Sam's Sister

Chapter 8

Sara PoV

Today school was boring except for the fact Lauren and Jessica had bright pink hair. Emmett and I did a high-five during lunch. I took pictures for blackmail for later. I noticed some teachers had learned a few basic hand signs which made class a little easier. My favourite classes were art class together with science. Everyone admired my projects. I was always very proud of my paintings, drawings etc. They always made me happy to see others liking them too. Jasper 'said' once the easiest class for him was art class. The only negative feelings were jealousy.

We had a project with art and English combined. we had to make an illustrated story. The text we had to write during English and the illustrations we had to make during art class. this project was to be done in pairs but our class had an odd number so I was allowed to work together with Alice and Jasper because they both knew sign language. We had decided to write a forbidden love, story. Those kind of story's were the most beautiful kind.

"Sara do you want to go shopping today?" Alice 'asked' during Lunch I nodded and I went to my locker to get the books for science, French, music and maths. I can hear you think A deaf girl taking music class? Yes I take music class because I AM able to read the notes. Edward even taught me a few easy songs on the piano!

Anyway when I reached my locker and switched my books I was surrounded by several girls. It was Lauren and a few other bitchy girls. When I turned around to face them they pushed me against the lockers they could because I didn't suspect anything. "Listen bitch I know you were the one ruining my hair and you'll pay for that and for trying to steal my man (Paul)."
Then one of them gave her a bat made from iron. My eyes widened when I saw it. Lauren swung the bat at me hitting me in my stomach. I went down because I couldn't breath. Then two of her companions lifted me up by my hair Then Lauren swung the bat again this time hitting my chest. Then the following targets were my shoulders and my back. at last she swung it at my head. then all went black...

Edward's PoV.

When I was in math class I had the feeling something was wrong. I decided to check up with the family through their thoughts.

Oh I wish I could see what to buy this afternoon now it will be a surprise and I hate surprises.- Alice I smiled at that one. Sara was in for a surprise too.

I wonder what Sara would like to do after graduation. I bet she would be a great artist. I wish classes like that were all day long it makes school so easy for me.-Jasper I was happy to hear that. He deserves that kind of day.

I want to see if Sara is up for a bet again. EEWW! chocolate is NOT a vampire's best friend.- Emmett. I chuckled too low for humans to hear well except for Bella. She looked at me questioningly. I tapped my temple and she went on without questions.

Maybe they'd let me shop with them. I found this cute set of lingerie I just know Emmett will like on me. I wonder why Sara isn't here yet. I know she loves to do experiments-Rosalie I cringed at the first parts of Rosalie's thoughts then I frowned at the last parts. Rosalie was right, Sara loved science as much as drawing.

I went to search Sara's thoughts. All I found was a weak Someone please! Help me! Then silence.I excused myself with a note for Bella and I left to find Sara. Ah there she was. She was laying on the floor with an iron baseball bat next to her and a few girls around her kicking her and hitting her and pulling her hair.

I stepped their way when I recognized Lauren Mallory. My eyes went black at what they were doing. When one of the bitches saw me she warned Lauren. The bitch turned around and acted all innocent. " Edward hey, w-what are you doing here?"

"What did you do to Sara?" my anger flared up.

"N-nothing." They lied trembling when they sensed my anger.
Edward why are you so angry.-Jasper.
The bell rang.

Jasper was near me and the girls were gone. When he saw what happened he projected worry. "Edward you need to take her to Carlisle, I have the feeling she is healing too fast." I just nodded. "She will be fine." He said when he felt my worry and guilt. "It's not your fault."

"Yes it is I should have checked up on her first. Instead of you and the others." I said while picking Sara up carefully and jogging to my car.

Sara moaned in pain. We were lucky she isn't bleeding. "I'll explain the others what happened, and we'll take Bella with us. Everything will be fine. You'll see." Jasper reassured me sending a little calm my way and he left. I laid Sara down on the backseat of my car and I called Carlisle.

