I don't believe in heroes

Chapter 21

"Should we wake him?" Simmons asked Fitz. "He's been under for days."

"He's going to be angry." Fitz replied. "Furious, really."

"We can't keep him under much longer. We don't even know if he's made contact." Simmons countered.

Fitz sighed but nodded at Simmons, allowing her to start waking Phil up. It took a few hours and when Phil was awake, he was furious.

"I talked to her!" Phil shouted. "I was waiting for a chance to talk to her again."

Steve hung up the phone call and let out a heavy sigh. These new orders were going to be tricky to pull off but if anybody could, it was him.

"Hey." Ellie entered the apartment, tossing her purse on the counter. She noticed Steve's frown. "What's wrong?"

"Hmm?" Steve said, pulling himself out of his thoughts. "Oh. Nothing. We got a new mission."

"What is it?" Ellie asked.

"I have to bring in a weapon that the level 10s need." Steve went to a drawer and dug out a gun, keeping it concealed.

"Can I know what it is?" Ellie stepped closer to him.

"Yeah." Steve cleared his throat as he turned and aimed the gun at her. "It's you."

"What are you talking about?" Ellie furrowed her brows but put her hands up. The front door opened and an older man with white hair and beard walked in.

"You are quite the asset, darling." The man approached her and took her hand, pressing a kiss to her knuckles. "I am Cronos."

Ellie yanked her hand away angrily. "Steve, what's going on?"

Cronos answered instead. "You are the newest weapon in the Hydra lineup, I'm afraid. Your...accident when you were 18 made that possible."

"I'm not going to be a weapon. I'm an agent." Ellie snapped.

"We'll see." Cronos smiled.

"She's in trouble." Phil paced his office as he talked to May. "I know she is."

"There's nothing we can do." May said solemnly.

"There's always something." Phil countered. "I'm going after her."

"Coulson, you can't." May said.

"Yes I can." Phil said. He went back to the lab and told FitzSimmons to get the wormhole open. He was going to find Ellie.

Steve was regretting his choices right now. Ellie's blood was on his hands, literally. Cronos had him torture her until she would agree to be a weapon and she had still refused. This had been the plan from the start: the pills, their relationship. It was all meant to lead her down this path so they could bring Hydra from the shadows and truly have dominance in any government.

"Just agree, Ellie." Steve told her. "Agree and this all stops."

Ellie spit blood out of her mouth and on his boots. "I won't kill innocent people."

"You've killed before." Steve reminded her.

"People who killed others. People who killed innocent people." Ellie shouted. Steve, having all of the super strength that she did, knew how to tie her hands so she wouldn't escape. She was struggling with the ropes while she talked. "I won't do this. I won't be a weapon."

"Why does it matter?" Steve shouted back, grabbing a handful of hair and lifting her to her feet with it. He pressed the tip of his knife under her jaw. "You're going to agree to this."

"You'll have to kill me." Ellie promised.

"Sir, there's no guarantee that you'll end up where she is." Simmons reminded Phil as he checked his gun, making sure it was fully loaded.

"I know." Phil said.

"To get back, you need to be right where you were dropped off no later than six hours later. That doesn't give you much time." Fitz said.

They were standing in Ellie's pod and FitzSimmons opened the wormhole. Phil took a deep breath and jumped in. When he stepped through, he was standing outside of his old apartment in New York. Phil was confused but went inside and got in the elevator, clicking the familiar buttons. He stood in front of the door and tried to use his key but it didn't fit. The locks must have been changed. He knocked three times and waited for someone to answer. An older man opened the door finally.

"I must have the wrong address." Phil said. He pulled out a photo of Ellie. "Have you seen this woman?"

"Yes. I am Miss Johnson's guard." He ushered Phil in.

"Is she here?" Phil looked around the familiar but vastly different apartment.

"I'll get her for you." Cronos smiled, gesturing to the couch. "Please, have a seat."

Phil smiled but remained standing while Cronos got Ellie. Cronos didn't bother to wipe the blood from her face or untie her hands, pulling her up and pushing her through the door. When her eyes landed on Phil, she started to scream.

"No! NO!" Ellie shrieked, struggling against Cronos. "You're not here! You're not!"

"What have you done to her?" Phil demanded, drawing his gun and aiming it at Cronos' heart. "Let her go."

"Of course." Cronos shoved Ellie at Phil, knocking her to the ground. She backed away with her hands still tied, whimpering to herself.

"I don't understand." Ellie was afraid. This is why she was taking her medicine. She repeated her words over and over, rocking herself back and forth.

Phil was taken by surprise when Nightblade knocked the gun from his hand. Nightblade landed a quick blow to his head, knocking the SHIELD agent out of conciousness. Cronos had Phil taken to the tunnels below the apartment and Ellie was sedated. When she woke up, she was in a hospital room with Steve by her side. "Get away from me!"

"What's wrong?" Steve asked, concern etched on his face.

"You were torturing me!" Ellie screamed. She caught a look of her face in the mirror. She was bruised and had a newly stitched gash on her forehead.

"Ellie, you were in a car accident." Steve held her arms down as he lied.

"No! Phil was there!" Ellie said.

"Here, sweetheart." Steve stroked her hair gently, offering her a small paper cup with her medicine in it. "Take your medicine. You'll feel better."

"Am I insane?" Ellie asked softly.

"No." Steve said softly.

The door flew open and Phil and Ward came through, ready to fire on Steve. Phil's voice was angry when he spoke. "Get away from her now. I won't ask a second time."

Ward had to sedate Ellie so she wouldn't struggle against him while he lifted her into his arms. FitzSimmons had sent Ward through with a device that would bring them back through the wormhole. They activated it and pulled the three of them through, bringing them back on the plane. They were home.

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