Sam's Sister

Chapter 33


When Sahra and Alice got home, Rosalie was the first to walk over. Before she could ask anything, Alice warned her not to, immediately telling the others that no one was to speak with Sahra until after the meeting. Bella tried to ask why but Edward stopped her telling her that he would explain later. Alice took Sahra to her room and left.

Sahra sat on the bed as she tried to think of what happened to make Carlisle angry with her. Let's see, when I slept on the couch, the baby kicked again, Carlisle came to help me, He told me to stay home, I tried to compromise, he refused and got angry with me. Somehow this reminded me of when Sam and I fought about me taking part in the fight against Victoria. Sam told me later that he just wanted to keep me safe as he couldn't bear it if I got hurt again after the incident in Egypt. Could Carlisle have the same reason? Is it just to keep us safe? but then... why did he get so angry? I don't understand that. I should apologize though, I was just the same when I went to Volterra. I wanted to keep him safe so bad that I actually lied to him. Somehow I'm happy that he doesn't lie. So I will apologize for trying to defy him, and I should listen to him.

Satisfied with having thought up what happened and what to do about it, Sahra fell asleep. Edward had followed her thoughts and was glad that Sahra was smart enough to realize why Carlisle acted the way he did. Now Carlisle will only have to be calm enough to listen to her. Speak of the devil and he shall appear, Carlisle just arrived. Everyone was acting a bit submissive since Jasper sensed that Carlisle was still feeling angry though according to his thoughts, he had calmed somewhat. Carlisle came inside and one could sense the authority in his stance. "Dining room, now." He said with a low growl. Everyone walked to their seats and sat down, when Carlisle sat.

"I called for this meeting to inform you that Sahira will be staying home at least until the baby is born. I want someone to watch over her, since she gets hurt each time the baby kicks. It happened twice today. The second time she had an internal bleeding. My plans will have to wait until after the birth. What I want from you is a schedule on who will watch her when I'm not able to do so myself due to hunting or other things. I will be taking time off from the human world as a doctor to take care of Sahra. Does any of you have any questions?" He asked. They all shook their heads no.

"Good, I'll go see to my mate then. This meeting is over." Carlisle left to go upstairs.


I couldn't really hear what was being said, but I only heard Carlisle talking. He sounded very firm. I heard chairs being pushed back and I sat on my knees on the floor right in front of the bed with my head down and my hair swept aside to show my mating mark. I heard Carlisle coming upstairs and he opened the door. I tried to relax but I couldn't. "Carlisle, I-" I tried to apologize but he stopped me from talking.

"Sahira, you will only speak when I give you permission, until I have explained your punishment. Do you understand? You may answer." He said.

"I understand."

"Good, do you understand what you did wrong at the hospital? Answer me."

"I think I do. I tried to go against you, when you only ordered me to stay home because of my own safety and health and that of our baby. I do wish to apologize for acting the way I did. I realize that it was wrong of me and I hope that you can forgive me for this sometime, even if you can't right now." I answered him quietly, not looking him in the eyes.

"You are right, I can't forgive you for this yet. However, I will lessen the punishment, since you were able to realize what you did wrong on your own. Sahira, you will be watched over during the remaining time of your pregnancy, most of the time by me and sometimes by the others, but I will allow you going out once in a while, as long as you tell me where you are going and you take someone with you." He told me. It did sound reasonable, but I didn't really want to make anyone watch me like a babysitter.

"They are willing to watch over you. They worry about you too." Carlisle assured me. Suddenly Edward came upstairs.

"Your son is happy that his mother is in a safe place. He is sorry for hurting you, but he felt it was the only way to get you home."

"You could hear him?" Carlisle asked before I could.

"Yes, it was just like with Bella and Renesmee, he loves both of you already and he can't wait to meet you. Hearing your voices and Carlisle touching your belly is what he likes most so far, that's why he stops kicking when Carlisle touches Sahra." Edward answered both of us before leaving us together. I was so happy to hear that my son loved me already, I felt tears gather in my eyes. Looking at Carlisle I saw the same happen to him, he looked the same as when we found out that we were going to have a son.

"Carlisle..." I whispered. He sat down and pulled me in his lap. He nuzzled my neck placing butterfly kisses here and there. When he looked at me I could see tears of happiness in his eyes.

"Sahira, I'm so happy now. Can we stay like this for a bit? I just want to hold you and not worry about the world around us for a while. Can we do that?"