"Edward what happened? How is she?"-C I wondered if he started to feel the pull of imprinting too.

"It's bad she has certainly broken quite a few bones."-E I heard him curse like a sailor under his breath. Carlisle NEVER cursed. NEVER.

"I call Esme to prepare my office. Drive carefully and keep her awake, and call Sam. see you soon."-C

I did as told and Sam said he would come with Jared and Quil. He wasn't too happy but he understood why I checked with my family first. When I arrived home Carlisle was waiting for me. When I stopped the car he ran over, almost ripped the door out of its hinges and carried Sara inside the house. Yeah he definitely feels the pull of imprinting.

"Edward what happened? Why is Carlisle acting soo..?"

"Not like him?" I finished for Esme.

"Well, yes." She said.

"I think Carlisle is starting to feel the pull of being an imprint too." was my explanation.

"Oh. that could come out in a problem. I think." Esme spoke sadly. She thought that if Sahra's bond with Carlisle got stronger, that he would choose for Sahra instead of Esme.
"Don't worry mom I'm sure Sara won't let it go that far." was my reply while hugging her.

"Now tell me what happened with Sara." I did and when I was done we were waiting in silence only hearing Sara's occasional scream from pain. with each scream we cringed. Soon the others came home too. Alice was sobbing in Jasper's arms thinking it was all her fault because she couldn't see what happened. Suddenly Sara fell silent.

Carlisle came downstairs. He looked drained. "She will survive, though I had to break a few bones again because they were healing wrong and she can't go to school for quite a while. She is asleep now but I have to drug her once in two hours to keep her peaceful enough to get some rest." He explained us with a sad look on his face.

"You have to warn your father, Bella." She nodded and buried her face in my chest again. I rubbed soothing circles on her back. After a while she got up from my lap and called Charlie.

"Dad you have to come to the Cullen's. Something terrible happened.-B

"Sweetie are you alright?"-Ch

"Dad I'm fine it's not me. You should come as the chief not as my father now."-B

"I'm on my way. See you in ten."-Ch

Sam arrived at the same time as Charlie did. "Can I see her?" was Sam's first question. Carlisle nodded and Esme showed him the way.

Charlie was wondering who Sam was talking about. "All right can someone explain what is going on here? Why did I have to come in chief mode?"

"Dad maybe you should sit down for this one it's a long story." Bella started by explaining about Sara coming to Forks high and she went on about Lauren bullying her a lot so Sara pranked her a little and then it was my turn.

When we were done Charlie wondered why we didn't take Sara to the hospital instead of here. He asked us this too. We weren't sure about the answer but luckily Sara started to scream again and Charlie was worried if she would be fine. He forgot his question. Then he asked if he could see her.
Carlisle went first to drug her again and then when she fell silent again, Charlie went to see her with Carlisle. When he came back he was sad that people could do such things to a girl with her 'condition'. Peter and Charlotte came home from their hunt and they were surprised to see a cop in sitting on the couch.

"Jasper, brother, did you drive too fast or something?" Peter joked until he saw the worried and sad looks on our faces.

"Okay, what happened." Charlotte asked.

Jasper told them and Charlotte asked if they could see her. Of course she's in my office." Carlisle said. He kept glancing towards the stairs with a tinge of hope in his eyes. As if he was hoping that Sara would come downstairs as if nothing happened. I wished that would happen too. Jasper was concentrating on something. I saw in his mind he was picking Sara's feelings up which she felt when being drugged and kept sending the same feelings back.
Then I checked Sara's mind. She was reliving the incident from this morning. I helped Charlie a little by telling him what I saw happening. Charlie left promising he would take care of the rest. I 'heard' Sara waking up again. Jasper relaxed a little meaning Sara was in less pain.

