Sam's Sister

Chapter 9

Sara PoV

Today was a Saturday two weeks after the 'incident'. I was going shopping in Port Angeles with Alice and Rosalie today. They dragged Bella with them. At the mall we went to pick out dresses for the graduation party they held. They even invited me Paul and Jared because we would graduate too. Soon enough we had to sit down for Bella because she had to eat and to rest.
I was reading a newspaper when I noticed a scent. My hair in my neck stood right up because it was a leech, yet it smelled familiar. I could make out a slight scent of freshly baked cookies. I looked around and spotted a figure standing in the shadow. I stood up and signed I had to do something. Then I ran towards the figure. It fled to the woods.

When I was in the woods I phased and ran faster. Suddenly I tackled the figure. She turned around half way to fight me. I tried to rip her arms off. Then she threw me off of her. When I stood up again, I recognized her. It was my mother! I howled loudly in pain. Then I spoke to her. "Mother, stop. It's me, Sahira."

She hissed "I know, It's you I want to kill. You stole that locket from me and it's your fault I lost the one I loved." I looked down sadly.

"I know. but why do you want that locket so bad?" I asked her.

"The owner of that locket gets the inheritance your father left behind. why else do you think I killed him and almost you too by starting that fire? Your father was very rich he owns a few houses in America and Europe. and he owns a lot of money, and he was a very good investor and all that stuff." My eyes widened from surprise.

I'm rich? I'M RICH! Wow. Wait she killed my father? the bitch I'm gonna kill her. I attacked her with a leap. She dodged and ran "oh you should talk to the lawyer called Jenks."

I went back to the others feeling sad with my newly acquired knowledge. Bella asked what I was doing. I signed in a sad tone it wasn't important. the rest of the day went by as slow as a snail I couldn't focus on a single thing they held for me. Rosalie noticed first I was faking enthusiasm. She sat me down somewhere and signed "Sara, what's wrong? you know you can trust me. Please tell me so I can help you!" She practically begged me to tell her.
That was when I started to cry. I hugged her tightly. She was surprised but returned the hug and rubbed my back soothingly. Alice and Bella came and they all tried to make me tell them what happened but I didn't listen. Then Alice called someone while Bella and Rose led me to a lunchroom.

After a while Alice came back and I felt the presence of a certain blond haired vamp. I stiffened a bit. How dare they use him against me.The girls left us alone. He signed "Alice called me saying you were having a breakdown or something. Would you tell me what happened?"

"I have found out something terrible today and something personal as well. both things are hard for me to deal with. Let's keep it on the past catching up with me maybe I'll tell you later a more detailed version." I replied calming down a little. He hugged me. When we pulled back I asked him "Do you know someone called Jenks?" He nodded curious as to why something as random as this would come up. "Do you know where his office is?" I said.

He shook his head no "Jasper does."

Then I might need Jasper's help. "I'll see you tonight I have to go now."

"Wait, let me give you a lift to my home. The girls left already." I nodded my approval. He opened the door of his car for me. I nodded my thanks and stepped in. during the ride my 'reunion' with my mother repeated in my head. Carlisle touched my arm for attention. I looked at him tiredly. "Are you gonna be alright?" I nodded slowly. Then I fell asleep.

I woke up when someone shook me awake. It was Rosalie. She let me get out of the car and hugged me. When she pulled back she asked "Sara are you alright?" I nodded but my eyes held the truth. She led me inside. "You ready to tell us now?" I shook my head no.

"I need to speak with the elders and Sam first." I ran home wolf style.

"Sam I need to talk to you and the elders. It's about my past and my true family."

"I'll call them" he said. He knew it must be important. We would come together during dinner. I nodded in approval and went to put my clothes away. Soon it was time for dinner at the Black's. I explained what happened today during the shopping trip and what I found out. They gasped at the fact my mother killed my father with the fire. Sam scolded me for going alone again. The elders decided that if mother was around again, she is to be killed. Sam decided to come with me to talk to Jasper. but first we had training. I helped Jasper with the new wolves because they listened better to me than him. It was fun because I was ordered to fight Peter.