"Of course we can." and so we did sit just basking in the other's presence. At some point I fell asleep I guess because when I woke up, I was lying in bed alone and I smelled Demetri. I thought it weird but I could hear voices, so I guessed that he was here for a visit. Getting changed, I went downstairs and saw Demetri fighting with Emmett and Jasper.

"Nothing is wrong. It's a mock-fight while he was waiting for you." Edward said. I was relieved as I knew that as good as Demetri is, he wouldn't have won if it was serious with seven versus one though I think Chelsea and Afton would've helped him and with Chelsea's gift it might have been a harder. The boys concluded in a tie between Jasper and Demetri. I applauded for the interesting fight which caused their attention to turn on me. Demetri appeared in front of me and I took unconsciously a step back, almost falling but he caught me.

"Careful there, we wouldn't want you to get hurt." He said, his accent clear. He stood me straight up and embraced me. "It's good to see you again. You look as beautiful as always. Even more so now with that pregnancy glow that humans seem to have." He said.

"Thank you, I'm happy to see you again as well." I answered. The others left us to catch up though Rosalie and Emmett stayed in the house. Rosalie was tinkering on some cars and Emmett was playing some game. Demetri and I sat down in the living room. "So tell me, how have you been?" I asked him as I hadn't seen him much when Carlisle and I were in Volterra.

"I am doing fine, I have been busy with a few annoying nomads, so now I have some time off and I wanted to see you again so here I am. What about you? How far along are you now?"

"I'm about twenty weeks now, if I do follow the human pregnancy, I'm about halfway there." I said stroking my belly lightly.

"Do you know what it's gender will be? Or did you want to be surprised?"

"It's a boy. You should've seen Carlisle's face when he found out. That is the kind of look a wolf lives for to see on his or her imprint's face. It made me more happy than anything could ever make me, just to see that look on his face." I answered him, a fond smile on my face as I remembered the way Carlisle looked when we found out that our baby was going to be a boy.

"You two are truly in love, aren't you?" He asked.

"Yes, why?"

"No reason, it's just that you don't see that as much in our world as one would think." He said.

"What about you, have you found someone?"

"Not yet. Heidi and Alec got married two weeks ago. They kept it small but it was nice." he had this wishful look in his eyes.

"I'm sure you will find your special someone too. She would be a very lucky woman with a man like you at her side."

"I thank you for the compliment and I hope that you are right." He said a sad smile gracing his lips. We talked some more until my stomach growled. I felt the baby kick lightly and I had the feeling he was hungry too. Demetri helped me up and we went to the kitchen making some sandwiches which I ate in the garden where the sun was shining.

Soon I was joined by Rosalie and Emmett who crouched in front of me. Demetri jumped up as well. They had their gazes fixated on the woods in front of us. It was only now that I heard someone coming our way. "Rose take Sahra inside. Demetri and I will take care of everything. Keep her safe." Emmett said taking charge.

"Be careful." she answered and she took me inside to the living room. We heard the two men talking and then we heard some fighting. Rosalie was torn between staying with me and going to join her mate.

"Rose take me to the punishment closet, I can change it so it is locked from the inside. They can't break it open so if I stay there you can join Emmett." She looked uncertain but complied and she picked me up, put me in the closet and closed the door. I did as I had said and I heard her running. I heard the fight being finished but the sounds were muffled. Then I heard doors opening and someone running down the stairs to the basement. Someone knocked four times on the closet.

"Sahra, it's safe now. The threat is gone." An accented voice said. I was happy to hear that and I opened the door. However it was not Demetri who called me out. This was an unknown vampire. He had red eyes and dirty blond hair that was curly. He smirked evilly. "Got'cha." He struck and things went dark before my eyes.


When Carlisle was hunting with Alice and Jasper, he heard Alice gasp suddenly. "Carlisle we have to go back quickly. The house is under attack!" I knew I had to hurry even though I didn't feel panic from Sahra through our bond. Jasper took charge when we got to the house. We saw a fire burning and Emmett and Rosalie tending to each other's wounds. Demetri was gone. Bella was guarding them with Edward. Where is Sahira? I had felt a little pain then nothing. It isn't her in the fire, is it?

