I don't believe in heroes

Chapter 27

"I think it'd be a good idea." Steve was sitting on Ellie's kitchen counter, plucking grapes from the bowl Ellie was putting them in and tossing them in his mouth.

"You suggested it so obviously you think it's a good idea." Ellie glanced at him as she finished cleaning the fruit. "I can't just pack up and move to D.C."

"Why not?" Steve asked, swallowing the grape in his mouth. "After the last year, we could both use a change of scenery and I could use a roommate."

He hopped off the counter and poked her in the side. "C'mon El. You know you want to."

Ellie giggled when he poked her then sighed. "I will think about it."

"Deal." Steve smiled broadly. "Tony blackmailed me into convincing you to go out tonight. He says you've been mopey."

"I just haven't felt like it." Ellie grumbled, leaning against the counter. It had been a few weeks since her miscarriage and when she told Phil, he was upset but ultimately concerned about how she was doing.

"Stark says if you don't come out, Natasha is going to make you." Steve replied.

"Why are you going? You don't really like Tony." Ellie reminded him.

Steve shrugged. "It helps me figure out the world."

"We aren't capable of getting drunk." Ellie pointed out.

"Tony said he'd bring his 'special alcohol'." Steve checked his phone. "We're supposed to meet them at the bar in an hour."

Ellie knew that Steve wanted her to get out and stop moping around the apartment. She also knew that Tony would drag her out of this apartment in her yoga pants and tank top if she wasn't ready so she sighed in defeat and went to get dressed.


Ellie groaned at the pounding in her head as she woke up the next morning. The next thing she noticed was the very male cologne wafting toward her nose followed by the arm wrapped around her waist. She rolled over and shouted in surprise, causing Steve to wake up with a start.

"What the hell?" Ellie got out of bed and realized she was wearing Steve's button up shirt and he was only in his boxers. "Oh my God. Did we-"

"I don't know." Steve said, racking his brain for last night. Tony's alcohol had affected him more than he thought it would and he couldn't remember much. "Wouldn't we remember...that...happening?"

"Oh my God." Ellie started to panic as Steve searched for his jeans, slipping them on quickly. Ellie had left the bedroom and was pacing the living room when he found her.


"Nope." Ellie interrupted him, stopping him by pointing her finger in his direction. "You stay over there and go find a shirt."

"Y-you're wearing my shirt." Steve said, gesturing awkwardly to the blue shirt that draped Ellie's figure. Ellie went to the bedroom and slammed the door behind her, changing her clothes quickly and tossing Steve his shirt when she emerged. He tugged the shirt on and buttoned it. "Should we—should we talk about this?"

"No. We are not ever going to talk about this." Ellie said quickly.

"What about Phil?" Steve asked. "Are you going to tell him?"

Ellie didn't get to respond because her phone rang. It was Phil. "Hey, baby."

"Hi, sweetheart. How are you feeling?" Phil asked.

"A little hungover. I went out with Tony and the others last night." Ellie said as got a bottle of water. "Tony brought his alcohol with him."

"Drink lots of water." Phil reminded her and she took a drink. "Remember how you mentioned how Captain Rogers was wanting a roommate and wanted to move to D.C.?"

"Mm-hmm." Ellie took a nervous gulp of water.

"I think it's a good idea." Phil said and she spat water in shock. "You should get out of New York for now and I already arranged a place for you two. It's close to the Smithsonian. You love museums."

"Yeah, I do." Ellie smiled and ran a hand through her hair.

"Well, some movers will come over in a few days and take care of everything." Phil replied. "I have to go but I love you."

"Love you too." Ellie hung up and sighed.

"What?" Steve had claimed a spot on the couch and waited for her so they could talk.

"Phil thinks moving to D.C. would be a good idea." She slumped down on the couch arm next to Steve. "He already got an apartment and everything."

"You only told him about that yesterday." Steve was impressed by Phil's efficientness. "So...are we going to do it?" He realized the double meaning to his questioin and stammered. "I meant are we going to move?"

"We have to." Ellie replied. "If we don't, Phil will think something is up."

Steve sighed. "Look, El I don't know what happened last night and neither do you. Maybe nothing happened."

"Steve, you were in your boxers and I was in your shirt." Ellie reminded him. "That can't happen again. It just can't."

Steve nodded his agreement. "I should probably get out of here and start packing if we're moving in a few days."

A/N: I've only seen Winter Soldier once so if I get any details horribly wrong, please tell me. Also, don't hate me too much after this chapter. Long distance relationships and things like miscarriage can blur a person's judgement.

However I shall leave something up to you, my dearest readers. Shall Phil find out and stay with her or does he find out and leave? It's up to you and I shall update in one week.

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