Sam's Sister

Chapter 35


This sucks. I can't get out of here. The Romanian vampires seemed to know my every move. My last plan for escape failed because the stupid leech named Marco was nearby. I really should kill him. The problem is, I've been here for a week or two and each day the vampire that gave me the venom on my first day here, has been giving me the shots more often and I can feel it change the speed of my pregnancy. I grow bigger much faster than before I had the venom and I feel myself growing weaker as the baby takes more and more energy to care for him. I had started feeding on human blood yesterday as that would help me better with taking care of the both of us than animal blood. I did insist that it was blood donated from the hospitals though, I didn't want humans to be killed just because I needed their blood. The two leaders of the Romanian coven weren't around a lot but I had the feeling that something was about to happen. I felt my bond with Carlisle was still strong though I couldn't feel his feelings anymore. I had a great feeling of dread about this.

Soon someone was at my cell. I tried to sit up but I was exhausted. The door opened and revealed it was Vladimir the blond leader. "Come, I need you to see this." He said. I tried to get up not having the energy to fight. Slowly I got up and I followed him to wherever he was leading me. He brought me to his office where a mug of blood was waiting for me next to a laptop. "Take a seat. What I want to show you will not be easy for you, especially in the condition you are in." He said.

"Show me."

"This is from what our spy in Volterra sent us two hours ago." He said starting a slide show. At first it was Carlisle, he seemed so much older with his eyes full of hurt and worry. Then pictures of a red-haired woman. She was a vampire and she appeared on a lot of pictures with Carlisle. She seemed to be interested in him. The last set of pictures were of her and Carlisle in what seemed to be intimate positions. He looked to be accepting of her advances on him. It hurt to see this. Why would he do this to me? Why didn't I feel our bond change? Or did it change but I just didn't feel it happen because of the changes that happened to me because of the venom?

The proof they had that Carlisle was falling for another made my heart break and I felt our bond start to crumble. My imprint didn't want me anymore. I was guided back to my cell where I finally broke down. I cried for the loss of my love until I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I felt a little different. Darker and stronger. Remembering what happened before my nap, I got to thinking. How long has this been going on? Is it even true? What if this is a plan to turn me against them?

"Miss Sahira, we need to talk." Vladimir said. "I did not have the chance to explain everything. I apologize for this."

"Then please explain what you know."

"What I have shown you wasn't initiated by your mate. It was the girl. After all Carlisle is famous in our world, she probably wanted him because of that. The girl was assigned as his bodyguard until the war would end. Her name is Helia. She was assigned for a reason as she has the gift of loyalty. Not like Chelsea by making a bond, but by touch. The strength of the loyalty would depend on how it was started. If it was intimate, the loyalty to the girl would be stronger than if the person that used the gift only shook hands.
The enemy plans on using Carlisle's authority to make the gifted ones join the Volturi. Then the enemy will destroy the others including your mate." It did sound somewhat logical, though I didn't believe it completely. Maybe I should play along. To do this I would have to do something very difficult. Break the bond with my imprint. I'm sorry my love, please understand that this is just to mislead them. I broke the bond with Carlisle which caused my heart to break. I nearly fell only I was still mostly lying down. I screamed in pain trying to hold myself together the same way Bella would do when Edward had left her.

"Mister Vladimir, you have my full cooperation. I will destroy those that dare to harm my mate." I told him when I was coherent.

"Excellent. We will begin your training after the birth of your child. We expect that you will get the child in a few days." Vladimir said. That is soon, though I should've expected as much. I just hope that Carlisle will understand that I didn't break our bond without a reason.


In Volterra the three kings, Jasper, Peter, Charlotte and Alice were discussing plans and how training was coming along. Alice had a vision that their futures disappeared so either they all were going to die, or the wolves became involved. Then she realized why they would be involved. No one informed them of what was going on. "Damn it. I totally forgot!" She suddenly yelled.

"What is wrong, darling?" Jasper asked.

"The wolves. They don't know what is going on and Sahra had promised Sam that she would call with updates on her pregnancy. She has been gone for over a week without a call!" She said.

"Well, this could work to our advantage, the wolves might be the ones we need to take care of that Marco person since our gifts won't work on him making it harder for us to get them under control." Jasper said.

"What do you think about it?" Alice asked the three kings.

"These wolves are the shape-shifters we met in America?" Aro asked.

"Yes, they are more in control of their phasing than the children of the moon, and they exist to protect the humans of their tribe against our kind." Jasper explained.

"Then we will accept their assistance though if they turn against us, we will not hesitate to kill them." Caius said with great reluctance after the three brothers had a conversation about it.

"Good I'll tell Carlisle to call them." Alice said and she ran off to find said person. She found him in the library with Edward playing chess.