I went into my human-wolf form which surprised him. He waited for my first strike but it never came. I just circled him long enough to make him impatient and made him charge my way. I avoided him enough to be able to 'disappear' again like when I fought Emmett. When he looked around but not above, I kicked him in the back and went right after him when he fell pinning him to the floor. "Oh baby, I don't want to disappoint you but I like to be on top better." I smacked his head "Ow, woman don't do that." and got off of his back.

"Pervert." After training I asked if I could talk to the vamps. I explained what happened and Jasper promised he would help me. We would go on Monday after school. On Sunday I did homework and some experiments.

Monday morning at school I was called to go to the principle. It was a bald man from 45 years old. He was really nice. He asked how I was coping after the 'incident' I signed I was fine because I healed well. We talked a bit more and I could go again. It was time for lunch already. I took over the missed assignments. Paul came to us with a pamphlet. It showed my locket and said the owner of this locket is very rich... Shit if the humans read this they will be after it. luckily I didn't wear it today. but most of them must know it is mine.

Jessica and Lauren walked to me with a fake smile plastered on their faces. "Hey Sara you're looking nice today." They sat on either side of me. The Cullen's glared at them.

I did too. I signed "Leave I have no interest in any of your lies." Edward told them what I signed.

"But Sara why don't you dump these losers and hang out with cool people like us?"

"Sorry, but the only 'cool' people I know next to Paul and Jared are the Cullen's." The people in question chuckled at the inside joke.

Lauren humphed "You might be rich but you are still a loser and a bitch."

"Hey Lauren you should join the poem club. your rhyming is good." Bella said. Lauren scowled and walked away.

Jessica signed "I'm sorry for everything I did, Sara, it's just that Lauren is a stuck-up bitch and she is making sure that everyone is against you just because she hates deaf people. I don't know why though, I think it's the extra attention. As for me, I'm just merely a follower. that's just how I am." Then she left.

"Wow" I signed in surprise everyone agreed. The bell rang time for Art. Today we would each draw a front design and decide which one we would use. The story was called A cursed friendship. I drew a four-finger hand and the paw of a wolf. The hand was white and the paw was black and inside the hand. Then I drew the title above the hand in calligraphic letters. When I was done I showed the other two my idea.

They had drawn something alike but not really the same. Jasper had it the other way around, big paw, hand inside, and Alice had a complete different one. It was hard to choose since we all drew perfect drawings and we had to ask the teacher what to do. She chose my drawing after we explained a little what our story was about. She said that we could use Jasper's drawing as a background for the backside. We agreed with it and went to work on it. "Hey Sara do you have an idea what you're gonna do with the money from your father?" Alice asked.

"I think I'm gonna look for a place for myself. maybe my own vehicle and further on I don't know yet."

Alice had a vision about the newborn army. "They are going to attack on the Saturday after the party. I see some gifted vampires with Maria and.. She is going to threaten Carlisle and Esme to make you come with her." I read her lips carefully and my eyes widened at what she said feeling worried. I already know that and the outcome. I just wish I could save them both. After art Alice and Jasper had a break because the teach from history was ill. Jasper calmed me down

"Don't worry Sara we won't let it come that far. I promise." I know but still that dream came back for a reason. what am I missing?" for the rest of the day I was replaying the dream not following the classes at all. After school Edward asked me how I was able to dream something about what is in the future. I shrugged not knowing how to answer. Jasper borrowed Edward's car because he drove with Rosalie and Emmett. The ride was silent except for the radio. I think. I was still worried about the fight because I had finally agreed to stay with Colin and Brady, but I would keep tabs on the fight of course. Jasper felt my worry

"Sara why are you so worried?"

"I'm just worried because I dreamed Alice's vision where the outcome was, that I was able to save only one of the two. Considering my situation that one would always be Carlisle which makes me feel guilty that I wasn't able to save both of them." He nodded slowly in understanding.

"I'm sure we will find a way." We arrived at a nice looking building. Jasper walked to the lady on the desk and said "We have an appointment with mister Jenks."

She looked in the computer "what is your name?"

