I don't believe in heroes

Chapter 15

Phil picked Ellie up and carried her to Fitz-Simmons lab, placing her on the exam table. He didn't care that her blood stained his suit as he wiped away the cold sweat on her forehead. "Help her, Simmons."

"I'll do what I can, sir." Simmons promised. She cut away Ellie's uniform, a difficult task but luckily they had the equipment to do it, and started the exam. Only one of the bullets had an exit wound, the other two were still inside of her. Simmons anesthetized the area and started to remove the bullet fragments. Fitz made everybody leave the lab while Simmons worked and Phil paused before he left.

"She can't know that I'm here." Phil told Fitz. "That's classified. Do not say my name, do not say that I am in charge here. That's an order."

"Yes sir." Fitz nodded once.

Phil paced the floor in his office, waiting anxiously for news of Ellie. It was taking longer than anticipated to remove all of the fragments in Ellie's stomach and unfortunately, the anesthetic started to wear off. Ellie felt Simmon's equipment inside her as she started to regain conciousness and a scream passed through her lips before she could stop it.

"Fitz! Hold her down!" Simmons said as Ellie's back arched in pain. She only had two fragments left and couldn't risk nicking a blood vessel or artery. "Get her to be still!"

"Listen to me." Fitz said loudly. Ellie bit her lip to keep herself from screaming as Simmons continued her work. He was holding her shoulders down and he could see the pain in her eyes. "If you don't stay still, Simmons could hit an artery and you will die."

Ellie's response was a groan and a whimper. Fitz spoke again. "Find a happy thought."

"I don't have one anymore." Ellie said roughly. "He's gone."

"I've got it!" Simmons exclaimed proudly, dropping the last fragment into a pan. She started to stitch up Ellie's wounds and injected her with another anesthetic that allowed her to sleep. Simmons had been more concerned with getting the bullet out and stopping the bleeding when the painkiller initially wore off. Simmons had another team member, Skye, help her dress Ellie in a gown since she had cut off her uniform.

"Will she be all right?" Skye asked Simmons once they had covered Ellie's body.

"I believe so." Simmons said. "Although, it would be more helpful if I had her file."

"Here." Phil handed it to Simmons as he walked into the lab. "Should have everything you need."

"Thank you sir." Simmons said, opening the file and scanning it quickly.

Phil stood next to the sleeping Ellie and raised a hesitant hand to stroke her hair. She had dyed it again since he last saw her a few months ago. Now it was black with a blue tint to it. "How long will she sleep?"

"She needs to rest so her body can heal." Simmons said, still reading the file. "According to this, however, it should be relatively soon."

"How relatively soon?" Phil asked.

"A few hours." Simmons guessed. "With the Erskine serum in her system, her body will heal faster than ours."

Phil's eyes fell to the engagement ring on the chain around her neck and his lips twitched, almost smiling.

"Coulson?" Skye asked. "Who is she?"

"She's one of SHIELD's finest, at least before she joined the Avengers. Technically she's no longer a field agent." Phil said, finally pulling his gaze away from Ellie. "Her name is Ellie Johnson, a.k.a Electra." He glanced at her hands. "Where are her gloves?"

"I had to take them off to get her uniform off." Simmons said, gesturing to the pile of fabric that had been discarded on the table.

"Put them back on." Phil ordered. "She has to wear them at all times."

He took the gloves from Skye as she handed them to him and carefully put them on Ellie's hands. He squeezed her hand gently and stepped away from the bed. "Let me know when she wakes up."

"Ellie, it's not going to be that bad." Phil promised, straightening his bow tie in the mirror.

"I don't understand why you want to go so badly." Ellie said through her closed bedroom door. "It's just prom."

"Prom is a right of passage." Phil said with a chuckle.

"Prom is stupid." Ellie said. "Besides, you have food poisoning."

"I barely have food poisoning."

Ellie opened her door and Phil smiled widely when he saw her. Her dress was silver and it shimmered when she walked, the strapless sweetheart neckline showed off the freckles on her shoulders. Ellie reflected his smile but her expression turned to horror when she saw the white of his shirt start to turn crimson. The point of Loki's scepter was pushed through his chest and Phil's eyes widened as he stared at him. Ellie started to scream.

Phil had sent the others away after waiting a few hours for Ellie to wake up. Simmons had come to the lab to finish some tests, working quietly away from the pair. Phil was holding her hand, stroking the back of it with his thumb, watching her eyes dart back and forth as she slept. Both Phil and Simmons jumped when Ellie started to scream in her sleep. The part that startled Simmons was that Ellie was screaming for Phil.

"I'm here." Phil tried to hold down Ellie's arms as she thrashed around in her sleep. "I'm here, El."

Ellie's screams quieted turning into soft whimpers as tears streamed down her sleeping face. "He's gone. He's gone."

