Sam's Sister

Chapter 6

Jasper PoV

When Sahira left us, a tsunami like wave of pain and sadness came to me. It was crushing me. I sank down on my knees. Alice ran over to me. "Jasper, What's wrong? Are you okay?" I couldn't take it anymore. I looked up at her and she hugged me sending me her love and worry. Sahira was feeling so much pain I wonder why...

Edward replied to my thoughts. "This kind of pain is what the pack feels when they leave their imprint. They always want to be close to their imprint to be able to make them happy."

I understand now, it's much like us not being able to leave our soul mates alone isn't it?

"Yes in that case we have much more in common than you would think." After a while I calmed down a bit. I stood up and we went back inside. Edward walked over to me. "She said she was sorry for you having to share her pain."

Why doesn't that surprise me? She is really something else isn't she? Edward agreed.

"She is even willingly taking the pain to keep Esme and Carlisle together to keep them happy. She doesn't want to be the reason for their break up. But when she patrols she takes this area too. To make sure we all are all right."

This did surprise me. "Since when does she do that?"

He chuckled "You can guess."

"I've never noticed her. How does she do that?" I was always so alert at things especially since we came back.

"Did you notice her scent?" Now I think of it, she doesn't stink like the others, she is more of a mixture between orange blossom and dessert roses.

"Wow." was all I could say. Then Carlisle came to me.

"Jasper, you all right? that must have been quite a lot for you being taken down."

"I'm fine Carlisle but thanks for asking anyway."

"Could you tell us what happened?" He looked at me worried. I didn't want to make him feel guilty for bringing so much pain upon Sahira. I didn't want to lie either.

"If I tell you, promise you won't feel guilty." It made him wonder why he would feel guilty.

"I promise." I took a deep breath and sent all the pain I felt towards the family. They sank down too. Then I send calm again. Once they were coherent again, everyone was comforting each other.

Emmett asked "What was that?"

"This kind of pain is what the wolves feel when they leave their imprint alone." I answered them.

"And this was from only one wolf?" Esme asked.

"Yes Edward told me the imprint wants to be as close as possible so they will be able to make their imprint happy."

Alice had a vision. She gasped. I held her close and sent calm to her. "Darling, what do you see?" She spoke in a daze.

"I saw Victoria going south. She is looking for someone. She's in...Mexico." My eyes widened as realization hit me.

"She's looking for Maria." The others gasped. They didn't know the smallest details of my story but still knew what kind of demon Maria is. "I need to call someone we might need." It was time to call my brother Peter. It's been a while. He probably knew a bit more.

P=Peter J= Jasper.

"Hello Major, Finally decided to call?"-P

"Hello Peter, I take it you know why I'm calling?"-J

"Yep, as soon as I found out something was going on, Char packed some clothes and we're on our way now."-P

"Good, I could use some help. When are you arriving?"-J

"We're taking all short cuts so probably tomorrow night."-P

"All right See you tomorrow. Peter tell Char I said hi."-J

"I will Major, see you tomorrow."-P

When I put my phone back in my pocket. Edward growled lowly. Protectiveness flowing over me. "You ask help to human drinkers? What about Bella? If we already have to struggle to keep us from biting her, what about them?"

I sighed Edward, you can trust Peter and Charlotte they have better control than I do. He was so stubborn.

"Still I think it's not such a good idea. I know you trust them Jazz, but I'm just worried about Bella. I don't want to lose her."

Edward, you know what, I'll tell them to hunt somewhere far from here or to hunt animals okay?

He smiled "All right, thanks Jasper."

Sara PoV the next day

"Sam I'm gonna help in the fight if you like it or not." Sam was trying to convince me to stay with the newbies near La push. I wasn't allowed to fight to protect my imprint.

"Sara please, I don't want to argue anymore. I just want to be sure that you're safe."

"I don't care, you know why I want to fight. I would rather die and know my imprint is safe then be alive knowing I could have probably saved him."

"I know and I promise I'll keep him safe, but I still don't want you to fight."

"Ugh fine but I'm coming to every training."

"Not necessary. You stay here in wolf form and you'll see how to fight." What is he doing? Is he trying to keep me separated from my imprint?

"I need to practice Sam. What if a leech breaks away from the group?"

"Sara, you stay here and that's an order." Sam said with this tone in his voice that left no room for argument.

Oh. my. GOD! he did not use what I think he used... Fuck he DID use the Alpha voice! "No Sam, I'm not staying here doing nothing."

I got up and turned away from him. I took a step you are not my Alpha anymore. I said angrily phasing.

Sam's reply broke my heart: Then you are not my sister anymore.

I still ran away, but the big bad wolf was now, a small, heartbroken puppy. I ran straight home, grabbed some clothes in a backpack. put it on my back and phased outside again. then I ran past the line, past the Cullen's house. When I passed by the front door, I heard someone following me. He grabbed my tail and made me stop. It was Edward. I growled at him and he let go.

"Sara don't run. Please."

I turned around a single tear rolling down my furry cheek.

"What happened?"

My brother doesn't want me anymore. He kicked me out. Just because I managed to ignore an Alpha order.

His eyes widened. "You did what?"