Peter was still up there and Sam too. Sam came downstairs. He asked Carlisle how long she was to stay in bed. "If she stays conscious for the next two hours and her pain lessens, then she has to stay in bed for a week. if she falls unconscious again it will be two weeks." Sam sighed.

"When can she come home?" Jared asked.

"If all goes well she'll be able to travel in two days."

That night Sara was finally asleep on her own. She mumbled a little in her sleep. When I walked up to my room I saw Emmett and Jasper on her door listening to what she was saying. Apparently it was funny so I decided to listen too. "Daddy I don't want to play with mommy she scares me." She said.
"NO I don't want to wear that dress it's itchy."Her voice sounded like a child's voice. "I hate you mommy."

"Daddy don't leave me! Wake up, wake up. DADDY!" She was dreaming of the day she lost her family.
"I know you're listening in boys." That last one was clearer so she must be awake now. Then she fell asleep and cried softly. "D-daddy I miss you."

"Sahra why do you hate Victoria so much?" We asked her while she was still asleep.
"She stole Riley from me."was her sleepy answer.
Then Emmett thought of something mischievous. "Sara when you wake up you have to make a bet with Emmett again."

"Sure Emmett why not" She had her eyes opened without being noticed.

Sara PoV

"What was that dream about Sara?"

"I was picnicking with my parents and somehow there was a huge forest fire going on. I was only three years old and my father saved my mother then he came back for me. When he had picked me up we ran to safety. Suddenly a burning branch fell down making my father fall over it. He curled himself around me to protect me."
"When the danger of the branch was gone, he gave me a locket with a family-picture in it, pushed me away from him telling me to run away and not to worry about him. Then another branch fell on his chest. I ran then I fell over something and then I don't remember anything anymore from there to meeting Sam's family." I told them. "All I remember after that is my mother trying to take the locket from me. Then she walked away from me. Not wanting me."

Emmett gave me a bear hug. "I'm sorry Sara. It must have been really terrible for you as such a small child."

"Tell me, if you guys saved me, what happened then?"

Alice came in. "Why don't we talk in the family room." Emmett picked me up and walked carefully downstairs. He laid me down on the couch and sat down on the love seat with Rosalie. I pulled my legs a bit up and Bella sat down next to me. Edward sat on the arm of the couch next to her. Jasper and Alice sat on a chair and Carlisle on the other. Esme was in the kitchen making something to eat for me and Bella. Alice started the story.

"Twenty years ago I had a vision. we were living somewhere in Canada back then. The vision was about a family stuck in a fire. We all went to the place in question, when a man and a woman ran out. The man ran back calling a name. The name was Sara. When he didn't return the woman was crying. Saying he was going after their daughter. Rosalie went after the man. She returned within a few minutes with a crying three year old girl. The girl was you."

Esme went on. " When Carlisle tried to take you to search for injuries you held a necklace, which was a locket, close to you muttering daddy the whole time. The woman went to you and acted as if she wanted to comfort you but in reality she tried to take the locket from you. You ran away straight towards Jasper. When the woman went after you, you hid behind him."

Jasper continued "At one moment you begged me to pick you up. You hid your face in my shoulder when I did. The woman said that you were a brat and that it was your fault that the man was dead. You looked at her with tears in your eyes. The woman took a step and you turned away again."

"Then Emmett and Rose stood on either side of us. Rose was pretty angry with the woman. The woman walked away saying that we could keep you. You reached out to her calling for her. She ignored you and drove with an ambulance away. I held you calming you down and asleep with my gift. Then we took you home."
"After a few days Edward found out your father was part of the Quileute tribe. We brought you to Billy Black to be safe"
Carlisle continued. "What Jasper is trying to say are Jasper's singer. We had to give you to Billy Black to keep you safe. We hadn't heard from you since then. That is the story of how you were saved." I felt sad now I understand my dream better. Jasper sent me some peace and lethargy and I fell asleep again. The next two days I healed properly. Then I finally went home again.
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