"It's not Sahra. It's two of the attackers. They were from the Romanian coven. One had the gift of invisibility he is the one that has taken Sahra. Demetri is after them as we speak. He felt guilty for allowing her to be taken so he is doing all he can to get Sahra back." Edward said when they knew we got back. Sahra was taken? but... why? Why do the ones I care for keep getting taken from me?

"Carlisle now is not the time to be pitying yourself. Sahra is still alive. She needs you to save her and your son." Jasper said pushing determination and calm my way. He was right. Sahra is alive. I will get her back and make those that took her pay.

"Good. Alice Bella Rose and Emmett will stay home. I will go with Carlisle and Edward. The prick may be able to hide, but we can find him through our gifts. Alice if anything comes up, call me. "Let's go."

"We want to help too." Chelsea and Afton came.

"Where were you when the fight was going on?"

"We were having some alone time a bit away from here. We were called by Demetri but we couldn't get here in time. We want to make it up by assisting you in anyway we can."

"Fine. You both can come. We can use your gift to make them tell us their plans." Jasper said. They called Demetri to trace his phone.

"He is in Canada near an airport." Emmett said. The five vampires were gone while he sent them the address. They ran for about three hours when they arrived.
Demetri met them and told them all he knew.

"They have boarded a plane to Russia, from there they will take her to Romania. It seems that Stefan and Vladimir plan on using her and the baby against the Volturi. You have just gained our full alliance. I do apologize for allowing her to be taken under my watch."

"Did you inform Aro of this, Demetri?" Jasper asked.

"Yes, I had no choice. Jane, Alec and Felix will be meeting us as our back up. Felix has more information on the Romanian as his latest mission was to find out what they were doing." Demetri said. I was glad that we had a strong ally in this. I wanted to rip my heart out though as the pain of being separated from Sahra and our child was killing me.

"Carlisle, I can assure you we will get Sahra and your son back with you alive and well." Demetri said having seen me trying to claw my heart out.

"Carlisle I would suggest focusing on your love for her and all the good times. It helps." Edward said. I did as he advised and I remembered all the times we hunted together, the time we danced together and when she told me about our son, when we found out our child was going to be a boy, etc. It did help to lessen the pain even if it was just a little. Sahra please be careful, I'm coming for you my love.

We went with a private plane to Italy where our reinforcements were waiting. When we arrived, they took us to Volterra. Once there we were ushered inside. Demetri gave his hand to Aro as did Felix to show him what we knew. "This is worse than we thought. When Eli took over for Felix, he found out that the Romanians were building an army. They are also going to try to make Sahra join their side somehow."

"How is that possible? Sahra's loyalty will always be with Carlisle unless they... You don't think..."

"Yes, I do. I think they plan on making her believe that Carlisle is dead, or to actually kill him but making it seem like one of us did it." That's bad, with Sahra's gift, if they blamed the Volturi for my supposed death, Sahra will want to fight us and she will use any form needed to kill us all. I fear for her mental and emotional state if this happens.

"Then we will have to get her back before they convince her."

"Carlisle can you call her? maybe we can reach her and tell her of that part of their plan."

"I can try." I did as I said leaving the room for some privacy. However right when I was about to call her, someone called me.

"Carlisle Cullen speaking."

"Carlisle!" It was Sahra.

"Sahra, where are you? Are you hurt?"

"No, I'm fine, we are both fine. I am somewhere in Russia from what I can tell, I don't know exactly yet where I am."

"Good. Listen Sahra, they plan on using you against the Volturi. They are going to make you believe that I have been killed by them so that you will want to avenge my death by fighting us."

"I understand. I'm scared Carlisle." She said. She must be close to tears as her voice shook.

"I know, sweetheart. I promise that we will get you out of there safely. I will have you back before you know it." I tried to calm her. A door opened wherever Sahra was.

"All right, miss Sahira, time for your shots." Sahra quickly hung up whispering a love you. I walked back to the throne room and relayed all I had learned and that Sahra was somewhere in Russia.

"Just as we thought, though what the thing with shots mean I don't know."

"They are trying to speed up the pregnancy so they can hold the safety of the baby as a back up plan." Alice said.

"What are you doing here?" Jasper asked hugging his mate.
"I had a vision and knew that we had to come here. Peter and Charlotte have come as well." She answered her mate. Rose Bella and Renesmee had come as well.

"We are the safest here. I had a vision of us being killed if we didn't go here." Alice explained when Edward asked. That was fine. It was best to be together anyway. Now we were at full strength and we could finally start planning.

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