Sam's Sister

Chapter 34


When I awoke, I found myself tied and blinded. I smelled the stench of human-eating vampires and I didn't mean Peter or Charlotte, or one of the other vampires I've met. I heard engines and if I'm correct, its the engines of a plane. So we are going somewhere far away?

"So the bitch is finally awake. Good. You and I are going to have a little chat." the blindfold was ripped from my face. I let my eyes adjust and then I saw the vampire that had taken me. I growled trying to get out of the ropes to kill him but the ropes were too strong. "He he, try all you want darling, those ropes have a coat of vampire venom. They are unbreakable. Don't think of using your gift either, sweetheart, We have little Marco here who has the gift of disabling vampiric gifts." I am not fully vampire so I could use that to my advantage. He led me in a hangar to a car. I saw snow outside.

"Anyway, we will be arriving soon so here are some rules you will have to follow as soon as we land. One; don't speak unless spoken to. Rule number two, behave like a good girl and no one gets hurt. Rule number three. If you do disobey us, your lovely little mate will be taken and brought to you in pieces. Understood?" Thank god they didn't know about Sam or the packs.

"Yes sir." I had to obey to protect Carlisle.

"Good, manners will get you far." He said then he blindfolded me again. We were now driving somewhere. I tried my best to make out sounds and smell but the pain of being away from Carlisle was distracting me. After about three hours of driving, we stopped. I had heard humans speaking what sounded like Russian, so we are probably in Russia, but where we exactly are I don't know yet. I was brought to a room or a cell of sorts. "Here you are, your living quarters for the rest of your time here." The man said. I was pushed inside and a door closed behind me. As soon as I was alone, I took my phone and I checked for any signal which I got a little of. I hoped I could call someone. First I tried Carlisle. He picked up after the first ring.

"Carlisle Cullen speaking." Just hearing his voice made me feel relieved. I felt a tear run down from my eye.

"Carlisle..." I spoke.

"Sahra, Where are you? Are you hurt?" He sounded so worried, it broke my heart and yet I was so happy that he cared so much for me and our child.

"I'm fine, we are both fine. I think we're in Russia somewhere. I don't know exactly where yet." I told him. He sighed in relief when I told him we were both fine.

"Good. Sahra, listen, the Romanian coven are going to use you against the Volturi. They plan on making you believe I'm killed by the Volturi so you will kill them for revenge." That scared me. What if they succeeded somehow?

"I understand. Carlisle, I'm scared." I told him. I had changed a piece of cloth from the bed in another cellphone, texting Jasper with the information about Marco.

"I know sweetheart. I promise that we will get you out of there safely. I will have you back before you know it." He said. That could help me to stay strong. Suddenly another vampire came walking in.

"Okay Miss Sahira, time for your shots." I whispered an 'I love you' and I crushed both phones. I just hoped someone had thought of tracing this phone. The raven man was carrying a small case with him. First he took some blood from me, then he had a vial with some clear liquid in it. "Now, this one will hurt." He said before giving me a shot of the liquid in my swollen stomach. It burned me making it clear what it was. It was vampire venom! What are they trying to do?

"Now when the burning is over, The masters want to speak with you." He said before leaving. I just curled up to try and keep the pain as minimal as possible. The baby kicked though not as hard as usual, as if he understood I was in pain.

"Hush now, little one. I know. I promise we will get out of here before you come." I told him. The kicking softened a little more and finally stopped. the pain was over as well. I managed to get up and look around, it was a simple room, with a dresser, a bed, a bedside-table with a lamp on it and a bathroom behind the door next to the dresser. There was one window but it was locked and there were bars in front and behind it. All I could see outside was snow behind the walls. the most useful shape for me would be a bird until I was on the other side of those walls. Then I could be a wolf but first I had to change the bars and the window. I noticed a few guards down there. perhaps a fly would be better. less chance of being hit with whatever they would throw.

