I don't believe in heroes

Chapter 7

Ellie was tossing and turning in her sleep, muttering frantically. Phil tried to wake her up but she pushed him away as she bolted up right, panting for breath. "It's awake. The Tesseract is awake."

"What do you mean?" Phil asked as he followed Ellie's lead and got dressed.

"We need to check in with Fury." Ellie said. With part of the Tesseract's energy now part of her genetic makeup, she was fairly in tune with its energy. The pair got into their vehicles and went to the base where they held the Tesseract. SHIELD had retrieved the cube from the plane in which Captain America had been frozen. Most people thought that the Captain was dead but as they thawed him out, they realized he was alive. The Tesseract had been held at the SHIELD base ever since.

Phil drove because Ellie felt like her insides were being deep fried. She hadn't felt this way since she was first turned. It assumed it had to be connected to the Tesseract's energy spikes. When they got to the base, the personnel were scurrying about and Phil went to wait for Fury while Ellie checked on the Tesseract. Dr. Selvig was staring at his computer, trying to figure out the reason for the spikes.

Ellie had to support herself on his desk while she tried to stabilize herself, wiping away the sheen of sweat on her forehead. She really hoped the Tesseract would calm down soon.

"You all right, Johnson?" Fury asked her as he walked in.

"I will be, sir." Ellie replied, forcing herself to stand up straight.

"Is there anything we know for certain?" Fury directed his question at Dr. Selvig.

"The Tesseract is misbehaving." Selvig said.

"Is that supposed to be funny?" Fury asked.

"No. The Tesseract is not only active—it's behaving." Selvig replied, showing the Director his computer.

Ellie stared at the glowing blue cube, drowning out the noise around her and focused on the energy. She could almost hear whispers from the cube and she reached out to touch it when a giant beam of energy blew from it to the platform a few yards away. She expanded a forcfield around the group of scientists as the shock wave hit them, releasing it when they saw a man with black hair and a spear on the platform, panting.

"Sir, please put down the spear." Fury said.

The man looked at the spear and back at the humans, smirking as he fired from the spear. Ellie countered it with a force field of her own, tearing off her gloves and firing back. The guards opened fire on the stranger but he leapt and plunged the spear into one of their hearts. He threw knives into two more of the guards' throats and fired again, killing the last of the guards. Ellie managed to send a wave of energy his way and knocked him to the ground. When he was on his back, she took advantage of the brief window and ran the short distance, pinning him to the ground with her foot. "He asked you to put down the spear."

"Aren't you interesting?" The stranger said. He brought the spear up and hit her in the leg with it, knocking her off him. Standing he said, "I am Loki, of Asgard."

Agent Clint "Hawkeye" Barton had been knocked to the ground during the last blast but he got back up, ready to fire again but Loki pinned his arm down and pressed the tip of the spear to his chest. Clint's eyes glowed blue but then he holstered his weapon, waiting for Loki's command. Ellie watched the Director put the Tesseract in a briefcase and slowly moved so she could cover him as he walked out.

"Please don't." Loki said, stopping Fury in his tracks. "I still need that."

"This doesn't have to get any messier." Fury said. He gestured for Ellie to go but she refused. She wouldn't leave her Director alone.

"I've come too far for anything less." Loki said. "I have been burdened with a glorious purpose."

"We have no quarrel with your people." Fury said. The opening of the portal was unstable, Ellie could feel it as it rotated above them. Fury was going to stall until it came crashing down on them all.

"An ant has no quarrel with a boot." Loki replied.

"Are you going to step on us?" Ellie asked.

"I come with glad tidings," Loki said. "Of a world made free."

"Free of what?" Fury asked.

"Freedom. Freedom is life's great lie. Once you accept that," Loki turned and pressed the tip of his spear to Selvig's chest. "You will know peace."

"Yeah, you say "peace", I kind of think you mean the other thing." Fury said. Ellie could hear the rumbling of the building above her.

"Sir, Directory Fury is stalling." Clint said. "This place is about to blow and drop a hundred feet of rock on us. He means to bury us."

"Like the pharaohs of old." Fury confirmed.

"He's right. The portal is collapsing on itself." Selvig said. "We've got maybe two minutes before this goes critical."

"Well, then." Loki said, looking to Clint. Clint shot Fury in the chest before Ellie could react, causing the Director to drop to the ground, losing his grip on the briefcase.

"I'm not letting you leave." Ellie said, creating a energy barrier between Loki and the door. Clint shot her as well and she was relieved that she had worn her bulletproof vest. The jolt had caused her to lose focus for a fraction of a second and the barrier was down.

"Take her." Loki commanded and Clint grabbed a fistful of her hair, dragging her beside him. She struggled against him but whatever Loki had done to him made him stronger.

"We need this vehicles." Clint told Agent Hill, who raised an eyebrow at his hold on Ellie. "She's responsible for this. She's under my guard."

"Who is he?" Hill said, referring to Loki.

"I don't know. They didn't tell me." Clint said.

"Hill! Barton turned! Take him down!" Fury's voice came over the radio.

Clint shoved her into the back of a truck with Loki. The Asgardian held the spear at her throat. The agent floored the gas but it wasn't long before Hill was on their tail, along with several other agents. Loki aimed his spear at one of the vehicles, firing and blowing them up. Ellie created a force field around the SHIELD agents but Loki had enough of her interference and struck her with the spear. The blow caused her to lose consciousness and fell to the bed of the truck. The force field protecting the agents flickered briefly before it fell.

From his spot on the truck leaving with the last of the personnel, Phil watched in horror as the base collapsed into the ground. He tried to stay calm as he tried to raise Ellie on her radio. "Agent Johnson, do you copy?"

All that answered him was static. He took several deep breaths. Their romantic relationship was strictly classified. No one of but Fury knew about it and it needed to stay that way. If a hostile found out about a super and an agent being in a relationship, Fury seemed convinced it would be dangerous for all parties involved.

"Coulson, get back to base. This is a Level Seven." Fury said over the radio. "As of right now, we're at war."

At the base, Fury pulled Coulson aside. "Ellie's been captured. I need to know you can keep it together."

Phil held his breath but nodded. "What do we do?"

"We're assembling the Avengers. When we get Johnson back, she's going to be on the team." Fury said. He placed a hand on Phil's shoulder. "We will get her back."

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