I don't believe in heroes

Chapter 23

Phil needed some time to process the new information about his death and Ellie gave it to him. She made sure that the rest of the team left him alone and SHIELD was surprisingly quiet. They hadn't had any new missions in a while. Pepper had started to worry about Ellie, not having heard from her in a while.

"Where are you?" Pepper asked into her phone. "Nobody's seen you for weeks."

"I can't tell you where I am but I'm safe." Ellie promised her.

"Ellie, I know Phil's death was hard but you can't just disappear like this." Pepper sighed. "We're all worried."

"We?" Ellie echoed.

"Tony and Cap for starters." Pepper said. She glanced at Tony who gave her a thumbs up. They now had a trace on Ellie's phone call and they could find her.

"I promise there's no need to be worried." Ellie said. "I've got to go but I'll text you later."

Ellie hung up on Pepper and sighed. She wanted to tell Pepper about Phil being alive. His death had hit all of the Avengers close to home. It would do them all, especially Steve, good to know he was alive. She felt the plane start to land.

"Where are we?" Ellie asked May as she entered the cockpit. "Why are we landing?"

"Coulson ordered we put down in New York to fuel up and for repairs." May didn't look at Ellie.

"Why?" Ellie asked but May didn't answer. She went to find Phil in his office. "Why are we in New York?"

"Repairs." Phil mumbled, his mind obviously elsewhere.

"Phil, talk to me." Ellie said softly, sitting on the edge of his desk. "Please."

"Fury lied to me." Phil said. This had hit him harder than Ellie thought. Phil slammed his fist on the desk angrily. "I wanted to die and they wouldn't let me. I trusted them and they kept things from me. They kept you from me."

"Come on." Ellie reached for his hand and tugged him to his feet. "We're in New York. Let's get some dinner, go back to the apartment, and watch a movie. I'm ready for anything. I just want my Phil back."

"I don't know if he came back." Phil admitted.

"You are the same kind, loving, handsome, capable hero of a man that you were before." Ellie straightened his tie. "I know Fury lied to both of us but I'm glad that you're alive. I'm glad that we have more time together."

Phil nodded and Ellie kissed his chastely. She made a suggestion. "Why don't we go see your mother?"

"She's not a level 7." Phil's response was immediate.

"Fury doesn't have to know." Ellie smiled at him. "She's going to be ecstatic to see you and we can have her at the wedding."

Phil watched her for a long minute before he nodded. "Absolutely."

"Perfect. Let's go." Ellie and Phil got off the plane and in the car waiting for them. It took them to Stark Tower but she didn't realize it until they opened the car door. "Nope. We can't be here."

"Ellie!" Pepper called out. She had been waiting for the car and saw a glimpse of a man inside. "Who's your friend?"

"Pep, this is not good." Ellie said under her breath.

"Of course it is." Pepper said happily. She looked inside the car and saw Phil, her face turning white. "Ellie, is that..."

"It's classified." Ellie replied quickly.

"He's alive?" Pepper practically shouted and Ellie covered her mouth with her hand.

"You can't make a big deal out of this." Ellie said softly. "I have to get him inside without anybody seeing."

"Of course." Pepper nodded, still in shock. "Right this way, please."

Phil kept his head down as they entered Stark Tower and took Tony's private elevator up to the living quarters. Ellie was nervous. She didn't know how everybody would react to this news. With a ding, the doors opened.

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