I don't believe in heroes

Chapter 25

Ellie had thought of about five hundred ways to tell Phil she was pregnant. With the help of Pepper, she had arranged the perfect way to tell him.

"This isn't going to be awkward." Ellie promised Phil as she set the table for dinner. The Avengers were coming over tonight.

"They all hate me." Phil said, placing the wine glasses around the table.

"No they don't." Ellie promised, kissing him on the cheek. There was one knock at the door before Tony let himself in, followed by the others. Pepper smiled and pulled Ellie into the kitchen.

"Did you get it finished?" Pepper asked.

"Yeah. The paint took longer to dry than I thought but it's ready." Ellie smiled anxiously.

"Somebody said something about food?" Tony said loudly from the dining room.

"Coming!" Ellie called. Pepper helped her carry the food out and they filled their plates.

"Are you staying in New York?" Steve asked Ellie.

"No. I don't think so." Ellie said. "I'm probably going back on the bus with the rest of the team."

"Why?" Tony asked, sipping his third Scotch of the evening. "We could use you here."

"We don't have any missions and I'd like to stay where I'm useful." Ellie countered and Pepper kicked Tony under the table.

"Ellie, why don't we get dessert?" Pepper suggested.

"Fantastic idea, Pep." Ellie got up quickly and joined Pepper in the kitchen, her stomach churning. She took several deep breaths to steady herself.

"Are you okay?" Pepper asked.

"Just a little nauseous." Ellie admitted. She clutched the box that held her secret tightly in her hand.

"We can go and you can tell him privately." Pepper said, rubbing her shoulders.

"I want you all here." Ellie said. "I just need a minute."

The girls rejoined the others and Ellie put the box in front of Phil and kissed him chastely. Pepper handed out plates of cheesecake as Phil looked at the box, confused. He untied the ribbon and Ellie fidgeted nervously. When he opened the box and looked inside, his head snapped up to look at Ellie, who nodded.

"Are you serious?" Phil's voice was louder than he meant it to be. He put the package down and grabbed Ellie, kissing her. The pair giggled happily as Phil hugged her tightly, his eyes watering.

"What's going on?" Steve asked. Pepper had been sitting on Phil's opposite side and she reached in the box, lifting the item inside. Ellie had made a picture frame out of macaroni that she had died blue and pink and her ultrasound picture was inside.

"Did you know about this?" Tony asked Pepper, who nodded. The group looked to Phil and Ellie who seemed to be in their own world, giggling and kissing each other.

"Congratulations." Natasha and Steve offered. Clint gave Ellie a hug and Pepper couldn't stop smiling. Bruce seemed pleased as well. The only one who wasn't overjoyed was Tony. He seemed like he was in shock.

Phil had placed his hand on Ellie's stomach and only moved it to kneel in front of her, placing kisses on her stomach. "Hello baby. It's your daddy."

"We'll give you two some privacy." Pepper said, hugging Ellie on her way out. Soon enough the apartment was empty.

"How far along are you?" Phil asked.

"About eight weeks." Ellie said, her nervousness gone. Phil had helped her with the dishes and they were in bed, looking at the ultrasound. "I'm sorry I told Pepper first."

"It's okay." Phil kissed her gently. He was rubbing her stomach again. "I think you should stay in New York."

"What?" Ellie asked, confused. "We just got a lead on the Clairvoyant. I can't stay here."

"I want to keep you and the baby safe." Phil replied. "Being on the bus and going after the Clairvoyant could put you in danger."

"What about you?" Ellie countered. "When will we see you?"

"We can work that out, sweetheart." Phil promised. "Please just do this for me and the baby."

Ellie sulked for a few moments but eventually nodded. "But if you need me, promise you'll call for me?"

"I promise." Phil smiled at her. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close to him, her head resting on his chest. "I love you."

"I love you too." Ellie smiled and closed her eyes, lulled to sleep by his heartbeat.

Phil was awoken the next morning to Ellie vomiting in the bathroom. She had locked the bathroom door, not wanting him to see her like that.

"Open the door, Ellie." Phil said, knocking on the door.

"Go away." Ellie groaned, resting her head on the cold porcelin. Her stomach heaved and she puked again.

"Are you okay?" Phil called through the door. A splash of liquid answered his question and he found the key to the bathroom in their junk drawer. He unlocked the door and knelt next to her, getting her hair out of the way.

"Go away." Ellie grumbled.

"No." Phil helped her stand up and flushed the toilet as she brushed her teeth. "You want something to eat?"

"Just some tea." Ellie rinsed her mouth and ran a brush through her hair before slumping at the table. Phil made some toast for her as well, so she would have something in her stomach. "When are you leaving?"

"After breakfast." Phil said, sitting down with his own food. "Maybe you should stay with Stark so you have somebody to take care of you."

"Tony's not really the caregiving type, Phil." Ellie sipped her tea carefully.

"Pepper did invite you to stay with them before she left." Phil reminded her.

"I'll think about it." Ellie promised. "I'm going to go lay down."

Ellie crawled into bed and Phil came to say goodbye a little while later. He kissed her lips tenderly and she sat up to straighten his tie. "Come home to me, Mr. Coulson."

"Always, Mrs. Coulson." Phil promised. He kissed her once more before leaving and locking the door behind him.

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