Phil felt his throat tighten as he stroked her hair. "I'm right here, Ellie. I'm right here."

Ellie's eyes flew open as she panted trying to catch her breath and she saw Phil staring at her. "I'm dead. I'm dead. I'm dead."

"No, you're not." Phil said, putting one hand on the side of her face so she would have to look at him. "You're alive and here."

"I died." Ellie whimpered as she squeezed her eyes shut. "You're not real. You're not him. You're a ghost."

"Sir, you should go." Simmons advised. "She needs to calm down."

Phil didn't listen to her. "I'm here, Freckles. It's me."

"Sir, please."

"Do you want to play heroes?" Phil asked, trying to make her realize that it was truly him.

"I want to be Cap." Ellie said quickly. She started to catch her breath and register her surroundings or, more importantly, Phil.

"You can't be Captain America." Phil said with a smile. "You're a girl."

Ellie smiled as she realized that he was alive and standing over her, smiling down at her. She sat up slowly and Phil helped her. "You're-"

"I know." Phil said. Ellie wrapped her arms around his shoulders and held him tightly, careful enough to not accidentally crush him. Phil returned the embrace, his own arms around her waist and he was careful of her wounds. Ellie's tears turned into happy tears and her cheeks hurt from smiling so much. Phil rubbed her back and breathed in her scent of lavender.

Ellie pulled away from him after a long few minutes. "I don't understand. You were dead. I saw you. I tried to wake you up."

"SHIELD saved me." Phil shrugged.

"How?" Ellie asked.

"Let's talk about that later, El." Phil said. He resisted the almost overwhelming urge to crush his mouth to hers since Simmons was in the lab. "Right now, you need to rest."

"I'm fine." Ellie was telling the truth. She was a little sore but nothing could hurt her after finding out Phil was alive. "I want to walk around."

"You lost consciousness." Phil countered.

"Well, I'm awake now." Ellie said, swinging her legs over the side of the bed.

"Still stubborn as ever." Phil muttered as he helped her stand up. "Can we get her some clothes?"

"Of course." Simmons smiled.

"You have a plane?" Ellie asked once they were alone. "Fury gave you a plane?"

"Yep." Phil didn't offer a further explanation but smiled. Simmons came back with a pile of clothes and Ellie thanked her. Phil excused himself while Ellie dressed and once she had laced up her boots, she went to find him.

"Fury gave you an expensive plane." Ellie corrected, speaking softly to herself. She stopped Agent Ward as she passed him. "Where's Phil's office?"

Ward escorted her to Phil's office and she knocked on the door frame, smiling at him when he looked up. "Come in."

"So that's what he did with your stuff." Ellie examined the collectibles on the shelf. "Pepper helped me pack everything up for Fury when he came for it. I'm glad it didn't end up in a storage locker somewhere."

"So am I." Phil said, closing the door. They were quiet for a few seconds before Ellie spoke.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Ellie asked.

"I couldn't. You weren't a level 7." Phil said.

Ellie didn't seem overly surprised by his answer. "But I am your best friend."

"I wanted to." Phil said, closing the space between them. "I wanted to come and find you so many times."

"Why now?" Ellie asked. "Fury sent me here to extract your team so he sent me to you. Why now?"

"Because of your message." Phil played it for her. "You deserved to know."

Ellie nodded. "So you didn't tell me because I wasn't cleared but I leave a drunken message and suddenly I am?"

"This wasn't my choice, Ellie. The Avengers needed a common enemy to bring all of you together—"

"You got yourself killed to make the team play nice?" Ellie's voice rose as she spoke. "Have you lost your mind? Putting the Avengers through that...You can't do that to people, Phil."

"It wasn't my plan. I wanted to stop Loki. Fury just made the best out of a bad situation." Phil said. This wasn't how he wanted this to play out.

"A bad situation?" Ellie echoed. "I lost my best friend, the person that I loved most in the entire world and you call that a 'bad situation'?"

"I'm sorry." Phil didn't know what else to say. "But don't forget that I lost the same thing you did. I've been here for the last nine months without you, wanting to reach out but I couldn't. Watching you spend time with Captain Rogers and thinking that you had moved on almost killed me again."

Phil's voice broke and Ellie closed the space between them, hugging him tightly. "There isn't anybody else out there for me. Nobody could take your place. Not even Captain America."

Phil couldn't stop himself from kissing her anymore, taking her face in both his hands as he did so. She responded eagerly and nipped at his lower lip. He growled in response, a sound that Ellie always found extremely sexy.

The video screen chirped, letting them know that someone was calling them. The pair let each other go and took a few moments to calm down before Phil answered it. They had a new mission.

"Come on. Mission briefing in five." Phil told Ellie. She walked past him and he caught her arm so she would look back at him. "We'll continue this later."

"I look forward to it, Agent Coulson." Ellie smiled.

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