Sam's Sister

Chapter 36


I had asked Aro, Marcus and Caius if I could speak with them. Only Marcus had time and he said to follow him to his office. When we arrived I closed the door. "What is it you wanted to speak about, Carlisle? You seem worried." He said.

"It's about the baby. I talked with Rosalie and Emmett and we were wondering about what kind of an affect the venom might have on it?"

"Well it depends on how much was given and how regular it was given. If it's very little, I don't think it will have any affect. When it's more, since mother and child are connected, I believe that Sahra might feel more of an affect than the child in the form of becoming less human and speeding up the pregnancy. If the quantity is enough to affect the child, it might make the child more like that half-breed Renesmee. Now, if that quantity was given and it was done regular like every day, that's when you have to worry. If the child will be turned while still in Sahra's womb and therefore becoming an immortal child and killing the mother during birth." If I had a heartbeat it would have stopped.

"Ah, that last possibility is what you worry for isn't it?" He figured me out without me telling him.

"Yes, I do worry for that." I answered honestly. It was no use to lie to him.

"I'm afraid that when that last possibility comes true that we will have to end the child's life as much as it will pain our hearts to hurt you and Sahra that way. We simply cannot endanger the lives of humans unnecessarily nor the exposure of our kind."

"I understand. So all we can really do now is wait until we see Sahra."

"I'm afraid so. I do apologize that we can not guarantee a safe and happy ending for your family." Marcus said genuinely. He could understand what I was fearing because he still felt the pain of losing Didyme. I left Marcus trying to stay positive though all I really wanted to do was leave Volterra and find Sahra on my own. Perhaps I should go alone. Maybe I can surprise the Romanians, get Sahra and get away before they actually realize she is gone. All I would need to do was avoid Edward.

"Carlisle don't do it. The wolves arrive today so in two days we are meeting the Romanian clan head on. Just a bit more patience please." Marcus said.

"I don't know what you are talking about." I replied denying everything.

"I can recognize that look on your face. You are planning on going to Romania on your own aren't you?" He replied. I looked down a bit embarrassed that I was caught. "Edward and Demetri are at the airport with the van to pick them up as we speak. Just a bit more patience. we will have Sahra back before you know it."

"Fine, you're right. I'll try to wait a bit more. I hope that Sam will be clear-headed enough though. He is very protective over his sister."

"Just like any brother should be."

"yes but he takes it a bit far but that might come with the stress of being a wolf. We can always make him vent his anger at the battlefield. I'm sure he will calm down after killing a few leeches as they call us."

"that could work." Suddenly the stench of wolves reached the castle. It was far stronger than expected of seven wolves. Marcus and I went to the throne room.

"They are here." Marcus said. He wrinkled his nose and then we walked in. It seemed that not just Jacob's pack and Sam had come but the entire original pack from when Victoria was terrorizing Washington. I saw Paul, Embry, Quil, Sam, Seth and Leah, Jacob, Colin and Brady. Jared was missing but he was pack leader in La Push perhaps staying there with the newer wolves to keep it safe.

"We're here. Now tell us exactly why my sister isn't here with you and why I shouldn't kill you for breaking your promise." Sam said.

"Sahra was taken hostage back in America. She was taken by the Enemy, a clan of Romanian vampires called Stefan and Vladimir. They are building an Army and they are planning on using Sahra as a weapon as well. They planned on making her believe I was killed by the Volturi so she would want revenge for my death and fight at their side. They want to use the child as an insurance that she will fight. Someone is working on speeding Sahra's pregnancy up by giving her more venom. For as far as we know it might make the child be like Renesmee." I explained.

"But that nearly killed Bella how would Sahra be able to fight with them after something like that?" Jacob asked.

"Because Sahra has been given more venom as well. She is less human now." Edward said. Sam was shaking the whole time but he kept in control of his phasing. I admired that part of him. He has great control over his instincts.

"Then why are we still here and not wherever Sahra is being held." Paul asked with a growl.

"We were just waiting on you to arrive. We actually need your help with this fight otherwise we would've handled it. There is this vampire who has the ability to disable all the gifts. Nothing works on him. We hope that you as wolves would be able to take care of him."

"Then why not use someone for him who doesn't have a gift, like Emmett?" Now that made us feel like idiots. "I swear you leeches act all high and mighty but I sometimes wonder why the world doesn't know about your kind yet." Jacob said.

"Anyway, if you dogs feel like it we can actually leave within an hour. We just need to make sure everyone is here and fed." Caius said wanting to end the conversation. He really didn't like the wolves. Luckily they ignored the insult or we could've had a fight here.

"Good. Then we will take some rest to prepare ourselves as well." Jacob said and the pack was guided by Demetri to the forest where they would wait. We vampires prepared ourselves with the blood provided for by the Volturi while I hunted with my family.

I was chasing a deer when the pain came. First it was a mere stomach-ache but then it felt like my body was being ripped apart. Sahira... My decision was made. My mate needs me now so I will come to her. I left in the direction of Romania ignoring everyone who called for me. Sahra, I'm coming for you darling. Wait for me just a little longer.

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