A door opened and a man from mid forty's was walking out when he saw us. He looked like he peed his pants. "Mr. Whitlock w-welcome to what do I owe this pleasure?"

"Can we come in first?" Jasper asked his stance more demanding than polite. I wondered why.

"O-of course come in, come in! This must be the mysterious Mrs. Whitlock?" I decided to let Jasper speak for most part.

"No this is Sahira Uley a friend of mine. We didn't come for a tea party Mr. Jenks we came for business."

"Ah yes of course. Now tell me with what I can do for you this time."

"Sahira is the daughter of a man called..." he looked at me to answer. John Torak. I wrote on a note. Mr. Jenks looked curious to me as to why I didn't use my voice. Jasper answered for me.

"Miss Sahira is deaf and she can't speak that well because of it." The poor man nodded in understanding and he read the name.

After a few seconds his eyes widened in recognition. "I remember a client of mine with that name. He changed his last will and made his little daughter the one and only owner of all of his assets instead of his wife. A few days later he died by the cause of a forest fire. The only condition to this was that I could only give the documents to her if she had a certain locket." I showed the locket. It was a golden locket with a wolf paw design on the outside.

I opened it to show him the family picture inside of it. "Yes that's the man. congratulations miss Uley you are now officially a billionaire.

"I wanna be a billionaire, so fucking bad." I signed to Jasper with a smile. He chuckled at that knowing I meant the situation being appropriate for that song. During the rest of the meeting we went through all the necessary papers, I signed where needed.

Then we went to the Cullen's. I signed my thanks to Jasper that he came with me. "I wish our kinds could be friends, easier then now." I signed sadly "Sara, you are changing our attitude's towards each other. It's mostly because of your imprinting that we live in a much more relaxed ease now then before."

"Yeah, you do but did you know that Sam was angry with me that day? He almost hurt Emily again because he was starting to phase. We fought many days. in wolf form and with words. He actually talked to the elders of our tribe to find a way to undo an imprint."

"He did?" Jasper asked in a disbelieving tone.

I nodded. "I still don't understand why I imprinted on Carlisle though. An imprint, if I have to believe the Council, is the best suitable for a wolf to... continue the bloodline. to be sure the wolf gen will stay strong."

"Isn't that the task of the male wolf?"

"I think so too, but I'm not too sure about it." When we arrived, it was time for dinner, the meeting took longer than I thought. Esme invited me for dinner, but I had to decline because I had patrol duty and I wasn't hungry. I said my goodbye's and left them as a wolf.

Quite soon I was at the clearing where we would fight the newborn. I relived my dream and I searched for ways to safe both. I've had many idea's but none of them worked. It made me howl in frustration. Then I sensed a someone coming. It was Jacob.

Sara what's wrong why are you so sad and frustrated?-J

It's because I still haven't found a way to safe both vamps.-S

Wait there, I'm coming your way maybe I can help you.-J I waited and sure enough Jacob arrived pretty soon after thatWe went different ways around and over the clearing and we had several possible ways, but only if I could reach them in time with both of the youngest wolves, and Seth would be needed to come too.

We are going to need a lot of speed and stamina training.-S

That you do. are you sure you can do this?-J

I have to have faith in this plan or else it will never work so yes-S

I went home after patrol and I talked with Sam and the twins about the plans I made. Sam wasn't happy he said the twins were staying home because they were too young to fight. Just like Seth. He said he was sorry for being so stern but he insisted in keeping the twins home.

"Why can't you understand I want to save both of them?" I said angrily.

"Sara, I understand you want to save both vamps. I just can't allow Colin and Brady to help you I promised the Council I would keep them out of it. They are really too young. Don't make me use 'the voice' on you again Sara. You know I would do it if it's necessary." He spoke a bit annoyed with my stubbornness.

"But Sam-"

"Sara enough is enough." Fine maybe I just will be on the battlefield And I don't care if I get hurt.

"And you are not going to get hurt on purpose during the fight." I ran upstairs very upset with him. I slammed with the door of my room, jumped out of my window and I made sure I was gone without being noticed. After a few miles I phased and blocked my mind. Then I ran. A few hours later I fell asleep from running so much.

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