Sam's Sister

Chapter 5

Sara PoV

During lunch Paul and Jared tried to cheer me up, but I couldn't be happy thinking about my mother. I wish I knew where she was if she is still alive. Why did she have to leave? I want to know more about her but Sam doesn't tell me much about her. I am gonna tell him tonight to tell me the truth just to give my heart some peace. I didn't eat very much even though I needed it being a wolf.
I taught the Cullen's a few signs. I took a deep breath and faked a smile when the bell rang. It was time for art class. I had this double hour with Alice, Jasper, Bella and sadly enough also with Lauren as I found out later. This would be fun I think.

The teacher let me introduce myself and I sat down next to Jasper. "Class today I want you to draw about something you dreamed about. when you're done you may represent it in front of the class. you are allowed to use whatever you want." I stiffened at the presentation part. I can't do this one not if I want to keep my body in one piece not just talking about your secret Edward. Once I have paper and pencils I start to draw I can't stop before I'm done. I can't lie either. Suddenly Bella put a paper on the table in front of me with colouring pencils. I couldn't stop myself. I grabbed a random colour and started to draw the dream from last night. I could only think I'm sorry Sam, Edward.

Alice couldn't see my plan so she couldn't help me maybe Jasper could help me. I started to send waves of helplessness and fear towards him. I couldn't see his reaction because I was too focused on my drawing. It was like I as in a trance. Suddenly a pair of pale cool hands grabbed my wrists I twisted myself free. I have to finish my drawing I have to finish it. was what I thought. The only way to stop me was impossible with so many witnesses. Then I was finally done. I snapped out of my daze. I looked at the image and was horrified to see my drawing in the hands of... Lauren.

She had to pick up the drawings that were done. She didn't pick up the second paper which was good because now I had the drawing with the four leeches and Esme missing in my hands. I wrote something on the back and gave it to Jasper. I got Bella's attention and explained my situation. She was as horrified as I was and the worst thing was yet to come.
Lauren looked at my drawing which she kept on top and she started to recognize the Cullen's on it. Bella wrote a note and gave it to Alice she shrieked and went to talk to Lauren. My fear kept growing until Jasper send some calming waves my way. I looked at him and he signed Alice had taken care of the situation. I sent him a grateful small smile and stared out of the window. What are you planning Victoria. It almost seems like you're recruiting people to make an army. Two minutes later someone knocked on the door.

It was Edward. Edward we're talking about this after school remember? He nodded and signed one word "sun" okay see you later. I signed Bella why Edward was here. then it was time for P.E. without the vamps. it was boring. so I pulled a prank. I put neon pink hair dye in the shampoo of Lauren and Jessica another girl who laughed when Lauren called me freak. Then I switched their clothes with that of two boys. I was back at the sideline cheering for Paul and Jared who were together in a team playing football.

This was my routine for the next few weeks. Almost no attacks from Victoria but Bella was starting to miss clothes and the scent was Riley's. I explained to the family what I found out. they were grateful for sharing this important news. Jasper shared my thoughts of an army being created. One encounter with Victoria started almost a fight between Emmett Cullen and Paul.

Today it was my turn again to run patrol. My excuse for school was my mother visiting us. I smelled a scent that ran across the Cullen's area and parts of our area. I followed it and it went inside their house. I grew normal wolf size so I could fit and walked in. Following it completely I ended up on the third floor there I smelled Bella's scent. I opened the door with my nose and saw a huge mess. When I walked inside the room. I could see what happened. the person who did this was looking for clothes. for scent samples. I was pretty tired and fell asleep where I was. I stayed in wolf form.

I woke up to the sound of someone growling several hours later. I looked up and saw Jasper in a defensive stance in front of Carlisle and the others. I forgot I sleep walk sometimes. I looked at the room I ended up in. I lied on a bed with Carlisle's and Esme's scents.
I looked still groggily at the vamps. uh... Hi? I stood up and walked past them brushing past Carlisle's legs and I went downstairs phasing back while I did so. stretching my limbs too. When I was downstairs Emmett stopped me by putting a hand on my shoulder he had paper and pencil with him. "Sara why are you here?" Jasper asked in a kind of commanding tone.

I wrote: I was running patrol and I followed a scent all the way to Edward's room. I fell asleep and probably sleepwalked to Carlisle's room.

"Did you recognize the scent?" I shook my head sadly

No but, I did notice that Bella's clothes were all around the room I think he was looking for scent samples. They were slightly impressed with my deduction skills. I yawned Jasper could I speak with you? He nodded and the others left. You have a lot of fighting experiences like soldiers do haven't you?

"Yes. why?"

I was thinking that to prepare for whatever is coming would you be able to train your family and the pack together? Sure some might say they don't need 'emo-kid' to train but we could use some help. we only train on each other. that way we would be able to help you protect the family and Alice.

"If the family is alright with it, I will help you. Did you ask the pack what they thought about it?"

*No, wait a sec.* I went outside and phased.

"Who are in wolf form?" Sa

"Colin and Brady Who are you?-Br

"Did you just phase for the first time?-Sa

"I think how come you are in my head"- Br and C at the same time

"I'll come to you wait there I'll explain everything."

"Sara I'm with them already-J

"Ah Jake I need you and Sam both in wolf form"-Sa

"I'm listening Sara something wrong?-S

" No. did Quil phase too?"-Sa


"Could all except Sam and Jakob phase back to human-form please?-Sa

A few voices left the pack channel unitl we were left.

"Sam, Jacob I want to ask you what you would think of someone special training us? He has a lot of experience.-Sa

"Who is it Sara?"-J

" please don't be mad." I replayed my patrol and my talk with Jasper.

"Sara I think it's a great idea. Well done-J

"Sam what do you think?-Sa

"I agree, at least then we have a chance to learn how to kill a leech properly.-S

"So we agree?"

"Yes but tell them I'm coming with Jake and Jared to figure out when and where."-S

"Jake, I'm happy for you having both of your friends with you in on the secret." Sa

"Thanks Sara I feel the same."-J

"I'll go now. bye"-Sa

I phased back and told Jasper, after he got over the surprise I didn't ruin my clothes what the Alpha and future Alpha thought of my plan. The family returned when I phased in a wolf. They agreed they could use the extra help. Jasper wanted to see the pack tonight at the same clearing they met me to see what we can do.

I walked slowly away in pain because I was leaving my imprint. Jasper felt my pain and he went down. nothing hurts more then an imprinter leaving his imprint. Sorry Jasper.

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