When the burning was gone, I felt thirsty and yet somewhat stronger, somehow. The door opened and I saw two vampires, one blonde and one dark haired. "Miss Sahira, We assumed that you would be hungry after such a stressing moment, we have some blood for you here." My eyes darkened at the smell of the fresh blood. It smelled like I thought Bella smelled when she was human. It was human. My vampire side woke up and I nearly attacked the bloodbag the blonde held. However, I still had the strength to resist. I would not harm a human. Ever. Not as long as I can do something else.

"Is it not fresh enough? Do you want it straight from the source?"

"No, I don't want human blood." I said with a growl. They shrugged and then another vampire took the bag away.

"Oh well we can probably find a wolf somewhere later for you. Now we would like to discuss some business with you." Blonde said.

"I don't do business with strangers." I said.

"We are no strangers, we are friends of your mate, Carlisle Cullen."

"I don't think he considers you friends anymore now that you kidnapped his pregnant mate." I told them. They already knew about the baby so it didn't matter if I talked about him.

"Yes, that child of yours. Is it like the other one?" The dark haired one asked referring to Renesmee

"No. it should be more human however since your little pawns give me more venom they might turn it into an immortal child."

"No that's not the plan we just want to speed the pregnancy up. That way you can fight full out without having to worry about it."

"Why would I fight? I have no reason to fight anyone unless it is to get out of here."

"Well, we have reason to believe that the Volturi are planning on killing the Cullens for getting too powerful. They are just faking their kindness."

"Why would I believe you? I know that my family is currently in Volterra planning with the Volturi on how to get me out of here."

"Yes, but who says that everyone of your family would survive? Maybe they are using this as an excuse to thin your family out before going in themselves. Maybe they want to get rid of the shield first and of the Major." That was a good excuse but I still didn't believe it. I could still feel my imprint bond, so I knew Carlisle was safe and alive.

"I don't believe you. You don't have any proof." I said. They seemed to know that I had a small bit of doubt.

"We do have proof. We have reports from a spy in Volterra that tells us that the brothers are in fact discussing your family quite a bit."

"Who is this spy? You are lying, those reports are fake." I said and then I tried to turn into something but Marco must be near since it didn't work. So I can't turn myself but I can still change other things. Interesting. Perhaps Marco's gift hadn't been fully trained. Then I can find out where I am.

The two vamps talked a bit more and I decided to play along. "All right, let's say I do believe you. Then how would I know where to find my enemy if I don't know where I am myself?" I asked calming down.

"That's easy, you are in Bran Castle, in Transylvania." The dark haired one said. So I'm not in Russia. Now I really hoped someone in Volterra traced my phonecall with Carlisle.

"Okay, interesting. Anyway, next to blood, I will need human food as well so I won't spend my reserves and die."

"We know, we have a cook ready to make the food you want, and once he has served his purpose he will become our food." the blonde said while the other one just watched me.

"What is it? do I have something on my face?"

"No you just are a very beautiful woman. What they say about pregnant women being the most beautiful thing on earth certainly is true for you." That creeped me out. I shuddered in disgust while the blonde looked at the other one in what seemed to be surprise, that was something that bothered me about those two. I couldn't read their behaviour very well.
"Brother, you are not falling for her are you?" He asked not revealing the way he thought of this.

"I don't know maybe I am, maybe I am not. We shall see. One should not rush these things brother." They left me alone and I got to work. If I remember correctly from my school-project about mythical locations, the dungeon where the prison cells are is right under the castle and runs a bit like a hall under the ground. If I can get myself in there, I might be able to escape. First things first I will have to cause enough trouble that they have to put me there in order to keep me prison. Breaking out should do it and destroying as much as possible here and there.

With great effort I changed the wall in weak material so I wouldn't hurt myself and then I stormed out. Dodging as many leeches as possible, I punched several walls and crashed into tables with plants in vases on them or I scratched paintings and stuff. I felt the baby move around and act up a little as if he was cheering for me to get out of here. Unfortunately, the reason I was getting so far was revealed pretty soon. There was this large vampire just waiting for me with what looked like a fishing net. He threw it over me and it must have been some special kind of net as it electrocuted me as soon as it touched my skin. the shocks knocked me out cold.


