I don't believe in heroes

Chapter 4

Phil couldn't remember exactly when he had fallen in love with his best friend, all he knew was that he was in love with her. Their first kiss had been perfect and they had slowly transitioned into a romantic relationship. Ellie had become his girlfriend. The thought made him smile as he listened to her sing loudly and off key to music in her room. He knocked on her door and pushed it open when she didn't respond. In addition to singing, she was dancing to the music as well with her back to him. The girl had no sense of rhythm at all. Phil leaned against the door frame as he watched her, laughing at her mortified look when she finally turned and realized he was there.

"How long have you been there?" Ellie turned down her music until it was background noise.

"Not long." Phil promised, still chuckling. "I actually wanted to know if you wanted to go do something."

"Like what?" Ellie asked.

Phil shrugged. "Mom's working late so we could go get some dinner or see a movie. Whatever you want."

Ellie grabbed her wallet and he took her hand as they walked out of the house, going to their favorite diner. It was a small place where the waitresses knew them by name because they were in there so often.

"Do you want the usual?" Their favorite waitress, Chloe, asked.

"Yes please." They answered together.

"Have you finished your costume for the Halloween party?" Ellie asked.

"Almost. I just have to finish the helmet. Which reminds me, we need to stop by the store on the way home. I need to pick up some more glue." Phil said. "Are you still going as Catwoman?"

"Yep. My costume is all finished. I'm so excited for this weekend." Ellie said gleefully.

Their meals came and they were occupied with their food for a while until Ellie flicked at french fry at Phil and he retaliated with bits of bacon he had torn from his bacon cheeseburger. Once they had finished, Phil paid for their meals and they wandered the craft store while he found what he needed. He reclaimed her hand on the walk home, his plastic bag rustling in the other hand. Mrs. Coulson was still gone when they got home so they both went to Phil's room and Ellie sat cross legged, watching Phil as he finished his Captain America helmet.

"Lookin' good, Cap." Ellie teased, looking through his comic books, as Phil put on the finishing touches. He set the helmet aside so it could dry.

"Thank you ma'am." Phil winked at her, loving the way she blushed. "Hey Freckles."

"Yeah?" Ellie picked out her favorite Captain America comic.

"Come here." Phil smiled, which caused Ellie to smile as she put her comic down and crossed the short distance between them on her knees. He was still smiling when he pressed his lips to hers, their lips moving together while he pulled her into his lap. "You know I love you, right?"

"I know." Ellie said. "I love you too."

Phil fidgeted with his costume, adjusting it where needed before he went downstairs for his party. Ellie had wanted to surprise him with her costume so he hadn't seen it yet. He had to admit that his costume looked pretty good. He had made it to match Captain America's pretty closely and he was proud of it.

"Phil! Ellie! Your friends are starting to arrive." Mrs. Coulson stood in the hallway between their doors. Her son met her in the hall. "You look so handsome, Phil. Now, keep out of trouble. I'm going to be at the hospital all night so call if you have an emergency."

"Mom, we're 16." Phil said.

"I know." Mrs. Coulson said as Phil walked her downstairs and out the door. He closed it behind her and heard Ellie on the stairs, turning to see her costume. She had gotten a catsuit that fit her perfectly, her muscles were highlighted subtly and a headband with cat ears pinned to it was holding her hair out of her face. But the part that really caught his attention was her eyes. She had used a black eyeshadow and a cat eye eyeliner to make her look more feline. Her fingernails were painted black.

"What do you think?" Ellie asked.

Phil hadn't realized his mouth was hanging open until he tried to talk. "You look amazing."

"So do you. Just like the real Captain." Ellie said with a smile. The doorbell rang and they let their friends in, the house slowly filling up the later it got. The pair got several compliments on their costumes throughout the night. The party was a success with most of the food, drinks, and party favors gone by the end of the night.

When everyone had gone, Phil and Ellie started cleaning up most of the mess. It took a couple of hours but eventually the house was clean. They dropped on the couch once they had finished and Phil clicked on the TV, flipping through the channels. He settled on Dracula and put his arm around Ellie while she snuggled into his side. She fell asleep a few minutes into the movie, snoring softly. Phil pressed a kiss to the top of her head and watched the movie.

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