I don't believe in heroes

Chapter 19

Ellie was showing Steve how to play video games while they waited for their pizza delivery when his phone rang. They were being called in on a mission by Director Fury. They made it to their armory in seconds, dressing in their armor and gathering their weapons. Ellie's uniform was a black and blue catsuit while Steve's was an armored black suit with stripes on the arms. Steve grabbed the sword he preferred to use and Ellie smiled at him as they made their way through the tunnels under their apartment.

"How long has it been since we were on a mission together?" Steve asked Ellie as they walked.

"It's been a while for a mission for me." Ellie admitted. "I guess Fury thought I was good enough to work with you?"

"You're the only backup I want." Steve kissed her quickly before she put on her mask and he pulled his helmet on, concealing their features.

"Who's the target?" Ellie asked. Their tunneling system ran through the city, allowing them quick getaways and easy access to their targets.

"Natasha Romanoff." Steve replied. "She's been leading a rebellion against Hydra. Fury wants her dealt with."

"She's a Russian diplomat." Ellie said. "If we do this, then we're starting a war with Russia."

"There are Hydra leaders in Russia. There won't be a war." Steve assured her. They had arrived under the United Nations building and climbed up to the surface, keeping to the shadows. This was their expertise. The section of the building allotted to the housing for important dignitaries was where Natasha would be. Ellie saw an intern taking a tray of room service to a room and handled the intern quickly, knocking her out, tying her up and shoving her in a closet. She picked up the tray and gave the signal for Steve to rejoin her outside of Romanoff's room.

"It took long enough." Natasha said, pulling the door open. Ellie smiled at her as her target took in the sight of them while Ellie pushed her back into the room. Steve entered a moment later and closed the door behind him. "Who are you?"

"Our employer is rather upset at what you've been doing." Ellie picked at the food on the tray, popping a strawberry in her mouth and chewing before continuing. Natasha looked terrified from where she sat on the bed. "You can talk, Natalie."

"It's Natasha." She corrected and Ellie chuckled. "I don't know what you're talking about. I'm here to discuss the treaty in the works between my country and the United States."

"You're here to further your attempts to bring down Hydra." Ellie said. "We know of your rebellion and if you give us the names of those involved, I will let you live."

"What about him?" Natasha was talking about Steve standing silently with his sword in his hand.

"Do you know who he is?" Ellie asked Natasha, who shook her head. "That's Nightblade. If it were up to me, I'd let you go if I think you're telling the truth but it's not. It's up to him."

Natasha started to cry and beg for her life. "Please. I have a family."

"And you'll get to see them if you cooperate and pledge your allegiance to us." Ellie said, handing Natasha a piece of paper and a pencil. Natasha took the pencil with a shaking hand and wrote down a dozen names. Ellie snatched the paper from her when she was done, allowing Steve to read the list.

"That's all that I know." Natasha blubbered.

"I believe you." Ellie said. "How about you, Nightblade?"

"I believe her." Steve said, staring down the redheaded crying diplomat before he covered her head with a black bag.

They disappeared with the list into the tunneling system and put Natasha in a cell, making it back to their apartment in time to change their clothes and pay the pizza delivery man.

"What are we going to with weepy?" Ellie said, picking up a piece of pizza.

"Keep her until Fury says otherwise." Steve said, wiping his fingers on a napkin and picking up his game controller and continuing their game.

Ellie tossed her medicine in her mouth and chased them with water before she changed into her pajamas. Steve was already asleep when she slipped under the comforter. She snuggled in closer to him and he draped an arm over her waist, sleepily kissing her hair. That night she tossed and turned, waking up in a cold sweat. She got up to get a drink and the movement caused Steve to wake up.

"Everything okay, doll?" He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and sat up.

"Yeah. Go back to sleep." She leaned over the bed and kissed him before going into the kitchen, pouring herself some juice and downing it quickly. Her mind was racing with her dreams of that night, dreams of Phil. Apparently her medication didn't make them go away completely. She ran a hand through her hair and sat on the couch, clicking on the TV and absentmindedly watched infomercials.

"What's wrong?" Steve came into the living room in his pajama bottoms. Ellie jumped when he spoke, moving her legs so he could sit down.

"Just couldn't sleep." Ellie said with a smile.

"El, I know you better than that." Steve said.

Ellie sighed. "I dreamed of Phil again. It's just...weird, I guess."

"You two were friends for a long time." Steve said. "You loved each other. It's normal for you to dream about it."

"It doesn't bother you?" Ellie asked.

"No." Steve took her hand and smiled. "I know I'm not your first boyfriend. I can't ask you to pretend like I am. Do you love me?"

"Yes." Ellie nodded.

"And I love you." Steve said. "That's what matters."

Steve woke up the next morning to find an hourglass on the dining room table. He had carried Ellie into their room after she fell asleep on the couch. She was still asleep when he read the note that had been burned into the top of the hourglass.

With love, Cronos

A/N: So I got a lot less hate for that last chapter than I thought I would. I had to do that because I had to introduce a new villain of my own making! Now we are in a slight AU world but it will make sense in a few chapters, I absolutely promise! Thanks for reading/reviewing/following/favoriting! Please leave a review on your way out. They're always appreciated.

Rylee and Littleheart: I'm sad to say that it wasn't a dream but never fear. It shall all come out.

Ynwa: Thanks for your review but I promise you it will all work out. We haven't seen the last of Phil.

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