When Sahra woke up again, she was in a different room. Not the one she hoped to be in. It was a better guarded bedroom in a different wing of the castle. She got up and looked around. This room was more like it was owned by royalty. The door burst open and Stefan burst in angry. He slapped Sahira with a growl. "How dare you destroy our home, our precious paintings about our human lives! You do fit with the crazy people of our kind, like the disgusting so called vegetarians." He insulted Carlisle. How dare he. Sahra got in his face with a roar and she punched him with all the power she had. He flew through the wall and Sahra went after him. Stefan fought her and they destroyed more of the castle until Vladimir stopped them.

"Please stop acting like children before you destroy the entire castle." He said while pulling both Sahira and Stefan with him by their ears. He gave Sahira to a guard. "Take her to the cells. I need to speak with my brother in private." He said.

Sahira secretly cheered while wincing from her bruises. The baby was okay though he was quiet now. The guard manhandled Sahra into the prison-cells and then left her alone. One guard stayed behind and Sahira slept the pain off.

In Volterra...

Carlisle winced as he moved. When he went hunting he felt as if he was being beaten up and now he felt pain from bruises all over his body. I hope she isn't doing anything foolish. I wish I knew how to get her safely back with me. He thought. The vampires here had been discussing plans of attacking the Romanians and Aro had decided to leave a guard with Carlisle as they wanted to rule out the possibility of him getting killed.
However the guard that was assigned to him was getting on his nerves as she just kept hitting on him and she kept talking bad about Sahira. Because he didn't want to bother the brothers and Jasper and Peter with such a trivial matter while they were busy figuring everything out and training the people who needed it, the girl named Helia got away with it. She may be a beautiful girl, but Carlisle had already said that he already had a mate and that he didn't want to be with her. She didn't give up and he found her in his rooms sometimes wearing barely anything. Which caused him to hide in any other room. Alice hadn't seen this happening as she was trying to help the planners as well by seeing if their decisions would work. Edward was the first to find out what was going on. He was walking with Carlisle talking about science as a way to distract his father-figure from missing his mate when Carlisle hesitated to enter his room.

Edward looked at him confused when he saw images of what Carlisle had found in his room before. Then he read thoughts of Helia who was once again waiting in a skimpy outfit though she was planning on using force this time. Steering the good doctor away they went to the throne room where Aro was dealing with the daily business of the Volturi. When they entered the room, Aro was just done."Ah my friend, how are you doing?" Edward gave without a word his hand to Aro showing him the memories of Carlisle and Helia's thoughts. "Send her here. I will deal with her properly. Maybe it is indeed better for you to stay with family." Aro answered the thoughts he saw.

Carlisle was relieved when he heard this. "Carlisle, my friend, why haven't you told me this before? You know that I do care for you."

"I felt it was not important enough and you are doing so much to help already, that I didn't want to bother you with this small matter as well." Carlisle answered.

"How are you doing now? Is the pain horrible?"

The pain of missing her has slightly dulled because I had six years to get used to it. However I feel like hell because there is something going on in Romania that causes her to get hurt. I know this because I felt as if I was beaten up when I went to hunt this morning, yet nothing happened." Carlisle explained.

"So you feel the physical state of health your mate is in? what about emotional?"

"I can feel her emotions, but only from a certain distance. When she was under attack, I was hunting and I didn't feel any stress from her, but when she had run away, I could feel her longing and desire to be with me. She can feel mine too because she knew I had the desire to call her my my wife when we were in Ireland."

"That's very fascinating. You certainly must tell me more about this." Aro was distracting Carlisle from his worries which Edward was grateful for. He was getting a headache with all the thoughts about Sahira being hurt and about how the baby was doing. He just hoped everything would work out fine.

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