I don't believe in heroes

Chapter 33

It was hard for Phil to sleep with Ellie pressed against him. There had been no other place to sleep so he slid into bed behind her and she snuggled close in her sleep. He buried his nose in her hair and inhaled deeply as he put his arm around her waist and squeezed her gently. Angry or not, he missed her and he couldn't resist to press his lips against her shoulder blade, his tongue brushing against her skin, causing her to shiver. The action sent all his blood rushing away from his head and he moved his lips up to her neck, nipping her throat gently and she moaned before her eyes fluttered open and she rolled over. "Hey stranger."

"Hey." Phil replied, licking his lips. They held eye contact for a second before his lips crashed onto hers in a bruising kiss. Ellie moaned again and slid her hands up his chest, winding them around his neck and weaving her fingers in his hair. Phil groaned when she tugged on his hair and yanked her underneath him, settling over her body perfectly like they had done so many times before. Ellie pulled away before he was ready, both of them breathing heavily.

"I didn't sleep with Steve." She panted. "I told Skye to give you a message but I didn't sleep with him. It was a prank Tony set up."

"I know. I'm sorry." Phil murmured, his nose brushing against hers. She smiled as he kissed her again and the anger dissipated completely.


By the time morning came, Phil and Ellie still hadn't had enough of each other but they had to get up. Ellie wanted to tell Phil the good news.

"What do you mean you're normal?"

Ellie smiled widely then took a sip of her coffee. "Tony and Bruce did it. I'm normal and now we can have a normal life. Like the one we were going to have before this all happened. Before SHIELD."

Phil was confused and it was written all over his face. "I don't understand."

"We can have kids now." Ellie's eyes were bright as she took his hand and squeezed it. "We can get a little house and have kids and a dog or whatever else we want and not be held accountable for the safety of the world."

"El, we can't do that." Phil sighed. "What we do makes it safe for the human race. For them to live their lives to the fullest."

"But when will we get the chance do to that?" Ellie asked. "I want to try for another baby-"

"So do I."

"But I also want the house and the freedom to do what I want. I don't want to be held back by security clearance."

"We can have whatever kind of house you want, sweetheart." Phil kissed her cheek. "But we can't leave SHIELD yet. Maybe someday, but not right now."


You gonna tell your blushing bride about me?

"We just can't, baby."


Ellie's chin quivered but she cleared her throat. "I'm gonna have Jemma check on my wrist."

"Okay." Phil didn't know what else to say. "I love you."

"I love you too." Her response was quiet but it was there.

If you don't want to make a baby with her, can I?

"Shut up." Phil hissed at the voice in his mind. "You don't get to say anything about her."

She has a great ass.

Phil growled and the voice laughed.

Touchy? How long do you think it'll take before she figures out your secret?

"She'll find out when I tell her."

When will that be?

Phil remained silent.

That's what I thought.


A/N: Short, short, short. I'm sorry that it's been so long. I have no excuse. But if you could leave a review and feed the muse, I would really appreciate it and so would my muse. :)

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