Sam's Sister

Chapter 7

Carlisle PoV

I read the note Sahira gave me with surprise. So Sahira IS that girl we saved. I recognized her from somewhere. Wow she DID grow up beautiful. She didn't even have a scar. Edward raised an eyebrow. Do you remember that forest fire? and that family caught in it?

"Yes. Why?"

That little girl that was the only one surviving. That girl was Sahira. The other eyebrow went up too.

"You mean that girl that was left with us by her own mother, the one that didn't want to leave Jasper? Then you're right she did grow up beautiful."

The others were watching us with wary looks. I explained them what I told Edward. "Wow what an coincidence that she found you guys again." Bella said. We prepared to meet the wolves again at the baseball field. Even Bella was coming despite being tired.

That night we met the wolves again to see what they could do. Jasper explained we were going to use Emmett seeing his fighting style was almost exactly the same as the style of a newborn.

Sahira went first. She let Emmett approach her fast but right before he could touch her she jumped out of the way. then she transformed into a wolf on two legs and her front legs had become arms. She let Emmet approach again and again always ending the same way until she was gone. Suddenly she jumped out of a tree with a round house kick, making Emmett fall. When he fell, she went right after him, transformed back in full wolf, and pinned him down. Then she sniffed his neck ending the fight.

She said something in his ear and walked over. She lied down between Jasper and me. "You did well." Jasper said.

She turned her head to look at him and she said "Emmett trusts too much on his strength and instinct. He uses too little strategy. If he could learn more on that part, then you'll have a great fighter on your side." Jasper was surprised that Sara could see this kind of things without any experience in battle. After a few other wolves went, we took a little break for the pack. Edward took Bella home. This Saturday we would start training.

I left to go to the hospital. It was an easy day today. A few hours later there was a phone call from Esme. "Carlisle You need to come to the treaty line something happened to Sara and it's bad." I called Dr. Gerandy. I explained there was a family emergency and I simply had to go. He would fill in for me for today, but I would have to take tomorrow night. I told him that's fine and I left. I was hoping there was no police in my way because I was driving faster then I was allowed.

At the treaty line I took my Doctor's bag and went to Edward and Sam who were waiting for me. Edward explained. "Sam will lead us to Sara and Paul and Jacob will guard us while we treat Sara." I nodded in understanding and we ran the entire way. Sara was at another clearing lying next to Jacob Black.

She was half in human form half in wolf form and screaming in pain. "What happened?"

"Sara and Paul were patrolling the northern borderline and they found a trail. Sara decided to follow it and it ended up to be a trap two vampires were waiting for her and she fought them. One of them is dead but he managed to bite her in her shoulder." Edward translated for me from the wolves' mind. I found out there wasn't enough venom in the bite wound to change her.

"She broke a few ribs too." I sucked the venom out and wrapped her up in bandages.

"She'll be in pain for a few days but she'll heal quickly." Sam phased and put on some shorts. He gave me a hand.

"Thank you for helping us. I know we haven't been exactly on friendly terms but still I'm very grateful for you helping my sister." Sara was whispering a name. " warn...Major...Whitlock." She whispered. Edward frowned.

Then he ran home. I went back to my car. When I was home Sam and Jared were outside with three new wolves. Jasper was telling them his story. They were a bit taken back but understanding when he showed them his scars. They looked happy for him when he told them the part about him meeting Alice and finding this family. "They understand the danger of the fight now much better. They are more determined to help us and win the fight. Sam seems to have decided something else too but I can't put my finger on it. He seems to block me from his thoughts." Edward said.

"I wonder if it has to do with Sahira." I replied

Edward chuckled "They reacted the same as Bella did when Jasper told her his story. Especially at the part of him meeting Alice. It seems Jasper starts having a wolfish fan club. The youngest wolves are deeply in awe of him." Sam bark laughed. The youngest wolves tackled Jasper and licked his face and nibbling playfully.

Emmett watched with envy "I want to play too." Jasper got up and the wolves too and they glanced at each other with an evil smile.
"Get him." all three of the wolves ran in high speed after Emmett who squealed like Ed- uhm I mean like a girl before running away.

Edward glanced at me "You meant that I squeal like a girl."

Jasper mocked him "but Edwina you do squeal like the girl you are sometimes." Edward growled and attacked him though they both had smirks on their faces. Emmett ran by but he was tackled by the biggest of the three wolves I believe it was Seth. Then they all pinned him and growled.
One of them sneezed in his face. That stopped Jasper and Edward and we all burst out laughing. Except for Emmett of course. He tried to get up and they let him. He went inside grumbling something about a big prank and revenge. I hope he cools down a bit.

On Wednesday there was a desperate knock on the door. Esme opened it, and in ran a certain white wolf. She hid under the kitchen table. I walked over and knelt down to look at her. "What's wrong Sahira? Why are you hiding?" I asked as she was shaking in fear

"It's that time of the year again."

"What time?" I wondered

"Well twice a year the pack has a certain time where the male members try to..." I knew what she meant without the need to hear the rest.

"You mean the pack went in heat?"

"Yes." Somehow the thought of one of the other wolves trying to 'make love' with Sara angered me a bit. "The ones who imprinted don't have it as strong as those who didn't but that are only three out of twelve man. So Leah and I try to hide and stay away from them as much as possible. Because when they find us and they try to have sex with one of us and we try to fight them off, they will force themselves on us."

