The Cowboy & His Angel

Pure Perfection

Jasper stood before me, a sight of pure perfection, as teardrops of rain trailed down his porcelain skin. As he stepped further into the diner, I held my needless breath. After all this time he was finally here!

He was tense, calculating, and coiled like a spring, nostrils flared as the scents of humans and the pulsating of hearts put him on edge. His keen, heightened senses picked up on the slightest movement, heard the quietest of murmurs; they did not, however, catch my scent.

At the moment, that was for the best. I knew he'd realize that I was a vampire eventually; I just hoped that discovery would happen much later so I could watch him and marvel at the man whom I had called mine for the past almost 50 years- and that was before I had even met him!

He was tall and rather skinny, though he was by no means lanky or ungraceful. On the contrary, he was just as smooth as me, moving with cat like agility. I could just imagine what he would be like when he hunted!

Muscles bunched beneath his tee shirt, highlighted further by the sheer white cotton fabric that stretched across the expanse of his broad chest. Dark wash jeans sat snugly around his torso, held by a belt that had an old golden buckle. I suspected that it was a hand-me-down, more than likely from his father.

A tan, worn cowboy hat sat on his head, hiding his face in shadows. His strong jaw-line was visible, however, and was clenched tightly. Light wisps of honey golden hair poked from under it, begging for me to tangle my fingers into it. Suppressing a giggle, I sat on my hands and held onto the bar stool beneath me as tightly as I dared. As my eyes searched his face, they landed and stuck on his lips.

His lips, oh God! Don't get me started on how red and luscious and soft they looked. Or how I wanted to march right over to him and pull his head down to meet mine and have those blood-red beauties caress mine in a sweet lovers' first kiss. Then I would wrap my arms around his neck and take his hat from his head, revealing his glowing red eyes. Eyes that had held mine in a time that had not even happened yet- eyes that held pain and suffering. Eyes that spoke of what that wretch Maria had done to my Jasper, what he'd had to live with for almost century. Never again!

Never again would he have to think of her, or what she'd done. Never again would he have to watch his back, look over his shoulder, always watching and waiting for punishment. Never again would he be afraid to do or say something, or ask for something. No more would he have to be alone, or suffering, or feel pain from hunting. Not as long as I was here. Not as long as my arms were open wide to him, and they would forever be, and he was willing to try; for me, for him, for us.

I noticed that I seemed unusually warm, as if I'd grown too excited. Drawing in a deep breath, I held it and counted to 100. A bit much, I know, but oh the things he did and will do to my body! If I were a human, I would be beet red, possibly on the brink of a faint. My feelings for him had never been this intense, this exhilarating. But, then again, I'd never actually seen him in person. Him finally being here after almost 50 years had most definitely taken its toll on my body and emotions. And he hadn't even been here for five minutes yet!

As he stood in the doorway, analyzing and calculating, I noticed the way he carried himself. He had an air of confidence about him, one that demanded respect and attention. I guess that's what made him the youngest Major in the Confederate States Calvary. That was my man for you!

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