I don't believe in heroes

Chapter 20

"Damn it, Simmons!" Phil shouted at the startled brunette. "She can't just disappear from the plane without a trace."

"Apparently she can, sir." Jemma stammered, averting her eyes when Phil glared at her before leaving the lab. Fitz was using his drones to scan Ellie's room on the plane, looking for clues as to how she disappeared.

The day after he proposed in Paris, Ellie had gotten her own room on the plane. She had dinner with Phil, the pair played Battleship (Phil lost), he gave her a kiss good night and she went to bed. When he woke up the next morning, Ellie was gone. Phil thought that she was showering but when a search of the plane proved that wasn't the case, the normally level headed agent lost it.

"I don't understand why he's reacting so violently." Simmons muttered, looking at the data Fitz retrieved. "I mean, I realize that she's his best friend but still..."

"I think it's a bit more than that, Simmons." Fitz interrupted her with a pointed look.

Simmons chuckled at the idea of Phil and Ellie together. "You can't possibly mean-"

"I do." Fitz said, swiping at the holotable. "It won't mean a bloody thing if we don't get her back."

"Wait a moment." Simmons pointed at a reading they had taken from Ellie's room. "Is that...?"

"It most certainly is." Fitz smiled at her. They were making progress.

"I have to stop by the pharmacy." Ellie called to Steve, who had been in the kitchen. She picked up her medicine bottles and shoved them in her purse. "I need a refill."

"Are you sure you have to do that now?" Steve asked, picking her up and sitting her on the counter. He kissed her with a smile. "Because I can think of something more fun to do."

Ellie giggled as he nuzzled her neck and pushed him away teasingly before hopping off the counter. "I won't be gone long."

Steve watched her as she left before examining the hourglass that had been left in their apartment. He had hidden it from Ellie, not wanting it to trigger anything that could jeopardize the mission. Slipping his coat on, he went to the alley and smashed it on the ground. Cronos would have to wait until later.

"You're saying that Ellie was taken through a what?" Phil asked, furrowing his brows.

"A wormhole of sorts." Simmons said. She tapped a few buttons and brought up the readings.

"Can you find out where she went?" Skye asked.

"Unfortunately, it's impossible to trace wormholes." Fitz huffed.

"Then what's the point of this?" Phil gestured to the screen. "How is this helpful?"

"From what we can tell, she's been pulled into an alternate timeline." Simmons said. "Her vitals are still up in our system so she's still alive but there are large quantities of a drug I can't identify in her system."

"Find out what kind of drug it is and see if we can trace it." Phil ordered. "Is there anyway we can go through the wormhole or talk to her?"

"It is possible to go through the wormhole but there's no guarantee that you would end up in the same place as her." Fitz shook his head.

"Any way to contact her?" Ward asked.

FitzSimmons exchanged a look before Simmons sighed. "There's a theory that hypnotism could induce a trance like state, allowing two people who share a profound bond to communicate over enormous distances."

"Why do you look so worried?" Skye spoke before Phil could.

"Because, in order to do so, we would have to put someone in a medical coma and there's no way to know if we could pull them out of it." Fitz said.

"Set it up." Phil ordered. "I'll do it."

"Sir, this is an untested theory-"Simmons stammered.

"So let's test it." Phil interrupted.

"That only works if she is in the same trance like state, such as a REM cycle sleep." Simmons finished. "You can't do this."

"I have to do this." Phil's voice rumbled deep in his chest, glaring at Simmons. "She is my family. She is everything to me. I just got her back and I'll be damned if I let someone take her away from me!"

"I understand where you're coming from, Coulson." Ward said, stepping between his commanding officer and the slightly shaking scientist. "But shouldn't we tell Director Fury about this? She is a member of the Avengers."

"No. We need to handle this in house." Phil replied while FitzSimmons prepared the serum to induce deep sleep he would need.

"At least let one of us go under instead." Ward suggested.

"No." Phil's answer was short and final. He took off his jacket and rolled his sleeves up, laying down on the gurney Fitz had pulled up. It only took a few minutes for Phil to fall asleep and all the team could do was wait.

"El, the movie's starting." Steve called. Ellie ran into the living room and jumped on the couch, snuggling into his side. He chuckled at her as she got comfortable before putting an arm around her. Fury had come to collect Natasha Romanoff earlier, shipping her off to a Hydra containment facility and Ellie still had no idea that she was the key to the success of this mission. He needed to keep it that way. Halfway through the movie, he started kissing her neck, something that he knew she liked. One thing lead to another and soon their clothes were scattered on the floor. Once they had finished and lay in their bed, Steve watched her as she slept. When he was positive that she wouldn't wake up, he got dressed and headed out, clicking the door behind him.

Ellie relaxed on a beach, bathing in the sun when a shadow blocked the light from her eyes. She looked up at the offending person, stunned when she saw it was Phil. More shocking, he was in his usual suit. "You're a bit over dressed for the beach."

"You're a bit under dressed." Phil countered, gesturing to her scanty bikini as he knelt next to her. "You're also in danger."

"What are you talking about?" Ellie sat up, brushing the sand off her forearms.

"Wherever you are, whoever you're with, they kidnapped you." Phil spoke quickly but calmly. "I need you to tell me where you are."

Ellie's eyes flew open and she was breathing heavily. She glanced at the empty bed beside her and sent a text to Steve to make sure he's okay. Her eyes fell on the newly filled prescription bottles and she assmed she forgot to take her medicine. Ellie took the proper dosage and tried to go back to sleep. When, after a few hours, it proved to be futile she went looking for a book to read. She pulled Hunger Games off the shelf and an envelope fell from the cover. She picked it up and read the front. In Steve's handwriting a single word was scrawled on the front. Cronos.

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