She was so terrified of being hurt by a pack-brother, the shaking got worse. "How long does this take?" I asked as a plan was forming

"Three days." I opened my arms for her. She walked into them cautiously. I hugged her and I picked her up. She was as small as a dog. As I held her the shaking stopped.

"Could everyone come in the dinning room please?" I said in normal volume. I put Sara down in a chair and the family entered the room too. "You want to tell them?" She shook her head no. I explained the others what was going on then I asked if they were alright with Sara staying until Saturday. Emmett and Jasper were fine with it and Esme and Bella too. Edward was worried for Bella's safety. "Carlisle are you sure it's such a good idea to keep Sara here?"

Why not my son?

"Well, because Alice won't have any visions with her around." Alice interrupted

"Edward I do have visions with Sara around they are just not as clear as when no wolf is around. I say it's okay for Sara to hide here."

Sara barked happily and Jasper said "She's grateful and sorry."

Edward filled in "She's sorry that Alice can't 'see' well. and she wants to make up with her by going shopping." Alice squealed.

Rosalie was at some point okay with it too especially when she heard the part of what would happen if they fight the boys off. "Then it's decided. Sara you're welcome to be our guest." I could almost literally see stars in her eyes.

"Thank you for letting me stay, but I have to warn you I might try to follow you everywhere in and around the house Doc C. oh and I'll stay in wolf form most of the time so it's easier to escape them." Edward translated for her. "Ah first Sahira call me Carlisle, we're friends after all. Second that's okay as long it's around the house and not in the hospital too and not too often.

"I'll call you Carlisle, if you'll call me Sara."

Sara PoV

I sensed someone coming from outside and their footsteps were not as heavy as those from a human or a wolf. Knowing all of the Cullen's were inside the house I started growling. I laid my ears in my neck and my tail stood a bit up.

Carlisle asked "What's wrong Sara?"

I sense someone inhuman and not a wolf coming. Knowing the family is all inside, I don't exactly trust whoever it is and I tried to warn you of this. Edward translated for me.

I crawled towards the door and I took a sniff. It burned my nose terribly. my eyes widened. It's a leech. A red eyes. two of them.

Jasper said "It's okay they are friends of mine."

I cocked my head in a curious way. You sure?

"Yes they are here to help us. They are from my time."

Then they must be.. Peter and Charlotte?

"Yes you're right it's them."

Could I meet them?

"If they are okay with it too." Esme opened the door but no one walked in.

"Peter come in and meet a friend of ours." Jasper said

"Fine but send that wolf away first." The Cullen's laughed. I bark laughed.

"Peter, it's okay. The friend I talked about is the wolf." Then a vamp walked in. He had silver blond hair and had scars like Jasper's but less. Then a female walked in cautiously. She had white-blond hair and was just a little bit taller than Alice. She wore the same scars. The female stood next to the male.

"Now who is this friend of yours." I stalked behind him and barked very loud. He jumped, only a little but still. Emmett and I laughed. He pouted and sat down on the couch with his arms crossed like a child who's candy got taken away. This made me laugh so loud I didn't block the other wolves anymore...

Shit They are coming here. I rubbed myself innocently against Peter and Emmett. Then I ran. Paul and Seth came. My scent made them crazy and they humped the both men's legs until they finally realized that the one they humped was not me. I was hidden well in a tree not that far away in human form until the both wolves left. Until I knew it was safe I stayed there.

When I came back in the house the both men sat as if they saw a vampire become human again. The girls were between laughing and being disgusted. I'm sorry I simply had to think of a way to distract them. I'll leave if you want. I thought sadly. Edward translated and Esme hugged me.

"Oh Sara you don't have to leave but you should not use us as a distraction anymore. This was bad enough for an entire existence. Could you promise me that you won't do it anymore?"She assured me.

I yawned I promise. I was dead on my feet. I fell asleep right where I stood. A few hours later I woke up on a couch. My stomach started grumbling by the smell of lasagna? I went downstairs in human form straight to the kitchen. I saw Esme cooking with Bella and Rosalie.

"Oh hey Sara are you hungry?" Bella signed. I nodded. "Well we are almost done with the Lasagna. Why don't you set up for two."

I did and Esme said where to find the things. "Bella you should take some first, because I eat four times more then you do." Someone entered the room they clapped a hand on my shoulder making me jump from surprise. I turned around and signed that Peter was an idiotic fucker, because I couldn't have sensed him coming anyway. This making it unfair for him to approach me from behind.

"Sorry ma'am I didn't know you were deaf in human-form." he signed.

I signed "Just never do it again."

"Then let's start over. My name is Peter Whitlock and that sexy wifey of mine is Charlotte."

"Pleasure to meet you Peter and Charlotte. My name is Sahira Uley but friends call me Sara. You may be friends but I will be keeping an eye on you when you are around here."

"Sara dinner is ready." At that my stomach roared from hunger. The vamps and Bella laughed when Emmett and Jasper came downstairs in panic.

"Who roared so loud where is he." I was deeply embarrassed. Bella had taken some Lasagna on the plate. I ate what was left. Then I went to my backpack took a pencil and my sketchbook and drew the Cullen family. When I was done I gave it to Esme.

"Sara this is beautiful." Then I drew each of the vamps apart. I phased and delivered each drawing to the right vamps. At last I drew a drawing with Bella and Edward and that one I gave to Bella. They were all amazed I could draw so beautiful. Rosalie especially she asked me how I did it and I showed her. Then she taught me things about cars and she told me her story. I was sad for her when she told me the part about Royce. I hugged her. We became sort of friends after that.

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