"Carlisle you have to call the wolves, They don't know what is going on and you promised them to call once a week. We have decided that we could use their help with that Marco person." Alice explained.

"I understand. I'll call them." Carlisle said before he finished the game and went to make the call. However when he was done and had the wolves promise, that Jake's pack with Sam in addition, would come flying over and was knocking on the door to the throne room to tell the planners the news, he thought he heard something. I'm sorry my love. Then the pain came as he felt his mating bond break in half. He fell into the room as Felix was just opening the door. Curling up he sobbed because of his broken heart.

"Carlisle!" Jasper curled up as he felt the immense pain. Alice went to help her mate and Edward appeared at his father's side.

"Amazing, I have never seen this before." Marcus said. everyone turned to him as he sat wide-eyed.

"What did you see?" Aro asked.

"Carlisle's mating bond, it had gotten stronger before it snapped in two. However, her bond as a friend with the rest of us still exists.

"What does that mean?"

"It means that Sahra broke the bond with her mate on purpose." The old king explained. "It means that they probably made her believe that something happened with Carlisle. Probably something that they blamed on us, like we thought they would."

Sahra, what did they do to you that you are doing this? Why did you apologize for doing this? Carlisle thought as he slowly calmed down.

"She did what?" Edward asked and all vampires turned to him. Aro walked over and touched both Carlisle and Edward.

"Sahira apologized to Carlisle for breaking the bond. What could that mean?" The vamps thought about it and Charlotte was the one with a possible solution.

"Could it be that, she is playing along with the enemy? That she broke the bond to make it seem as if their plan was working?" Peter looked at her as if she had the answer to a million dollar question.

"That's it! Sahira has been given more venom that is slowly turning her in a vampire, as well as the baby in a half vampire or an immortal child. The thing that they showed must have been about that tramp of a bodyguard you had assigned to Carlisle who tried to seduce him. That Sahra is turning more vampire is why their bond got stronger as she is more like our kind than a wolf." Peter explained finally understanding what his 'knower' was telling him. "Sahira must be trying to break free and has decided that the only way to succeed was to play along."

"Then we will have to make sure that her efforts were not in vain. We will get her out of there and soon. Jasper, Peter, I appreciate the extra help you have provided in training us. When the wolves arrive we will wait one day so they are fully informed and rested before we will go to battle. For once and for all this thing will be settled. After the fight, the Romanian coven will be no more." Aro said. There was some commotion.

"Alec, Jane go check that out." Caius said but it wasn't necessary. Rosalie and Emmett were dragging a brunette woman in. She was tall and very beautiful like any vampire.

"Ariana? what is the meaning of this?"

"We found this bitch with a camera spying on your meeting. She also had footage of that skank that you assigned to Carlisle as his bodyguard." Rosalie and Demetri took the girl over from Emmett and Aro read her mind.

"She has changed the footage to make it look like Carlisle was in intimate positions with Helia. That is what she sent to Romania. She is a spy for them."

"Right, she will die then." Rosalie said and she wanted to go after Ariana, but Emmett stopped her.

"She will after she has served her usefulness. We will be using your connection with Romania to our advantage and you will cooperate." Aro said.

"What if I don't?"

"Then I will give you to Caius to be his torture test puppet, you know how much he loves to torture traitors." Marcus answered. The Volterra vampires and Carlisle shuddered. Carlisle was doing better now that he knew that his mate was still doing fine and that they would re-unite soon.

"I will cooperate." She said.

"Good, then you can tell Vladimir and Stefan we will attack in five days. Act as if you were nearly discovered but managed to avoid it." Aro said.

"Can I tell you that the masters do not know about you involving these wolves yet?"

"Excellent. That will work as a surprise then. Call the Romanians." Aro said. Ariana took her cellphone and she called them. In the meantime Rosalie and Emmett took Carlisle for a hunt to get his mind off of things after talking things out.

"Carlisle, how are you doing?" Rosalie asked.

"I am surviving just with hope that we will get Sahra back safe and sound before it's too late. I'm happy and proud to know that she is fighting to get back as well. I do worry a lot about her and our baby's safety and health what with them giving Sahra more venom. What if the baby changes because of it and becomes a half-vampire or an immortal child? I cannot live with the idea of losing Sahra due to our child ripping her apart during birth, or because creating an immortal child is forbidden even if it's not our fault." Carlisle explained.

"We will get her back Carlisle. We promise. About the baby, maybe you should talk to the brothers about this?" Rosalie asked.

"I don't know. They have a lot on their plate already I know we shouldn't keep it a secret but I just don't think we should tell them right away."

"We talked about it when they were in the room. They know about it being a possibility already." Emmett said.

"Then I will speak to them. Let's hope that they see that it isn't our fault this time." Carlisle said giving in. The three hunted for a while longer and then they went back to the castle and Carlisle requested to speak with the three kings on his own.

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