" I asked him.

"Yes let me grab my coat. Would you mind waiting here?" I shrugged. He left with a kiss on my cheek. I sat down in the waiting room noticing I had gotten bigger again.

"When are you expecting?" a voice asked. I looked up seeing an elder looking lady sitting on my left.

"They said in the second half of June. I'm in my eighteenth week." I answered politely.

"Your first?"

"Yes, he's my first." I told her.

"Oh, a boy, how sweet." She said with a smile. I smiled back remembering Carlisle's reaction.

"You should've seen my man's reaction. It was priceless."

"Sahra, I see you met Mrs. Anderson." Carlisle said offering me a hand to help me up.

"Ah, so you are the lady he talks about. I wish you both good luck with the pregnancy and the years after the birth." Mrs. Anderson said.

"Thank you ma'am, I'll do my best."

"Shall we? Goodbye Mrs. Anderson." Carlisle suggested before turning to the older lady.

"Goodbye dearies." She said waving. Carlisle offered me his arm and we walked out of the hospital. Something I noticed was that Carlisle never touched my belly except for during check ups, he never wrapped his arm around my waist while we walked anymore either. I took his arm and pulled it around my waist while doing the same to him. Carlisle pulled back.

"Why?" I asked him.

"I don't want to put stress on your wolf, you said yourself that you were worried about how she would react if I got close to our baby." He said.

"I did say that, but my wolf recognizes you as my mate who won't let us get hurt. She has been calm during every check up. She was very happy that you accepted our son." I assured him though I understood his reasoning.

"Are you sure it's okay?"

"Yes, I'm sure, I was getting worried that you had changed your mind about our son." I told him about what I thought was going on.

"No, I would never do that, you and our son have been the best that happened to me. I wouldn't trade that for anything." He said looking at me with honesty and love. He pulled me closer and we got to a lunchroom. We found a table for two and I remembered the first time we did this together. Remembering Jasper wearing a maid's dress, I laughed quietly.

"What's so funny?"

"I was just remembering the first time we did this. When I woke up after, Jasper was wearing a maid's dress. It looked quite good on him." I said barely keeping my laughter in.

"I imagine." Carlisle said chuckling at the image. We ordered food, he ordered some salad for me.

"How was your day?"

"My day was good, until you came. Then it got even better." He answered with a smile and a soft look in his eyes. I felt warmth rise to my cheeks. Carlisle was so sweet, I feel very lucky that I imprinted on him and not some jerk. Then I remembered something I noticed the past few days.

"Carlisle, can I ask you something?" I asked.

"Of course, dear. Tell me." He said

"What have you been doing these past few days? You seem nervous about something."

"Oh sweetheart, it's nothing bad. I promise."

"Are you sure? Because if it's something I did, then I want to know." I asked worried that he lied to me, about not having second thoughts about having a child.

"I'm sure. Don't worry too much about it." He assured. I finished lunch and went to the bathroom when I felt a sharp pain in my belly. I cried out from the pain and clutched my body curling up.

"Sahira, are you okay? what happened?"

"Carlisle... hurts..." I managed to get out. Another shot of pain went through me. Carlisle walked in and he quickly was at my side. He helped me sit up and I gasped for air.

"Sahra, what's going on? What's hurting you?"

"L-lower... s-stomach..." I answered between gasps. Cool fingers probed my lower stomach and lifted my shirt. A gasp.

"You have bruises all over." He said while putting his hands on the bruises to cool them. Another shot of pain. I cried out again.

"Sahra, I think I know what's going on. I think it's the baby kicking." Carlisle said while picking me up.

"It hurts." I said.

"Do you want me to examine you at the hospital?" He asked me. I shook my head no.

"I just want to lie down for a bit." I answered him quietly.

"All right do you want me to take you home or do you want to nap on the couch in my office?"

"I can do that?" I asked him. I didn't want to go home for then I would get questions and they would worry too much.

"Of course you can, though I think we will have to be careful." He said.

"Then can I stay with you? I don't want to worry the others." I answered.

"All right then, come on." He said. He put me down so I could walk but let me hold his arm to keep standing. Carlisle led me back to the hospital and to his office where I lied down on his couch. He kissed me once. "Sleep well, my darling." He said draping a blanket over me. I could only yawn a soft "love you" before I fell asleep.


I have been working the whole afternoon and didn't even have time to check up on Sahra. I'm worried about her since the baby's kicks shouldn't have hurt her since she is a hybrid vampire. She should've been near indestructible and yet she got all bruised up. Finishing up the paperwork I was done, and got to my office to wake Sahra up and get my coat. When I was almost at the door of my office, I felt pain in my lower-stomach again, just like in the lunch-room. Sahra was in pain.

I opened the door and was met with a curled up crying Sahra who was bleeding. I could smell the blood but it didn't show. I think she was bleeding from the inside. "Sahra, what's wrong? Is he kicking again?"

"Yes...pain...too much." Was what I could hear clearly even with my hearing, as she gasped. I laid her down on her back so I could examine her. Her skin tone seemed darker somehow. Her bruises have gotten worse. I put my hands on them to cool them and she jumped a little. I didn't feel any bumps anymore and Sahra seemed to calm down a little.

"Right, you are staying at home for the rest of the pregnancy. I will talk to the others about keeping an eye on you. You will not disobey me about this."

"I d-don't want to b-be a burden." She said her voice shaking a little.

"Sahra, This is not something I am willing to compromise about. You will do as I say." I felt my eyes darken as I growled at her in frustration. How can she not see I am just trying to protect her?

"B-but-" My mate dares to question me, her mate and her coven leader? She will have to be punished for this. Perhaps I need to make sure that she knows not to doubt me. My proposal will have to wait. I don't like it, but if it's the only way to make her see I only have her safety and health in mind, I will do it.

"Sahira Uley, you will listen to me!" I snarled. I decided to call the others for a meeting except for Bella. We would fill her in later. She could watch Sahra. Sahra tried to get up by herself but I helped her as she struggled with it. She put her coat on not making eye-contact with me which was the intelligent thing to do. I would have interpreted it as an act of defiance if she had looked at me. I had sent a text-message to the others that we would have a meeting within the hour.

I led Sahra to where Jasper and Alice were waiting to take her home. I did not speak to Sahra, as I wanted to figure out what she did wrong. I nodded at Jasper and Alice, the latter taking Sahra with her in the car. "She is not to leave our room until I say so. No one will talk to her until after the meeting." I told Jasper, knowing that Alice had heard it as well, and Sahra too. Jasper nodded once "Yes sir." Then he took Sahra's car while Alice drove Sahra home. I could feel Sahra's eyes on me but I forced myself to ignore her. It was a hard thing to do, but it was necessary. Hopefully she will listen now.

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