I replayed the fight in my mind.

"Oh Sara that's awful." Suddenly a wolf howled.

They are looking for me. but I don't want to go there. I don't belong there anymore.

"You could always stay with us. I'm sure the others won't mind."

I don't want to intrude on your not-really-existing privacy.

"But you're not."

Fine but only if all of you agree to let me stay and only for one night.

He smirked "You won't regret it."

I grew smaller and followed Edward inside the house. "Could everyone come to the living room please?" All of them came.

Even Bella but she was a little slower. "Hey Sara, how are you?" I looked a bit sad at her, my eyes full of tears. I blinked them away.

Bella tried to walk over to me. Edward stopped her. "Love I don't think it's such a good idea. Sara is not well, and I don't know how well her control is in this state of mind."

Edward I'm not a cub anymore I've been a wolf longer than Sam. Bella trusts me enough that I will not hurt her that kind of trust strengthens my control even more.

"Fine but be careful." She nodded and knelled down next to me to hug me.

"Sahira why are you here?" Esme asked.

I replied: I've become family-less. Sam doesn't want me as his sister anymore. Eddie stopped me when I ran past your house saying I could stay here. I said only if all of you agree and for only one night.

"Why don't we vote. Everyone agreeing for letting Sara stay puts their hand in the air." Bella, Carlisle and Esme did it right away. Edward followed their example. Emmett asked if I wanted to do the bet now.

"Yes I will."

"Then I say yes."

Alice was thinking. "For one night I think it's fine. but Sara why did Sam order you to stay in La Push?"

"He doesn't want me to be at the fight. Not even at the training."

"That he doesn't want you at the fight I can understand that." Carlisle said.

"Let me tell you this; If your mate was going to the fight, and you were forbidden to go how would you feel?"

Maybe now they will understand that I would rather die knowing my imprint is safe, than be alive knowing I could have saved him had I been at the battlegrounds. I sighed sadly. My eyes started to drop close when I felt lethargy and peacefulness wash over me. I turned my head to look at Jasper growling softly. You didn't vote yet.

"I say yes." He sent more lethargy and peacefulness my way, I started to yawn.

"Well I say no." Rosalie said.

Then I'll leave now. I got up shaking all of the tiredness out of me. Jasper seemed surprised how easy I could do that. Edward tried to stop me. Edward you know the deal.

"Where will you go?"

I don't know yet I'll figure something out.

"Rose why don't you want her to stay?"

"I don't trust her kind very well. For all we know she could be lying."

"I did not feel anything to indicate that she was."

"Umm... guys she's gone." Bella interrupted.
Suddenly there was growling to be heard outside. The family went outside. they saw Sara and Sam circling each other. At a moment Sam attacked first. He went immediately for Sara's throat. Before he could reach her Jacob and Paul stood between them with Paul tackling Sam.

S=Sam, Sa= Sara, and so on.

Guys get out of my way.-S

No, Sam I won't you just tried to kill a pack member. Even though you are the Alpha I can't allow that.-J

I wasn't going to kill you Sara I was just going to take you down.-S

Sam how could you do this. I'm your fucking sister. I'm a wolf longer than you are.-Sa the wolves who didn't know yet gasped.

You didn't tell them? You broke every fucking promise we made before I left.-Sa

Sara I-!-S

Spare me your lame excuses Sam. I fucking hate you.-Sa

Sam turned towards Carlisle.

This is your fault Leech. Ever since she imprinted on you, she turned her back more and more to me.-S This made me growl from anger. I was so angry I wanted to kill my own brother. How dare he insult my imprint for something he had no control over!

Sam stop blaming this on others. It's your own fault.-Sa

Yeah right, just like it would be my fault you're my adoptive sister.-S

You both stop this now. Sam you should have kept your promises and Sara calm the fuck down.-P

"Paul is right. you both should calm down and just talk to each other." Edward said. I calmed down just enough to be able to phase back to human form.

"Now if Sam wants to talk he has to phase back too." Sam did.

"Sara let's go for a walk okay?" I nodded. When we walked through the forest, Sam apologized for attacking me. However he did not apologize for saying he didn't want me as a sister anymore. "Sara, I said that because I was angry that you could ignore an Alpha order so easily I was scared that if you would leave the pack with such ease, the others would do the same and then entire pack would fall apart."

"Sam, that is still no reason to stop calling me sister."

"I know and I'm sorry. could you ever forgive me?"

"Umm... not immediately. I need some time and you have to stop calling the Cullen's bloodsuckers or leeches. And you have to tell me why you called me your adoptive sister."

"That locket you got holds a picture from your real parents and your family. The Cullen's found you first during a forest fire. They couldn't take care of you because Jasper was a bit too new and Alice too. Carlisle gave you to Billy Black. and Billy gave you to my mother."

"And everyone knows except for me?"

"Yes, I'm sorry. I know we should have told you, but when we wanted to, you phased and you were the first and a female and all those new things made it we forgot."

"I understand, but I don't like it. I don't want those kind of secret's anymore, Sam." We returned to the Cullen's joking around. The pack was happy I was back. I took my bag and wrote a note gave it to Carlisle.

It read: Thank you for saving me all those years ago.

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