I don't believe in heroes

Chapter 26

Ellie had spent a lot of time doing what she could to help find the Clairvoyant but there wasn't much she could do. She didn't have access to Phil's information because he wouldn't give it to her. He wanted her to rest or hang out with Steve and Tony, not worry about him. It was when she was running with Steve when Fury found her.

"What the hell, Johnson?" Fury barked as she and Steve ran the track around the SHIELD base.

"It's Coulson now, sir." Ellie corrected, stopping and trying to catch her breath.

"That's what I'm referring to." Fury grumbled. "He isn't supposed to be alive and now you're married to him?"

"We were going to tell you." Ellie promised, guzzling water after Steve handed her a bottle.

"When?" Fury asked.

"Um...never?" Ellie offered. "You lied to me for months, Fury. Yes, Phil and I are married. We're also expecting a baby. After what you did to him, he should get a free pass."

"You don't get to dictate what I do or don't do." Fury reminded her. "As of now you're on the bench. You're suspended."

"You can't do that!" Ellie shouted. "What if something happens?"

"Then you can watch from your apartment!" Fury shouted. "I'm not having this kind of disregard for the rules on my team."

Fury left them on the track and Ellie was angry.

"You want to run some more?" Steve asked. Ellie's reply was to take off, leaving Steve to catch up with her. He was the only one who didn't seem to want to wrap her up in a blanket and keep her from doing anything. He knew what it was like to be angry and need to blow off some steam.

"How dare he?" Ellie growled once they returned to her apartment. "He doesn't get to suspend me because I got married."

"Maybe he's doing it because you're pregnant." Steve offered as he pulled out some of the leftover pasta from the night before. The pair didn't bother with plates as he handed her a fork and they dug in. "Wants to protect the baby."

"Maybe." Ellie grumbled, her mouth full. "This is so unfair. You get to go on missions, Phil gets to go on missions and I get to wait at home."

"You have a chance to be normal, El." Steve reminded her. "Take it."

"I guess." Ellie said, stabbing another forkful and shoving it into her mouth. "I'm bored already."


Pepper did her best to keep Ellie busy; taking her on shopping trips and business meetings. She had given Ellie a position at Stark Corporation as her assistant but it basically meant that she sat around looking at a computer. The only time she got to use her abilities was when she worked out with Steve. Ellie escaped to the gym often; mostly to escape Pepper's enthusiasm.

"How's it going?" Ellie asked Phil when he called.

"I think we're getting close." Phil told her. "There's some big things happening so stick close to Cap, okay?"

"I can keep myself safe." Ellie replied.

"I know. It would make me feel better to know you had extra protection." Phil said gently. "How's the baby?"

"Growing fast." Ellie said. "I have another appointment in a few weeks."

"I'll be there." Phil promised. "I have to go. I love you."

"I love you too. Be safe." Ellie hung up and flopped on her couch, sighing in boredom as she clicked on the TV. She wasn't paying attention to the picture on the screen when she felt something warm and sticky between her legs. Furrowing her brows in confusion, she got up and went to the bedroom to change her pants, dropping the old ones to the floor when she caught sight of the blood. Her throat constricted and she started to panic as she changed before she ran downstairs to get a cab.

She went to the emergency room and was hustled inside,, where the doctors did an ultrasound.

"Mrs. Coulson, I'm sorry." He said, a solemn look on his face. "There's no heartbeat. I'm afraid-"

Ellie felt a sob bubble up in her throat and she swallowed it, nodding at the doctor as he spoke. He told her that she would undergo a procedure to make sure that there were no complications with her miscarriage.

"Is there anyone you'd like to call?" The doctor asked.

Ellie nodded and picked up her phone, dialing Steve's number. She didn't want to tell Phil over the phone, especially when he couldn't come home right now. Sniffling she said, "Steve, can you come over to Mercy West?"

"Yeah. What's wrong?" Steve asked, already heading out the door.

"Just come. I need you." Ellie hung up and told the doctor that Steve would be there soon. He told her that they could wait for a few minutes and gave her some privacy. She raised her knees to her chest, clutching the hospital blanket in her hands as she cried into it. The door opened about ten minutes later and Steve walked in, immediately taking in her red eyes and assuming the worst.

"It's gone, Steve." Ellie said, her voice thick with tears. "I lost the baby."

Steve let out a heavy breath and perched himself on the edge of the hospital bed, holding Ellie as she cried. He rubbed her back, hushing her and promising that it would be okay as the doctor walked in.

"Are we ready?" The doctor asked gently. Ellie nodded and Steve moved to stand next to her, his back to the doctor as he instructed Ellie where to move. She grabbed Steve's hand tightly.

"Hey." Steve said softly, using his hand to push her chin up so she had to look in his eyes. "Look at me. Right at me."

Ellie licked her lips and Steve wiped away her tears with his free hand as the doctor began.

A/N: I am so sorry that I have not updated in forever. I really have no excuse. Please don't hate me for this chapter. I do want to thank those of you who have read/followed/favorited/reviewed. I love all of you and please feel free to review. :)

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