Sam's Sister

Chapter 4

Sara PoV

"Sam I need to speak with you about something I found out." I 'told' my brother.

"What is it Sara?"He asked

"I found out that the leech I tried to attack is using a different leech for something. the other leech is Riley." before Sam could reply my phone rang. Why I even have that thing I don't know. It was a message from Alice: I have talked to the family they agreed to meet with you. tomorrow after school at our house. "Sam I believe the Cullen's have the right to know this too. I want to meet with them and I wanted to take Jared and Seth with me."

"When are you meeting them?" Sam asked.
"Tomorrow after school." I chose those two boys as my 'escort' because they were the most level headed beside Sam and me of course. and I had a feeling Seth might even like the Cullen's a bit. "Oh and by the way Brady will phase quite soon. probably tomorrow or the day after."

"Okay." well that went easy... ah well

"I'm going to get sleep now I'm really tired. Night everyone" some 'replied' "Night Sara".

~Start dream~

I was in the forest. I saw a fight then numbers were flying around my head first 23 then 4. Suddenly it seemed as if everything was going slow and I could recognize a few of the Cullen's and a few of the pack. Where am I? Why can't I see myself here where I should be at the side of my imprint and my brother? Suddenly my surroundings changed and I was again on the battlefield. This time I was there in my wolf form and I was taken away from family and friends by three leeches while the fourth one watched my brother who was writhing in pain.
I tried to fight the other three leeches I broke free but the leech who looked like the one who was watching my brother did something which made me fall down. I whimpered and phased back. I saw a vamp-bite on my shoulder. I was picked up by the third leech and carried away. the last thing I saw was the Cullen's without Esme I started to cry. Someone shook me. Then I woke up.

~end dream~

I opened my eyes and saw Sam and Emily in my room. they looked very worried at me. I shot up and hugged them still crying. "Sara it's okay it was just a bad dream. Everything is okay." Sam wrote on my back while hugging me.
I calmed down just enough to tell them what the dream was about. Emily gasped and hugged me as tight as her human body could. "Sara I'm so sorry."

Sam looked thoughtful. "Sara you said there were numbers flying around your head what were those numbers?"

"23 and ... 4, Sam you don't think this stands for the numbers of leeches coming our way, do you?" I asked a bit worried. 23 was quite a lot.

"Yes I do. Sara I decided Paul will go with you instead of Seth. He can help you talk with the vamps." Sam answered.

"Bella can help too she knows sign language too, I taught her myself when she would come over." I reminded him.

"Oh yeah I forgot, you two bonded quite easily, didn't you? Anyway, you and Paul and Jared will finish school in Forks to keep an eye on the humans and to help the vamps eventually."

"Oh okay. well I'll get some more sleep now. goodnight." they left and i slept further without dreams.

At 6 A.M. I woke up again. I took a quick shower and dress up in a dark blue summer dress and a black cardigan for when I'm on the road. I let my hair down, it's black with light brown highlights, reaching under my shoulder blades and it's a bit wavy. After breakfast Paul and Jared picked me up the ride to school was silent. When we arrived I saw the Cullen's and Bella standing by their cars. I greeted Bella and she came over. "Good morning Sara why are you at our school?"

"Sam's orders to keep an eye out and to eventually help your vamps out when necessary."

"That's nice let me help you guys out and show you the way around."

"That's nice then you can show me which guys I could mess with and which to avoid. Ah, the joy of a new school full of students and teachers to be victims for my pranks. And they won't even know it was me." I grinned evilly. "Oh and I skip P.E. for obvious reasons, so I have a lot of time to pull some pranks."

"Don't be too mean okay?"

"I'll think about it. let's go." and we walked to the office. I saw a few guys eying me and Bella, at the desk sat a nice looking lady. I think she was in her mid-forties.

Jared spoke up. "Hello miss... Heart. We are Jared, Paul and Sahira, we are new here." When the woman looked up her mouth fell open. It was funny to see. I could almost see her thinking: oh my god these boys look so hot and the girl too. Sadly I could be their mother but I don't care. I wonder if the girl is like me a bi or even better lesbian. Oh they look almost as wonderful as the Cullen's. I swear to god this is the best spot the school has given me. and more thoughts like that.
I flashed a smile and nudged Paul. I told him about my thoughts and we laughed quite hard. We got our schedules and left the building still laughing. Bella led us back to the Cullen's who strangely enough hadn't really moved towards the school.

Edward was smiling. "You were quite close with your thoughts. She thought you were at least as 'beautiful' as we are. and with us she only thought that of Jasper, Emmett and me. I'll have to warn you not to take Bella with you in this pranking the entire school plan of yours." Emmett's eyes lit up at the words pranking and entire school and Jasper felt our excitement and was looking at us very strange. Emmett used sign language and asked me if he could help with the pranks.

"Of course you can. I mean someone has to be blamed." I grinned jokingly. Then the bell rang. My first lesson was English. with Bella, Edward, Rosalie and Paul. Paul and I gave our papers to the teacher. When class started Paul and I had to introduce ourselves. Paul told the class I was deaf and that's why he introduced me too.
The teacher asked me if I was able to follow the class without having to hear his voice. I explained I could if he spoke clearly because I could read lips and I had always someone to ask things in sign language. I sat next to a girl named Lauren Mallory.

Soon enough it was lunch time I could understand why Bella didn't like that Mallory girl. At the end of Spanish class she was a total bitch and she talked all bullshit like she was a future mrs. Cullen and she 'warned' me I should not try and steal her men from her.

I burst out laughing. and 'told' her she shouldn't be scared of me but of Alice and Rosalie. and Bella too of course. When she didn't understand what I said, she called me a freak and said to the entire class I was a freak because of my mother, who supposedly was a drinking whore and she got punished by having me. The words hurt me so much I ran out of class. Paul followed me. At the ladies room I finally stopped. and didn't come out. Paul banged the door but I didn't answer.

Then someone walked in it were Alice and Bella. They knelt down beside me. "Sara what happened? what did Lauren say to you?" I didn't answer I just hugged one of them. the person I hugged was hesitant to hug me back. I didn't care I kept crying. how could she say such things? it's just like elemental school again. Why do people keep hurting me like this? the worst thing is half of it is true.
When I was done crying, my eyes were red and puffy. Now all that was left was hurt and anger. They helped me to re-do my make up and hair and I was feeling slightly better. When I walked out I was immediately caught in a hug by Jared and Paul. Edward looked at me a bit sad and with pity. Jasper looked like he would cry if he could so I tried to calm down more. he shot me a grateful look. Alice hugged him and he scrunched his nose slightly. So it was her who I hugged.

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